Far-right violence rising sharply in Germany

Pegida march in Cologne
Pegida march in Cologne
Pegida march in Cologne

The rise of the far right in Germany is not a natural social or cultural evolution; rather, it has been engineered, created in order to destabilise Germany. Neither is it an isolated phenomena; similar far right movements are on the rise all across Europe. None of them are natural, they are all artificially created, it is social engineering of a most nefarious character and on a massive scale. 

If we look to the East we see three examples of this socially engineering in progress; Poland, Latvia and Ukraine are all in the thrall of far-right governments that include elements that can best be described as neo-Nazis – white supremacist skinhead types who have a disturbing affection for long dead Nazi war criminals. This is most clearly seen in Ukraine where the illegal Kiev junta was placed in power by the violence of Maidan, violence that was carried out by the thugs of the far right groups such as Pravy Sektor and Svoboda who had been specially trained in Poland. Their Nazi sympathies were plain to see as they emblazoned Nazi and white supremacist symbology on their flags and shields.

Neo-Nazi symbology on the Maidan – the cross is a white supremacist symbol as are the numbers 14 and 88, 14 refers to the words of neo-Nazi David Lane: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children; 88 refers to Heil Hitler – H being the 8th letter of the alphabet

Poland, Latvia and Ukraine have been the first to undergo this far right transformation for two main reasons; primarily it is their location on the borders of Russia – thus upsetting the Russians, secondly it is their poor economic and social conditions – always ripe breeding conditions for extremism.

However, there is also a third reason – they serve as test cases, trial runs for a process which is intended to be repeated many times across Europe.

The plan is to repeat Maidan complete with violence and regime change again and again in the capitals of Europe.

This really speaks for itself, and still Ukrainians insist there are no Nazis in their country…
Ukrainian Nazis march in Lvov. Note the SS Totenkopf T-shirts. The Ukrainian far right it strongest in the Western region centred around Lvov.

Far-right violence rising sharply in Germany

In its annual report, Germany’s domestic intelligence service (BfV) showed a 42 percent increase in violent acts by extremists associated with the far-right in 2015, describing attacks against journalists, politicians and refugees.

The report shows a recorded 1,408 violent crimes, compared to 990 such crimes in 2014.

During the same period, seventy-five arson attacks against refugee centers were recorded, up from just five a year earlier.

The report revealed the first full year data to be released since Germany saw the arrival of around 1.2 million migrants, which has led to a growing anti-foreigner sentiment.

It said the violent acts against immigrants did not generally appear to be systematically orchestrated, though many of the arson attacks did bear signs of careful planning and preparation.

Germany is home to an estimated 11,800 violent far-right extremists, the report added.

Fears of right-wing terror

“Current investigations against the suspected development of terrorist groups point to the possible emergence of right-wing terrorist structures in Germany and the need for the government to take rigorous action,” the interior ministry said in a statement along with the report.

Support for extreme left and right groups is growing

Intelligence officials also highlighted the role of social networks in “agitation and radicalization,” adding that uninhibited hate speech dehumanises minorities and fuels real-world violent crime.

At the same time, acts of violence by members of far-left groups also rose sharply, to 1608 offences from 995 the previous year. The report said those attacks often targeted far-right activists or police.

The intelligence service also pointed to the rising threat posed by Islamist, estimating their number at about 10,000. The report said it assumed that some jihadists and war criminals had entered the country with the massive refugee influx.

Other potential threats were posed by “self-radicalised” individuals, jihadist fighters traveling to and from Syria and Iraq, and possible sleeper cells from militant groups, it said.

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  1. Can this be after the CIA raised the CDU to power during the 1950s, and continued to do so for much of the past 60 years?

    Am not saying it is not happening, it is just a shock to hear for the first time.

  2. This article is pure propaganda. Why showing 3 photos of neo Banderas in Ukraine and only one from the Pegida movement to give an impression for what is going on in Germany?

    Everybody knows that the neo Banderas are on the payroll of Cia, Vicky Nuland, John Mc. Cain and co. This are mercenaries of the Cia/Gladio to destabilize Russia….it has just nothing to do with the Nationalsozialist Movement or German right wing extremists…even when some of them have Swastika tatoos.

    On a remarkable day in early 2016 when the Saudi coalition bombed a market in Yemen with tens of dead people the German state propaganda tv ZDF had the headline with broken glasses in a refugee home. Of course they did not catch the guys who did it…but in the same line they came up with a statistic and old pictures ….just like it is used here on this article.

    It is almost shocking to read such a cheap propaganda here.

    Most of this “right extremist” attacks are under false flag. For a handful dollars many Antifa members or “Syrian” refugee are willing to burn something down and paint a swastika on the wall.

    Instead of painting fairy tales…..” far right violence rising sharply” ..it would be better to study the flow of money who supports and demands such false flag attacks….and how the German government and the media are involved in the demonisation of their political opponents by such false flag attacks.

    • I’m afraid you have got the wrong end of the stick completely. Yes, the Ukrainian far right have been financed by the Zionists, represented by Nuland/Nudelmann, they were trained in Poland, as I mentioned in the article.

      The same thing is happening in Germany – far-right and white supremacist types are being recruited and organised in the same fashion as they were in Ukraine.

      So you are wrong, the ‘rise of the far right’ in Germany is precisely a repeat of what happened in Ukraine and the same people are behind it.

      As I said in the article, the goal is to repeat what happened in Ukraine – a repeat of Maidan. The symptoms are clear – the violence against immigrants mirrors the early days of violence against Russian speakers in Ukraine.

      Please don’t call things propaganda because you haven’t properly understood the point being made – you really are on the same page as I am but hadn’t realised it.

    • The German government and their zio media tryed hard to demonise the Pegida movement and the AFD (Alternative for Germany) as an extremist right mob.
      You are going even further and compare it with the Ukrainian maidan. You are repeating the mainstream nonsense. In fact the Pegida and AFD politicians are attacked by a left mob and the AntiFaschist (Antifa) from which you have not even heard about as you mentioned on another comment. The only violence we see here is when the German media organizes counter demonstration against any right group activity …..ignoring the right to demonstrate.
      Nazis and Semites have one thing in common….they only exist in Hollywood history.

  3. And what about the far-left-violence by “Antifa” ? They are the most dangerous people now in germany, paid by Merkel and Co. with taxpayer´s money. The new SA.

    • BTW this is just a new way to demonize germany again and make it culprit in a coming WW 3 scenario

    • I’m not very familiar with Antifa, but how can they be the ‘new SA’ if they are far-left wing? The original SA were extreme right-wing and mostly deviant and pederastic homosexuals and perverts, especially the senior leadership under Ernst Rohm. I take it you compare them to the SA because they are a group intended to fight the opposition on the streets, which would make them broadly similar in that regard to the SA, but there were dozens of other similar fighting groups in the Weimar years, every political party had their own fighting group.

    • Yes, Rohm was a very good military administrator and organiser and had built up the SA into a highly organised army. The fact he was a pederastic and aggressive homosexual and selected other homosexuals to fill the senior ranks doesn’t really affect the fact that the SA was an army built by Rohm, in fact Rohm held dreams of the SA replacing the legitimate Heer as the German national army.

  4. I’ve studied the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to quite some extent; my understanding is that it was a Zionist revolution and that Bolshevism and Marxism are simply distillations of Talmudic thought into political forms. A comparison of the Protocols of Zion and the Communist manifesto reveals the very strong similarities and that both are clearly the work of minds deeply schooled in Talmudic thought.

  5. Far Right groups are in the same league as Zionists. To discredit the truth movement out there. By the way these people treat Donald Trump as the next savior and denies Hitler’s Jewish/Khazarian/Rothschild roots we can see what these people actually are.

    • I haven’t seen any good sources make the claim and be able to support it. It’s one of those things that we just will never know the truth about I think. Same as we will never know the truth about what Hitler was upto in Vienna prior to WW1 because the Viennese police records did not survive the Anschluss and WW2.

  6. Another great article Ian. I think some readers are missing the main point here. Yes, there are hordes of migrants being brought to destabilize the EU, a certain percentage of them being criminal and committing crimes, as some in the alternative media tirelessly focus on. But at the same time this process has caused a far right (and I would agree heavily zio-inspired) backlash movement, much like in Ukraine. While there may be well-meaning followers of these groups (pegida,etc) who simply want control of their country back, the leadership and overall direction of these groups is counter-productive, i.e. it is designed to pave the way for right wing fascism rather than promoting a true awakening and revolution. Of course there is left wing backlash too, and Ian points that extreme leftist crimes are also rising. That’s the goal, to stand outside the dialectic schemes and see the dynamic (right wing, left wing, migrant, etc) being played against us.

    • Thanks for the kind words, I am in agreement with you on the agenda and goals at work here. However, it is my fault that some people missed the point – I should have made it better! It’s such a large and complex topic that I could write a lot about it, but in this piece, I was just going for a short, brief piece that touched on the key points, the rationale being that I think it preferable that people do their own research into history and the lies of history rather than just listening to what I have to say. If people truly are interested in the politics of the 1920s and 30s, especially between Germany and the USSR, then there is a good deal of material available to study, and I encourage people to do so as I see the current situation as having a great many parallels to those earlier times and if we learn from history’s mistakes, we might handle issues better this time around.

  7. Ian: People that do not accept your arguments do not deserve to be called obtuse. Nearly all comments and responses disagree with your Hollywood-like WWII narrative. In a previous article you included a today fashioned smearing of Hitler as being financed by US-UK bankers and US corporations.
    Under the light of logics and common sense it cannot be explained how could American big business would have brought 1933-1936 into an exemplary state of welfare and simultaneously keep US under into deepest depression and general unemployment. By the same token, how could have Hitler being the forerunner of Israel and simultaneously, World Jewish Congress having declare war on Germany in 1933.
    Only objective reading of both side sources can provide a well founded opinion, as you begin with a wrong premises your conclusions cannot be much more than current MSM brainwashing headlines.

    • Hi Roger
      I couldn’t work out what the question or rather, the argument being presented was, so couldn’t give a considered response, that’s what I meant by obtuse and I was inviting the poster to clarify so that I could then try to explain myself in a better fashion.
      Hitler was indeed financed by the international Zionist bankers, the key figures in Germany were Hjalmar Schacht and Franz Thyssen. The reason for the creation of Hitler and Nazi Germany was to oppose Stalin. A generation earlier in 1917 the Zionist bankers had financed Lenin, Trotsky and th Bolsheviks in their takeover of Russia; However, Lenin died, Trotsky got sick and Stalin seized the moment to take power for himself. Stalin was a nationalist who put the Soviet Union’s interests ahead of the Zionist interests, hence he had to be demonised and destroyed. Stalin purged and killed the leading Jewish Zionists in the Bolshevik movement – men like Yezhov and of course, Trotsky himself, thus Stalin’s Soviet Union was not under Zionist control, although Stalin wisely did not go too far; unlike others who were deposed, he scrupulously avoided meddling with the money and banking systems.
      Hitler and the Nazis were created to oppose Stalin, the finance coming from Wall St via Schacht and Thyssen. However, Hitler was playing a deceptive game and as soon as Zionist finance had placed him in power in early 1933, he turned on them and implemented the financial reforms that you refer to which transformed Germany in a few short years.
      So now you have not one rogue powerful dictatorship to deal with but two, so the logical thing to do is to get them to go to war against each other and hopefully destroy each other, which is what happened in the end.

  8. You missed the point entirely. The introduction of masses of immigrants is part of the mechanism by which the far right has been stimulated. In Ukraine they did it by promoting fear and loathing of Russians, in Germany, it is fear and loathing of Moslem immigrants and Islam as a whole. Whichever bogeyman they chose, it is the same social engineering process, it is a process that has been repeated many times.

  9. Do not let them fool you!
    Do a little bit of research about the “NSU” (several murders of mostly Turkish self employed men over a period of more than 5 years) affair and how the services provided several NSU-murderers with the weaponry and set these same people up in framing them with additional murders. In the end, they were suicided like so many of their assets are getting lost one way or the other.
    The German servides are absolutely not trustworthy as sources of information!
    I wonder why you propagate their propaganda – what is in it for you?
    Every informed German citizen knows exactly what I am writing about. Should your other “intel” be as trustworthy as this one???
    I wonder….

    • You will have to be less obtuse and actually state your case if you want me to give you a reply as I simply can’t read your mind to know what you are inferring.

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