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.. by Said Gafurov 

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s recent visit to Moscow and his negotiations with President Putin, for the fourth time this year, has created the impression of failure. Russia and Israel have been developing active cooperation recently in the field of culture, trade and customs and  education.

However, Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow does look like a failure from the point of view of foreign policy. In an official statement for the press, President Putin spoke about “open” and “constructive” nature of the talks with the Israeli PM. In the diplomatic world, though, when negotiations are held in a friendly and even neutral fashion, they usually say that the talks were held “in a friendly atmosphere.” This is something that we have not heard from the Kremlin this time. In other words, there is no understanding between Russian and Israeli leaders.

The main purpose of Netanyahu’s visit to Russia was clearly focused on foreign policy issues, such as the regulation of the crisis in Syria and a possible solution to the Palestinian conflict. Israel sees clearly that the civil war in Syria is ending.

Netanyahu’s visit coincided with a remarkable speech that Bashar al-Assad delivered at the opening session of the newly elected parliament. It is obvious that the question of the end of the war and national reconciliation in Syria is a matter of time. What happens afterwards?

The conflict in Syria has created an alliance between Russia, Iran, Syria, and units of Lebanese resistance. As for the latter, it is not only Hezbollah fighters, but also a large number of volunteers from Lebanese secular parties that struggle against Islamic State militants in Syria.

Netanyahu seems to be concerned about the prospect for the new, reunited Syria to appear near Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister is also concerned about the strong influence of Iran in the post-war Syria.

What does President Putin say to all this? Putin delivers a long speech, in which he talks about culture, economy, trade and economic relations, tourism and everything else. As for the Syrian problem, Putin said only two phrases: “We have paid great attention to international issues, and of course, we talked about the complicated situation in the Middle East region, including in Syria.” That’s all.

One shall assume that there is no understanding between Russia and Israel. Russia has ignored  Netanyahu’s requirements, for example, to restrict supplies of weapons to Lebanon that Hezbollah fighters could get their hands on. Russia views Hezbollah as one of the most important political parties in Lebanon.

Hezbollah is a member of the ruling coalition. Russia follows its principle to supply arms only to legitimate governments. Hezbollah is an important element of the legitimate government of Lebanon. Moscow sees Hezbollah as an essential element of structure of the Middle East.

In addition, Putin reaffirmed Russia’s position for a comprehensive and just settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stressed out that Russia was ready to act as a mediator. This came as another slap in the face of Israel, because it is the Palestinians who demand the Palestinian issue should be solved by the international community, while Israel insists on bilateral negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

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  1. It is interesting that Nuttheyahoo made 4 trips to Russia as NATO huffs and puffs on Putin’s front door. Coincidence? Ah, no. More probable is the scene of Idi-imean-bibi trying to intimidate Russia. The Nutter boasting of Isreal’s complete control of western politicians….he would be correct too…but when the axe falls it is the people, not the politicos…who wield the axe….surely Putin must have reminded the Nut of this fact.

  2. What pestiferous peons the Palestinians must be in the eyes of this wanna-be Khazarian Conquistadore whose true vision is set way beyond the stepping stone of Palestine to those wonderful biblical lands comprising in his mind the Lebensraum of Greater Israel. Based on what – the contrived Zionist delusions throughout none other than the Scofield Reference Bible. 20,000,000 deluded Americans give it full backing – led by pastors of Evangelical hue: the Israeli Hinn, Hagee, etc., whose full support for Israeli policy indicates more than full acceptance of vile Rabbinic rantings of the Talmud against the basis of Christian beliefs. Heresy in other words.

    That Netanyahu was given short shrift by Putin, if in fact this was the case neatly reflects his own intransigence towards the Palestinian problem.

  3. Also on the table would of been Netanyahu’s unspoken request for Putin to ‘look the other way without suspicion’ if the Russian S-400 AA system were to detect any little annoying parasites such as the Israeli custom/retrofit F-16’s flying recon sorties deep into Syria.
    I adore how Putin positively scared the B out of Bibi by stating to the international community that all Jews are welcome to come migrate and move into Russia.

  4. If the United Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah decide to return the Golan Heights, there is nothing Israel and its Military can do to stop them. The SAA and Hezbollah are very battle hardened now and will simply roll up the acres on the ‘soft’ Israeli Military(their Airforce is about all they have) whom most of it’s members are exchange students and dual Israeli-American citizens. An Army of tourists to say the least. Hezbollah proved this in 2006. I say SAA and Hezbollah, go for it..just blitz them; the U.S military will try to come to their aid but then again, the U.S military are over stretched. Another thing SAA and Hezbollah should do is arm the Yemeni Houthis and army extensively. These brave warriors are fiercer than Afghans and will simply overrun Saudi and Gulf army positions and could very easily make a break to the very Capital of Saudi itself. The Anglo-Zionists have opened a can of worms on themselves. HeHe.

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