Exclusive: American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria


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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Update/Exclusive: The downed Syrian pilot is identified as Noras Hassan. He has been captured and executed by the Islam Army. Efforts to secure his release though Saudi Arabia were unsuccessful.

Two news stories today, least of which is the downing of a Syrian SU 22 by the al Islam Army, a Saudi Arabian paid force armed with American Stinger type missiles and Russian SAM 7s. Another Syrian jet was downed in Idlib ten days ago.

The second story is an American disaster, one being kept secret, a botched operation at the Iraqi/Syrian border that represents the kind of intelligence failure easily predicted when allies like Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, who all took part in the planning, are deeply invested in an American failure. We begin.

A combined US, British airborne special operation in remote Eastern Syria, at the confluence of the Euphrates River and the border with Iraq, went very wrong and will not be reported. American and British “technicians” were captured, along with Jordanian advisors and 20 survivors of the US-trained New Syrian Army, which was virtually wiped out during the botched operation.

A unit of the US-trained New Syrian Army was wiped out in an attack on an ISIS-controlled agricultural airstrip at al Bukamal, a short distance from the Iraqi border and the city of al Qa’im.

Our sources at the scene describe the operation, which began with a two-day long, 200-plus mile convoy that moved up from the CIA training center at the Syrian-Jordanian border north to attack ISIS. They were joined by American and British special operations advisors, US Army Special Forces and British SAS, who parachuted in just before the attack.

The attack, at dawn June 30, began with the New Syrian Army seizing the small airport at Bukamal, an agricultural airstrip converted to an ISIS underground command center. This was followed by an American bombing attack across a number of “targets” in the area. Then the Americans dropped leaflets advising locals to leave the area. ISIS did not leave, not hardly, they were waiting.

Before the New Syrian Army and their American, British and Jordanian advisors could consolidate, up to 400 ISIS fighters came out of tunnels that stretch all the way across the border to al Qa’im in Iraq and quickly mopped up the entire group taking as many prisoners as possible.

Along with the prisoners, ISIS seized the entire convoy of vehicles, along with radios and weapons. A deep suspicion is now being accepted at the Pentagon, that ISIS has been trained by US and British advisors, rumored to be with L3 Corporation, Dyncorp and others, over not weeks but years, under the guise of putting together a special operations combined force to protect the Gulf States. American trainers were paid $350k per year to train a force seen only twice, once during the Benghazi attack and now, as the core cadres of ISIS.

There should be no surprise at the things ISIS accomplishes, considering their best were trained to US Army Special Forces standards, with tens of millions spent. As to who was politically behind this is another story. None of the funding was American, not officially anyway. VT knows those who worked on the project, and we were not told, but had so much money thrown at us that we couldn’t easily refuse.

Since the first outing for ISIS was the Benghazi attack, with clear overtones of a combined CIA op in coordination, and our sources here are impeccable, with traitorous right wing pro-Israeli American billionaires, we can now clearly see the treasonous role the CIA is playing in Syria and Iraq and better understand the current “waffling” of Erdogan and his strong desire to get as far away from this as he can.

There is a total information crackdown on this debacle, a major American failure and a huge failure for President Obama. Everyone with information about this has been taken into custody or silenced, this is that serious.



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  1. If this military debacle ensued on June 30th, is it safe to say that most of the following domestic terrorist incidents, and the failed coup in Turkey, were designed to deflect attention away from this? Or is Soros unleashing everything like a fireworks finale?

  2. Where are the parades and propaganda videos? Dragging thru the streets etc. Good vs evil in real time, sling shots vs rifles ……..amazing stuff.


  3. If the Russians decide to put the details of this out into the mainstream news and media for millions to read, it would cause a ton of controversy for the US political scene. Hopefully they will do it, it is about time the world really know the truth on what is currently happening with the US helping ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

    Excellent information, thank you very much for sharing this with us !

  4. One has to wonder. if this cock up triggered the recent US proposal offering a new level of “cooperation” with the Russians in the war against (US supported) ISIS? The Russians must be amused: the snake has bitten its master.

  5. Color me skeptical, but the question I have is whether or not the advisors are now with their planned assignment. It seemed like the missiles have reached their final destination and are now taking down Syriain planes, and why shouldn’t we expect that the “advisors” have reached their destination? Years ago, I used to hear stories that the chain of command was like a plate of spaghetti – you never knew who was connected where. The fact that there is a lockdown on information means that things are being covered up, just as they would be if we were sending advisors to ISIS, whom we have always pretend to be fighting. I expect that the possibility will be explored, but not by people with high enough clearance. Just more shadow wars conducted by criminals.

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