Dot Connecting and “Over-Interneting” is a Trap


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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Katherine Frisk is a major VT jewel and a good friend. We work together daily and she heads VT’s research group on religion and belongs to the history group as well, the top investigatory bodies in world journalism.

Her work today is an amazing one, but we will throw out a challenge to assumptions she has reached in error, while her other aspects are among the best supported and most comprehensive written anywhere.

Let’s talk about George Soros. His ties to Israel and the Neocons is pure disinformation. He is a noted enemy of Zionism and longtime supporter of the progressive agenda Bernie Sanders presented. This is his real political view, one he has spent endless millions to support, fighting Wall Street and the Israel lobby for years. 

What is said about him partially true, yes he is Jewish and from Hungary. No, wasn’t a Nazi in WW2, this is pure internet bunk planted for the unwitting by the Neocon bloggers who sucker so many like Fetzer.

Brzezinski, the same. He is hardly Black Nobility. He is progressive, liberal democrat, fanatically anti-zionist and he is really attacked because he helped VT shut down Wikileaks, the Israeli intelligence scam back in 2010. He represents the anti-Rockefeller end of the CFR and is the most powerful voice against Neocon wars. Katherine has this 100% wrong because her sources are all Neocon right wing sites that scam the unwitting and she knows nothing about American politics.

The late Richard Mellon Scaife
The late Richard Mellon Scaife

Then we go for Mrs. Clinton. We forget that the Neocons funded by Richard Mellon Scaife tried to derail the Clinton presidency. Scaife was a lifelong Nazi and went after the Clintons, both of them, as enemies of the regime Katherine has totally wrong.

When Hillary warned the world of the “great right wing conspiracy,” it was the first and only time anyone stood up to the Black Nobility, not just the Dutch but Belgians as well, the old Habsburgs (real spelling) and the KM.  Suggest Preston James, Ben Fulford and Michael Shrimpton’s world view be incorporated, all are correct and would add real depth to this.

The Clinton email “scandal” was entirely fabricated by the Zionist lobby that sees Bill Clinton as a huge threat, particularly after mob run Roy Cohn stooge, Donnie Trump, pledged to scrap all US efforts to contain Israel’s war crime agenda. She got none of that.

Oversimplification and reliance on spin, rumors and utter fabrications without checking sources is a serious problem. Katherine is our best scholar, but goes “sourceless” with no background when it comes to US politics and the real background on some of these groups.

The real conundrum comes with Vickie Nuland, Neocon front within the State Department. How did she get there? She is the one who set up the Ukraine coup and she is a political enemy of Brzezinski and Soros.

By enemy, I mean “blood enemy.”

There is also the well-established hatred of Obama by the Israel/Zionist lobby. Katherine again uses Zionist sources entirely without checking facts. She has no idea how powerless an American president is and has ascribed totally wrong politics and has fallen into the same trap Fetzer drowned himself in when he got tied to Alex Jones and the Neocon/Zionist propaganda machine.

I know I will get a trip to the woodshed from Katherine after this, but her work is too important to see her suckered by 3rd rate propaganda.

We at VT are at open war with the Black Nobility, not just over Keshe, but Syria and Ukraine as well. We are digging into their closet and we don’t find Hillary or Brzezinski or Putin or Soros there.

It is this simple. If you read material financed or written by people you hate and because you like the idea that it makes you feel powerful to have “secret information” that sounds conspiratorial, no matter how wrong it might be, and you choose to believe it anyway, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

I work in the real world, I deal with national leaders, I see real dead people, real suffering and don’t spend all my time in my mother’s basement doing the Walter Mitty thing. I don’t peddle half-baked conspiracy books and don’t allow myself to be blackmailed, threatened or paid off like pretty much everyone else who claims to be independent media.

Roy Cohn (L), Trump (R)
Roy Cohn (L), Trump (R)

This is a gutless lot with a few exceptions, Rense maybe, the VT gang, only a couple of others. The rest pander, kiss ass and are bought and sold like whores.

It is Trump that is the “Zionist whore” of all time. Problem is, he pushed himself to the front of the trough when it wasn’t his turn. Try googling “trump cohn.”

When I talked with Rense yesterday afternoon, he was unaware that Roy Cohn was Trump’s mentor. When he found out, he nearly had a heart attack.

Want a real world connection between Trump and the Khazarian Mafia? It takes 5 minutes.

Then look into who really financed the childish email scandal and wonder why the millions spent on that couldn’t have been spent on 9/11 or in jailing all the Republicans, including many on the Clinton investigation, for their role in organized crime.


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Gordon

    If all state department emails went to Israel Hillary would have been foolish to use those servers.

    Pushing that button would have opened a huge can of worms!

    I had email at usps and used classified documents to conduct business I always felt this was a non issue.

    All fed employees have email on private government servers.

    The current Republican Party is a rat pack of domestic enemies.


    Your work is excellent


  2. I am totally confused. Hillary had Ghaddify wacked, and there was no reason other then he wanted the African nations to be their own continent under a Gold backed currency. He gave his nations oil profits back to the people. Any good guy, would never have killed him, Saddam is living somewhere, you don’t kill heads of state, doubles are murdered.
    But, Hillary has threatened to pull the house of cards down if she was indicted, as she probably told Comey, do you love your 5 kids? Then do what is best for their lives demand you let me off the hook.

  3. Yes, well, exposing the Bolshevik corruption of the US government is not a crime though it was pretended to be. They slaughtered over 100 million good people in Russia and another 10 plus million in Ukraine and wanted all of Europe and ultimately the world to fall under the same tyranny. New world order is these people. Their front men are the people that push globalism including such frauds as CO2 based global warming which has been proven to be a baseless scam without any merit no matter how many times the false message is repeated. The same were backed by the Rothschild Satanists who were the same behind Zionism itself. One must never support people that dance with the Devil even if they don’t support the entirety of the Devil’s agenda. Donald Trump is the one single person running for President, since day one, who is standing against the broad agenda on the side of the American people and by extension, the people of the world.

  4. Might have been better to have addressed your differences with Katherine in private. Her article unveiled difficult to find connections and your rebuttal diminished her work, just to defend a few elitists who don’t deserve it. If what you say is true, could have made Katherine aware and she could have updated her own work. Would have been righteous. Supposed to be friends man.

    Thanks for letting me have a voice. I consider the situation much worse than Katherine’s article suggests and strongly believe that both sides are infected. In fact, I’d say there’s proof and my bet is placed.

    Added a review for VT on Sitejabber back in October, where as many as 500,000 have seen it. Hope it increased your traffic, don’t want to be one of the freeloading assholes.

  5. Gordon you’re setting records here. Most comments, pretzel twisting. In my view I don’t see one person of moral character in the lot. There is only one way to fix this mess, and global politics is a mess. I don’t think I hear you supporting Hillary or Trump. Rather pointing out this and that fact connecting their respective players. Come election day voters will have to choose between one or the other. Hillary’s history has been written, and should end here. Trump appears to be a Zionist supporter. I don’t care for either, but I believe Hillary to be a terrible choice to lead this nation/corporation forward. What is needed is an eraser large enough to wipe the board clean, and to start over. Too bad erasers are in short supply. Personal greed is not.

  6. another person who has no idea what they are talking about. Do this…read some of the emails wikileaks has out there. They are pointless…and have no value at all. The idea that the government classifies everything is the problem.

    Try not to sound like an idiot.

    In DC, a bowl of piss would be top secret.

    Note that this is from an FBI that believed i ran the CIA because Stew Webb told them. Oh god. Hell, they may still believe it.

  7. Toby, regarding your thoughts, I fully agree. Katherine Frisk as Gordon points out is swamped for choice, and like a boat taking on water, scoops info by the bucketful under duress of a deadline. Much of what she writes is fascinating, and some – well, what can I say.

    I wish she could grasp the fact there are no ties anymore between Jews and Christians in the main, especially insofar as the Talmud is concerned. The vile anti-Christian rantings – Jesus the son of a whore, Jesus swamped in excrement, etc., promulgated by every Rabbi on the planet should help rational people draw the line. To call a thug, a NeoCon, or a mass murderer (Mugabe) a Jesuit because they were educated by them – like the woman going with a bucket to a well way over the hill, is a little too far to be fetched. The Scofield Reference Bible controversy that suckered the entire Christian fundamentalist movement to supporting Israel – abetted by Oxford University Press, is the scandal for the ages.

  8. What about this dot?

    At a recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission and regular Bilderberg attendee Zbigniew Brzezinski warned that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.

    “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

    *Chemical weapons, Doenmeh, Sabbatean-Frankism – all connected to these dudes or Gordon better start connecting his own dots.

    • So you are saying if someone warns someone about a murderer, then they are a killer themselves? You forget that Brzezinski was pilloried about his book warning that the Caspian Basin would be the center of conflict for a generation because of its value.

      He of course was warning of the Neocon game after 9/11 we all saw…something he opposed.

      The internet claimed he planned it. Oh god….how I laugh. You know, Jim and I from time to time think about actually charging money to read vt.

      Freeloaders can be such assholes.

  9. “I know I will get a trip to the woodshed from Katherine after this, but her work is too important to see her suckered by 3rd rate propaganda.”
    here bl00dy here, and that includes on religion too

  10. Excellent article, but I don’t think that people have to go as far as neocon blogs to get their heads flooded with bullshit. Sitting in a restaurant fast food joint with Fox News barfing out its continual stream of lies and trigger phrases predisposes people to notice and accept the phrase the next time they hear it. I have never gone into a bar that didn’t have that crap forming the background for every bit of socializing that went on. Even if people were only using about a tenth of their sensory input on that crap, it creates idea associations that people will accept without thinking the next time it comes up. It’s called neuro-linguistic programming and Fox does it non-stop – in fact that’s all Fox does. It turns bizarro-world ideas into people’s preconceptions. Of course, I haven’t watched news of any kind for over 20 years. So there are a lot of sources that launch people in a false direction. Brzezinski is just an old professor who gets a kick out of out-thinking everybody.

  11. Katherine’s article was a great service to the country and humanity. One of the best ever on VT.

  12. Why reading this screed, one would think the likes of Soros, Brzezinski, Hillary and Obama were true American Patriots and not the Globalist traitors they really are.

  13. It goes without saying, ” it’s a tough world out there “. All readers should have that knowledge and perspective. Anyone…yeah..anyone can be coerced. Decent, loving people are flipped, regularly. Those groups have infinite resources; beyond comprehension. We’re humans…we’ll love our way thru this and more. And ask for second helpings…

  14. About the only thing I can fully agree with in this article is that Katherine has repeated, “pure internet bunk.” Although at first I enjoyed her articles and deliberately overlooked points I disagreed with, after she glued “Isis” together with “Ra” and “El” to claim that the term “Israel” is derived from Egyptian gods, etc. and then responded to my comments in utter insecurity, I can no longer stomach what she writes. She baldly claims such things that even a novice at language could unravel by just doing the etymology with Aramaic and Hebrew dictionaries. I found a few sites that strain to make that connection, but it never actually happens legitimately. This same kind of flaw is very apparent to me now in all of her work, and is reminiscent of Ezzat’s bunk. She needs to take a break and think about these things.

    But, Gordon, you are seriously reaching to say that this is a democrat vs republican neocon thing. Most people reading VT know the real connections that have been made between Bushes and Clintons working toward the same goals. It’s good cop / bad cop and pure showtime BS.

  15. I agree that American minds have been wrung out….but, I have noticed that even the mind control cannot prevent people from rising up. It’s an re- evolutionary thing…you cannot stop the flower from growing up even if it has to break the concrete with its life force. Whatever is in the seed is what is going to grow up. So, even people who have terrible grammar, they sound like 2nd grade education, are insecure and act like a wounded puppy who sees you raise your hand and flinches, cowers in fear. I have seen these same people who have no self esteem, and yet what they are working on, it seems they have discovered some special thing, or have a visible spectrum much larger than most of us and they do not even know how special they are. I have offered to give tutoring lessons, help with grammar, vocab, penmanship, capturing their thoughts on paper so they can contribute to the world in their unique way. No one else has that spark, the one they have. The world needs everyone’s spark, they are unique and quite powerful, even if that person has been beat down in usa. It is still there; the seed.

    I would rather say things plainly so we can all understand. Please, the cryptic lingo has everyone second-guessing everything, do you blame us? How could you? It’s not our fault, just look at these beautiful people, like the one I described above. Anyone can recognize how incredible she is, she sees what I can’t see so lets encourage her to keep seeing and we want more.

    • Musicalchemy, no need to be confused. Information is mixed up deliberately. If you take some steps back, you see a picrure – everywhere AND in here at VT. As soon as some article is to near to the truth, you can bet on another article to rebut the first one. And all of this BIG time inflated wirth alleged connections all over the place to oh so very well informed guys from the services.
      Soon we will read that there never have been any bad guys at all and all information about crimes of the Clintons, the Bushs, Kissingers, Rothschilds, Vietnam, Ukraine, Syria, whatever – oooohhhh just – how is the official prescribed terminology… let me see… “…was entirely fabricated by the Zionist lobby…” or something similar.
      Sometimes at VT you will get a phone call or a visit. Then you know, you got to fix some “truth issue”. Like every other news outlet these days. Take your time and wait for the signs – be sure, they´ll show up. Don´t be confused – stay suspiciously. Compare to other sources DO NOT TRUST! ALL of them are lying… sometimes more, sometimes less…

    • Volker-dee, yes this appears to be the case. There is an agenda to all this. My rational non-insulting comment was just removed. This is when you know you’re on the right track. And so you are as well. This is why Michael Shrimpton is promoted to keep folks mind-monkeying. And Kevin Barrett is allowed to preach Islam. As long as they tow the line of the official VT 9/11 version. But never mention a serious investigator like Judy Wood. Space weaponry must not come out at all cost. Because something else is going on that cannot be disclosed. It is just too cosmic sensitive.

  16. I love VT. It has helped me understand much. This article is like a mind monkey…what are you saying? Hillary is not criminal because Israel doesn’t like her? Should we believe her now? I’m confused!! They love Trump so I should suddenly think our election system is okay to participate in? Please explain!

  17. gogh….

    Catherine’s article has much promise and is quite wonderful. This is a work in process…and she is trying to do too much….make too many people happy including people who just dont’ pay attention.
    There is no room for pandering.

    • hey mr. Duff, now that on second thought VT has removed my comment, you should also remove your reply above to my comment

  18. and that statement “you don’t know how powerless the US president is” reveals the whole tragedy of msm media reporting and US dreadful foreign policy

  19. Nice debate, I always recommend VT to everyone probably to the annoying level, not sure most of people are capable to “unplug” from the massmedia MATRIX but VT are more than capable. Of course there are disagreements but discussions on VT come from corners and angles that , when you read conspirators or msm, are unthinkable, and they remain coherent and full of content.

  20. Gordon, I try to keep an open mind and apply critical thinking to my capacity. To me it’s absolutely inconceivable that Hillary, Soros or Brzezinski represents anything else than a system of domination and control. Hence my surprise.

    I’m no fan of Trump, he is probably as corrupted as Hillary although she has been in better positions than him to exert her corruptness globally.

    As far as I can understand all power brakers in DC are minions of the zio mob, there seems to be no real alternative to that.

    I think there are lots of readers here that respect and appreciate your knowledge and information, although all are not veterans or intelligence people, some may actually be quite intelligent and need more than a blanket statement to the effect that Hillary, Soros and Brzezinski are good guys because they are hated by Israel.

    Especially so since political Israel is just another chess piece on the board and have no independence from the puppet masters that created them.

    Respectfully SL.

    • Very nice and balanced comments. And FYI I don’t think “Israel” hates Soros, Hillary, etc. It is just play acting from both sides and regurgitated by the mainstream media. Thank you.

    • “As far as I can understand all power brakers in DC are minions of the zio mob, there seems to be no real alternative to that.”

      Oh, I forgot about the jesuits. If Hillary, Soros and Brzezinski don’t play for the KM-team (as per GD), I guess they play for the jesuits. It’s foggy there at the top, difficult to understand what dynamics set the stage, one thing though, you will not be in a position at the top unless backed by very powerful people. Powerful as in satanic, psychopathic, non-emphatic and non-human people.

      Ben Fulford has his model of reality, lots of “interesting” information on one hand and a regular stream of post-dated checks on the other. One thing he indicates and something, looking at current events, seems reasonable is that there is infighting for power between the jesuits and the zio-mob.

      So we have Washington/London/Rome < Switzerland < Egypt on one side, and what is the balancing power on the other side? More of the same in an other disguise?

  21. Our biggest “blind spot” is decades of real experience in DC and not an addiction to emails and rumors. All this crap began with Larouch and his gang, panderers and fabricationists.

    WTF, why are people so fu$king stupid they don’t know the difference between Fox News and VT even here?


  22. What is it about the nail that sticks up gets hammered and the president who is too assertive,well JFK was executed in front of a huge day time audience. Can’t believe all the times someone made their way at the White House these past months.

  23. This does not make sense. The defense of Hillary does not make sense either. What is going on here?

    • Sweet Love: You have been duped by the Zionists into doing their work for them. This is what is going on here and nobody but VT is willing to actually stand up for what is right. You see, real cowards will sit on their asses and perpetuate Zio fairy tales, as Jeff Gates warned us about, rather than tell people hard facts.

      Israel hates Obama, they hate Hillary, they love Trump.


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