Israeli Intelligence chief : We do not want isis defeat in Syria


herzi haleviThe Zionist intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, said that the last three months have been the most difficult for ISIS since its inception.

In a speech delivered at “Herzliya” conference yesterday , Halevy explicitly said “Israel” does not want the situation in Syria to end with the defeat of ISIS “,  the Israeli NRG site reported.

“Withdrawal of the super powers from the region and letting Israel alone in front of Hezbollah and Iran that possess good abilities Will make “Israel” in a hard position” . Therefore, we’ve to do all we can so as not finding ourselves in such situation”, the Israeli chief intelligence added.

saudi crown princeRiyadh, June 6 (petra)–Important parts of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statements before traveling to America this travel is to strengthen extensive economic relations and in line with 2030 program. Our minor differences with America on some of the issues in the region don’t damage our rooted relations with America. The two countries are two strategic allies in the region in the past and now and America’s interests are tied by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi kings have always received necessary and sufficient support from the presidents of America and in return Saudi kings also have had special relationships with the presidents of America. Saudi Arabia always has sponsored both Republican and Democratic Party of America and in America current election also provide with full enthusiasm 20% of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election even though some events in the country don’t have a positive look to support the king of a woman for presidency. We are pleased that the vast majority of Saudi Arabia ‘s foreign exchange reserves is in America and America and the United Nations know that Saudi Arabia is a power and should not ignore it. This travel is a historic travel for me.


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  1. Our US government workers do NOT have the authority to remove leaders of other sovereign nations, period! This is premeditated murder, like Saddam and Qadaffi and those calling for this action should be arrested.

    They, like Hillary, have been accepting bribes from foreign nations to influence the politicians giving them money. Israel keeps getting billions every 6 months or so. They continue to cry “woe is us, we are alone here” whine, whine. Nobody told you to go live there. God doesn’t live in the ground, so what difference does it make where the jews live? The problem that they have and always will have, is that they stole the land and never paid the Palestinians for their property and lives taken that generations are owed.

    Why are the Israelis getting money from Americans? Rothschild owns Israel and they have supposedly $600 Trillion, so why isn’t Rothschild giving them money? The war “game” is because Israel wants the Golan Heights territory that belongs to Syria, where they have discovered oil. Oh, the old oil story. If they didn’t spend so much on gas guzzling planes, tanks, etc. so they could bomb people, maybe they wouldn’t need the oil.

    Go solar Israel. You want to be an independent state? Then do it, make friends with your neighbors and stop asking America to pay your bills!

  2. The current concept of “Israel” is as invalid as the 6 million figure associated with Judaism´s “holocaust.” For sure, Major General Herzi Halevy wants ISIS-ISIL to be successful. Ben Gurion´s statement in 1948, with the establishment of the land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”: “We Must Expel the Arabs and Take Their Place” has been re-stated by recent dictators of “Israel.” Thus, ISIS-ISIL is the proxy army of Judaism´s MOSSAD and the CIA, continuing the terrorism of Ben Gurion, driving Arabs from their homelands of thousands of years.
    Chancellor Merkel of Germany has required EU (NATO) nations to accommodate Arabs being driven from their homelands. With Merkel´s “enabling” assistance, ISIS-ISIL, the proxy army of Judaism´s MOSSAD and the CIA, has had considerable success. Jewish news services continue to suppress critics of Merkel.

  3. Very obvious why US not calling to Erdogan and Salman to end ISIS support. Only answer is to provide Assad with nuclear devices to have an Israeli change of mind or just in case, a reverse Sampson option. Syria is already demolished but Israel could be remembered like a hole in the map and the US would get rid of the Zionistic lobby.

  4. Major General Halevy doesn’t want ISIS defeated in Syria. I do. Not much faith in your multi-national cabal of military instructors who trained them, eh! Well might the imminent annihilation of these asse(t)s by Russian led forces choke in your craw. Putin is in it for the long haul and no bunch of satanic mercenaries rolling in shekels, US dollars, dinars, or Turkish lira will stand in his way. A rational sane soldier will have no time for ISIS – the scum of the lowest sewer water, so why should you … soldier?

  5. Fifty one zio-lackeys – also known as “diplomats” – at the US Dept of Subversion and Treachery, I mean State, have signed a letter (for internal use only) that recommends focusing on removing Assad rather than attacking ISIS forces. According to their “thinking”, Assad’s Syrian Army is too weak to effectively fight IS, so they recommend removing the democratically Assad from power, to be replaced by … well, whoever, just so long as Assad is gone. This has a neocon stench all over it. None of the “diplomats” have been identified, but it’s not hard to guess who they represent. Antiwar dot com has more on this.

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