Bombings in Saudi Arabia possibly a false flag: Analyst

The Saudi royals are even more corrupt and untrustworthy than the US government, if that is possible

Press TV’s The Debate Show featuring Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett

Recent bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia could be a false flag to make the kingdom look like a victim of Daesh terrorism when in fact it is the perpetrator, an analyst says.

Saudi Arabia along with Turkey, Israel and the US created Daesh as a “propaganda weapon” against Islam and a “paramilitary force” to destabilize the Middle East, author and Islamic scholar in Madison Kevin Barrett told Press TV.

“The rulers of Saudi Arabia have actually helped foster the creation of Daesh and this whole tendency of extremist ultra-Salafist or Wahhabist kinds of terrorism. In fact Daesh was created as really a weapon against the government of Syria and the government of Iraq,” he stated.

The analyst added that the “biggest source of funding” for the Wahhabist terrorism exemplified by Daesh is in fact Saudi Arabia. “

Elsewhere in his remarks, Barrett said attacking the Mosque of the Holy Prophet in Medina at the end of Ramadan was completely an “anti-Islamic act.”

The people who are carrying out these attacks are “psychotic,” he said, adding that they are reacting to the “breakdown of values” in the modern world and the Saudi royal family is complicit in it.

“Although the royal family is not at the same level as these absolutely nihilistic and psychotic terrorists who are acting in such completely un-Islamic ways, yet they have paved the way for this,” he said.

Jihad Mouracadeh, a Middle East expert in Beirut, said the Daesh terrorist group is the enemy of the entire world and all countries should be worried about the recent bombings.

“I think the whole world has to worry about it because if you look at the recent blasts from Lebanon to Istanbul, to Bangladesh, to Indonesia, to Saudi Arabia and those who were arrested in Kuwait, it is all over the world, so it is not only Saudi Arabia who has to worry about it,” he stated.

He said Saudi Arabia is not behind the “creation of Daesh,” adding that it is “incorrect to say the Saudis are promoting this kind of philosophy.”

Mouracadeh added that Daesh as a “geographical entity” was diminishing very quickly due to its recent losses in Syria and Iraq and its Plan B was to wreak havoc wherever it could.

Daesh and other violent Takfiri groups follow an extremist branch of the Wahhabi ideology which is preached and promoted in Saudi Arabia.

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2 Responses to "Bombings in Saudi Arabia possibly a false flag: Analyst"

  1. Kevin Barrett  July 8, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Wahhabism is a form of Kharajism. The Kharajites “walked out” of the House of Islam during the period of the early Caliphs and went to war against the Muslim community. So these are people who claim to be ultra-purists and dedicate themselves to attacking Muslims. Such people are very convenient tools for the Zionists who want to divide and conquer the Islamic world. For a good introduction to this topic, read Zaid Hamid’s essay in my book .

  2. joetv  July 7, 2016 at 8:46 am

    ISIL, ISIS, Daesh et al, are not religious rectionaries. A true Muslim or Christian would never be involved in terror. Follow the money. Check the motives. I think intelligent people know where the trail ends. Mercs from over 80 countries fight in Syria. Why? 2 reasons. One is they are paid ro. Two they are idiots.

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