The Debate – Crimes against host country, US troops in Japan



by Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   … with Press TV,  Tehran

Passions are high with all ages of Okinawans engaged
Passions are high with all ages of Okinawans engaged

[ Note: We see two tarantulas locked in a struggle here with no end in site. The Japanese government has no interest in really closing the US bases on Okinawa and have veto power over the local protests.

The US conceded to moving the main base away from populated areas but the environmentalists there do not want the natural site chosen used. So the stand off remains.

Some concessions are needed to calm down the passions, but even a partial reduction in the size of the footprint would not stop the demands for the removal of the bases, so the US has seen no point in making further concessions.

Moving any to mainland Japan would certainly create new protest there, with more political heat on the Tokyo government, so it would prefer to firewall the political problem at this point on Okinawa. 

One solution, theoretically could be to build all the various recreation facilities needed for base people, on the bases, to the intermixing would be limited. But I doubt the US would want to set that precedent, making an over seas deployment a virtual prison like setting with very restricted movement. Expect this dispute to go on and onJD]


– First published … Jun 19, 2016

The US operates more than 1000 US bases and military installations in 63 countries in the world. Japan is one of the countries which is practically occupied by American troops.

Okinawa is the prefecture with the highest concentration of American troops and it is also the island that has seen time and again some troops abusing, raping and even killing some of the natives. Tens of thousands of Japanese have gathered to say that they want the Americans out of Okinawa and out of Japan.
Jim W. Dean
Managing Editor, Veterans Today

Michael Lane
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  1. Don’t be such a dumb idiot, VT. Okinawa was not part of Japan in the past, only after Japan started to expand after learning from the west using gunboats to conquer their neighbors. They killed the ruling family and converted the people to “Japanese”. Someone in US military understood this and put occupation force at Okinawa. Also there is an ancient underwater ruin near the islands. Don’t believe in one moment that these protest are real. They are all “mind” controlled.

  2. Japan is already sold out to Illuminati Jewish slavery since the moment the “Imperialists” set in. The Illuminati promote imperialist Japan to the highest level, then betray them with the oil embargo when they are conquering china while all they had to do is to warn Japan that they WILL be embargoed should they invade china, in which the illuminati never will.

    Now they corrupted their culture just like they corrupted the other western countries and would send out a bunch of traitors to follow Illuminati-Jewish-Western slavery like a dog wagging its tail. Abe Shinzo is literally a USA Dog that does not serve Japan, but the Illuminati-Jewish-Western alliance.

    And since the country is cowered to uselessness, when the degenerate US army continues to commit CRIMES against locals, The Abe government will very likely only be licking the feet of their Illuminati masters.

    And the US army is now basically nothing other than a group of thuggish mercenaries that can no longer fight against the real enemies like Russia and China, but instead continue to commit crimes against every place where they are in as they please and will soon collapse suddenly and instantly when the REAL dogs arrive.

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