FFWN: Dallas police shootings a false flag?


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Gordon Duff just emailed me, opining that the Dallas police shootings were “pure Hebdo.” Read Gordon’s analysis. It supports what guest commentator Christopher Bollyn, Tony Hall and I were just saying a few minutes ago on False Flag Weekly News: While we may understand why black people and others who care about justice would be outraged about this week’s police shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dylan Noble, and Black Panther leader General Minister Houdari Juelani, the Dallas shootings have the hallmarks of a psy-op.

These rooftop snipers looked like pros, not angry amateurs. They’re reminiscent of the rooftop snipers who recently overthrew the government of Ukraine and unleashed a war on Syria.

Are the same forces trying to destabilize or overthrow the American government? Are they trying to start a race war?

We seem to be witnessing a rebirth of the Operation Gladio “strategy of tension” here in the USA. The bad guys are hammering bloody false-flag wedges into the pre-existing fissures separating various demographic and identitarian groups. The strategy seems to be “controlled chaos.” Keep the people in fear, keep them confused, keep them fighting each other, and then keep right on robbing them with impunity.

We saw them hammering the Orlando false-flag wedge into the split between gays and Muslims (inviting everybody to identify with the gays and wage war on Islam) and to a lesser extent between pro-gun and anti-gun forces. Now they are doing the same thing with black-lives-matter vs. police-lives-matter, with white vs. black, with law-and-order vs. rise-up-against-injustice.

Is Gordon Duff right that this is designed to benefit Trump? That is certainly one possibility – a nightmare possibility. The worst-case-scenario would be Trump riding into absolute power as a 100% dictator with unlimited emergency powers on the back of a huge false flag, say, somebody blowing up the Trump Tower and/or detonating a nuke in an American city.

Were that to happen, Trump’s first two acts would likely be to issue executive orders (1) officially recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of the State of Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, and (2) mandating the incarceration of Muslims, and anyone who protested the emergency measures, in FEMA camps.

Now who might support THAT agenda? Not Soros. Not Hillary either, evil as she undoubtedly is.

Of course – and here I beg to differ from Gordon, Webster Tarpley, and others I respect – Hillary riding into power on the back of the same controlled chaos is likewise an extremely unpleasant prospect.

But there are relative degrees of unpleasantness.

Is Trump really a kosher nostra Zionist extremist like his benefactor, Sheldon Adelson, and the godfather who jump-started his Rothschild crime family career as a Rothschild-gambling-den front-man, Roy Cohn? He certainly talks like one.

So here I side with Gordon. Jim Fetzer, Preston James, and others who have been drinking the Trump kool-aid have been hoodwinked. (Preston has been sipping it judiciously, while Jim has been gulping it down like there’s no tomorrow, but from where I sit they’re both wrong – Trump is the most obvious “made man” ever to occupy center stage of a reality TV show disguised as an election.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s False Flag Weekly News broadcast. I think this was one of our best-ever shows – Prof. Tony Hall’s academic gravitas perfectly balanced guest-host Christopher Bollyn‘s trenchant and apropos commentary.


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  1. Am I seeing things, or is the grey rubber shipping protective cap still on that Saiga’s charging handle? It was in one of the Dallas photos.

    Must have been tough to make it through a bomb blast….

  2. Kevin, this is a very good article as usual. You are only partly correct on what you view as my mildly supporting Trump. Actually is is hopeful intent only and relative since I know far too much about the Clintons, the Dixie Mafia and their working for GHWB and the CIA to ever vote for Clinton no matter what. I would vote for Donald Duck first or even Alfred E. Newman. Actually I am not impressed with either Presidential candidate Clinton or The Donald and view the race as a choice of the lessor of two evils. Trump and Sanders both for whatever reasons have brought up some key issues. Trump’s voice has resonated with many who are angry and disgusted with the Obama regime, Free Trade, and open borders. And so has Sanders, but many of the the Democratic primaries have had defrauded vote totals which cheated Sanders. Trumps association with the notorious Roy Cohn is alarming for sure. Cohn was one of the first to die of AIDS/HIV, is alleged to have served as a pedophile procurer for J. Edgar Hoover and surgeon Dr. Ben Rose, and was the attorney for Senator McCarthy and also Studio 54. Trump’s recent association with Adelson’s recent for support is alarming too. In NYC Cohn was the go to man if you wanted to get anything done. He was super connected at the highest levels and could help any builder get the necessary permits for any high rise construction which is what he did for Trump.

    • Thanks, Preston. I respect your knowledge and judgment. But I have a hard time taking even a mildly positive view of Trump’s character, ethics, and prospective actions as president, based on his mobbed-up history and about 90% of what he says. (The other 10% is great –I admit he has occasionally crossed red lines and gotten some issues at least partly right.) If the 90-10 split went the other way I would vote for him.

  3. A team of Pros would have killed many many more. Have you seen the Dallas Morning News? Maybe start there and see if you can see that this event will narrow the divide, not widen it.


  4. Trump is a clown. The one who wins will be Hillary. Or even worse, it is a flag to have Obama close congress.

    Back to the main topic, it is safe to say that blackwater did it, i assume. These are very likely the same killers during Katrina and Euromaidan. There is NO WAY this is a drill. It is an actual operation to kill their own puppets for excuse of a civil war or a dictatorship.

    • As an additional note, i think that this is possibly a sign to call Obama to close congress and establish a dictatorship. Trump is just a clown with only a mouth and nothing else.

  5. For further information about Operation Gladio, please have a look at operation gladio video at google

    Its crucial to understand NATO had their own terrorist organization already in 1980s.

    It was used… against even children and that gives NATO a link to the Oslo massacre.

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