Big Trick Hybrid Op at Orlando or just another Sandy Hoax?


by  Preston James


Anyone who has studied the PNAC/NeoCon attack on America on 9-11-01 knows that it was an exceeding complex deep black covert operation with nearly 3,000 immediate dead and lots of serious casualties.

We now know for certain that 39,000 first responders and locals also died in the months and years after 9-11-01 from the radiation and asbestos, and there are about 69,000 now struggling to stay alive with strange cancers and debilitating lung related disorders.

Of course the USG has gone to extremes to keep the truth covered up, and appointed a crooked Zio judge, Hellerstein to manage the payments and keep the coverup in place.

Despite coordinated efforts by the USG to keep the truth about 9-11-01 completely covered up, a significant portion of the general population has caught on to what was really done and by whom on 9-11-01, and all roads lead to the PNACers.

These mass-murderers and war criminals who set up all the Mideast wars for Israel used big lies, false-narratives and Zio propaganda.

The true perps were the NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors  including traitors in the US Administration, Pentagon, JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA, none of whom have been brought to justice and final judgment, yet.

The attack on America on 9-11-01 was a Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack which immediately mass-murdered about 3,000 innocent human beings and destroyed hundreds of families.

It’s a fact that many Internet bred activists and 9-11-01 truthers have uncovered the truth of who did 9-11-01 and are rapidly diffusing that truth throughout the American masses outside of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), which will not ever broadcast or publicize any serious truth.

Astute 9-11-01 truthers have also figured out that 9-11-01 was a layered op with a fall-back safety net, the 28-page classified section of the official report, which covered Saudi involvement and which is probably going to be fully released.

A Saudi newspaper reported that the official Saudi position was that most already know that the USG did 9-11-01 itself. This section was designed as a fall back to blame 9-11-01 on the Saudis if too many Americans figured out it was a Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attack.

The problem is that this 28-page report is based on distortions and lies and the Saudis really had little to do with 9-11-01. In fact, we now know for sure that Osama bin Laden (CIA trade-craft name Colonel Tim Osman) traveled in and out of the Pentagon freely, and was the main go-between for the CIA and their well-supplied Mujaheddin in Afghanistan.

Unlike Sandy Hoax , 9-11-01 produced lots of immediate dead and future dying first-responders and locals.

We now know without any reasonable doubt at all that nobody died at Sandy Hook School or even at the Boston marathon Bombing.

Operation Gladio Emblem. Also called the Nazi Fourth Reich Left behind Army. Now a part of NATO international terror operations paid out of the slush funds of the large western banks.

These were well-planned, deep black covert ops, effective Gladio-style, inside Job, false-flag attacks with no dead or wounded.

Yet the professional crisis actors used and the script prepared by a subcontractor for DHS worked exceedingly well and conned most Americans at first into believing that there were numerous dead and wounded at both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing.

But the honeymoon is over now for Sandy Hoax, as more and more Americans learn everyday that it was a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill held in a school abandoned in 2008, condemned for asbestos contamination and used for storage.

The evidence that nobody died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston Marathon is simply overwhelming if anyone takes the time to review it in depth.

And those that planned and deployed the attack on America on 9-11-01 using a number of two different kinds of nukes, mini and micro (over 20) never expected the 9-11-01 onion to ever be peeled back, exposing each different layer of how the operation was conducted.

Most of the work of any complex deep cover black op is always done in the planning phase where deception and cover operations take predominance.

The goal of the attack on America on 9-11-01 was to successfully transfer the blame from the true perps (Mossad, DOD & CIA and their PNAC and NeoCon handlers) to Mideast Islamics, specifically to Osama bin Laden, the Afghanis and Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

This goal was only successful for a while and is now coming unbundled by the day. The Mideast Islamics had nothing to do with 9-11-01 nor did Saddam Hussein ever have weapons of mass destruction nor was he planning to attack America. And Osama bin Laden died in late 2001, despite the big lie told by the US Administration that he was much later assassinated by Navy Seals who were all summarily and secretly assassinated to keep the grim truth of this all covered up.

Many in the top US Military High Command that were not part of it now know who did it, and are furious.

Ambassador Lee Wanta, the man who ended the Cold War for President Reagan by setting up a win/win resolution and walked away with 27.5 Trillion Dollars designated for a US high-speed rail and the elimination of the phony Federal Reserve debt

They secretly want payback and some are using covert means to try and get it. But the Russian Federation is now quite frustrated with the way the USG and NATO is sanctioning it and impending on its borders, an obvious violation of the US/Russian Agreement of Cooperation negotiated by Lee Wanta on behalf of President Reagan with Gorbachev in 1990.

It was Lee Wanta’s actions on behalf of President Reagan that resulted in the end of the cold war without a nuclear exchange, and the taking down of the Iron Curtain.

The Russian Federation has completely penetrated all Israeli Intel at every level. This also constitutes a major penetration of all American Intel at every level, since Israel is the secret sixth eye in the notorious “Five Eyes” system; they have been included in Intel sharing and have been able to download all NSA raw feeds from the NSA data satellites.

In practical terms, this means that the Russian Federation has all the secret NSA raw Intel on who did 9-11-01 and how they did it, down to the last minor detail.

The USG has backed NATO to encroach on all Russian borders and territories and the USG has manipulated trade sanctions against the Russian Federation for its annexation of Crimea, a former Soviet Satellite. The CMMM always neglects to report the truth that Crimea freely voted to be annexed to seek protection from the USG-financed, 5-Billion USD coup d’état staged in the Ukraine by the US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland of the notorious Kagan Zio family.

This NATO and USG provocation of the Russian Federation has led to the claim that the Russian Federation respond to all these massive provocations by releasing all their extensive files on who actually did 9-11-01 and how. This extensive Russian Intel includes all NSA raw feeds from Israel and ultra high tech Russian Federation satellite photos which are extremely detailed.

These Russian satellite photos include gamma ray and neutron detection trails of the nuclear bomb materials stolen from Pantex in New Mexico, reprocessed in Israel and stored in Fort Lee before being transported into the Twin Towers by the Urban Moving company, a Mossad proprietary.

Sandy Hoax 1
Sandy Hoax. A two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill in a school abandoned for asbestos in 2008 using professional crisis actors. You can download the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” for free that will completely document this fake mass-shooting (It’s a .pdf and the text starts a few pages in, with the first ones being blank).

Sandy Hoax false-flag was at least two years or more in the planning and was a very expensive, complex operation. Numerous credible researchers believe that it was ordered by the US Administration through US Attorney General Eric Holder, via DHS/FEMA and the Governor of Connecticut and involving the Connecticut State Police, local government, the school board and a bevy of highly remunerated crisis actors, specially brought into a synthetically constructed Sandy Hook school “community”.

There was no Adam Lanza or his mother Nancy Lanza, who were imaginary and were created by DHS according to the specially prepared script.

We also know that some of these Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attacks like 9-11-01 and Columbine involve mass-murder and some like Sandy Hoax do not, but only present mass-murder simulations.

Two of the three shooters at Columbine High School. Police and Swat stood down until all the shooting stopped. This was criminal negligence of the highest order.

We also know that many of these false-flags that involve real mass-shootings in gun-free zones always involved highly mind-kontrolled MK-Ultra shooters and/or patsies.

We know there were real mass-murders on 9-11-01, at Murrah and also at Columbine High School, which was another carefully planned and staged Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack with heavy FBI involvement.

We also know that nobody died at Sandy Hoax, nor at the Boston Marathon Black Powder puffer bombing, except for the Patsy and witness, who were murdered in cold blood by the FBI as part of the cover-up.

We also know that the fact that the 9-11-01 crime has now been completely uncovered and dissected and is now understand by millions of Americans, just like Sandy Hoax and the Boston Bombing are known by those who did it. And we know that they are very concerned about this and highly motivated to pull a big trick with a future Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack.

Because the Feds now have taken complete control over the whole Orlando matter, it is exceedingly difficult to get access to any real evidence.

The Feds have locked down the hospital, all the bodies (if any at all), all the evidence including ballistics (if any at all), and are strictly controlled what information and evidence their CMMM has access to.

So far we have no real evidence that anyone was killed or even wounded.

The Orlando Pulse Nightclub 2006 photo

The evidence we all have access to via videos show some very poorly done obvious crisis acting, fake-seeming victims with minor extremity wounds supposedly being carried to the hospital six blocks away in the wrong direction, and some weird characters who seem obviously play acting.

Now the serious question here is: were there some real shooting victims inside the Pulse club in addition to this crisis actor-driven farce conducted afterwards on the outside? But there are other problems afterwards, such as no obvious evidence of a mass array of ambulances or helicopters to medivac the supposed large number of seriously wounded survivors.

The possibility of one gunman alone being able to murder 50 and wound another 53 seems highly improbable statistically.

There were a large number of exits, and it would have taken more than one gunman.

Could it be that the usual culprits, the ones who did Murrah, the first twin towers bombing, and the attack on America on 9-11-01 and so many more Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attacks decided to play a big trick?

Did the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and its Establishment Hierarchy (EH), aka the City of London Zionist Rothschild Bankster Syndicate pull a very Big Trick on American False-flag researchers who have been able to crack all of their precious false-flags?

Could it be that the KM/EH deployed a new hybrid form of false-flag, one that used both really dead victims and really stupid obvious crisis actors and staged phony victims afterwards? Could it be that they figured they could set a big trap and later release actual photos and autopsies and death certificates on some real victims?

A hybrid false-flag with both some real dead victims and some stupid looking phony crisis actors to provide the appearance that the whole op was virtual only with no dead, would serve a very big trick, if it could be sold both ways — First as a phony op to the researchers, and later as a real op to everyone by releasing real incontrovertible evidence later of actual dead victims.

Boston Marathon black powder puffer bombing (all faked injuries using professional crisis actors)

This would perhaps then completely discredit all the researchers who have worked so hard and completed cracked the previous false-flags like Sandy Hoax and the Boston Marathon black powder puffer bombing. And such a successful trick could do incredible damage to the credibility of all the researchers who have worked so hard to crack all these criminal conspiracies and who have gained high levels of respect.


This op may in fact be a hybrid op that has been designed by the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.), using advanced quantum computers and algorithms covering every possible scenario and the predicted social effects; selecting out the one that would attain the most desired effects, massive cognitive dissonance and disruption of credibility.

The latest development is that the FBI has been reported to be manipulating the physicians at the hospital who are involved to sign non-disclosure agreements, just like what was done with Sandy Hoax, so the possibility remains that this ops is a pure hoax with absolutely no one dead at all.

Hopefully we will be able to eventually uncover the truth, which has been made quite difficult by the construction of so many layers of secrecy that have been locked down upon all these false-flag events, especially this one.

One thing we do know for sure is that this event was an engineered, staged, controlled Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack with all the fingerprints of the Mossad and DHS written all over it, and that it was a triple play.

Obviously the USG and the KM’s EH that is now the secret power behind it are desperate to create massive fear in the American mass group mind in order to con the American People into giving up more rights and to support more wars of aggression against Mideast Islamics for the KM and Israel. And it is obvious that the order has been given at the very top of the EH to “get the guns away from the American people”, especially the AR-15 semi-automatics.

Shootback777Like so many G7 Intel operations, these are deep cover black ops in which Intel operations are shared by numerous Intel agencies, usually involving the Mossad in key operational and planning roles. They are controlled under the authority of the Khazarian Mafia, the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the one that controls private central banking in most western nations.

And the FBI has been caught entrapping numerous retarded and mentally-challenged Somalis and Islamics in fake terror traps with very long prison sentences.

And the FBI is usually involved in covering up all these false flags too, and employs some special agents who are soulless hardcore stone-killers who will murder anyone; men, women and even young children at the drop of a hat.

In apparent blow-back to this Orlando incident, the Los Angeles gay community has taken the Gadsden Flag and added the rainbow to the background, removed the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me” and replaced it with the phrase “Shoot back”.

Now thousands of gays will be buying guns to arm themselves, will join the NRA and Gunowners of America, and will be ready to shoot back if the need arises.

Will this new “Shootback” philosophy, which was recommended by Solzenitzen in his book Gulag Archipelago, spread like wildfire across America to all American gun owners in response to any USG attempt to ever go door to door to seize guns?


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  1. I think they have found a “formula” that they are starting to repeat…

    1. A mind-kontrolled patsy that was in one of their “programs” is set up. He/she or a couple is going to be sacrificed.

    2. Mercenaries who kill for money… are hired, usually from the same “company”. They go in and spray with their AR – 15’s and AK – 47’s so that they can be banned. Real people are murdered! (sacrificed)

    3. On a separate day beforehand, a “drill” is carried out that enacts the very same scenario in which crisis actors (who seem to show up in every false flag) and other newbie actor/participants that answer ads put out on craigslist that are responding because it sounds like easy money.

    This allows footage to be taken of the “drill” that can be later handed to the CMMM and they can put out their story. They of course don’t want any REAL footage of the carnage put out because they are pinning the people inside so they can be butchered! Then they shut it down and no one sees that the “lone wolf” or muslim perp isn’t the one that really killed anyone, but was probably called to his location via the “phone call activation code”, then shot as soon as he arrived.

    They have all the time in the world to figure these false flags out, but if they need “AI” to help conjure up the plot, it is because they are inbred low gene pool blood sucking murderers with NO brains.

  2. Although I haven’t posted here for the last few years, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank VT for their courage and honesty. Mostly though, for their article on our psychopathic cops and their training by the terrorist state of Israel. I still post their story to 2 or 3 sites a month in a vain attempt at jolting more in Idiot Culture awake. Again, thank you all for your efforts.

  3. the threat of nuclear fall out, the cold war. and satellites are all hoaxes. the cold war was a psyop performance – there was never a real threat of nuclear war. there are no satellites in space, there is no technology to fire long range missiles. none, zero, it’s all as much a lie as the existence of Ryan Lanza.

    you’ve got some big lie-confirmation embedded in here — calling out recent “shootings” as deception — Great!! but please reflect on the deeper lies you are still touting.

  4. you can’t seriously still believe in nukes and satellites?? those are so much easier to disprove than even boston bombing. I don’t know if you are intentionally mixing lies with truth here — but if you mean well — please research satellites and nukes with more diligence, and try not to confirm deceptions of previous decades, any more than you want to confirm sand hook was real, etc.

  5. Two weeks after the shooting and I still have not seen footage any bodies being carried out of the Pulse,(like Sandyhook) and no blood. The American flag guy(similar to Harley guy on 911, cowboy at Boston) said he took of his bandana to plug a bullet hole in a guys back, and carried him out, also stating his own hands where covered in blood
    Injured people being carried the wrong way down the street, towards the Pulse, not away, DUH !!.
    Where is the blood, no where. No Ambulances either, WTF.
    Obama is getting desperate in his final months, I pray for Patriots in America.

  6. Don’t you think folks will need to take protection into our own hands. This stand down for hours by police at Columbine H.S. where real murders took place and the same at the nightclub Pulse whether real killings happened or not.This is neglect if the serve and protect motto is still for the average citizen. Thanks…

  7. Today it was stated they are going to release “an audio transcript of the 911 call made by Mateen” (the actual audio is not going to be released because it never happened and a scripted conversation is more easy to make believable to the public).

    But right now, they are probably finishing up the fake murder scene inside Pulse nightclub with fake blood everywhere to make it look horrific, and taking their time to edit the ‘forensic images’ while the ‘FBI investigate’ (The FBI seen at pulse are actors themselves, anyone can buy a FBI jacket online)
    This is will ‘conveniently’ only be released as a leak, dropped into the email of one of the good minions working for the MSM and then handed on to something like liveleak to give the fake image more ‘credibility’.

  8. There are certainly many questions about Orlando. We are distracted by the latest event. It would be a real coup if a community of truth were formed. If 1st rate attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and investigators became involved . I am sure there are many retired pros that will help. Let’s focus on 1 event. Pick one, any one. Waco, Murrah Bldg , or 911. With the power to convene a public grand jury, powers to subpoena witnesses, seat a judge and jury, and arrest suspects. National security will not be a defense. There must be ONE county in America with a moral population interested in truth, and closure. One conviction will begin a landslide of change. All other false-flags will fall like dominoes. We need professionals, we need focus. Security will be provided by the light of truth.

  9. Hallerstein or Hellorstein? A character straight from Monty Python’s “…cake or death? …sorry, we’re all out of cake”
    … routine. Very routine stuff. Que no?

  10. Great piece Preston.
    You would think that the building owners would have to be willing participants in an exercise like this Orlando bit. It seems the building was purchased in ’05 for 925k, was last appraised in ’12 for 405k and sits now valued at around 300. That building has been under water since it’s purchase and it could be nothing but the owners might be worth looking at as they would have to be compliant for the theater to work.

    • Helpingmind, I didn’t forget the coverup killing for Boston. I ignored it because it is not relevant to this article. Sorry to burst your bubble but the world’s largest quantum computer is now up and running at the Bluffdale Utah NSA base. And there are others in Deep Underground Military Bases too. A.I. has been used for at least 20 years in the DOD’s unacknowledged special access programs. They are now being used to interact with all cellular communications, all Internet traffic, and can involve high tech morphing, marginal distortions and other psychoactive interferences designed to mitigate the effects of the Internet’s alternative media which broadcast and publish far too much truth (info which the DOD feels poses a threat to them and the KM/EH that control them and sets USG Policy).

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