Busted: Kurdish Retreat in Aleppo Evidence of Treason?



…with Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

Russia and Syria claimed surprise when the Kurdish defense forces withdrew from positions around Aleppo, shuttling in al Nusra forces who are now not only advised by Turkish military but actually include all Turkish units now operating inside Syria itself.

We had all looked on the Kurds and their marriage of convenience with Damascus as something positive, when we thought they were going to drive on Azaz and, while working with the new (imaginary)US backed force, begin pushing back ISIS toward not only Aleppo but East toward Hasakah as well.

It was all total bullshit.

What the Kurds in Aleppo Province did was secure defensive positions, a supposed adjunct to the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah, that they were again “supposedly” coordinating with then, at a key time, they simply pulled out.

Based on what we now see from the Raqqah drive by the Kurds from the North, another phony attack on ISIS, and the new clear cooperative agreement between ISIS and al Nusra, we know this for sure:

The YPG Kurds, the American Special Forces, the Aleppo Kuridsh forces, are all coordinating with ISIS and al Nusra, with Turkey also, all as Dr. Barakat said, all theatre and nothing more.

Or as Ian tells it, it all seems to look just too much, conveniently too much, like “Greater Israel” with a bit of Kurdish and Turkish appearance to give it an Islamic flavor and no more:


Tass.Ru//Over the past 24 hours, terrorists delivered strikes on the residential areas of Handrat, Sheikh Maqsood, al-Muhafaza, al-Zahraa and al-Nayrab airport in the city of Aleppo


© Valerij Sharifulin/TASS


HMEYMIM /Syria/, June 4. /TASS/. Units of Kurdish militia have abandoned defenses in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsood and retreated, a spokesman for the Russian center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria said on Saturday.

“In result of intense artillery shelling and incessant attacks of combatants of the Jabhat al-Nusra and Akhrar ash-Sham terrorist groups (banned in Russia) against the Kurdish militia, local volunteers and governmental forces in Aleppo, the units of Kurdish self-defense forces have abandoned the defenses in Sheikh Maqsood and retreated,” he said.

Over the past 24 hours, terrorists delivered strikes from multiple rocket launchers, mortars and anti-aircraft guns on the residential areas of Handrat, Sheikh Maqsood, al-Muhafaza, al-Zahraa and al-Nayrab airport in the city of Aleppo.

Also, the residential localities of Kinsibba and Nahshebba in the Latakia region and Fua and Kafr Haya in the Idlib region came under shelling.

The ceasefire has been effective in Syria since February 27, 2016. It does not apply to the groups Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra (both outlawed in Russia), and also to other groups declared as terrorist by the UN Security Council. Russia’s aviation grouping has been delivering air strikes against the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria since September 30, 2015 at the request of Syria’s President Bashar Assad.


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Ian Greenhalgh

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. wow Ian! looks like this story has legs. First the kurds pull out of Aleppo, and now ISIS is disintegrating before the FSD. Oh, and we suddenly have 2 carriers to back it all up! So plan kurdistan is in full swing., Complete with pics of us special forces wearing badges so the world knows who they’re backing. And we have large portions of the syrian army stretched out along a road eith minimal air cover. I wonder what threats Kerry will be making this time?

  2. Russia pulled out too soon. All that was missing was that forty foot long “Mission Accomplished” banner Dubya had made for his premature victory announcement. The Russians should get back in the fight with everything they’ve got.

  3. If U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds are now showing their true colors, then good! Better now than later.

    If the often-violated hostilities cessation ends NOW, then the Syria-led coalition will win, as expected.

    Russians & others planned out the possible military moves in advance of UN Resolution 2554.

    Russians, Iranians & Syrians play chess. U.S., UK, Saudis, Qataris & Turks play checkers.

  4. There was that story here on VT about Barzani on a visit to Saudi Arabia receiving a cheque for $5B – yes, five billion dollars from one of the royal family. That was a matter of some months ago. So how in the name of all that is holy could we expect the Kurds to bite the hand that feeds them. Of course it makes sense they would turn traitor and do their bit for the Saudi oiligarchs (sic) who pay them and also ISIS – the sub-rodent sewer filth so beloved of McCain. Netan-yahoo was in Moscow this week probably offering to call off NATO from the Russian western flank in lieu of Putin keeping the ceasefire on the back burner in Syria. After all, this whole shambolic mess has a lot to do with the Greater Israel Agenda tied into the NWO plan for world domination.

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