It’s Time to Put a Stop to German Bashing – Part I


germany-must-perish-front-back-coversI just found verified what I have long suspected – that rampant German-bashing is a meme. According to Wikipedia,

A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures.

So there you have it – German-bashing is contagious, much like a virus. It is a weaponized belief triggering behavior that targets an identifiable minority – those who lost WWII! – and, as the years go by, their offspring for good measure. It has the power to annul an ancient dictum found in the Bible and other holy books: “Thou shalt not bear false witness…”

It is extremely harmful to a subset of society; It can obliterate a people’s very self. Just look at Germany for a resounding object lesson. Have you ever seen a people grovel and cringe disgracefully before the most audacious German- basher to advertise that they agree with the applied abuse and are more than willing to do penance for what the Germans did to the Jews?

Does anybody dare to ask what the Jews did, and still do, to the Germans?

I herewith register my grievance against all German-bashers, friend or foe. I say it’s vulgar, rude, low-brow, unfair, and tasteless to the max. More yet, I know from personal experience that German-bashing hurts! It has all the features of shingles – lying in wait until it can strike with the fire of hell at the sight of a politically incorrect German.


Ernst Zundel’s Story

Ernst Zundel, when he was on trial
Ernst Zundel, when he was on trial

The German dissident, Ernst Zundel, known as an “anti” German-basher extraordinaire world-wide, is someone I know well. Some forty years ago, Ernst Zundel’s youthful spirit, singled out and targeted by notorious German-bashers such as B’nai Brith of Canada, settled on a mission to put a stop to undeserved hostility against his people’s forebears.

He put on his German father’s soldiers’ boots with which he kicked the Wailing Wall three times and pledged, to paraphrase his hero, Thomas Jefferson of Monticello, that “ …I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

That’s Ernst. That was no pussyfooting milquetoast. That was an Aryan speaking. In front of God and Man, he registered his German people’s victimhood and said he would avenge it. And he made good on it. What Ernst has done forensically to stop the German-bashing globally is written in the annals of European history. It cannot ever again be erased.

I joined him decades later – seven years before the New York Towers fell. I did confess to him before I ever met him – and will confess it here and now – that in my youth I, too, was guilty now and then of trendy German bashing. I, too, was once a Holocaust Believer, like every other fool on earth. Do-gooder that I was, I wanted to fit in.

It was incumbent upon me, or so I thought, to do my share of bashing.

It was a reflex on my part, much like a sneeze – I simply couldn’t help it. I thought that it was only right to offer one’s apology as well as ample compensation – for all eternity. I, too, was vulnerable to trigger words that made me feel guilty for unspeakable crimes assumed to have happened to Jews – but even then, I always flinched a bit when I saw others bash my Folk to their own heart’s content.

holohoax-denial“Bless you!”, I’d say, but only to myself. My friend, Elena, taught me that. Or else, “… oh, you poor dear. Poor Holocaust survivor! Obsessing all day long. Please let me pat you on the head to let you know I am politically correct.”

It’s still a bit of a moral dilemma for me to come right out and call a spade a spade. I speak of “globalists” or “neocons” or “banksters” or “internationalists” because I cannot bring myself to call a Jew a Jew. Well, don’t we all? Can you say Nazi? Sure. Why not? Can you say Jew? Please! Ohmygod! Where is the nearest mouse hole?

And this despite the fact that my own father, when I was barely five years old, was exiled to Siberia for being German in the Soviet Union, , and that I never saw him again. As history records, most Soviet kommissars were Jews.

It’s got to stop. We’re dealing with a malicious spirit virus. Just as you can’t eradicate the measles by treating one sore at a time, eradicating German-bashing cannot be done piecemeal by trouncing one Holocaust Survivor’s lie at the time to make room for historical truth.

That’s what Revisionists have done – they thought that science and reason and logic would do it. It didn’t work that way – for once a meme has infested one’s soul, not even Einstein can get a scientific handle on the topic of so-called Jewish genocide at the hand of the racially mischievous Nazis. Does that not tell you something?


The Chameleon of German-bashing

Einstein 2To cure systemic German-bashing has got to be a global effort, and I invite all people of good will to help eradicate the curse upon a decent people. You’re dealing with a very stubborn meme that acts like a chameleon – it’s not perceived as harmful und unfair; it makes you think you need to be politically correct and go out of your way to humor German-bashers. BS to that idea! Sheesh!

Don’t we all know in our era, monuments are built to German-bashers – who are, if you look closely enough, mere asses?

Ernst Zundel spent a lifetime demolishing that noxious meme. When he was young and daring and Canada was still an Anglo-Saxon state where you could speak your mind and not have to look over your shoulder, he was quite popular on talk show radio. In controversial talk shows such as Max Lipson’s programs, he challenged German-bashers by the thousands from coast to coast in Canada. I wish I’d known him then. He would have changed my PC weltbild in a proverbial New York minute!

As the custodian of the Zundel archives, I have unearthed several master tapes where Ernst tackled the hoary topic of Auschwitz and such in the perception of the average Canadian. Those were the halcyon years where you could speak your mind without fear of talking yourself right into prison. How often, on the air, did Ernst ask for German-bashing to be stayed – at least until forensic evidence could clear the atmosphere and settle grievances on both sides?

His counterpart, the fabled Jewish radio host, Max Lipson, was known as the Dean of Talk Radio. Max Lipson and Ernst Zundel, then still the best of friends, talked about Jews a lot, on radio and off. Both knew that Jews controlled the media, including radio, but it was not an issue then because Canada was still an Anglo-Saxon country in its social make-up and mores.

Well, that was then – and now is now. Some claim that, in the later 1960s and early ‘70s when Ernst appeared on the Canadian political scene to run for political office, he was a youthful Donald Trump. That’s stretching it a bit, although I can spot similarities. Both are of German background. Both have the peasant touch. Both shoot from the lip, and both were then, as they are now, savagely victimized by folks who are amazing experts at furious German-bashing.

Unlike The Donald, though, Ernst was no billionaire when he aimed for the highest office. Talk about chutzpah to run against Pierre Trudeau! Ernst even made it to the finalists, although these days that achievement is swept under the rug. Ernst had in his election kitty a grand total of $3,750.- a small fortune in those years, created by his brushes, whereas his globalist opponent leaned on his multicult sponsors who underwrote the Trudeau election campaign to the tune of $375,000.

candidate 4The rest is history.

Here as there, the end-goal of the globalists, of which Trudeau was one illustrious member, was destruction of a way of life that served good people for millennia. In Germany, the guilt cudgel “Auschwitz” has just about finished the job. The Germans now crawl on their bellies and welcome any Hottentot with open arms to partake in what their industrious forebears achieved. Here in America, that last act is playing right now.

Today, Ernst is arguably the best-known dissident in Europe, highly respected by many and equally hated by some. After having been politically kidnapped under cover of the Patriot Act, Ernst spent the next 7 years locked up in six prisons in three countries on two continents – for what? For murder? Racketeering? Money forging? Child molesting? No. For merely fighting German-bashing. The courts of Western countries are in the business of German-bashing, too.

Here’s Orwell, paraphrased: “All dead are equal, but some dead are more equal than others.” You can defame the German dead until the cows come home – but not the Jewish dead!


To be continued:

Part II – Why Turn into a German-bashing Bully on Command?


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Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel

Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist and documentary producer. Currently she works on a wide-screen feature movie (Category: Contemporary Political Drama) called THE EXPATS.

Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her young years - Stalin, Hitler, Peron of Argentina, and Stroessner of Paraguay.

Ingrid is proudly married to one of the world's most politically incorrect human rights activist, Ernst Zundel, kidnapped by America's Zionist-beholden government goons on American soil in 2003 for having spoken Truth to Power about the so-called "Holocaust". She has earned a doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific and been a U.S. citizen since 1973.


  1. Gerard Menuhin
    German version of “Tell the truth – shame the devil” as PDF- File for download
    ht tp://w w pdf

    • Just search for “Adoration of Baal” and compare it to the H. Same signs over and over again.

  2. Right on, Ingrid!! The truth will out, and for the less informed here please tune into Benjamin Freedman on ‘that tube’ – look for the hour plus presentation at a hotel. It’s a rapid and truthful version of the machinations of the tribal traitors to Germany, telling how and why they did WWI and WWII. Avail yourself of the truth, Amerikans, before the Israeli DHS rolls out its plans for you!

  3. Copy of “Germany Must Perish” here” for those unfamiliar with this filthy call for genocide of the German people.

    ihr [dot] org/books/kaufman/perish.shtml

  4. “As history records, most Soviet kommissars were Jews.” – IRZ

    Can someone fund a proper English translation of “200 Years Together”?

    • Even the Israeli English language mainstream press admits as much (thanks to the late Roi Tov for the pointing this article out).

      Add “/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html” to the root ynet news URL or search for “ynet Stalin’s Jews”.

    • Partial mediocre translation here of 200 Years Together:

      thechosenites.files.wordpress [dot] com/2015/10/200-years-together.pdf

    • Actually, I am fluent in German. Although I was born in the Ukraine where my German ancestors had lived for almost 200 years, we always identified with Germany. Our schools and churches were German until the Communists eradicated our way of life in order to create the New World Order.

    • I don’t know the language, but do know Germany was the GEM of innovation, technology, arts, and so much more, others were jealous, determined to either control or destroy it. it was holocausted, then the perpetrators claimed to be the victims! similar was done to Japan with the brutal arial fire bombings, they never tell how they deliberately provoked Japan to start their campaign of genocide against the Japanese, death by fire “holocaust”.

      I was referring to the “ex barrister” here, before he was locked up he wrote about liking girls as long as they were legal age, but his latest about Orlando he suddenly claims to be gay and sympathizes with the victims and their families. he ALWAYS blames Germany, calls them gerries krauts huns etc. anyone who disagrees with his warped world view is automatically “anti-semite”, a false accusation of racism and an ACT of racism of itself. a person would think a “barrister” would comprehend that LIE, but lying is all he ever does!

    • LC, yes sure did, same for couple years ago claiming otherwise. I avoid his disinfo articles and abhor his constant racist slurs against German’s AND his “wannabe clever” accusations of anti-semite racism against all reading commentors disagreeing with his warped (BS!) views, 90% of commentors ARE calling him out as disinfo+brainwashed+racist jackass. VT has policy against comments attacking writers, but not writers attacking readers, as shrimp so often does, which DOES harm VT’s image and credibility a lot IMHO.

  5. Just search for CODE ORANGE! ORlando Shootings DECODED! A Clockwork Ultra-
    ht tps: //youtu .be /w2oKAGmPmY8
    and see the same handwritings all over the world like in germany since 1897

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