FBI-framed “radical imam” blows Orlando wide open!

CIA to Robertson: If you refuse our orders to shoot Americans, we'll label you a "terrorist"!

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, youtube by John Hankey

Fox News, apparently citing FBI liars and mass murderers, tried to frame “radical imam” Marcus Dwayne Robertson just hours after the Orlando shooting. “Law enforcement sources” (a.k.a. FBI criminals) lied to the media, saying that Omar Mateen had been a student in Robertson’s on-line religious school.

The FBI’s slanderous lie appears to have been part of a pre-scripted attempt to “sell” the Orlando shooting as a “radical Islamic terror” event. And yes, “pre-scripted” means that the FBI was in on the mass killing in advance. There is no way they could have cranked out this kind of propaganda, blaming an innocent former CIA asset, if it wasn’t scripted ahead of time.

To its credit, Fox News gave Robertson a chance to respond. And Robertson made the most of it. Watch the amazing “first draft” youtube above, put together in haste by John Hankey, and offer your feedback in the comments section.

Who is Marcus Dwayne Robertson? A decent guy, it appears, but one who made the mistake of signing on as an asset of the  FBI-CIA/Wackenhut-Mossad terror-industrial complex. He probably thought he was going to “help stop terrorism” and earn a few bucks on the side. Big mistake.

The CIA-FBI-Mossad turned against Robertson when he refused to accept a job that required him to shoot American citizens. That isn’t speculation, that’s on an official court document.

CIA to Robertson: “If you refuse our orders to shoot Americans, we’ll label you a ‘terrorist.'” (This sequence is found after the 17:00 minute mark in the video)

Robertson may have occasionally taken on the theatrical role of a dangerous radical as part of his CIA duties. When he refused to shoot American citizens, they cut him loose, “flagged” him as a “radical terror suspect”…and took revenge by framing him for their own mass shooting in Orlando.

The FBI does terrible things to American Muslims who refuse to cooperate with their dastardly schemes. Tarek Mehanna, for example, was sentenced to seventeen years in prison for refusing to act as an FBI informant. And if the CIA orders you to shoot American citizens, I guess they expect you to do it…or else.

Omar Mateen, a flaming homosexual drunkard not a practicing Muslim, was almost certainly the same kind of FBI-CIA/Wackenhut-Mossad asset. Like Robertson only more so, Mateen’s job was to run around saying crazy radical things and report people’s reaction to FBI-CIA-Mossad. Was he told he would be likewise just playing a part in a theatrical event in the Pulse nightclub? Did other shooters, perhaps including a Mateen look-alike, do the damage?

In the above video, Marcus Dwayne Robertson cuts through the Fox News and FBI BS and tells it like it is. Far from being a radical Islamic terrorist, he appears to be a good person and a sincere Muslim whose only crime was to refuse to carry out a CIA-sponsored terrorist attack on American citizens.


  1. What “blows Orlando wide open,” in the context of the known characteristics of government psychological black ops, is the verification of non-trivial consequences of the false-flag hypothesis, such as the clear cut evidence of crisis actors, narrative anomalies, MSM foreknowledge, etc, that taken together leave the probability of the official narrative effectively zero.

  2. The hawks have come home to roost. The PNAC false narrative that has all but destroyed the Middle East ebbs back in the tide, enough to remind us of the larger, anti-American and pro-Israel deception. It appears anyone and I mean anyone tied to the tentacles of the USG is exempt, protected from TREASON. Meanwhile, the administration flood the country with innocent ‘patsies’ ready at their beck and call to repeat even more false-flag events. Has the FBI now become the Federal Bureau of Israel? A pox on both your houses.

  3. Could revelations like this be the reason sHillary was not indicted? Perhaps sHillary knows of these CIA and FBI “operations” and said she would tell the American people if she was indicted. She has a irrevocable “get out of jail free” card.

  4. Orlando Shooting hoax seemed more of a simple (and sloppy) psychological operation rather than an actual False Flag attack. Any part the CIA and FBI played in this event must of been centered around controlling online information, such as setting up profiles and conversations between Mateen and other online users and installing vast varieties of disinformation to support the FBI false investigation into the shooting and the rubber dog bone for the media hounds and hordes to chew on.

  5. From here to Timbuktu, this affects the whole planet… turn the light on….pushed through into every media outlet around the world holding their feet to the fire…. pre-judge none and offer to all for widespread broadcast and distribution….everyone can use their muscle demanding this be presented…… ANY media outlet that would refuse to air this invites itself on a list of the banned and damned Proving key collaborators….lets see who remains loyal, every play, every act building on the other providing the cover spanning the globe from here to Timbuktu..…. and the most distant most parts of the earth… highly significant

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