Orlando ISIS Shooter Closely Connected to US Government: Ex-CIA Contractor

Orlando ISIS Shooter Closely Connected to US Government: Ex-CIA Contractor
Orlando ISIS Shooter Closely Connected to US Government: Ex-CIA Contractor
Omar Mateen, the suspect in the Orlando nightclub shooting, was very closely connected to the US government, which is committing crimes on American soil using their own operatives, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor.

Mateen, armed with assault weapons, stormed the Pulse Club on Sunday, killing 49 people and injured 53 others at the gay club, marking the worst ever mass shooting in US history. The suspect, identified by US media as an alleged Daesh (ISIS / ISIL) sympathizer, is a US citizen of Afghan descent from Port St. Lucie, Florida.

“The size of the event and the types of the victims or players suggest that the agenda that’s being addressed here is very large, it’s becoming very broad,” Kelley told Press TV on Monday.

“The current administration, which is going to be on its way out and probably be replaced by Donald Trump, if he is not assassinated very soon, needs to have all of the weapons removed from the United States,” he stated.

“This event was clearly just one more false flag event. The individual that’s being named as the shooter clearly is very closely connected to the US government all the way up to his family, and there’s a long history of involvement with government agencies on either side of different issues,” the analyst noted.

“The fact that a club for homosexuals was the target of this attack clearly is intended to produce a large amount of emotional effect. The victims or intended victims, or the demographic that was being attacked here is clearly the one that Obama is trying to promote as an important demographic,” he stated.

“So using them as the target of an alleged, phony ISIS [Daesh] attack is only natural, because this is intended to generate as much emotional response as possible,” Kelley argued.

“If they would like to suggest that this is somehow ISIS operating in the United Sates, there is nothing that could say that that is not true because we know that ISIS is a completely fabricated group by the CIA and various government agencies,” he opined.

“So it’s nothing surprising at all that the US government would be able to operate and commit crimes on American soil using their own operatives,” he stated.

The ISIS Takfiri group, which was initially created and funded by the US and its regional allies to destabilize the Middle East region, particularly Syria, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the Orlando shooting, Press TV reported.

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  1. It’s obvious that VT is not in the Trump Camp, but would you rather have Hillary ? She will have nothing happen to her, as the Clinton’s are to me any way, just as bad if not worse then the Bush crime family.
    Trump war with Mexico ? Let me tell you this, I have many German relatives down in Mexico, and since I have been going down there since 1966, they have been feeding me they will take back south west America one of days, Montezuma’s revenge as they call it, the Rio Grande is not the real border, they say. So, I presume you people are onboard with the North America Union ?

  2. Maybe this is ignorance or a even a non-issue but it is curious that the two selfie shots seem odd. He is taking these pictures in a mirror, no? So why are both of the NYPD prints on his shirts not inverted? Did he actually take these pictures? If so why go to the effort of reversing the mirror image back to the state they are shown? Or did someone else take these posed shots of him holding up his phone?

  3. yes the REAL terrorists are the ones wanting to guarantee us all being defenseless victims!
    their controlled media isn’t making the valid point, if some of those patrons were armed there wouldn’t have been nearly as many dead and injured if the shooter got his face blown off.
    OUR 2nd amendment does NOT specify a damn thing about open carry or concealed, a “permit” is permission to do what would otherwise be illegal, when it is these BOGUS “laws” that are illegal in violation of OUR RIGHT to not be defenseless victims!

  4. Why is this guy wearing a NYPD teeshirt and another NYPD shirt with an emblem? Only if you knew someone or worked there would anyone wear that shirt!

    Is he connected to NY? Well the crooks are trying to get a ban on weapons through some bogus UN program-located in NY.
    Funny how Governor Cuomo is now attempting to pass gun control in NY.

    The Dick Act passed in 1904 forbids the government from ANY gun control.

    The people that work for the so-called “government” services contractor called UNITED STATES, INC. (which is bankrupt) have absolutely NO right to take our rights away. They are UNDER the constitution. WE, the people, are ABOVE the Constitution.

    They work for us!

  5. This is so outrageous that our government would even think of getting away with this! They are the ones destabilizing the middle east, starting with Bush’s “war on terror” that has been ongoing for 13 years now.
    Well, if you bomb a country and kill and maime millions, what do they expect.

    I am holding ALL of the people that work for the United States government, whatever form of corporation they call themselves today, to be held responsible for crimes against humanity! Bush, Clinton, Obama and the whole Bilderberg gang too! Never forget the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1919 where they killed 100,000,000 people AFTER they took away their guns.

    And the LAST thing the people should ever do is give up their guns. What we need to do is confiscate the governments weapons of mass destruction and suspend them all from office until we get to the bottom of the corruption and insanity that is ongoing today. No election should be held until we have a modern day Nurenberg trial of the criminals within!

    • Speakout, doubt we will see any trial, all the good guy’s hands are tied up, they pay the media very expensive salaries to hide their crimes, Planet X, Niburi is what they are all waiting for, then they will all go underground and God willing will never come back up….it’s God’s reset button.

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