Israeli and Romanian ammunition captured from ISIS

Part of the haul of ammunition and weapons seized from ISIS. Note the food sacks containing loose rounds, yet another solid piece of evidence to prove that supplies are flowing through Turkey to ISIS under the guise of ‘humanitarian aid’

The Syrian army and popular forces captured a number of terrorists in the Eastern parts of Sweida province who were transporting Israeli-made ammunition to the ISIS and Al-Nusra forces.

Romania has been a major supplier of ISIS, flying ammunition from the US airbase outside Constanta from day one. The same planes that delivered this ammunition (which was loaded into food bags at a US airbase under US noses) also carried TOW missiles to ISIS & Al-Nusra; this is another part of that secret war between the Obama White House and the rogue Bush-era Neocons that still run the CIA. These are the people who are working with the Turks and Saudis to destabilise Europe, to take down the EU and replace it with the sort of facist regime that we have seen arise in Kiev, Warsaw and Riga.

As for Israel, in this case, they are just an arms supplier, as always, we remind people to think beyond the usual ‘the Jews did it’ mindset and realise that this is a far bigger game with more players in play. An inability to see past that point has plagued many so-called experts who ply their dubious trade on the interwebs. Invariably, the most clumsy and obvious critics of Israel are backed by a Mossad or Shin Bet operation or they are blindly steered by handlers placed around them. Broadcaster Jeff Rense discovered his long-time companion was a Mossad agent.

It isn’t just Tel-Aviv’s number one cheerleader Alex Jones but others like Richie Allen, Stew Webb, Pete Santilli, Michael Rivero, Christopher Bollyn and the queen of them all, David Icke. Nor the publications, not just InfoWars, but Counterpunch, Russia Insider, Moscow Times, Russia Behind The Headlines, and at one time, Press TV in Iran too.

Romanian 7.62x54R ammunition, this is for the Dragunov rifle and several models of machine gun such as the PKM and RPK.

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    • Defending Icke is beyond stupid. The man is every bit as much a stooge for the bad guys as Alex Jones.

  1. Right, and it’s the ease of getting crushed again by setting up “Khazaria” right next to ex-Soviet Russia that I’m getting at. Surely serious strategic concerns matter more than nostalgia at this point…?

  2. I am not so naive as to believe that all sources of info on the web are altruistic; I am at least vaguely familiar with some of those you cite, quite familiar with two or three sites which I visit regularly. I do not know why you should carry any greater credibility than some of the more reputable sites, especially the award winning Global Research. David Icke is a pioneer – I certainly don’t believe he’s right about everything just as I don’t believe VT is right about everything either – especially when writers here slam other sources. Such sources (at least some of them) do their level best to bring the truth out – most likely based on their limited resources. I have not come across any slams against VT at Global Research, nor at RT or David Icke, yet I see that happening here – it’s disappointing. It would perhaps serve us all better for all of you to compare notes and come to agreement based on facts as best available. We need to pull together – smarten up!

  3. Khazaria was in today’s Southern Ukraine and Russia from west of Odessa on the Black Sea east to the northern Caucasus. The Khazars fled northwest to Poland and Lithuania after the Rus from Kiev and Moscow crushed their kingdom.

  4. speaking in terms of nations and blocks covers them, blocks of EU, Turkey, Saudi and israel….”just” supplying ammunition….individuals, names and faces are behind all of this who put the wheels in motion, wheels within wheels, the Establishment machine in a Luciferian tryst for global rule…..the names and faces are seen for what they are…as for.that not-so-secret war between the Obama White House and the rogue Bush-era Neocons raging across the planet WHY? ….when Obama has everything he needs within his reach here to save America instead of trying to walk a minefield down the middle

  5. “Russia has foiled further expansion of Israel… Now Ukraine under Zionist occupation is in the picture as an alternate Jewish homeland…”

    Wait, where’s the sense in putting this alternate “homeland” on Russia’s border?

  6. Ian ~ You say: “[T]his is another part of that secret war between the Obama White House and the rogue Bush-era Neocons that still run the CIA. These are the people who are working with the Turks and Saudis to destabilise Europe, to take down the EU and replace it with the sort of fascist regime that we have seen arise in Kiev, Warsaw and Riga.”

    If Hillary was/is close to the Bush/NeoCons and if Trump is a bull in the foreign policy china shop and/or clueless, how can we ensure that the next U.S. president won’t just maintain and/or increase prior and/or continuing insidious U.S. military & foreign policy perfidy or mistakes?

    • Trump does not have good character, very much the opposite, he has no loyalty to America, he has had 69 years to display that loyalty and never has. The Zionist elite do not despise him, they are backing him to the hilt, they chose him to run for office, he is a creature of the zionist organised crime cabal and always was – he was born into it. He has never been his own man, he has never been a success at anything other than reality TV, he is a completely false fraudulent figure and if he did get into the Oval Office, it would be a disaster for the US.

    • “He is not an insider, but gained his wealth and power independent of them, thus now he is his own man.”

      Trump is a modern American billionaire, an elite group about the same size as Congress, in a monetary system controlled by the banksters for the last 100 years or so. How is he not already an “insider”? Money is politics.

    • Good points. The current concept of “Israel” reflects Judaism´s fairy-tale wishes, and is as invalid as the 6 million figure Judaism associates with its version of the “holocaust.” The statement of Judaism´s no. 1 terrorist of the 1947-1948 era, Ben Gurion, explained the plan of Judaism. Removing Arabs from the “7 countries in 5 years” territories, renaming the greater territory “Israel” and repopulating it with puppets of Judaism has been re-stated by various leaders of Judaism. Viewed within the Ben Gurion context, ISIS-ISIL is the proxy army of the CIA-MOSSAD that continues the terrorism initiated by Ben Gurion, furthering Judaism´s plan.

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