World War 3 – Who is Who in the Zoo



by Katherine Frisk

Many years ago when Obama first became president, he was sold to the world as the Mandela of the Northern Hemisphere.


Soon after he was elected, a representative from the American embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, came on a local news station and proudly declared that Obama was “the ruler of the world!”

I thought, “Say what?” And did a double take. This was no Mandela. As internationally popular as Mandela was, he did not believe in anyone being a “ruler of the world.” A concept foreign to Africans which is not in keeping with the Elders and Ubuntu. (I am an African. I happen to come from a white tribe of Africa… ok? I am not European in my thinking, my attitude or my values.)

Jesus thought much the same way as Mandela when he turned the devil down in the wilderness after being offered all the kingdoms of the world. So what was this?

I stumbled on a man called Brzezinski, who was largely responsible for making Obama president the first time around and again in 2012. I knew very little about him. South Africa had their own problems from 1960- 2008 and very little outside our sphere of influence was relevant to me at the time… for a break down on that story see: There is only One Game and You Do Not Know how to Play It.

Brzezinski, so I learnt, is Polish and comes from a small town in what was Poland, but is now Ukraine. He comes from what they call the Black Nobility of Europe. These royal families were the backbone of the Holy Roman Empire and they are joined by the hip to the Vatican. Many of them have become popes and cardinals.

For over 1,000 years they have used the Vatican as a front to own property and have written papal bulls that state that the pope owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls. One thousand years after he died, Jesus was not around to put them straight on this issue or that the pope does not represent him.

When they dedicate any country to the Virgin Mary, what they are really doing is using a papal bull or trust that entitles the Vatican to own all the land of that country. They have also used the Vatican bank for money laundering… think Mafia here. Many of them belong to what is called the Illuminati P2 lodge. That is the background of Brzezinski.

Keeping Mr. BZ in mind here are the main players.


Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski

1. Napoleon, WW1, WW2 , WW3 is all about the subjugation of Russia. Why? In order to dedicate Russia to the Virgin Mary so that the black nobility and the Vatican can put all the land into the trust of the papal bulls giving them ownership and control over Russia’s massive land mass and abundant resources.

For 1,000 years, Russia has refused to join the Roman Catholic Church. They are Orthodox Christians and protectors of the original Apostolic Christian church in Constantinople, now Istanbul controlled by the Turks. Since Putin took over in 1999 and threw out the Rothschild and Rockefeller bankers, as well as putting out an arrest warrant for George Soros, he has restored and rebuilt many of the churches and has brought back religious education in all the schools.

What he is doing as this story unravels and as will become clear, is setting in motion the “Third Way Plan,” that the Tzar of Russia intended to implement exactly 100 years ago, before the Communist Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. This plan would have boosted their economy with industrialization turning it into a major global competitor. Instead, the Bolsheviks decimated the middle class, abolished private property ownership and private business enterprise, put all the top intellectuals and leaders of their time into gulags and got rid of the best generals in the military.

When Hitler finally invaded, Stalin had already prepared the ground for a broken, demoralized, Russian citizenry. But as history turned out, not quite as broken as the funders of WW2 expected. From the Battle of Stalingrad onwards, the Russians turned the whole situation around and did their own blitzkrieg from Moscow to Berlin. For an insight into the over 30 million Russians who died and the Holocaust as seen from a Russian perspective see: Alla Pierce – Rewriting History about WWII.


CIA_Mossad_ISIS_35_ISIS-300x2312. This is the Tripartite Alliance.

a) Zionists – these are not real Torah Jews. Torah Jews do not read the Babylonian Talmud like the Zionist Jews do. The Talmud is a biblical commentary written by Jews who lived in Babylon from approx 300 A.D – 700 A.D. In many instances it contradicts the Old Testament and the Palestinian Talmud which pre-dates it from as as early Christian times.

I read somewhere recently, cannot find the link now, Roald Dahl, author of “The Big Friendly Giant” BFG, a fighter pilot in the RAF in WW2 after the war as speaking to a Jewish Holocaust survivor who tried to explain to him that the enemy of a “Jew” is a “Jew.” The large majority of Zionists living in Palestine today, come from eastern Europe, Ukraine and Georgia and intermarried with the Khazars who converted to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, as opposed to obeying the Covenant and the Torah.

Their objective is to create a Rothschild-funded Greater Zionist State, extending from the Nile River as far down as Luxor, to control the Suez canal, to take over Lebanon and then annex Syria and Northern Iraq up to the Euphrates river.

In my religious prototype, they fall into the category of Caiaphas, the high priest of the temple in the time of Jesus and the Levite Sadducee priesthood. The persecution of the Hebrews and the Samaritans in the 1st century A.D. is seen today in the persecution and what amounts to the genocide of the Palestinians, who are the descendants of the northern tribes of Israel, the Christian converts and the later Muslim converts.

The money lenders who broke the Covenant and installed a monarchy, practised usury and a debt based monetary system is the equivalent today of Goldman Sachs (who rules the world and is a financial advisor to the pope,) the central bankers and the Orthodox Zionists who want to rebuild the Babylonian prototype temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 A.D.

This is not what we believe to be “Solomon’s temple.” There is, to date, no evidence of the so-called first temple having been built in Jerusalem and it appears that these stories found in the Bible along with many others, have been plagiarised from Egyptian, Mitanni or possibly even Lebanese texts and history from as early as 5 – 600 hundred years before the minor chieftain David ruled Judea. The Amarna letters between Akhenaton and the Mitanni kings have shed more light on this period in time and hopefully in the near future the true location of this temple and the real identity of Solomon can be established. Amenhotep III is a very possible contender.


Vatican-cityb) The Vatican hierarchy – a pyramid structure with the pope on top is an Illuminati Corporate Fascist structure supported by the Black nobility of Europe and the Cabal families in the Americas like Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton, Buffet etc controlled by the Council On Foreign Relations.

The Zionist Khazar Jewish bankers have always supported them. The Del Banco family of Venice funded the Vatican mercenaries to sack the Haggia Sophia in Constantinople in the 13th century A.D. and have been funding their “religious wars” ever since. Going right back to the 1st century A.D. they were aligned with the Roman tax collectors and the money lenders of the temple. They have a long history together. It is no coincidence that the Protocols of Zion have been plagiarised from the Jesuit oath and are a similar prototype.

Their objective is to restore the Holy Roman Empire which will incorporate north and south America, the whole of Europe and Russia. In my religious prototype they fall into the category of Pontius Pilate, the Roman procurator during the time of Jesus. Today represented by the Caesar Pope and his “Blackwater” private mercenary CIA armies. In the last 1,000 years the Roman Catholic Inquisition, which has still not been disbanded, has terrorized people across Europe and has extended its reach into the Americas through Georgetown University, the Jesuits and Opus Dei.

They are opposed to the Orthodox Russian, Greek, Slavs of the Balkans, Armenian, Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian and Ethiopian Christians who are Apostolic with a structure based on the disciples and do not believe the pope is Christ’s representative on earth. Neither do the British. As Elizabeth 1 once told the pope, the British Isles, including Ireland, Wales and Scotland, were Christian long before Rome and they are not subject to the pope’s authority. As were all the early Christians of the 1st and 2nd century in Armenia, Galatia, the Rhineland, Aquitaine and Gaul. All were apostolic based and saw James the Righteous as the first Bishop of the early church. The Cathars, the Huguenots and the Protestant Reformation was a resurgence of these groups.


Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan (Bandar Bush) meeting with former US President George Bush
Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan (Bandar Bush) meeting with former US President George Bush

c) The Wahhabi Sunni Muslim Brotherhood – is in bed with the Zionists and the Vatican CIA Nazis (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Turkey) Known under their various prolific names, Daesh, al Nusra, al Qaeda, ISIS etc. All of them have a vested interest in “ISIS.”

Their objective is to create a Sunni Caliphate under Sharia law that incorporates the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, all the Stans, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt ( those areas not under control of the Zionists) and Africa reaching as far down south as the Congo. In my religious prototype they fall into the category of the Edomite Arab Herodian kings who married into the Levite Sadducee priesthood and today are represented by the Saudi Royals, who were incidentally, founded by a Khazar Jew from Turkey.

They are opposed to the Shiite Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian and Iraq Muslims who believe in the direct descendant of Muhammad called the Mahdi, who will join with Jesus in the last days and fight the anti – Christ. The Shiite are proponents of Surah ii 140 and 113:

“Do ye know best, or doth Allah? … Allah will judge between them on the day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differ…”

In predominantly Shiite Islamic countries there is far more tolerance for Jews, Christians, Muslims be they Sunni, Shiite or Druze and Yezidis amongst others. This is very different to a country like Saudi Arabia that has a proclivity for chopping of the heads of those who do not have a Wahhabi mind-set or even crucifying them.

In all three of these models we have the opposing forces of good and evil. Religion and politics are more intricately interwoven than we would like to admit.

On the one hand, self empowerment, self governance, freedom, Nation State sovereignty, social, religious and racial equality and tolerance in alignment with Genesis 1.

On the other we have an autocratic dictatorship, slavery, intolerance, social inequality and religious and racial hatred. The Orthodox Zionists, the Roman Catholics and the Wahhabi are all misogynists and share a hatred of women. All three impose strict dress codes and social rules of separation. This in alignment with Genesis 2.

You have a choice. The decision is up to you. However when reading the end of Revelation, the Omega to the Alpha, keep in mind that as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. And the beginning is Genesis 1, not Genesis 2.

The great Judge will Judge the nations, not the autonomous regions of a Zionist State, a Roman Empire or a Sunni Caliphate, or how well the TPP and the TTIP human enslavement agreements worked out, a corporate fascist system that deprives people of Nation State Sovereignty, enfranchisement and due process under the law. As Martin Shultz of the EU recently proclaimed following the Brexit referendum:

“It is Not the EU Philosophy that the Crowd can Decide its Fate.”

In Revelation you are invited to a wedding between the Bridegroom and the Bride. I doubt very much if the Bride or the women attending will be dressed up in tents and will only be allowed to eat the leftovers in a kitchen in a back room somewhere separated from their families.

The El and the Ohim will stand united as they always have been, and we are made in their image. If you have any more doubts about that, read Proverbs 8.


stalingrad_dead_germans_ww2_second_world_war_amazing_pictures_images_photos_soldiers_0013. WW2.

The Nazis in Germany were funded by the Americans, Rockefeller, J P Morgan, Ford, Bush, Allen Dulles, AIG, General Electric and a number of others. Jacob Shiff at the Federal Reserve also funded the Japanese to go to war with Russia and China and steal all their gold. Which they did. The US only joined the war for two reasons. To get the gold away from the Japanese before they lost the war to Russia and China and to reach Berlin before the Russians did.

(Rockefeller and J P Morgan and the Federal Reserve Bank, also funded Lenin and Trotsky and the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, for three reasons. 1. Russia has more oil than god and they wanted to stop the Tzar from developing their oil fields and being in competition with the Americans. 2. To steal all the Tzars gold. 3. To kill off the whole royal family. 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution.)

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East fought on the side of the Nazis. The Zionists not only helped run the death camps, but also fought on the side of the Nazis in the Middle East to get rid of the British. The Jews they killed in the camps were Torah Jews who did not believe in Zionism or a Zionist state. They believe they will only get their own country when their Messiah returns.Creating a Zionist state is breaking the Covenant as they did long ago when they demanded a king. 1 Samuel 8. George Soros is a Zionist, a Jew, and during WW2 rounded up Jews for the camps in Hungary.

The Vatican supported the Nazis. The last pope Benedict is a Nazi. Francis is not much better. He is a Jesuit and supported the fascist Nazi junta in Argentina during the Videla period in the 1970s and there are ongoing investigations into his involvement in missing persons who were arrested without a warrant, detained without trail, tortured and in many instances disappeared.

There are lots of Nazis in Argentina, especially Patagonia while the Dutch Royal Family has extensive investments and property ownership in that country.

After WW2 both the Vatican and the US took all the top SS Nazis to the USA and to South America in Project Paperclip. Not a hundred of them, but thousands.

The Nazis and the CIA have not been dormant since 1945, if anytthing they have been frighteningly active in many parts of the world. Here is a timeline of CIA atrocities from 1929 to 1993.


On Syria Mr. President, your strategy is a Bush(43) - Dick Cheney one
On Syria, Mr. President, your strategy is a Bush(43) – Dick Cheney one

4. Fast forward to 2012-2016

Obama is Muslim Brotherhood. He was put into power as president by Brzezinski. BZ comes from a small town in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Nazis supported Hitler and massacred not only Jews but thousands of Polish Protestants, a fact often ignored in history books. BZ is a Jesuit. His father was the Polish ambassador in Canada during WW2. He grew up in Canada and went to a Jesuit school, then went to the USA. Since Kennedy was assassinated he has always had a major role to play along with Kissinger (Zionist) Bush (Nazi Vatican CIA) .

They are all part of the Bilderberg group started by the Dutch Royal Family who are all Nazis. It is no coincidence that the USA and the Saudis held the world to ransom with the petro dollar that forced all countries around the world to trade oil in dollars.

The Nazi- Muslim Brotherhood connection runs deep and long and transferred itself to the USA. Which in turn sheds a lot of light on 9/11, the Nazi Bush crime family syndicate, the dancing Israelis and the Saudi involvement. It is now common knowledge that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset and died from kidney failure in a CIA hospital facility before the twin towers came down. After George Bush junior it is also no surprise that the next US President was from the Muslim Brotherhood funded by the Wahhabis and the Saudi royal family.

From 2012 we have seen the “Arab Spring”and the rise of al Qaeda/ Daesh in all its many varieties. Daesh is funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, they are also funded and supported by the Zionists in Israel and the CIA in the US. Saudi Arabia has funded not only Obama’s presidency but 20% so far of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. They will expect to get what they paid for. Support for Daesh, known as ISIS and all its many other acronyms and offshoots, al Nusra, al Qaeda etc etc.

Brzezinski started al Qaeda in Afghanistan to get the Russians out. The Taliban who wanted to eradicate opium production in Afghanistan has instead been terrorized and demonized by the US military as the enemy. The CIA and the Pentagon now protect the poppy fields for a $ billion dollar a year drug industry, shipped out through NATO bases, muled through the Balkans and that poisons and kills the youth across the globe. There was a reason they broke up Yugoslavia, balkanized it and broke the country to pieces.

These are the people behind the destruction in Libya and Syria and they also want to bring down Lebanon and Iran. They are the same people behind the coup in Ukraine and the civil war there. Victoria Nuland ( American Zionist), Joe Biden ( American Nazi Vatican) and the Kiev Nazis, Banderites. The Maiden coup was funded by Rockefeller (Chevron) and by the Soros Foundation. The Nazis of Ukraine were also supported by the CIA in WW2. Same story different century.


ww3Objective? WW3 and bring down Russia , the Orthodox Church, Shiite Muslims and Torah Jews. There are more “Jews” living in Iran than in any other country outside of Israel and they have protection and representation in the Iranian parliament. They are not Zionists.

The other objective is in line with Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard – get control of Eurasia and the Silk Road.

Now it gets very disturbing.

The CIA has taken over the control of the German Intelligence Service. This happened in June 2016. The US military bases in Germany are the largest outside of the USA. Obama said last week that the US military will be there until 2099. Germany is still an occupied country. Does it want to be occupied? Since the end of WW2, US policy has been “to keep the Russians out, the Germans down and the Americans in.” When does Germany get to govern itself as Switzerland has for almost 1,000 years? When do they get to stop paying the Vatican reparation for taking control of their own land which they have paid back in taxes for over 100 years? Surely this debt has been paid off by now? Or are they forever indentured peasants of Vatican feudal lands?

NATO is doing major military exercises on Russia’s borders, the most recent in June 2016 on the anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

During WW1 and WW2 Britain, Greece and Russia were on the same side and in an alliance known as the Allies which included the French government in exile, the Norwegian government in exile, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa amongst many others. They won the battle but lost the war which has continued until the present day.

I am sure that there are many who would be shocked, my grandfather included who fought in North Africa and as part of the South African contingent that freed Florence from the Nazis, to discover that their so-called American “allies” were in fact the enemy! I doubt if he and many others would be able to come to terms with that mind f*ck. I consider it a blessing that he is no longer here now to see what is going on in the world. WW2 almost destroyed him, it certainly destroyed millions more, physically, emotionally and spiritually on all sides. They are about to do it again.

Recently Greece, an Orthodox Christian country who has undergone repeated Operation Gladio – CIA funded fascist Junta’s since WW2, tried to leave the EU with Grexit. They won their referendum, but democracy was set aside and instead the EU bankers ignored them, threatened them and imposed yet more austerity measures on the country, which has literally been brought it to its knees with a little help from Goldman Sachs. Greece as we knew it is no more.

Britain has voted to leave the EU with Brexit, this involves more than the EU union and will be a deciding factor as to whether Britain joins the Nazis,the USA “Fourth Reich” this time under NATO and in plain sight openly entrenched in Germany, as opposed to their covert support just over 70 years ago, which has only come to light in recent years and often only published in independent media sources.

Will Britain again align with Russia? Do Wallis Simpson’s followers still have any influence in the UK today as she did when she took control and mind-manipulated the future king of England with a US-funded fascist mentality? And is there another “Wallis Simpson” waiting to get her claws into Prince Harry, or is that no longer necessary now that there is a Goldman Sachs’ stooge running the Bank of England?

Russia and China are in an alliance. Britain has joined the AIIB bank, whilst the US has not. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which will fund the building of the Silk Road project, where they plan to fully develop Eurasia and have fast rail from Beijing to Moscow, Vladivostok to Moscow and across the Middle East into Europe, as far west as Lisbon. It is a massive project and will boost the 21st century global economy to levels we have never seen before, along with providing close co-operation between Russia and China for space exploration.

As things stand at the moment with the new “Cold War”that people like Breedlove threaten to turn into a new Hot War WW3 scenario, the US and NASA will be ostracized, unless there is a major change in US policy.

Many Europeans want to join the Silk Road project , and this is one of the underlying motives to leave the EU Brussels dictatorship. Many European farmers and businesses are furious about the sanctions against Russia that have had a detrimental effect on all their economies and trade reversing 26 years of bridge building and trust since the Soviet Union fell.

But there are just as many who do not want to leave the EU and are faithful CIA, Vatican, fascist, TTIP and TTP proponents who are determined to bring down Russia, invade it and take over all that country’s resources. History repeats.

The only way Britain, Russia and China can stop these insane people from going to war again and again destroying Europe leaving it in yet another heap of rubble is to pull the plug on the dollar as international reserve currency and return to a gold standard along with overwhelming support by European nations to dump the EU dictatorship in Brussels and reclaim their independence. If Switzerland can have a real democracy for almost 1,000 years, why can’t every other country in Europe achieve the same?

By doing so we can all avert a devastating World War 3 and instead look forward to an amazing future along the Silk Road which will be an international economic boon for all. Multi polar co-operation as opposed to a One World Order Uni-Polar, hegemonic dictatorship under a corporate fascist TPP and TTIP control.

What will it be?


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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. Maybe out of this debacle true leaders will be born and come forward, people with a real sense of “vocation” who are more interested in being socially responsible than in accumulating wealth for themselves.

  2. With regard to Gordon Duffs article, Dot connecting …..Gordon is my friend. And as I have said before, we agree to disagree. Real friendship does not entail being a “yes man,” real friendship is when you have the guts to disagree with someone you respect. I greatly respect Mr Duff and his opposing viewpoints can only add to not detract from our understanding of the world. “Here’s looking at you kid!” 🙂

    • Dear Katherine, I do not agree with everything you write. But you are obviously a an independent person of integrity and I cannot imagine you would have an agenda of anything other than what you personally feel is honest and truthful. I wonder how you feel about the following. Gordon Duff took aim at you. Why do you think he took aim at you while you do not state things that are clearly stupid in any way whatsoever. But in his attack on you he actually presented Michael Shrimpton as an example of truth and good research?? Have you read his stuff? You still want to call GD your friend? Think about it. And how you are being used.

    • It is called freedom of speech. He is entitled to his opinion I am entitled to mine. We clash on certain issues. People who see Soros or BZ in any kind of favourable light are from a generation who viewed communism as a worldwide threat. Both Soros and BZ are vehemently anti- communist. There was a time I might have seen things in the same light, but the world has changed it has moved on and the extreme forms of communism that once were part of both Russia and China’s political landscape long ago fizzled out. and to my mind anyway, people who keep banging the drum against communism are out of time and out of place. To my mind and not his, Soros and BZ have become the thing they hate, as human beings so often do, and now their policies have and are causing as much damage if not worse to humanity. Color revolutions have not resulted in regime change to free and fair democracy, but death and destruction in Syria and the resurrection of Ukrainian Nazism, which even outdid the Germans in their terror in the past and the same today.

    • I do not see Soros or BZ as the “capitalists” they profess to be. They are corporate fascists, and the framework of the TPP and the TTIP is one step removed from communism, the only difference being that instead of everything owned by the state, it is now owned by a small handful of corporations. Real capitalism is dying out everywhere. Small , medium and sometimes even large private business has been gobbled up by the monopolistic corporations. The same with farming that is now GMO corporate farming, (patents of food sources should be criminalised) and farmers are being chased off their land and herded into cities. The same goes for private property ownership. Land tax is escalating to the point where many people cannot afford to live in their own homes. This property in turn is being bought out by banks and corporations. Not that much different to communism. Job opportunities are becoming less. Instead of being job creators the west is now job seekers, and the only jobs available are from the state or these hegemonic corporations and their franchises. That is not capitalism. It is a scourge as bad as communism. This system will crash in on itself.

    • One last point. If you happen to have lived in a country where the tax system actually works and the government is not corrupt, and taxes actually go towards what people pay them for in the first place, (high standards of affordable education up to university level; high standards of affordable health care, the NHS is the UK is one example now being destroyed through US insurance companies; high standards in the police that do not spend their time lining their own pockets with corruption, drugs and prostitution; high standards of affordable transport and that does not include privately owned toll roads; high standards of old age pension funds and care- Gates would just bump them all off) a corporate fascist system by comparison is day light robbery. People like Soros and BZ put the above example of a properly functioning tax system into the category of “communism,” which it is not

    • In the US the taxes people have paid have not gone back into the communities. And the system is corrupt. So called “social”services are nothing of the kind. Instead of food stamps printed at little to no coast by the Treasury, they are printed by the banks who get paid with tax payers money and make a profit. These food stamps are redeemable at certain stores, in other words they are kept in business with tax payers money. Both the banks and the stores have loop holes and pay little to no tax and do not give back to the system. The same goes for private prisons. Eventually the system will crash, and it is. This is not capitalism. It has more in common with communism where those at the very top lived good lives while the rest lived on the bread line.

  3. I also said that any disagreements I have with GD are private and will remain so. He gives his points, I give mine. Take your pick. That is free speech after all. And no matter what you may or may not think of him, GD and Jim Dean allow me to post my articles here. And they do not censor me, even if they disagree. Here is the thing. I read everyone, listen to everyone even those I disagree with and I often learn more from those I disagree with than those I agree with. The contrast often puts things into a perspective that I would not have seen otherwise. Listening to the choir and singing for the choir is all very well and good, but often nobody learns anything as a result.

  4. It appears to me that Protestant and Eastern Orthodox countries are in the crosshairs of the vatican.

  5. Katherine, you’re 100% right. I’m from Brazil and I read VT everyday and I am very very scared of Hillary. She’s the devil. I sent your article to all my friends. Excellent!

  6. Thank you Katherine for this excellent read. I read Mr. Duffs rebut of this article of yours and I have to admit, that now I understand VTs politics and survivability a little bit better than before. No matter how much he will destort the truth, too much sources and – more important – too much incidents point exactly towards your way of telling the story. Just because someone is called Duff, he doesen´t have more credibility than somebody else.
    In reading his article I had an impression of a sweating man trembling of fear for the consequences of having too much truth upon VT pages. Of deals broken with the murderous ones, of a last warning not regarded enough…
    Thank you ALL (Mr. Duff included) for your walk along the abyss. Most of the time its not too difficult to discriminate the one from the other…

  7. “When does Germany get to govern itself as Switzerland has for almost 1,000 years?” Katherine, have you done any research on Octogon in Switzerland? Look into it, I think you will find some answers. Check the giureh and chatzefratz channels on YT.

    Michael Tsarion has a very good case for what he calls the Female Illuminati. Check out his seminar where he presents his perspective. The few dollars it costs is well worth the information.

    The two perspectives above both point to esoteric directions and may well (combined) lead in direction to the zoo-keepers.

    There are no good animals in this zoo, one must ponder the motivation of those affectionate to the Black Widow lurking in the terrarium.

    • Whatever Switzerland is or is not, they have had a democracy denied to other countries in Europe for almost 1,000 years. Why, is neither here nor there, instead it should be used as a model for everyone else. In Switzerland unlike the European Union, “the crowd decides its fate.” Due to their geographic location they have also been able to stay neutral on all European wars. If I was a European I would use Switzerland as a rule of thumb.

    • Look at it this way, how is it that Switzerland is the only place in Europe that has been saved from major turmoil for so long time? The “crowd” never decides anything, we all know that. For some reason the puppet masters shielded Switzerland, starting after the French revolutionary wars and the Congress in Vienna 1815 where it gained independence and its neutrality was recognised.

  8. This article should be compulsory reading in every high school in the West.

    Wow! Imagine what a difference the world would be if people knew the FACTS!

    • A rather interesting change in perception would suddenly emerge and those who have been in power would be regarded as less than dog pooh! Which they are. And humanity could get their groove back and refuse to keep funding and dying for these criminals who never have, and will never have a sense of social responsibility.

  9. The powerful have used Switzerland to hold/hide their wealth. I think it has been protected. I remember from
    grade school, Switzerland is the only country that has never been invaded.

    • I have also heard that. And in exchange they have had a real democracy for almost 1,000 years. Unlike every other country on earth that has been destroyed by manipulators, liars, cheats and thieves, who have used Switzerland as their safe haven. Well if it has been good enough for Switzerland then it is good enough for everyone else. No war, and real democracy. What is good for the thieves is good enough for everyone.

    • Keep in mind the diabolical connection between Switzerland and the Vatican. How much do you know about the ‘Swiss Guard’?

    • ManCavePatriot seems to me a deal was struck and Switzerland got the best part of it. And privileges other countries have been denied. They are the storehouse of the wealth of the black nobility and therefore have never been touched, and being surrounded by the Alpes are a natural fortress for storing gold.

    • ksp, it’s not strictly true to say that the Helvetic Confederation has *never* been invaded. But it has certainly been a long time. If nothing else, the Burgundians invaded unsuccessfully during the pre-gunpowder ‘Renaissance of Infantry’ period.

    • Oh, and most importantly, the Old Swiss Confederation was invaded successfully by Revolutionary France in 1798

  10. Katherine, I don’t mean to ‘Blow smoke up your arse’ but this is the best article I’ve read on the Internet for a long time, Kudos to you, keep up the good work…and as an addendum, Don’t let ‘this one’ go Mr. Dean, fabulous writing, content and information.

    My hat off to VT, keep up the good fight guys.

  11. Excellent job. Have never seen it all put together like this. Wow. Sending this story to email lists.

  12. And your point is? They had a choice. Instead of instituting a monarchy they could have done something about the corruption, but they didn’t. We have seen similar scenarios played out in the last 100 years, where chaos and corruption is often followed by dictatorships. It is not the answer and the warning of Samuel is as relevant today as it was then. The USA is now a totally corrupt system. Is the answer a military dictatorship, and yet another idol, like Hitler, Franco, Videla, Pinochet similar to a “king,” or is the answer to clean out corruption in every tier of society the responsibility resting on each and every American? Or will they defer responsibility through complacency? If so, then a fascist police state, which is already deeply embedded with its own kind of corruption that is above the law, as the “divine right”of kings was, will be the outcome. Arrests without a warrant, detention without trial, torture and people “disappearing.” Google Chicago, black sites for an example.

  13. Good question. Israel is all 12 tribes not only the tribe of Judah. And as you have correctly stated the Hebrews have by nature and circumstance been nomads, even to the 21st century. This is where Torah “Jews”true to the Covenant diverge with the concept of a throne of David because it is a contradiction in terms of a promise between god and them. If you listen to what many of them have to say they stress that their “Judaism” is a faith, a belief, it is not a nationalist statement. They can quite happily declare that they are French, American, Australian and at the same time be true to their religion. And again we are sitting with a conundrum. What are original texts and what has been copied from other nations? Which texts have been reworked with a Judaic bias and which texts have not? A lot of copy and paste appears to have been done from 1000 B.C. to 300 A.D.

  14. bingo, the so called “allies” all run by hardcore nazis deceiving everyone.
    their “United NAZI-ons” and “Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization” NATO, only bring death, destruction, dope, prostitution (child too!), slavery, organ harvesting etc. all a person need do is look at what erDOGan is getting away with as a “NATO member”, or everything “izrahell” gets away with for being the “United NAZI-ons” tarbutt-baby. people not liking what SATANISTS are doing are branded “anti semitic” (racists!) by evil creatures who are not semite at all!
    in Germany, Patton saw what they were doing, they made sure he was assassinated.

    • camila, I agree. If Americans vote for Hillary, then they are not only digging their own graves, they are digging the graves of many others. And as such they are accountable for Hillary’s future actions around the world. They will be giving her a mandate to go ahead with the policies she supports, which include “getting rid of Assad” for Israel, destroying Iran either economically or through war, yet again invading Lebanon and continuing the illegal occupation of the West Bank. Any American who votes for Hillary is personally responsible for any and all wars and devastation that might ensue during her administration. Having a vote is one thing, being responsible for the choice you make is another. Are Americans aware that they are accountable for the latter? Because the rest of the world is.

    • Except there is no such thing as a vote in America, Katherine. Hasn’t been at least since the fraud of 2000. Absolutely every aspect of the process is tightly controlled, including the “vote” on computerized, easily hacked machines and the counting/processing of those “votes.” When Hillary is put into the white house, as I’ve predicted would happen for a few years, it will not be because of any votes. 100 million of us could vote for you Katherine, and it wouldn’t change a damn thing. They just insert whoever they want.
      Knowing this, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of considering everyone who “votes” for Hillary as being ignorant. This is how we’re being divided and conquered….creating this idea in people of “how can everyone else be so stupid?”. In an American election you simply cannot know how the voting really went.
      Great article by the way.

    • Thanks for the thumbs up. As an example I followed the Brexit vote throughout the day. Nobody thought they would win. Two things apparently turned it. The first was tat they told everyone to use a black pen and not the pencil provided. a) you cannot rub it out and b) black pen unlike a pencil is legal tender. Secondly they had extra monitors watching the vote counting over and above the normal. Thirdly some people even went to the extreme of putting their names and address on their vote, they had decided secret ballot was a joke and they wanted to backtrack that their votes had been counted while others not only used a black pen but laminated it as well. You would think by now the voting would be streamline and incorruptable if the voters only made the effort. But will they?

    • Anyone who votes for Hillary is and will be as guilty for any and all war crimes that she commits and yes they are ignorant and that is their fault. By voting for her they are giving her a mandate and they themselves are accountable for her actions and all death and destruction that results from her decisions. Passing the buck no longer counts and is the equivalent of a war crime where according to the Geneva convention you cannot claim ignorance or say you were only following orders.

    • That’s just it…in Britain for the vote, it was not on computers. It couldn’t be hacked as easily as in the US.
      I agree anyone who votes for Hillary is a fool who hasn’t paid attention to any history of the last 20 years but this means nothing. We will have no idea of how many will actually vote for her. Maybe most of the country knows she’s a career criminal and only 1 million vote for her. It will still show up as 50 million and the corporate media will sell the fraud. Expecting or analyzing anything from a computerized vote is like expecting pigs to fly.

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