European Commission President is a drunk and an embarassment

Juncker pointing at Viktor Orban
Juncker pointing at Viktor Orban
Juncker pointing at Viktor Orban

Jean Claude Juncker is the President of the European Commission, one of the five most important jobs in the EU. He wasn’t elected to this position, merely appointed. 

The Daily Telegraph, 27 June 2014
Juncker’s drinking made the front pages in Britain two years ago, as here on The Daily Telegraph, 27 June 2014

In this video from the recent conference in Riga, Latvia, we see Juncker obviously drunk (as he usually is) and making a fool of himself by bitch slapping the people he greets and acting like a drunken asshole. When he greets Hungarian President Viktor Orban the clown holds up his right hand in a mock Nazi salute and exclaims ‘Dictator!’ Orban looks very non-plused, if I were Orban, I’d have returned that bitch slap with considerable interest.

How the hell does a drunken swine like Juncker get appointed to one of the highest positions in the entire EU? For such a man to hold any position of power is unthinkable, let alone be one of the most powerful men in the EU!

Juncker has a decidedly anti-British stance; this came to the fore when he was appointed to the Presidency of the Commission as British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to pull Britain out of the EU if Juncker was appointed, Cameron even mentioned Juncker’s notorious drinking problem at the time. To no avail however, Juncker was appointed, Britain remained in the EU and the farce that is pan-European politics rolled on regardless. Apparently, Luxemburger Juncker was Merkel’s choice for the job and Britain was seen as giving in to German pressure by allowing Juncker’s appointment.

A German newspaper headline reporting on Juncker’s excessive drunking during an official engagement

However, we are now facing the Brexit vote on the 23rd of June when Britons go to the polls to decide whether to remain in the nuthouse of the EU or to reclaim our sovereignty and leave. Cameron is leading the ‘Reamin’ campaign, therefore he may very soon face embarassment that his own words against the drunk Juncker helped the ‘Leave’ campaign.

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  1. heyy leave our grrorius Mr El Presidente alone hes a really nice guy and lets people say stuff about him like ‘ye instead he deserved a knee in the bälls’ or ‘wonder he didnt puke on him’

  2. Freudian slip? “Cameron is leading the ‘Reamin’ campaign” Officially, it is ‘Remain’, but I think ‘Reamin’ is a much better description.

  3. even if the brit’s vote exit it wont make any difference, the vote will be hijacked just like the IRISH VOTE on LISBON, TWICE WE SAID NO BUT THEY STOLE THE VOTE. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  4. A few years ago, I knew a girl in Prague who worked for some EU agency that was responsible for liaising with EU top dogs when they visited, helping with translation, services etc.
    On one occasion, I knew she was working with one particularly slimey Brit so-and-so, a commissioner.
    When I unexpectedly bumped into her in town and asked her where this character was, she replied,
    ‘he’s up in his hotel room with his little rent boy’.

    He was one of BLiars’s best friends, by the way

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