Russian-Made Sunflower Radar is Capable of Detecting F-35 Jets



The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is the most advanced aircraft in the Pentagon’s arsenal, but Russia’s powerful over-the-horizon Podsolnukh (Sunflower) radar is capable of detecting and tracking the stealth fifth-generation plane or any other fighter jet that was designed to avoid detection, Svobodnaya Pressa reported.

The Podsolnukh short-range over-the-horizon surface-wave radar is developed by Moscow-based OJSC NPK NIIDAR. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to deploy several of these systems in the Arctic, as well as on Russia’s southern and western borders.The radar is capable of detecting sea surface and air objects at a maximum distance of 500 kilometers (over 310 miles) at different altitudes in line of sight and over the horizon. The Podsolnukh “can simultaneously detect, track and classify up top 300 sea and 100 aerial targets in an automatic mode,” the Global Security website detailed.

There is an additional advantage that this type of radars brings to the table. “Short-wave stations see stealth fighter jets as clearly as WWII-era aircraft,” Svobodnaya Pressa observed, referring to cutting-edge planes that have been created to avoid detection by radars or sonars, like the F-35.

The Podsolnukh has more to offer. The system could be put online in ten days and needs a team of just three people to stay operational, the media outlet explained. It does not need much power, it is easy to operate and it does not have much equipment. The radar stations have to be placed 370 kilometers apart to receive complete coverage.Sea- and shore-based OTHR systems are becoming increasingly popular in coastal nations, who want to protect their exclusive economic zones from piracy, smuggling and illegal fishing. They also have military application. The radars could are capable of issuing alerts in case of an invasion or subversive activity.

Three Podsolnukh stations are operational in Russia at the moment. They are located in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan and the Caspian Sea.

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  1. Totally agree.
    It is starting to seem to me that the F-35 program is a deliberate ongoing failure intended by the Pentagon to be used as an excuse in an endless method to continue syphoning tax-payers dollars into the military budget, but in particular, black budget military programs, and black budget intelligence programs.
    If we look at the extreme illegal activity that the US is doing in Syria and Iraq by training, arming, funding and supplying both ISIS militia groups and so called ‘moderate rebels’, there is a massive amount of money required to keep the US backed long term destabilization plan well into the future. Also, the CIA and its affiliates such as Mossad require a lot of off the books funding to keep their double agents in the field recruiting and fighting with ISIS

  2. Sounds a lot cheaper than tracking them from their wake vortexes.

    Nothing is stealth anymore if the adversary spends enough money, though the defense contractors certainly don’t care if their multi billion dollar Spruce Gooses get detected and shot down,

    “There’s gold in them thar hills”

    • That is why the Blackbird based interceptors were aborted.

      Why would they want to build a plane that can bug out at more than mach 3 ?.

      There is not as much money to be made !.

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