Russia: Time For Correction of Errors



… by Colonel Cassad

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According to the head of the Institute of EurAsEC Lepekhina.)

From my point of view, the formula of foreign policy actions large and often unwieldy Russia (it is quite operational decisions in the Crimea, is rather an exception to the rule) is as follows. At first she too much trusted her partners and friends, and then surprised that the “partners” were overthrown, and then begins to meditate – on how Russia might protect herself from the fallout.

This is how relations unfolded with Ukraine. First, the Russian elites considered it a fraternal country, understanding fraternity as the readiness of Russia to share, not caring about Ukraine’s response. During the Maidan, they were puzzled – why is it that “brothers” in the anti-Russian hit the jumps. Today, alas, slowly draw up property division at the time in relation to Kiev you need to take the most stringent measures. I think that what happened with Ukraine, a large share of the blame Russian officials and politicians.

At least they were not ready for the new situation – the fact that neither the USSR nor the Russian Empire no longer exists, and the independent states should build a fundamentally different than the Soviet republics relationship. Domestic elite were too trusting towards the regimes of a number of post-Soviet countries, often demonstrating the love of the Russian Federation in a situation where you need to get a discount on the price of Russian gas, but hysterics when it comes to counter-responsibility.

However, the trust – an inaccurate word . For it is we add traditional for official post-spill negligence, unreasonable self-confidence ( “where are they – Ukraine, Armenia, etc. -.? Disappear”), shortsightedness ( “let them deal with their problems once gained independence”), selfishness, predetermining indifferent to the fate of the neighboring countries and some other qualities of the Russian political class. As a result, a series of committed domestic bureaucracy errors, leading to the same result.

Russia the loss of good-neighborly relations with close countries It is, of course, not only on the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), where Russophobia process went so far as to launch it in the opposite direction, despite the presence in these countries, a large Russian-speaking diaspora in the coming decades is not possible.

We are talking primarily about the Orthodox Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine – once very favorite Russian and Soviet elites of the provinces of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. At the same Ukraine in the last quarter century, Russia has made a record number of mistakes. Patriotic diplomacy blind eye to the introduction of Ukrainian schools Russophobian textbooks and folding teaching in Russian, by flirting with the government organizations of nationalist sense and capture the Uniates of the UOC Moscow Patriarchate churches, etc.

As a result – almost complete degeneration of Ukrainian elites despise Russia for compliance and spinelessness. Unfortunately, even the Kiev regime deployed a war against the Russian-speaking population of the south-east of Ukraine not forced Russia to reconsider its foreign policy doctrine. Russian diplomacy is still guided by the principles laid down in the concept of “soft power”.

Just today, Russia is almost lost and Azerbaijan, which seemed to be almost ready to join the EAEC. Again, the reason for complication of relations with this country has become a banal incompetence of the Russian officials, for some reason confident that Azerbaijan is not ready for military action against the NKR. The experience of numerous local lesions Russia suggests that the Russian defeats his opponents not when it seeks to implement a cunning plan, but when it takes a firm and principled stand. This was the situation in Crimea. Russia lost to Ukraine, but to be firm position defended Crimea.

Only such a strategy will bring success to Russia in Donbas, the Caucasus and elsewhere. The main direction of its principal manifestations of Russia should become Ukraine. It was here today decided the fate of the post-Soviet space. Firstly, you need to clearly be called a spade a spade at the highest level: the coup, rigged elections, puppet regime, the genocide of the Russian-speaking, the rehabilitation of fascism, the American occupation and the liberation struggle of the militia DNR-LC.

On the rigidity and uncompromising position of Kiev and the Ukrainian nationalists in relation to Russia, our country should respond even more rigidity. This is not about the power of weapons, and a hybrid war. Kiev is fighting a war against Russia – he has to get back and a devastating impact on the economic, political, informational and other fronts.

Secondly, you need to decide on the principles. The main principle is that Russia should fully support the fall of the regime in Kiev, before reducing the limit of communication with him. It is unacceptable that in response to the persecution encouraged Kiev Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers and assigning the streets of Ukrainian cities names Nazis Russia recognized this criminal regime.


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    • My apologies for the sometimes unintelligible machine translation. Col. Cassad is a gold mine of info but sadly, is in the Russian language and I don’t speak Russian, therefore have to rely on translating software. I will try to clean up any further info from this source that I translate but I think that the key points are the important thing rather than understanding every detail.

  1. The Ukraine was usurped rapped and robbed and occupied by criminals elevating any differences that existed with the former USSR. Putin is in charge of a Federation focused on economic growth not war and arms building. If Europe ,east and west, don’t let the 20th century go while being asset stripped by the bankster debt generators they will need to look at their children and tell them how hate and prejudice synthesized by the rich and powerful had them feuding amongst themselves and left them destitute.

  2. It is not broken English, but a machine translation. It is all that there is so we pick through it for what we understand and use because no one is translating this stuff. It is a lot of work and the Russians that speak good English are trying to make a living with that skill. There is a huge amount of material coming out of Russia, so it would take an army to translate it all. We are publishing him because he is a perspective we do not get to see much.

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