UPDATED: Police Murder Video (graphic, consider not watching)


by Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

Editor’s note:  Bronfman – Mossad cheerleader Alex Jones, as predicted, is screaming for race war just as Israel wants…all to save Trump.  Read how we bust them all…slam dunk as usual…they are such amateurs.

This video is from the live Fox broadcast from Dallas where a number of police officers were shot during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Be forewarned, this video is graphic and shows the death of a police officer, discretion is advised.

We see a man in beige slacks toting an assault rifle, exchanging fire with a police officer, then he outflanks the officer, approaching from the opposite side of a pillar and shoots the officer at point blank range, the bullet passing clean through both the officer’s torso and his body armour.

Several thoughts spring to mind, firstly, what were people doing up on top of a building conveniently overlooking the scene of the crime? All too convenient. Secondly, unlike Charlie Hebdo and the farcical ‘murder’ of a French cop with obvious blanks, here we see a real weapon with real muzzle blast firing bullets that were all too real. That cop died, and he did so in a brutal fashion, he was executed in front of the watching cameras.

This whole thing reeks of psyop and we’re calling it right away – it’s a false flag, an all too obvious one.

Once again we are presented with a narrative that is quite implausible, where we are being asked to believe that the attackers were capable of feats of marksmanship that even seasoned spec ops operators would find difficult. This time we are being asked to believe that angry young black men took up arms and shot 11 police officers from elevated positions; not likely, not hardly, such a feat requires trained and experienced sniper teams – the same kind that were employed on the Maidan in Kiev two years ago to shoot down both policemen and protesters.

An Obvious False Flag

Let us explain this to you, over the past few weeks Trump has made statements abrogating America’s Middle East foreign policy of the past 45 years, he unilaterally decided, off the top of his head, consulting only the handler the Mossad & organised crime supplied him with that he would personally block any Palestinian state of any kind without consultation with anyone, not congress, not NATO and certainly not the UN; but he goes even further, international law requires an end to all settlements on the West Bank – these are war crimes, Geneva Convention violations, ethnic cleansing, apartheid – a holocaust. It seems gambling boss Sheldon Adelson’s pocketbook and Trump’s secret financial woes (there’s a reason he’s keeping his taxes secret) has turned from  buffoonery into mayhem that has now played out on the streets of Dallas.

This is a last ditch attempt to stop Trump melting down by his friends in the Khazarian Mafia.

We have a black president, a congress with 12% approval ratings, a failed Israeli-financed lynching of Hilary Clinton and a Republican Party in a hopeless shambles. The Catholics have fled, the upper middle-class has fled, the agricultural base has fled, Trump is building a coalition of 98% white, underemployed and disaffected’ with that we add a rapidly dwindling number of those who admired his ‘gutsy’ and outspoken approach.

Much of the press has fled from him and we know this press is Israeli controlled and anyone who claims they don’t know that is insane! So what does this tell us? The ‘Mossad’ or someone representing the rogue CIA, Israel’s Likudists who obviously aren’t being backed by the mainstream Israeli controlled press, are not any longer – they’ve gone that far.

Aided by Adelson & Saudi cash, supported by the drug cartels that own five members of the Supreme Court and stand behind the GOP…

Race War 

Let’s take a second to talk police. The families of the slain officers have our full support & sympathies, however there is nothing innocent about the police. Since the 9-11 debacle, and let’s be clear it wasn’t PNAC that laid the plans for 9-11, it began with the Federalist Society; it’s all been about organised crime taking control of the US government and the blue gang is the biggest organised crime operation in the US.

It used to be that only the drug cartels ran the police departments, then the police became the enforcers for the banks. After the 2000 ‘election’ – and there was no election in 2000, the Bush gangsters dismembered the Constitution, erased Posse Commitatus and declared martial law, none of this would have been possible without militarising the police and systematically sending every police official at every level across the entire country to Israel. None of them should have ever been let back in the country. Who do you think ordered dozens of police departments to start gunning down unarmed black citizens randomly, and to what purpose? Who gains? Try blaming Obama and Hilary Clinton for this.

By 2005, Israel controlled not just the press, not just the White House, not just the Supreme Court, not just Congress, not just the Pentagon, not just the Federal Reserve, they controlled state legislatures. Adelson bought governor after governor, state, county, city, even townships, even school districts, this is the why of the Federalist Society. Look into the Potomac Institute, the Jamestown Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce and of course, the Federalist Society; this is the real Bilderburg/Illuminati, operating in plain sight across the US a fully militarised 800,000 man police force under the control of the Department of Homeland Security – from the outset and to this day, Israeli-controlled, threatens the lives and properties of all Americans, regardless of creed or colour. Nothing that went on in Dallas wasn’t part of their work; just another op, another Charlie Hebdo.

Something to note, look for the helmets, tanks and machine guns that came out when the Occupy Wall Street protesters were crushed?

Did Dallas misplace their DOD arsenal?



Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. A couple of weeks later…

    Duff: Am I imagining things, or is this the same kind of very “lucky” camera view of the action, JUST at the right time, that we also saw in NICE?

    Are these camera people psychic??

  2. Gordon your hatred of all things “right” has terminally blinded you…The Palestinians? They’re toast no matter who gets in…Hillary’s a neocon who destroyed Libya and Syria and wants war with Russia….She’s the worst option…You can’t see that? This contrived civil unrest could stop the election…56% of the American people want Hillary prosecuted and yet 56% also want her in the WH? And you believe these polls?

    • Anyone with a minuscule insight in how things work understand that it’s not about the “right” or the “left”, neither muslim or non muslim and neither about Israel and zionism against the world (these are useful temporary tools that, when time comes, will be discarded of as easily as a dump in the can). The VT staff know this, at least GD do I’m sure.

      The agenda is total world domination and current events need to be referenced to that end goal in order to have any chance to be understood. In that light, it matters little who will be the next POTUS, or if it is arranged for Obama to continue.

      The dramatic dichotomies spewed out by the MSM as well as the alternative seems only to serve the purpose of keeping people occupied with external effects instead of root causes.

      It seems likely there is more than one group of psychopaths that have the ambition for world domination. Having someone claiming inside information rooting for one of the criminal gangs over another naturally raises question-marks.

      The Clinton Foundation and the Tavistock institute seems very much at the center of gravity.

  3. The only legitimate claim I can find for 40% false information regarding VT is on the input (i.e. prior to vetting for publication) side.

    So who is promoting the other interpretation (the why is obvious) that appears in many of the comments on this article?

    • You are not thinking clearly when it comes to the 40%. here’s an example: There is a pic uploaded of this supposed suspect dead by tactical bomb. There is also a pic of his weapon….use the persons foot captured within the pic as scale……look closely at that weapon. What do you see? Good day.


  4. Update on my idea that could prevent another Minneapolis-type shooting of a driver — outfitting vehicles with a small pocket that would hold Registration, Insurance, and maybe a photocopy of Driver’s license too. I just found out from my husband that when he got his license in the early 1970s, many states at that time required just such a pocket. In his particular state, it was a clear pocket that you bought at the license bureau. The pocket was clear, and it was affixed to the top of the steering column behind the steering wheel. The problem was that the law required that the registration info be visible through the car window, an obvious privacy problem, so the law was scrapped after lawsuits. My idea is different, because I would NOT want the info to be visible. I’d want the paperwork to be accessible in a small pocket, but not seen until the driver takes it out. So I’m looking at manufacturing my own small pocket out of cloth (or I’ll get an actual pocket off an old shirt), the same color as the steering column, just big enough to put on the steering column of our vehicle, and probably will use Velcro strips to secure it there.

  5. If black, white and brown men do not shed our prejudices we can’t win this war. And it is shaping up to be just that, war. The owners of this plantation want a race war. Let’s not give them what they want. If we come together as one we will win. Yes, some of us will die. However, ask yourself what type of world you want your children, and grand children to live in? What will be your legacy? How will the kids remember you? This is serious folks. And to the cop who think it is about you vs. us. Think again. You ain’t in their club, never will be. You’re a working stiff just like the rest of us. Read your oath again. Then ask yourself if you are upholding it.

    • Yep. House slaves always despise the field slaves. They are sellouts, and the plantation owners know it. Disposable. Unclean. The flesh suit is made of dust and water, so it belongs to the god of this world. The dust and water will be returned to him as it is his property. The spirit is of a different ownership entirely, unless we use our free will to dedicate it to the god of this world. So do the righteous thing, and be a good son to the most high Father. We were never going to keep the flesh suits anyway. They’re just for training purposes. F-16 pilots start out in Cessnas don’t they? Power suits await qualified trainees.

  6. Am I wrong to say BLM was created and financed by Soros? He doesn’t care about blacks now, or ever. What matters to him and his ilk is blacks and whites stay divided, and of course gun confiscation. If the gang in blue thinks they are safe from assault by their employers then they are stupid. There is certainly reason to fire on the cops. They murder without discretion. Dead white men don’t make the news. It happens. Sorry to announce to the working man but we will have to shed our prejudices, and then our blood. Black, white, and brown must come together as one to take this machine down. Many of us will die. Better to die fighting for our liberty than to croak frightened and alone. Same old story. Who benefits from a divided America? Not me, and I’m betting you don’t either. Wake up America! It’s not to late. Today all of us should shake hands. White man shake a black man’s hand, and an hispanic’s, say your name let ’em know “we’re in this together”. Black man greet a white man, and the same with all races. We are in the end game, don’t falter now.

  7. Videos can be easily morphed. The blast on the wall could be wadding and powder from blanks or morphed. This video is poor quality and is blurry. Need to see the autopsy live and DNA sample compared to surviving relatives to buy this. Could be true, but could just as easily be play acted.

    But yes this was obviously a convenient false-flag which is designed to bring sympathy to the “poor police” to balance out the illicit police shootings of innocents. the Ruling establishment Cabal wants to create as much conflict and chaos as a part of their agenda of Order ab Chaos, needed to create the Globalist NWO. they must use chaos to destroy the existing order and maximize their central power of the state.

    If Police and civilians were really killed, then you can bet it was another MK-Ultra mind-kontrol op used to do it. the CIA has thousands of sleepers out there, always some ready to deploy when needed that will sacrifice themselves when tranced out.

  8. I also sense there is a Battle Royal going on between the elite. Its inevitable that a bunch of Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath & Psychopaths are going to fall out sooner or latter. We just need to stop allowing them to drive wedges between all of us….

  9. Without doubt a false flag and this analysis is spot on.. I wonder if the wall Trump wants to build is to really keep everyone in, not out?? His very own prison on a planet, controlled by the mob….

  10. SweetLove, Guccifer is neither missing nor dead, according to Alexandria, VA sheriff as of 2 days ago. He is apparently right where he’s supposed to be.

  11. Well, this article just summed it up for any Americans still living there – stay and fight , go with the flow – or take on the lamb because eventually the pipe will break and all holy shit will flow – downhill. – Great article unfortunately – Reality is pretty depressing. Not much to say – Government employees – sold out their own country – for money- only money – money is not the only thing of value — in your entire Lifetime — Fools !

  12. At about the 0:06 to 0:08 point in that video, as the shooter moves to the right of the pillar and shoots the other party from behind, there are huge sparks visible. Shooter is to the right of the pillar, yet we see sparks flying out to the left from behind the pillar.

    I know nothing about SWAT tactics, but I have been a shooter and reloader for many years. And I find those sparks very difficult to explain. TTBOMK, only ferrous metals strike sparks when hitting stone, and unless someone is using armor-piercing ammo with a steel insert, there should be no ferrous metals in a projectile. I suppose if someone was using rifle ammo with a slow burning, long-grain powder (something like IMR 4831) and shooting it out of a short barreled carbine, there might be a lot of unburned powder, but that really doesn’t look like any muzzle flash I have ever seen. I will probably get roasted for suggesting this, but it looks rather like pyrotechnics to me.

    Again, I’m no expert, and I’m not proposing any particular theory. I’m just pointing out something and asking a question – why the long-flying sparks?

  13. Related? BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell. Guccifer dead in his jail cell. Perhaps he choked on a peanut.

  14. Reports coming in. Shooter was ex-military .Afghanistan hardened…..probably what some call professional when they see footage of his urban tactics. I’ve looked thru most of the vids……has that familiar smell to them. Sad is all I can say. Oh and the shooter has a white step mother……this one will unravel quickly.


  15. While the Minneapolis shooting fiasco which supposedly sparked the Dallas protests is still fresh, it is time to discuss common sense ways of protecting both the public and the police. Routine traffic stops often end in tragedy, because the cop wants you to get your car registration out of the glovebox, and your driver’s license out of your wallet or purse. That’s 2 chances to get shot by a twitchy officer, as you comply with the orders. My husband, with a clean record, once had a revolver screwed into his ear by a sheriff’s deputy, just because he was reaching for his registration as he was asked to do. Hubby kept a cool head, and survived.

    Here’s my suggestion: Require the Registration to be easily seen and accessible by the cop. Vehicles could have a clear pocket for the registration, placed on the dash or the top of the driver’s door right under the window. This doesn’t have to be done by law. Car manufacturers could take the lead and just do it, or a state could take the lead. If we can put up with the Dole tail light for safety reasons, we can do this too.

  16. I’m not going to argue with you Gordon, from this angle of the world it looks like a prominent motivation for the false-flag in Dallas is gun-control.

    Another more scary scenario is the institution of martial law. A bit more of this and martial law won’t be far away. Any comments on that?

    The guy taking down the police officer looked quite pro in the way he moved, he went to the left of the pillar, double tapped and then directly to the right and just finished the officer off. No hesitation no waste of time and very efficient.

    • And an other observation. It looked like the perp, after the officer was down and out, targeted him again, completely unnecessary. If so, it could indicate the perp being emotionally involved. So a pro with a substantial amount of hate and/or contempt. I guess we know what group that fits into.

    • Far from a pro. He had ZERO cover….long gun vs pistol no contest. Officer puts him down with a rifle. Guaranteed. The Officer engaged while being outgunned….more guts than you can ever imagine.


    • “Sweet Love:” Use a real name to be taken seriously and supply background. Running to “gun control” is correct somewhat except you are totally wrong. The profit from gun control scares is all gun industry…meaning ME.
      We are raking it in, selling everything we can build..

    • My background is that I’m 25, live in my mothers basement. I hang out on conspiracy forums and play games. I have no real experience of the world per se.

      I’m concerned with what is happening in the world and try to understand it. I’m not here to create trouble but my mother taught me that I shouldn’t trust anybody, especially not people in power positions and even more so to never ever trust people from the intelligence community, since their job is deception. My questioning or reasoning shouldn’t be a threat to anyone and I have no agenda beyond understanding what is going on.

      I’m probably mistaken in some, or more, of my conclusions and understandings and will accept any logical arguments that makes sense and doesn’t contradict a bigger picture.

      Somehow I feel my background and name is not really the point. I could have written that my name is Jennifer Carlson and I work as an analyst for an intelligence agency, or I’m an investigative journalist for some independent news source. It shouldn’t matter.

      What interests me though is why do you want to know my name and background? I haven’t seen you ask for that from any commenter before and I have followed you for quite some time. The reason for that is that I like and resonate with a lot you say and do. At the same time I’m my mother’s boy and can’t give up following her advice.

  17. With the date being 7/7 (like the London subway bombing), and the Dallas Morning News trumpeting the headline that 11 officers were shot, we see the obvious “twin” numbers numerology of a false flag. So this was planned in advance. How far in advance?

  18. It’s my understanding that the shooter was killed. Is this the case, is this shooter black?

    Trump was put up to get Hillary elected. How anyone can’t grasp this is beyond my comprehension. Why do you think not one viable Rep candidate stood up? This is manipulated and feel for those of you who fail to understand.

    Mental manipulation was the black toting the AR…..Again hope this is sinking in.


  19. not to mention, that dont look like some untrained person with a gun, that looks like swat or military tactics.

  20. Assault Rifle?? And you got vets here?? I am pretty sure that’s a shotgun, look at the spray its putting out.

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