Planet Earth now under siege by very Dark Forces

American Hellhole, the Bohemian Grove – specializing in child sacrifice by fire and numerous other perversions and evil at the “Cremation of Care” ceremony to Baal–all the world’s top leaders must attend to be anointed

There is a centuries old, very powerful and sinister secret Bloodline that has been parasitizing the human race and farming it as chattel.

But its long term inter-generational Agenda is not one of love, peace and prosperity; rather it is one of induced degradation, illness, suffering, violent death and destruction of everything most humans consider sacred and good.

This Bloodline has gained control over Planet earth through very crafty means such as: hijacking monetary production and distribution, charging pernicious usury for using its private bank notes (really debt-notes); buying up, bribing and compromising almost every government official; controlling the Major Mass Media; engineering conflict and wars; and deploying other much more sophisticated eugenics and covert operations to thin the human herd and maintain control.

The number one target of this evil Bloodline group is the human race.

Maintenance of abject secrecy is a complete necessity in order for this unimaginably evil, soulless group to continue their operational control over the human species and their destruction of Planet Earth.

The Dark force the EH worships–aka the Black Sun–Baal, Moloch or the Owl–appears differently to different subgroups

This Bloodline group of soulless, pure sociopaths has a detailed inter-generational plan to dominate and purge the human race, which becomes obvious from a careful study of history.

This plan appears to indicate guidance from a very intelligent, sinister, dark force, a supernatural entity, an unimaginably evil force that is parasitical to the human race and destructive to Planet earth and all its ecosystems.

This plan has been called Globalist Agenda for creating a New World Order (NWO), and it is so unimaginably evil that most just cannot comprehend its wickedness or its reality.

A very appropriate description for the top circle that control this Bloodline is the Establishment Hierarchy. The term “Establishment” by its very definition implies that this entity establishes or creates reality to conform to its own will. And such was admitted and bragged about by Karl Rove, Bush2’s brain and one very strange looking EH dude.

It is now evident to all who trace the existing power structure running America and the Western nations that it is the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM). Yes, the KM is the Establishment Hierarchy that is trying set up a Global NWO, and is currently being checkmated by the Russian Federation and China.

The EH/KM has been building up China for many years, hoping to make it the next big host to parasitize (asset strip) as soon as the USA is sucked dry. However, the Chinese secret societies are now hip to this plan and have their own covert solution, which they are rolling out now. Do not underestimate them; the Chinese power groups have a long memory and some want serious payback against the KM, which has abused them for many years (e.g. Opium wars, Boxer Rebellion, the Japanese slaughter of Nanking, railroad construction in the American West, etc.).

And based on its long-term actions over numerous generations, it makes sense to assume that the will of the Establishment Bloodline is unimaginably evil. And by definition, evil is anything that hurts the innocent, or inflicts needless death and suffering or violates other basic God-given “natural rights” to exist and pursue happiness.

Those anti-establishment researchers who have found evidence of this operating agenda of the ruling oligarchs (aka the Establishment Hierarchy) have come to the conclusion that it is exceedingly and unimaginably evil; that it targets the human race for radical depopulation and eventual replacement by a new synthetically created android species, driven and “hived” by artificial intelligence (A.I. or “hived digital cyber-consciousness”).

Here is their apparent inter-generational plan for Globalizing Planet Earth and the human species.

1. Gain worldwide control over all human institutions of government and commerce through hijacking the monetary exchange system in every nation-state.

The EH/KM attack on America–a Gladio-style, inside job false-flag attack that set America on a Mideast mass-murder spree for Israel and the City of London Banksters

2. Use False-flag terror, and other covert provocations to foment conflicts, wars and mass death to gain more control and to motivate the masses to support this bloodline and its goals, both overt goals and deep dark covert goals. Lend money to both sides of any conflict and make vast profits off all such engineered conflicts.

3. Use engineered wars, staged wars to first destabilize the world and rearrange borders, then followed by rapid industrialization of the world while maintaining overall control. The more industrialized and developed, the more technology available to effectively manage the humans down here on the farm.

4. Use the Bloodline’s vast financial resources to use every means possible to destroy the natural human order by destroying the family, marriage, male and female sex roles, and by using very sophisticated means to make humans dependent on the State rather than being able to grow their own food and be self-sufficient.

Dirtying up a society by bringing in illegal narcotics, promoting various destructive addictions of all varieties destroys the morality and character of the masses and actually makes them much less likely to expect decency and morality and character in their governmental officials. And using excessive legal and illegal immigration is an weapon of war to destroy a nation’s borders, language and culture, making it much easier to globalize.

GUIDESTONES15. Once this dependency on the State has given the Bloodline vast control over the human species, the Bloodline’s power is magnified, massive bread and circuses is deployed in numerous different forms to keep the masses occupied and thinking away from the truth they are being “farmed” as a captive species.

This creates and maintains the illusion that humans have control when they have actually yielded it to this small power/control group. When folks are very dependent on the state for their very day to day sustenance, they will support any candidate who promises to keep their support coming even if such candidates plan to take away many more of their basic, most important human rights in exchange.

Once the masses are dependent on an all powerful totalitarian police state, then the final asset stripping of the masses can ensue. And this was always the EH’s bottom line, to totally parasitize all humans of everything they have and are, and then thin the herd.

6. Running things down here on the Farm can be rather boring, so the Bloodline folks love to appoint Cutouts and doofusses (especially doofusses) to high governmental positions. These doofusses are truly absurd-looking folks, much like the Select Few that sit at the top of the Bloodline and set the top policies.

It is obvious to anyone who studies it that the Bloodline is actually a pyramidal Hierarchy, with a Select Few at the top. Politics is set up as Bloodline Theater, and this gives the Select Few and their close associates great entertainment watching their appointed, absurd comic book characters battle it out in politics.

What empowers the bloodline?

Black Sun & Runes (2)Those at the periphery have claimed it was worship of the “Black Sun“, which some call Lucifer or Satan.

Bloodline leaders appear to become anointed and empowered by this Dark force of unimaginable evil if they are willing to violate the most serious ordinary human norms and codes of decency in order to feed this parasitical monster, but they must do it in secret while maintaining a normal outward appearance in order to avoid the peasants with pitchforks.

And some close to the top Bloodline Circle of Power have claimed that when one is initiated into this “inner circle” they receive their own personal spirit guide who appears to them privately and serves as a crime consigliere (counselor and advisor).

It is pretty well accepted fact that those initiated into the top circle of control in the Bloodline (the Establishment Hierarchy) have engaged in Satanic Ritual child sacrifice, pedophilia and child vivisectioning.

What the Bloodline members are willing and able to do is actually very hard for most of the public to believe, when reported in the Alternative Media on the Internet; but the reports are too numerous to ignore, and some come from those who have witnessed such events. These monsters who walk free believe it is their right and assigned duty to “minister death to the masses to purify the human race and solidify power as agents of the Dark Side.

220px-Skull_and_crossbones.svgIt is very difficult for the public masses to ever believe such reports because they are not reported as major news in the Establishment Hierarchy’s Controlled Major Mass Media.

It is the CMMM which creates the false illusion of reality that the masses live under. This illusion is completely false, completely opposite what is really going on, but it supports the Globalist NWO Agenda of the Establishment Hierarchy.

Obviously these top Bloodline Policy-Makers have been strongly motivated to do evil, to spread disease, death and destruction upon Planet Earth and to the human race. What force could be so powerful or so seductive to motivate these Bloodline principals to turn on their own human race and manipulate it to its own destruction?

Could it be that they have given up their humanness? Is it possible that if one does enough evil, one could reach a point of losing one’s human soul and humanness.

Or is it possible that they were never fully human in the first place, but some species that looks close to human, but lacks any human conscience? If you examine the appearance of known high-ranking Bloodline Hierarchy members, it does seem obvious that their appearance is strange, weird and atypical.

Could it be that all the evil they do changes their appearance, or are they genetic freaks in the first place due to an evil bloodline. Or is is as some who have studied the Old European monarchy lines have claimed, extreme damage done by excessive inbreeding over centuries within the ruling class, the Oligarchical families that have produced our current batch of Oligarchs?

There is plenty of hard evidence of the handiwork of the Dark Forces that empower the Bloodline and its Establishment Hierarchy:

cellphonetowerlease3The advanced weaponization of high technologies such as smart meters, Wifi, cell phone tower systems and inductive psychotronics designed to entrain human mood and thought; GMO’s and endorphin disrupters in food and containers by “Monsatan” and others which have made American men and women fat, ugly and sick. Hormone systems in Americans have been so damaged by poor nutrition, contaminated vaccines and food that 30% of men and 40% of women are clinically obese.

In America, we have the near complete militarization of our police by fanatical ADL/IDF training programs. Police are taught to empty a clip into anything animal or human if it poses even a remote threat.

And too many police fall into this mind-kontrol trap, and are now setting themselves up for major mass-blowback, which could come in many varieties, all of which will pose major potential threats to them, even the good and righteous ones.


The good news is that the Internet is diffusing so many truth nuggets to the masses that the Establishment Hierarchy can no longer maintain the abject secrecy they need to maintain control. This means they are going to have to start a major nuclear ICBM-based WW3 in order to delay their demise, but that itself will likely bring a quick end to their rule on Planet Earth.

HOUSEOFCARDS55One way or another, the Bloodline is going to be sacrificed by the same evil force that has successfully allured them to do so much evil by providing vast riches, power, status and the jet-set life of many mansions and lush vacations and servants.

What the Select few and their close Bloodline cohorts do not realize is that they were never anything more than a vehicle, a temporary tool, cutouts one and all, being used by the same sinister force of evil that will dump them in a New York Minute as soon as they are no longer needed. And that day is rapidly approaching.

It seems evident that America under the direction of the Establishment Hierarchy is now headed for a severe financial and economic cliff and the whole world for a major economic reset.

This has been discussed at G-20 and various secret working agreements have been made to mitigate this. So far the G7 members, especially the USA, are violating these agreements, which is creating a major split and conflict between America, the UK, NATO and some other G7 nations with the Russian Federation, China and some of their monetary and trade associates. As Deutsch Bank nears complete financial failure, Germany is close to siding with the Russian Federation and dumping US manipulated sanctions against Russia in order to regain billions of Deutschmarks in important trade with the Russian Federation that have been lost.

Of course, when pressed, members of the top circle of the Bloodline will probably claim that there are only so many resources available for humans on Planet Earth, and only the strongest, most able can take control of those for themselves, and thus deserve them.

They do allow non-bloodline members into their Hierarchy, as long as they have already given up (lost) their souls and decided to serve darkness. But these folks are never allowed to become the true head of the snake, the very top Policy-Makers of the Hierarchy.

LANDOFMAKEBELIVE1This coming financial cliff is likely going to mean the demise of the Establishment Hierarchy’s control and the emergence of a new system of control. This will place humanity at the crossroads.

Will they be conned, lied to an manipulated into serving another false reality or will they demand complete truth at every level?

The big question remains: As the Bloodline and its Establishment Hierarchy is dismantled and destroyed, will the human race take this new opportunity to live by the Golden Rule and learn to do unto others what they would like done unto them? Will they decide to serve truth, love, and everything good and demand it at every level of government?

Will the masses come to understand all the evil, death and destruction this evil Establishment Hierarchy Bloodline has brought upon us? Can humans organize and decide in mass to follow truth, goodness, mercy and the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” instead of hate, death and evil?

Can Americans rise up en masse, take back their nation, and demand the US Constitution be followed before America is transformed into a dirt poor, third world nation that is so completely Globalized that it has been Balkanized into different territories?


Preston James, Ph.D
{p}Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.{/p} {p} A book by Preston James entitled "The New Gutenberg Press" has just been published and is available at {/p}

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  1. Sighop, your comment makes no sense at all. if you don’t like the train of ideas in an article, why keep reading it and wasting your time?

  2. Preston James continues to hammer away at the most important issue of our time and presents this breakdown astoundingly well as usual!!!

  3. Dr. James,
    I agree the elites running this planet are unlike everyone else. I recently discovered this man, John D. Forbes he suggests a type of ancient cannibalistic psychosis mind virus. Tragically, the cannibalism of which I write has become more and more an acceptable part of modern economic and personal exploitation, with those who do the consuming giving little or no thought to the diminishing or even elimination of the lives of those at the receiving end of their quest for profit and super-sustenance. Here is a sample of an article I found interesting. Perhaps you will as well.

    What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection? What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected? What if we then told you that this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism. The idea of consuming others—human and non-human—as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy.

  4. Let us be like Harry when he met Sally and skip to the last page of this story, but not simply because we are scared we will die before we finish, which we all are.

    Can someone in Essex allocate funds for RND on Hand held MRI scanners or similar Parasite Detection Apparatus please, let us all Clear House together. Better yet can you make an “app” for it?

    Let us finally convince a group of beings that just because they CAN take over a human body doesn’t mean they were meant to do so here, forever and ever, like we were always meant to be here for it, forever and ever. You can evolve in a body you Own but not one You Stole. When that time comes you don’t want to be somewhere your not supposed to be, dead or alive.

    Time to give it all back. Its the only way. All the Stolen Bodies, everything.

    You can either leave and exist or be removed and cease to.

  5. Bohemian Grove disgusting satanic ritual to “moloch” the owl god, filled with male prostitutes who pair up with world leaders, CEO’s, politicians, actors and of course, the inbred castle dwellers who run the banks and institutions around the world will be held July 14! EXPOSE them!

    It is strange, I have been noticing all the owls in movies lately…..

    and then there is the tiny little owl hidden in the dollar bill, put there as some kind of majik to control or affect people.

    The Fourth Kind movie, about horrendous abductions in Nome, AK where every person placed under regression hypnosis reported seeing only an owl as their real memories of the torturous experiences were repressed and replaced.

    You have moloch the owl, baal the horned bull, baphomet the goat head devil, and b-l–l an ancient demon named in the dead sea scrolls who has surfaced recently. The movie called Bilal is an anagram of the name. These are alll of satan/lucifer’s alter egos. The deceiver wears many hats!

    If the world leaders worship these entities, and everything we live for is being affected by these heartless murdering psychopaths, maybe everyone should take it seriously!! This is a battle between good and evil to the max!!!
    It is time to choose a side…

  6. There was no “Rape of Nanking”. Another WWII made up story to demonize the Japanese. The few rapers were Chinese conscripts, the Japs protected the population. There were not 300k people in Nanking.

  7. Now, the originals (bible manuscripts) are all gone, now no one can know for sure, now the publisher’s and author’s (of the Christians bibles) are all them, now no one knows they are nothing to do with the Christians bible or the people of the bible (certainly not anything “chosen”), or the land of the bible (Israel), or any of it. Now everyone thinks the Jews were the people of the bible, but, they are not, it is just that when a lie is told often enough it often becomes common knowledge and respected as the truth. The truth is: the Jew is a facade, something for the ruling elite to hide behind, while they destroy us and our world. Yes, 99% of humanity knows nothing but what the MSM tells them, therefore, we are in with them and that isn’t good. Not good at all, caught in the same trap, unable to free ourselves as the hunter approaches, merciless. The end, indeed, may be near.

    1. I say burn all holy books and their respective gods send fresh unedited copies.

      See how that works out.

  8. I have mentioned the Maoist victims before in other articles, all financed by the Banksters and Wall Street, manipulated by the OSS (later to become the CIA). Some believe the number is well over 100 million dead Chinese.

  9. Hmmm how can I say this? To put it simply, my neighbor’s “mind” has become an enemy weapon system. IOW, the masses of morally incompetent people that populate the U.S. have been weaponized.

    But let’s back up and look to see how it got his way. The “Dark Forces” you refer to are described in the Bible as the first beast of Rev 13 – which is apparently the same entity as the fourth beast of Daniel 7.

    Rev 13 implies the importance of the beast’s “mouth”. Satan corrupted Eve by deception. He talked her into taking action against her own best interests. If she didn’t give him an audience, she wouldn’t have been victimized.

    The beast’s real *power* lies in its supernatural ability to corrupt and manipulate people.

    I believe that this simple fact is the basis of, for example, vampire mythology, whereby the evil creature cannot attack the victim unless the victim invites the creature into into his or her house.

    But once the victim gives the evil an opportunity, an “audience”, just like Eve apparently did, the victim subsequently becomes “corrupted” and becomes evil himself.

    1. Do you see the analogy? It gets better.

      How does the vampire attack his victims? With his *mouth*. And then the “victims” become vampires themselves. Once bitten, your formerly “friendly” neighbor becomes your deadly, implacable enemy.
      Your corrupted neighbor – now under the spell of the evil one – cannot be reasoned with. He abhors the “light” (truth); he can’t stand the sight of the cross. He can’t be seen in a mirror because he’s apparently no longer even a person in any meaningful sense; his soul belongs to his master, the “state”. The only way to deal with him now is a wooden stake through the heart…or a silver bullet…or something like that.

      The masses have become vampires, victims of the beast’s supernatural ability to corrupt. The vampires join the U.S. army and conduct provocative military exercises on Russia’s border. The vampires join the U.S. Navy and sail into the Black sea and the South China sea, doing the bidding of their evil masters. The vampires work on the assembly lines at places like General Atomics and Lockheed-Martin, making the instruments of death and destruction that their masters use in their efforts to make the earth uninhabitable.

      The vampires become agents of the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, DEA, TSA, etc. The masses become corrupt cops and corrupt judges and corrupt local politicians and corrupt businessman and corrupt everything under the sun.

  10. They are not soulless. They are heartless. They have souls and that is how you attack them. Notice how they observe certain rules or laws very strictly. For example, they have to tell you that they are going to attack you before the actual attack. The only reason they do this is because the consequences of not doing this will be very dire for them. Right? That means that they fear someone or something out there. And who might that be? There are entities who enforce universal law here. Call it God if you like but I understand, like all good managers, God delegates the work down to others.

    There is a very good reason why they stay hidden. If we knew there was an intelligence, a consciousness, say a group of evil aliens, which was directing and organising the bad things going on in this world, we’d do something about it. But when they are hidden, we remain oblivious of their presence.

    If these evil aliens harm us without cause, we can ask the enforcers of universal law to take them to the back of the woodshed for due punishment. But (1) we do not know they exist and (2) we do not know we can call the cosmic cops even if we discover they exist. Result? The world as we know it.

    1. We can reach out to these enforcers of universal law. Each one of us. Just do so with your mind. If you set the intention to contacting them, they’ll ‘hear’ you. Even if you are not that psychic and you cannot ‘hear’ telepathic messages, you can send them. You can file a peitition with them if you believe that universal law has been broken.

      I’ve been getting a lot of attacks lately and on the first strike, I filed a petition upstairs. I said I have done nothing against them and yet they did XXX against me. I asked that all the parties involved with the attack be hauled before the celestrial courts and be tried for their crimes against me. And just to make sure they got really heavy sentences, I asked for all their crimes against humanity and the planet to be taken into consideration. As part of the human race, I have every right to petition for their crimes against humanity and the planet to be considered.

    2. And I have been getting results. I recommend this tactic to everyone here. I’ve refined it further in the past few days. Remember how they must tell you their plans before they put them into action? You file the petition before the attack.

      Everything is known upstairs. There are no secrets from God. But because of the non-intervention law, the upholders of universal law do not act until someone complaints and asks for it.

      So tell them that XXX attack is about to be made on you and ask that they take all action needed to prevent it from happening. Ask for all who are connected with planning that attack to be caught, tried and sentenced. And don’t forget to say thanks.

    3. This planet is like a nursery. We are the infants and the negative aliens are like 10 years old who have invaded the nursery and installed a terror regime. We do not have the means to fight back against the 10 year old. So what can we do?

      Although we are not aware of their presence, there are adults here. They watch and observe the goings on. There are rules and they also observe them. One important rule is that of free will. The Illuminati know this and it’s because of this that they guide us into make bad choices of our own free will. OK, they bend the rules with the mind control and manipulation but this free will principle is very, very important.

      The adults will only intervene when they are asked to do so. You MUST ask. Report transgression to the adults and ask for the 10 year old to be dealt with in the most appropriate way. It really works. Don’t worry so much about the cut outs. You need their ET sponsors to be terminated.

    4. There’s people out there who urge others to go round saying I object to this and I object to that and i withdraw my consent to this and that and the others. Don’t bother. They are so far gone that they couldn’t give a toss when you say that. We have reached the stage where you must ask for the adults to deal with them. This planet has gone so tits up because people have not asked the higher powers to take these negative aliens out of the the nursery. Name a specific offence and ask for all the offending parties involved to be caught and tried, not just for that specific offence but also for all their crimes etc. The reason for naming a specific offence is for them to find the entities involved – that’s all. When there is an attack, an energetic connection has been made.

      Treat them as the cosmic cops. Call them and report the crime that has been committed.

    5. You’d probably find that they have been itching to take the bullies out but because no-one has reported any offences with them, they are unable to act. So do them a favour and file a report which gives them the legal right to take the bullies away. And don’t forget to say thanks.

    6. Excellent points, you have been doing your homework. It is okay for us to disagree on the soul part. And yes they do believe there is a God Almighty, but they mistakenly believe he is Lucifer and that Lucifer demands they give the masses notice of what they plan to do to maintain control and attain their Globalist NWO Agenda, which is to take over the whole world and set up a Luciferian Temple in Jerusalem where Lucifer will occupy and rule Planet Earth from.
      Many Christians believe that there is a God Almighty the Creator, the eternal “I am”, but he must be petitioned as you suggest for specific corrective actions. There are many who are not Christians but who still accept the idea that mass awareness, mass consciousness and mass imaging of bringing these master world criminals to justice increases the likelihood of that. Such mass-conscious imaging is called mass-Psipower and it is powerful. Emil Durkheimn called this “moral density”. And the Internet is producing this in spades, best referred to as spontaneously emerging mass populism and mass demands for justice and rule of law at all levels.

      I believe there is evidence these folks are soulless based on their hardened, selfish, lifestyles that are predatory, parasitical and energized by human sacrifice and murder. As Jesus stated, “What does one profit if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”.

    7. What has happened here was planned by negative aliens in the higher dimensions. All we can see is the 3D result. Let’s use the analogy of a role-playing computer game. You enter a new area and are attacked by a bunch of zombies. You hack and slash and kill a never ending horde of zombies. They just keep coming and coming. This is a puzzle and obviously you haven’t found the solution. You have to find the necromancer at the back who is resurrecting these zombies and sending them to attack you. Once you kill that one, then you kill the zombies. End of level. The human cut outs are the zombies. Their ET masters are the necromancer. Kill the puppet master and the puppets are powerless.

    8. We humans do not have the skill set to kill entities in a higher dimension ourselves. As Duff said, they are non corporeal entities. But they are not non corporeal to beings of the same dimension as themselves. So we reach out to benevolent beings in the higher dimensions for help. That is why you have to put the request out to the cosmic cops. It really works. I’ve had one group that’s been harassing me for the past 8 months. I kept fire fighting what they were causing until recently when I found that I can reach out to ask for them to be caught, tried and hopefully terminated. A young mantid visited me a couple of nights ago demanding a fight because it was very upset with me. I think the rest of his collective were caught and deep fried, leaving him behind. So go forth and petition upstairs for action.

    9. At least I think it was a mantid. I couldn’t see it as it was non corporeal. It was just a psychic perception.

    10. And we have been told that the solution is very simple and well within our grasp. We only have to find it. The message is in “Day of the Triffids” and “Mars Attacks” .

    11. If we are to successfully prosecute the cabal, we need to strip them of their personal demonic bodyguards to leave them butt naked. I am not that conversant with universal law, but I expect there must be some transgression of sorts when an entity interferes with domestic issues on other people’s planet/dimension, such as blocking criminals from being brought to justice. Such bodyguards can go back in time to change reality, kill or harm people who threaten the person they are protecting etc. So you must strip the Illuminati of their evil alien bodyguards before you can even hope to prosecute them.

    12. If you do it correctly, you can even ask for thought crimes to be prosecuted. Let me explain what I did.

      I was given notice that they will block me from accessing one of my financial accounts. So I asked for a huge notice to be placed in my information field stating that I will not tolerate anyone stealing my money or blocking me from using my money as I wish – equivalent to ‘do not step on my grass’. I also asked for the notice to also say that if anyone persists despite this warning, they may forfeit their souls – ‘trespassers may be prosecuted’. This way, I have given due warning and there is no way anyone can claim that I have consented to them stealing my money or blocking me from accessing money.

      Now here is the kicker – I put a request to the enforcers of universal law. Remember that there are no secrets from God. The second they think of anything, God also knows of it. I asked the enforcers that if they become aware of any plans to steal my money etc,, to please do everything within their power to prevent such plans from coming to fruition. This way, they get caught on the thought crime.

    13. We have been given free will on this planet. We get to choose what we want. If they do not respect our choice, they are breaking the local law here. If they switch the votes in elections and referenda to give us a result that is different to what we chose, we should be able to bring about a successful prosecution of all the evil alien overlords who have any involvement in any way with such crimes.

      I suggest people put out protective requests that all ET intending to interfere with our free will choice in whatever voting is coming up (eg Brexit) be removed and tried. If they encouraged their human cut outs to nobble our votes or have anything to do with facilitating such corruption, ask for them to be done over. Take back our planet. If you do not care enough about your planet and your species to look after your own interests, you should not expect extra-terrestrials and other species to do this for you.

    14. Heard rumour that cabal are looting planet to flee to Mars base. Do everything you can to stop them. Petition for help.

    15. When you enter an area to clear out the enemy, you invariably have to go back to cover the ground again to catch those you missed the first time round. You now need to make a catch-all request to pick up those that are still out there.

      According to the author of TEXT (available at 3108dotinfo);
      Extremely serious crimes against GOD and Humanity can be punished by the Ultimate Penalty known as Absolute Instant Death or “AID” …. Examples of such crimes would be ….., deliberate and intentional violations of the “Prime Directive” of IGC ….


      Violations of the prime directive are cases such as:

      Using Magic, Sorcery and the like to enslave souls and use them for slaves.

      Using technology such as implants to influence or control people.

      Using mind-control drugs on people against their will.

      Using any other technique which has the end effect of halting a souls forward progress and throwing him into a state of stagnation or negative evolution.

    16. You should note that when you ask for all those who have impeded or halted humanity’s evolution to be prosecuted, you should make your request as broad and as far reaching as possible. For example, make the request across all time, not just for those here now. Also bear in mind that those who have plotted against humanity may be far away, having sent their representatives here to harm us. Get all of them.

      They have put up technology in the higher dimensions that harm us. Such tech includes those that harvest our energy, those that knock us down when we advance on a spiritual path, those which block people from unifying, those that distort our views of the opposite gender etc. We can deal with the stuff in 3D but not those in the higher dimensions. So ask for all such impediments to our spiritual evolution to be removed now.

    17. Entities who enforce universal law are Principalities, Angels and Archangels. We have access to them in this realm. They are lightening fast.

    18. Once you have cleared out an area, you need to secure it. You don’t want any Johnny-come-lately aliens showing up with bright ideas of enslaving us all over again. So make the necessary protective requests to prevent that from ever happening to humanity and this planet. Get all potential marauders before they strike.

    19. If the necromancers have gone, let’s look at the zombies.. Preston James claims that they are soulless. It’s possible that some of the public figures have no souls. Springmeier has written of clones, synthetic humans and organic robots. These have no souls, being only bio-robots. But it’s likely that we will find an ensouled human somewhere along the chain of command. So let’s go after them on a soul level.

      These bloodline families have built up a colossal infrastructure of control over the rest of humanity. They control our politicians, our armies, our media, our education, our law enforcement agencies, our courts, our religious leaders etc. It is a huge task to fight such a formidable and entrenched enemy.

      So let’s consider asymmetrical warfare tactics. Where are they most vulnerable? I have pointed out that there is something or someone they fear. The magic word here is ‘karma’

    20. They have built up a massive karmic debt for which they have not been called to account. Their collaboration with Satan and these negative aliens have enabled them to postpone payment on their karmic debts. But the debt is still there, hanging like a Damoclean sword over their heads. Their demonic masters have kept the sword from falling. These humans have mortgaged and remortgaged their souls ad infinitum without making payment on their karmic debts. Cut the rope now and let the sword drop! They owe a huge karmic debt to us personally, to our ancestors, to humanity, to humanity’s forbears and to the planet. We want justice and we want it now.

    21. Petition God and/or the heavenly beings who administer justice; those who see that karmic debts are paid. Point out that we have been used and abused for a long time by a small group of people who have used their association with more advanced species to enslave us. We have been grievously wronged and we seek redress. Ask for a review of the karmic debts of all members of these bloodline families and all their friends, associates, collaborators, servants and employees etc. Request that these debts now be paid off in full without any further delay. They are deadbeat debtors and we ask for all their karmic debts to us to be paid NOW. In full. We ask that they make full restitution to their victims now. Pay as much as they can in this lifetime and the rest later at the earliest opportunity.

    22. If we see injustice, ask for all parties involved to be made to pay all their karmic debts immediately. If we see news readers telling us a pack of lies, ask for their karmic records to be reviewed and payment extracted for their debts to us. If we find that our politicians are corrupt and do not discharge their oaths of office, do the same again. When we see organised gangs of paedophiles in high office, protecting their fellow paedophiles, ask God for justice for all parties involved. Since we get no justice in the courts of man, we apply to the spiritual courts to nail these souls.

      And don’t forget to say thank you.

    23. And on a lighter note, there’s a catchy song from Dominic Frisby called ‘Debt Bomb’ which might amuse you while thinking of suitable petitions to file….. Enjoy!

  11. These events are coming to light because truth always does, but if the information leaks are controlled, if done correctly, they will have a predetermined effect, one of outrage if the planners have it their way. An outrage that would motivate Americans to rise up and not only overthrow the Government, but tear Washington’s brood of vipers limb from limb. For lack of a better way to explain, Baal doesn’t keep his promises, and those that helped him will be thrown under the bus, after all, they’re just tools, helpers that have no real value to him, and it’s becoming more and more apparent who’ll be thrown under the bus. Baal, by the way, is just a Hebrew word for Lord. It’s a title, not a name. The oldest title for the Lord was Enlil, Prince of the Air, whose sign was the Bull (Taurus). Ever hear of a Papal “Bull”?

    “Thou shalt not delay [to offer] the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me.”

    – The Lord (AKA Baal, Yahweh, Lord of Hosts, Lord of Israel, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, etc.) requiring human sacrifices (infants mostly) as payment for giving Israel the world. Exodus 22:29

  12. In the US at least, there is nearly incomprehensibly extreme evil going on, and unfortunately, most of the sleeping fools here are cheering it on like it’s a good thing.

  13. Thank God for people like yourself ,you are so correct ,this covert operation by this evil group needs total exposure to the folks so we know who the real enemy is. Thank you for your selfless service to your fellow citizens.

  14. Dear Preston,

    Thank you for your revelations, however I could not comprehend what these AI entities are all about? Hoping you could expound more on their nature. Thank you

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