BREAKING: ISIS To Attack America On 4th Of July



With the major American holiday being celebrated today, you can expect to see terrorist threats from radical Islamists, according to Rita Katz and her SITE group.

Don’t forget that it was Katz that brought us all those videos of IS headchoppers that were utterly fraudulent, complete fakes, propaganda designed to introduce a new, terrifying bogey man to the US public and scare them into backing the proxy war in Syria and Iraq against ‘Islamic State’.

Therefore, we can only conclude that this ‘prediction’ is yet more Zionist claptrap and should any attack(s) occur, it is likely they are just more false flags designed to further demonise Islam.

According to the Daily Mail, an ISIS-linked Twitter account is warning attacks may occur on Independence Day weekend:

A pro-ISIS twitter account has threatened attacks at London Heathrow, LAX and New York’s JFK airports over the July 4 holiday weekend.

The account said that attacks would be carried out on planes ‘flying from Heathrow [Airport] to the US’ and warned that ‘there will be a device placed in either Heathrow, LAX or JFK airports.’

The threat was revealed by SITE Intelligence Group – the world’s leading non-governmental counterterrorism organization – on its website.

The group is directed by founder Rita Katz, who has tracked and analyzed global terrorism and jihadi networks for nearly two decades.

She is well-recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable experts in the field and has received special recognition from FBI Director Robert Mueller for her ‘outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with its investigative efforts.’

This comes as authorities in the US brace themselves for a weekend of traffic chaos as it was revealed that up to 43 million people will be travelling across the country for Fourth of July weekend.

Huge firework displays will take place across the nation, as well as concerts and family fun days.

On Thursday, the FBI said there are no specific or credible security threats against the United States known to law enforcement heading into the Fourth of July weekend.

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  1. Excellent point about Arabian horses.

    All thoroughbred race horses in the world today are descended from a single English mare and two Arabian stallions imported to England from Arabia, therefore there would be no race horses as we know them today without the Arabs.

  2. Excellent points. Might I also add, one has only to look at the top of one’s keyboard at the Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3 etc. We had only Roman numerals I, II, III etc before the Arabs.

    The Arabian contributions to astronomy, medicine, science and mathematics are huge, when Europe was a war torn mess of petty kingdoms, experiencing what some call the ‘Dark Ages’ Arabian culture was flourishing, they had cities with miles upon miles of street lighting when London and Berlin were little more than muddy villages.

  3. Rita Katz? Must be related to Katz and Jammer kids, cartoon like as she is. As I understand it, the criminal act of assault occurs when 1 or more persons threaten another to a point where the “another person” is in fear of bodily harm. Certainly this beatch Katz is guilty of assault. The Zionist must have a factory nearby which turns out souless shills 24-7. San Quentin has a real gas chamber. Send rotten krotch Katz there. Add some substance to their cries.

  4. I was going to delete your comment for being crass, stupid racism, but I’ll leave it for everyone to see just what kind of loathsome latent racism still exists in ‘the white man’. Anyone who can make a statement such as “Arabian and Turkish tribes were and are of no cultural value.” is so hopelessly ignorant and/or prejudiced that they should be pilloried by all rational people for spouting vile, racist nonsense. I suggest you educate yourself on the subject before making further disgusting outbursts.

  5. might as well have said “DC to attack” being ISIS is their sponsored creation to start with.
    same created “al qaeda” they blamed for 911 to kick off their PNAC wet dreams, that has now killed millions. they do anything they want with “ape hack” rigging the “elections” and every one of the selected swearing oath to izrahell. izrahell secret intelligence service, isn’t that what ISIS stands for? so many caught in Syria commanding military mercenaries, DC and izrahell are who did 911, big media coverup psyop said “look over there!” reading between the lies should we thank them for the warning or charge them with “terrorism”?

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