Assad: Syria’s Aleppo to become graveyard for Erdogan’s regime

Why shouldAssad just walk away after leading his country to survival?
Syrian leader Bashar Assad

Syrian leader Bashar Assad 

According to the Syrian president, capturing Aleppo is the last hope of Erdogan’s regime “to implement its Muslim Brotherhood Islamist project”

BEIRUT, June 7. /TASS/. Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo will become a graveyard for the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan where his “dreams and hopes will be buried,” Syrian leader Bashar Assad told the country’s parliament on Tuesday.

“When they failed to achieve what they wanted to, an open declaration came up on the support for terrorism and withdrawal from an agreement on halting military actions,” Assad said. “And we saw that when the civilian population and hospitals in Aleppo were attacked.”

“The fascist regime of Erdogan focused its attention on Aleppo as it was crushed in Syria and this is the last hope to implement its Muslim Brotherhood Islamist project,” Assad said. “Aleppo will become a tomb where all dreams and hopes of this butcher will be buried,” the Syrian president said.

All sides should join the peaceful process

Assad has urged all sides involved in the conflict to lay down arms and join the peaceful process.

“I call on all those who hold arms in their hands regardless of the reasons to join the reconciliation process in the country that began several years ago already and was given a new impetus of late,” the Syrian president told lawmakers.

The Syrians have no other choice than to gain victory over terrorism, he said. “Without that victory for us and our children there is no present and no future,” the president said.

But this does not mean that Syria is giving up political processes, he added.

“We continue working in the political area, now there is possibility to achieve success in this direction,” Assad said.

The Syrian leader stressed that “both at the official level and all the Syrian people have a great wish to stop bloodshed for the sake of saving the country.”

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