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deathby Speer-Williams –

In our current reality there is but one overriding game being played: we either expand the connection to our soul family or lose that familiar bond.

Pardon Me Hillary … Could You Be

soulness… or almost soulless?

“Why do you ask?”

“You seem to have little regard for any kind of life but your own.”

Why should you, or I, or anyone else be interested in souls?

Because the essence of a human being is the soul from which all life ascends.

There is a growing belief that after bodily death, the developing souled humans who have learned the many lessons of life particular to earth’s objective reality move onto a higher, more just plane of existence. There, they begin the learning of lessons unique to that higher realm.

I believe one of the lessons that must be learned and practiced on earth before ascension to a higher realm is the optimum working relationship between a human being, a conscience, and their soul family.

Ideally, humans follow the dictates of their consciences, which are the divine communications from their soul family.

If, however, this all-important communication is ignored it will grow fainter until it is only seldom if ever heard.

Any human being who has long ignored their pangs of conscience eventually and essentially become all but soulless,* and is to be called an entity.

*I believe that all creatures retain at least some remnants of a soul, which carry the potential of developing from a mere entity to a human being to a spiritually advanced being to being a soul themselves as part of a family of souls.  Currently, our world is controlled by entities with their tiny-souled minions in high finance, governments, and most societal institutions. The unthinking purpose of these controlling entities is a world with only entities in it – in other words, a soulless world. This, however, will not come to pass.

The earthly death of an entity that has had little or no communication with a soul family, via a conscience, causes a different future. It will likely encounter tomorrows filled with harsh lessons in an elementary, more basic, and fundamental realm without any of the advantages of our current world.

Actually, entities subconsciously know this; they are following a live-forever-on-earth plan they do not yet know is self-defeating.

They are heavily counting on the advances of an ungodly technology they are calling Transhumanism for all their tomorrows on earth.

They foolishly believe they can cheat earthly death for a near eternity.

As a suggested corollary, it might be said that the majority of people who support all the technical and nano- tech advancements and discoveries possible in Transhumanism are all nearly soulless.

Are you a developing souled being, or a tiny-souled entity?

A notable distinction between a developing souled being and an almost non-souled entity is the capacity for the emotion empathy – the divine ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

Empathy does not mean pity.

Pity means viewing the plight or suffering of others from a superior position, untouched by their pain or distress.

Growing-souled beings can empathize with others. Small-souled entities cannot empathize; they can, at best, pity others.

Without enough empathy, our civilization cannot advance and will decline.

The beloved Science Guy, Bill Nye, told his large television audience that empathy is an evolutionary advantage and that it is part of what has helped humans survive all this time. According to Nye, it is not only our bodies that evolve, but also our emotions.

Unlike the small-souls, without any consciences, growing-souled beings have consciences; it is the way their souled families speak to them.

While a soul is eternal, it can go dormant if its messages to a human conscience are ignored for too long.

It is possible that some entities have never had any conscience and therefore have always been soulless.

But most entities are small-souled and are uniformly negative, either passively or actively – the majority being passive.

The obtrusively active ones, who seek power over others, we call psychopaths (or sociopaths), many of whom are attracted to positions in finance, governments, the media, or intelligence agencies. Still others become purveyors of the bizarre concepts of the cultural Marxists as school teachers or they seek college professorships.

These rapacious psychopaths have little or no real cognizance of the phenomenon we know as the human soul.

They innately react hostilely against positiveness. This brings us to what might be one of the most basic equations of life and death:

Growing Soul + Conscience = Life

Small Soul + No Conscience = Death

From the above equations we can draw a simple axiom:

Without developing souls, no cognitive life would exist.

Until one cherishes and preserves life, major aspects of their soul stay dormant.

Without oppositional force, small-souled beings bring about the loss of soul energy to developing souls and the loss of cognitive life in the world.

As always this process starts on a gradient. For example, children begin playing savage video games and watching violent television and movies for thousands of hours.

Then they go into military training and expend thousands of rounds of ammunition. This is often followed by actual combat, where they begin to shut down their consciences by killing human life.

The first killing will bother those with a conscience; but by the fiftieth or hundredth murder, they are no longer troubled … or … they are more troubled than ever.

The severely troubled ones are put on psychotropic drugs, meant to quickly dehumanize them.

And from that fork in the road of life, there are but two choices: quit the drugs and live with a troubling conscience … or … continue the antidepressants until suicide and/or the murder of more people. Is it any wonder that daily an average of twenty-two veterans  take their lives?

The medical field is considered to be a safe haven, but is in reality a field with buried land mines.

Way back on July 26, 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that annually there are 106,000 American deaths from FDA-approved medical drugs and an additional 119,000 deaths per year from terribly error-ridden treatment in hospitals.

Just as tiny-souled rattlesnakes strike at any sort of movement, the small-souled entities strike at life, either overtly or covertly.

The foremost outward sign of a small-souled being is their desire or willingness to torture any form of life.

Beings who would not personally torture another but would support others torturing others are in the process of losing their souls. Today this is happening in America on a mass scale with the US national policy of torturing human life, which began during the Bush II administration and has expanded ever since with Mr. Obama as president.

Our current cast of presidential candidates all uniformly support the torture of human life to some degree or another. The US war on terror is actually a War on Souled Beings.

In this anti-life process many souled beings ignore the constant pangs of their conscience until it shuts down and no longer serves them, thus effectively rendering them with less soul.

In this engineered fashion, all cognitive life dies leaving behind a satanic world, the so-called New World Order.

In the interest of avoiding a guilty conscience, the vast majority of Americans and Europeans try to keep their minds ignorant of the innumerable crimes committed daily by their governments, in their names. The crimes they cannot justify, they try to rationalize away until they are forgotten.

When the US/NATO/Israeli axis of evil burns children alive with their wicked white phosphorus bombs, it’s passed off as just unavoidable collateral damage, then forgotten.

When millions of innocent Arabs are killed, maimed, or made to suffer without food, clean water, electricity, or even homes, it is all justified as sacrifices for the greater good, then forgotten.

Or it’s their fault for not having Western-styled democracy in the first place.

But the greatest prevention of a guilty conscience is ignorance of reality, of the facts of geopolitics. If one does not hunt for the facts, they will not be bothered by them.

Such people purposely maintain their ignorance of how propaganda works. They buy into the lies and disinformation disseminated by the corporately owned media to save themselves much heartache, maybe better termed conscience-ache.

Yes, these are all workable methods, workable at eliminating one’s guilty conscience, but they also reduce or eliminate something else – one’s possession of a working conscience and eventually the absence of some of their eternal soul.

The war against human life is only part of the psychopathic drive to eliminate all life, including those kingdoms of plants and animals.

Nineteen million (plus) gallons of the defoliant known as Agent Orange were sprayed on over four million acres of Vietnam jungles. This was not only salting the earth, it caused untold millions of tumors, cancers, birth defects, psychological problems, mutilations and deaths in Vietnamese and American soldiers and Marines.

And what about the animal and plant life Agent Orange killed, as it was meant to do?

It was a process of the small souls making war not only on Americans and Vietnamese, but on all animals, plant life, and beings with growing souls.

On the 20th of April 2010, the Deep-water Horizon Oil Spill (gusher) occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

The use of the word spill (rather than gusher) was employed by the mainstream media to minimize in the minds of the American people what was perhaps our biggest and worst environmental disaster to date.

The definition of gusher is an oil well from which oil flows profusely without being pumped. And that is what is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.

From a shambles, we can build anew. From death, the matter is in God’s hands.

From this scene of destruction and total waste came death from the Obama administration in the form of a death-dealing neurotoxin they called Corexit.

British Petroleum (BP) executives and federal government regulators did something far worse than just destroying the real estate markets and fishing/tourist industries of the five Gulf states. They set about to demolish all plant, animal, and marine life throughout the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Instead of vacuuming the oil into BP super tankers, to be later processed and sold at profits, the executives of British Petroleum opted for the far more expensive-ruinous route, with never a word of complaint from anyone in Mr. Obama’s presidential administrations.

Using millions of gallons of Corexit, a poison akin to Agent Orange – that they just happened to have on hand – BP went about poisoning the Gulf for eons to come.

Immediately, this release of so much Corexit resulted in a huge   irreversible catastrophe: it caused all floating oil to submerge and to disperse into gigantic plumes, each about ten times more poisonous than crude oil without the Corexit neurotoxin.

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Professor Deborah Blum, Corexit itself is about four times more toxic than Louisiana crude oil. But when Corexit is mixed with the crude oil, the mixture’s deadly toxicity grows exponentially to about ten times the toxicity of Louisiana crude oil alone.

As these monstrously large and lethal plumes can now never be cleaned up, we are left to contend with the Corexit/crude oil mixture as it is blown ashore and wind carries its poisons across our lands.

This appalling environmental disaster continues today with the release of even more Corexit into the Gulf and with literally no press coverage of it at all.

This is but a fraction of the unified (and largely unknown) war by the almost soulless entities upon the developing souls and other forms of life.

Far more deadly than Corexit is any form of ionizing radiation, as has been released 24/7 into the upper atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean since March 11, 2011, by the (likely engineered) Fukushima Diichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster.

Prior to the Fukushima disaster, the nation of Japan enjoyed the lowest incidence of cancer in the world, perhaps due to their usual everyday diet being from the sea – plants and fish. Today, no thanks to the nuclear power industry, Japan is the most radiated nation on earth, with their incidence of cancer being off the charts.

With the Pacific Ocean and its once vast assortment of marine life dead, or dying, the enormous Fukushima Diichi tragedy may well prove to be an end-it-all extermination event for humanity.

It is estimated that the radioactive fallout in the Northern Hemisphere from the destroyed Fukushima reactors is more than what 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs could have generated, with much more coming our way.

The amounts of cesium-137, alone, being continuously released from Japan and circling the globe is well beyond our best calculations.

The scarcely reported Fukushima disaster is a game changer. It is a worldwide, day-to-day, year-to-year, decade-to-decade cataclysm, which may continue for billions of years.

But still, the soulless who rule the world are quietly busy enforcing the development of fifty-five more nuclear power plants to be built around the world, with twelve more such plants in various stages of  construction in Japan – the most seismically active piece of real estate on earth.

This is nothing short of a deadly, covert attack on and against the families of men, animals, and plants.

How many people know nuclear power plants are an extremely costly and dirty way to produce electrical power, when the major media is always telling us exactly the opposite?

The fact is, the 440 nuclear power plants around the world all off-gas exceedingly large amounts of toxic radionuclides, even when they are operating without problems. In these deadly radionuclides are two of the most dangerous known to man: tritium and strontium-90.

Some of the world’s 440 nuclear power plants are over forty years old, some twenty years beyond their planned lifespan.

A much bigger problem is that our American federal government has never found a single safe storage method to protect us from their highly toxic radioactive spent fuel rods. This gross omission ranks as one of the most irresponsible acts of a government that is well known for its irresponsibility.

Currently, 2,000 metric tons of toxic spent nuclear rods are added to our storage problem each year. This is crowding our existing storage tanks and making them less efficient and adding to our already disastrously deadly exposure to them.

Our old planet is suffering from massive and purposely caused governmental and corporate pollution, most of it radioactive in nature.

Our great landmasses are being turned into irradiated deserts, bound by poisonous seas, meant to cause our DNA structures to mutate and regress. I believe that is the main reason for all the continuous atomic testing, the ever on-going building of nuclear power plants, and the use of depleting uranium (DU) in warfare.

DU is a terrible military weapon as it reduces the efficiency of (and eventually kills) one’s own troops.

Worse yet, as it circles the globe, DU attacks the DNA of mankind.

Reliable sources tell us that the US armed forces alone have expended over 1,800 tons of DU in just Iraq and Afghanistan. That is the rough radiation equivalent of over 14,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. This has placed our ground troops and the Arabs and Jews in the Middle East among the walking dead and turned the entire region into a wasteland of radioactivity for about 4.5 billion years.

There is a large and growing mass of valid research data pointing to the decline in the quality of male  sperm in Israel. This evidence was boasted by a study conducted at the Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, which found a fifteen-year decline in the viability of the semen donated by Israeli students.

Sadly, there is no known way to clean up DU.

When you read about soulless wars, know that the writers of such pieces are not simply being poetic; they are being factual, as all wars are started by the small souls against the growing souls and all forms of life.

The American bureaucrats and politicians who support torture, in any fashion, or who condemn or rail against our current Agreement with Iran give themselves away as being among the small-souled entities who want to make war on all souls and life in our world.

Like dark clouds of pernicious viruses these small-souled entities are unable to help themselves as this world is too advanced for them spiritually.  So certainly they should not be leading the United States of America – once a country with far more soul.

The terminal madness of the end times, as coined by Australia’s Dr. Joseph Chiappalone is approaching. Get into communication with your soul family while there is still time to do so. Your conscience is the tool for such communication.


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