Ex-CIA officer to FBI Director: Please investigate, prosecute Orlando false flag!

My book cover design – David Dees says he can do better. We’ll see…

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Robert David Steele is a former CIA Clandestine Services officer with false flag experience. His chapter for my forthcoming edited volume Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories  offers what he calls “probably the only systematic look at sixty-five anomalies associated with what appears to be a false flag event.”

Now Steele has written and mailed a certified cover letter to FBI Director James Comey introducing his book chapter. Steele’s letter pulls no punches:

Do you really want to be in a position where you are covering up a major false flag event or a major mass casualty event if the Israelis hijacked this, putting you into the role of accomplice in this crime against humanity? The USS Liberty is your marker for both what the Israelis are capable of, and of the cost to the US Government and the public of covering up their role in such an atrocity that will inevitably be public knowledge. Whether this was theater or a real mass atrocity, if you tell the truth, now, before the two conventions, you empower the public.

Steele’s reference to possible Israeli complicity has apparently gotten him banned from Alex Jones’ Infowars, which is now tirelessly cranking out Islamophobic propaganda on behalf of the people behind 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London, Mumbai and so on and so forth right up through last years’ attacks in Paris and San Bernardino and the follow-up in Orlando. That’s right – Alex Jones is now, for all practical purposes, part of the same propaganda team that blew up the World Trade Center and murdered three thousand Americans in order to incite a century of Islamophobia whose primary beneficiary is Israel. And he’s very well paid for it, or so I hear.

Robert David Steele, and the 17 other contributors to Orlando False Flag, are NOT controlled opposition. This is the best available false flag analysis, as well as cultural and historical background and deconstructions of the media propaganda.

Will FBI Director Comey decide to do the right thing? Will he find non-compromised investigators and turn them loose to expose and prosecute a big false flag for the first time in American history?

If he did, he might be risking his life. But as Sen. Mike Gravel told me in our recent radio interview, sometimes you just have to do the right thing, live up to your oath of office, and let the chips fall where they may.

Steele's chapter in Orlando False Flag is now available as a stand-alone Kindle e-book
Steele’s chapter in Orlando False Flag is now available as a stand-alone Kindle e-book


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  1. I would expect the same kind of “investigation” that Holder did for “fast-n-furious”,
    aka zip zero nada zilch. just like when the fires got HOT for Donny Rumsfeld, he was removed from position (to get him out of the spotlight working undercover instead) and quietly handed a “presidential pardon”, aka criminal aiding criminal. obummer is part of the same of course, IMHO the only way it will begin to stop is the American People waking up to the WARFARE being waged against them by a District of Criminals, and a foreign owned propaganda machine that dares call itself “news”.

  2. Why wait for the corporate “government” or their agencies (FBI/CIA) to do anything, as they are all corrupted. We need to provide evidence to the US Marshalls, and request an arrest. The people of this country need to do a citizens arrest and start cleaning house at all levels of the fake “government” that is actually a for profit corporation stealing our assets and our labor through over taxation to support their planned wars. The Orlando, Christine Grimmee, and Trump planned assassin, all worked for G4S. I heard G4S is contracted by DHS for security at US nuclear plants, so if anything happens, the DHS was in on it. And who do they work for?

    See Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and you get the story of the US Corporation’s agenda. It is all about control in the hands of the few, while the masses pay with their lives and treasure.

    People need to take back control of our country before it’s too late. The US Corp. is bankrupt. We need to Amerexit form the Federal Reserve system that is destroying our economy. Why are we paying interest to banksters to print money out of thin air? $500B+ per year in interest is insane! We could feed the whole world for this amount! They thrive on theft and war.

  3. Excellent article. Robert Steele has it right and is a stand up man and a Patriotic, Constitutional American. We all need to apply political pressure to our elected officials to get these false-flags fully investigated, exposed and stopped.

  4. That’s what happens when you swear an oath to american dollar instead to american people. CIA are all about the dollar, the currency volatility warriors. FBI are good schoolboys who closely watch Larry Silverstein’s dermatologist appointments and provide other alibis.

  5. TPTB know how to select people who will do as they’re told. The best bet would be having somebody infiltrate one of their terror-theater troupes with recording devices. Heck, maybe somebody in the NSA or wherever could get a wiretap on one of their phones or a phone hack to record and send audio, clandestinely. The next hoax shooting might get a different sort of media coverage… maybe. The problem would be finding somebody who would air it, and that’s the sort of thing that might get you shot by a real bullet from one of their goons.

  6. when placed in front of there eyes if they do nothing they are either in on it or compromised and if so say so then step aside or stand down because truth is ablazing ahead whether they like it or not and they cant stop it….they can either join the lowlife of the world or they can stand up and make their mark and do whats right for a change….and find they may like themselves better for it

  7. I like the short YT clip when a caller mentions 9/11 and the nukes. Alex replies that he joined a body and got the radioactive isotope readings and YES it was a mini nuke job. But then goes on to say “I don’t go there because people don’t get Davy Crockett’s and mini nukes n stuff”. Having said that he has been at his best on BREXIT where there is no alternative media person with his preacher skills who can speak to a mass audience.

  8. Looks like it was mixed with real people and actors, shooter him self was an actor, it seems he was told it will be training in some kind,and people will fake dying as a part of action, in the same time this idiot didn’t realize he was shooting real bullets,then the SWAT took him down,that’s how training ended for him!

  9. There was no ONE shooter!!! Not a doubt. The false flag fix, was inplace before a shot was fired!! It’s got to come out in the wash!!

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