Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Benjamin Fulford is the guest



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  1. Ben has a Geiger counter and measures for radiation. There may have been leakage into the Pacific Ocean which made it’s way to California bud he is measuring radiation in the atmosphere.

  2. The Jesuits trace the origins of the A-brahamic religions to the Chinese I-Ching (Figurism). Binary code. 1’s and 0’s. Monotheism. Atheism. 64 Hexagrams reVersed = 46. 23 pairs of chromosomes. 23 x 2 = 46. Genetic manipulation and mind control via a sin-thetic collective hive mind. 55% of the world population belong to the A-Brahamic religions. Another 15-20% are atheist. The Human Spider Web. InterNET. Computer 666 vs Carbon 12 (6 electrons-6 protons-6 neutrons). Carbon tax of the computer god. “According to the most recent demographic analyses, an average 80% of the population in China, that is hundreds of millions of people, practice some kinds of Chinese folk religions and Taoism, 10—16% are Buddhists, 2—4% are Christians, and 1—2% are Muslims.” They worship their dead ancestors. Emperors who were later made in to deities and who also need “prayers” and energy from every one else to continue their existence as egregores (thought forms). If one wanted to rule the world… that would be one way to do it.

  3. Chinese Intelligence Agency? Fulford says a few interesting things. Paper money is bad but it was the Tang Dynasty in China that invented it. It then spread West via the Silk Road. Kind of like the Black Plague. He says China has won the economic war and now has the world’s largest economy. That they run World Trade. That they would invest 50 Trillion to clean up the planet (maybe because they are also the world’s largest polluter). He also mentions “infinite resources”. “Infinite resources” must be why since 2007, China has bought farmland in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Ukraine. Not to mention real estate on almost all continents. Chinese banks and companies are involved in some 330 dams in 74 different countries. VT recently published an article on how Russia is selling water to China. He also mentions a digital reality. The Chinese would know since they invented the I-Ching 5000 years ago which was the origins of binary code/computer programming. 64 HEXagrams of the I-Ching. 64 squares of the masonic chessboard. 6 degrees of separation. Human spider web. Silk Road. They have the world’s fastest super computer named: Milky Way 2. Maybe all of the people Fulford is going after are Chinese cut outs who were sent to pacify the West and are no longer needed. China is offering to clean up their own mess (for a small price of course). The West is surely not innocent…but neither is China. Oh, what a TANG-led web we weave. When first we practice to deceive!

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