The Hijacking of Palestinian History


By Dr. Elias Akleh

Settler colonialism, usually technologically and militarily more advanced, is based on the erasure of already existent people, their culture and their memory, and substituting it with new foreign national entity that builds new culture, new history and new memory. To do this, settler colonialists have to get rid of the native people, their physical evidence, their history and their memory. They have to wipe off their existence from the world collective memory.  To colonize the land, settlers’ elite/leaders need political/religious ideology to brainwash their soldiers/settlers to get them to fight aggressively for the land. Greater Israel in the Middle East is a settler colonialist project, and Zionism/Judaism/Talmudism is its driving ideology

Zionism is a settler colonialist movement based on Judaism with two major mythical religious pillars: Jewish god’s Promised Land and the rebuilding of the alleged Solomon temple in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) so that the Jewish god would descend from his mighty heaven and live in this mundane temple, wherefrom he would subjugate all gentiles under the Jewish New World Order.

To accomplish this Zionist project it was vital for the Judaic/Talmudist elite to religiously brainwash the Jews, generations after generations, to convince them that they are God’s Chosen People, and that Palestine is their god’s promised land, and that their religious duty is to reclaim it no matter what the cost is. The Jewish invaders need to feel that the land belongs to them, and that they have a 3000-year-old continuity in the land. Without that “belonging” feeling the Jews would always feel themselves as foreigners to the land. This was expressed by the remark of Menachem Begin, once an Israeli president, in 1969:

“If this is Palestine and not the land of Israel, then you are conquerors and not tillers of the land; you are invaders. If this is Palestine, then it belongs to a people who lived here before you came.”

Brainwashing the Jews with the Talmudic teachings and ingraining its supremacist, anti-gentile, and satanically genocidal terrorist spirit in their hearts and minds were not enough. The Christian Western World, who, throughout history, had persecuted the Jews and evicted them out of many Christian countries, needed also to be programmed.

Political and religious infiltration had been the Talmudists’/Judaics’ mode of operation since St. Paul infiltrated Christianity over 2000 years ago. According to the Bible St. Paul, born Saul of Tarsus, belonged to the tribe of Benjamin with a strong Pharisaic traditions and observances (Philippians 3:5-6). He had fiercely but vainly persecuted early Christians until the crucified Jesus had allegedly appeared to him and converted him to Christianity. St Paul followed the saying “If you cannot beat them, then join them”.

Infiltration is the most effective way of manipulating the masses and nudging them into adopting beliefs and behaviors that contradict their original ideology, and eventually lead to confusion, division and disintegration. St Paul was the example to follow by all Judaic infiltrators, who penetrated all empires, governments, social, political and educational institutions, and even religions; Judeo-Christianity, Zionist Christianity and Wahhabi Islam are examples.

Through their usury money Zionist Jews were able to control the narratives of Western World. They controlled their education, their art, their religion, their theology, and their media. Thus they were able to mass brainwash the nations with their Zionist narratives even though they contradict the Christian teachings and the morality of these nations. Brainwashing was, and still is, an institution that start with children since their kindergarten years.

With the beginning of the nineteenth century the Western World was ready for the Talmudists/Judaics to launch their colonial Great Israel project. To encourage Jews to immigrate to Palestine WWI and WWII were started and Zionism was invented. In their effort to resurrect the “Promised Land” mythology Zionist recruited the science of archaeology, and especially western biblical archaeologists, to provide the necessary “scientific” relation between Jews; alleged modern Israelites, with Palestine. This became so critical especially after the German School of Biblical Criticism, led by biblical scholar and Professor Ordinarius of theology Julius Wellhausen, stated that Old Testament stories were invented during the Babylonian exile to serve certain theological purposes.

American biblical scholars and archaeologists, such as William Fox Albright, were recruited to refute Wellhausen’s claims. Albright was endorsed by (covertly Zionist financed) Biblical Colloquium; a scholarly society devoted to the analysis and discussions of biblical matters, and the preparation, publication, and distribution of biblical literature to readers and students. Albright, as well as other biblical archaeologists like him, was also honored (bribed) by the American Friends of the Israel Exploration Society. Albright’s writings; such as “Why the Near East Needs the Jews”, are plain Zionist propaganda ignoring all the history and archaeological evidence of Palestine.

These Western biblical archaeologists and scholars like William Albright, Martin Noth, G. E. Wright, and John Bright among others were so influenced and motivated by their Christian theology, specifically by the Old Testament alleged historical narrative, that they forged their Palestinian archaeological findings to fit their Christian theology regardless of realities that the findings contradicted their explanations. Influenced by their theological training, their own Christian faith, and their need to authenticate their own faith with a reliable evidence for their biblical history, these biblical archaeologists attributed their findings to the Israelites and to Solomon and David era based on mere verses in the Bible not on the true scientific archaeological research and investigation. For these scholars it was the biblical text, rather than the actual archaeological data, that determines their interpretations of the findings.

Investing so much effort, money, and their own reputation, besides the financial gains (bribes) awarded to them by Zionist organizations, these scholars were not willing to consider any alternative interpretation, other than the Biblical text, of their archaeological findings in Palestine. The reality that contradicts the mythical foundations of the Israeli identity was apparently too threatening to many, and it is more convenient and more profitable to turn a blind eye.

So, through their writings and teachings these false biblical scholars had committed a historical genocide against the Palestinian history. They had ignored the hundreds of millions year’s history of Palestine before Abraham’s immigration to the land. For them Palestine had no historical significance until inhabited by the Israelites. Palestine then became a holy land; God’s Promised Land. Although they still called the land Palestine and acknowledged the existence of indigenous inhabitants, yet they never identify them as Palestinians, rather they call them with their ethnic names; Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites and so forth, because the term Palestinians indicates ownership of the land.

It must have been very embarrassing and devastating to the reputation of these biblical scholars when independent, including Israeli, archaeologists declared that after 70 years of intensive archaeological excavations and research in Palestine and biblical area they have not found any archaeological evidence that would substantiate the biblical historical myths.

There was not even one evidence left by the claimed 3,000,000 Jewish men, women and children led by Moses out of Egypt roaming in the desert for 40 years. There is no evidence of Joshua’s destruction of Jericho. There is no evidence of the empire of David and Solomon. There is no evidence of the alleged Solomon Temple.

After the establishment of the colonial state of Israel, and especially between 1950 and 1960, archaeology became an Israeli national obsession seeking proof for their alleged roots in Palestine to assert their political claim on the land. Zionist Jews had a subconscious need to legitimize their occupation of Palestine. The Land of Israel Survey carried most of the excavations throughout Palestine. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, no such proofs were discovered despite intensive excavations.

Gradually, an Israeli historical revisionist movement was growing up comprising some courageous Israeli historians and archaeological scholars, who, based on their own research and findings, criticized and shed doubts on the credibility of the Zionist/Judaic narratives.

Ze’ev Herzog, a professor in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University, had joined Yigael Yadin; an Israeli politician, military official and archaeologist, in conducting many excavations throughout Palestine. He eventually argued that the Exodus from Egypt probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were not given on Mount Sinai, and Joshua never conquered Palestine. He casted serious doubts on David’s and Solomon’s monarchies, stating that if they existed they were probably no more than tribal chieftains.

“The many Egyptian documents known to us do not make any reference to the sojourn of the Children of Israel in Egypt or the events of the Exodus … generations of scholars tried to locate Mount Sinai and the stations of the tribes of Israel in the desert.  Despite all this diligent research, not one site was identified that could correspond to the biblical picture.”

 A more devastating blow to the Zionist/Judaic myth was dealt by the revelations of the Israeli historian Professor Shlomo Sand in his lectures and book “The Invention of the Jewish People”.  Professor Sand argues that the so-called Jewish people had never been one nation with one race, rather they came from different groups of people from different countries and different races (white European Jews, black African Jews, brown Middle Eastern Jews, and so forth) who adopted Judaism as their religion. He affirms that the contemporary “Jewish people” have no connection at all to ancient Israelites, and their history is just an invented myth. In an interview with the Israeli Ha’aretz he stated:

“The Romans did not exile peoples (Israelites) and they could not have done so even if they had wanted to. They did not have trains and trucks to deport entire populations.  That kind of logistics did not exist until the 20th century. From this, in effect, the whole book was born: in the realization that Judaic society was not dispersed and was not exiled … There are no scientific evidence or record about the exile of Jews two thousand years ago.”

He also stressed his views that the present Israeli state is just a product of Zionist colonization and concluded that:

“Jews have no origin in Palestine whatsoever and therefore their act of so-called ‘return’ to their ‘Promised land’ must be realized as invasion executed by a tribal-ideological clan.”

In his book “The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts” archaeologist Israel Finkelstein; the director of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, states that many biblical stories had never happened, but were written by what he calls “a creative copywriter’ to advance a political agenda. He disputed the biblical description of Israel as a great empire with Jerusalem as its capital, where King Solomon had built a splendid temple, and stated that Jerusalem was just a small village with a small tribe and a small temple. He states:

“There is no archaeological evidence for it. There is something unexampled in history.  I don’t think there is any other place in the world where there was a city with such a wretched material infrastructure but which succeeded in creating such a sweeping movement in its favor as Jerusalem, which even in its time of greatness was a joke in comparison to the cities of Assyria, Babylon or Egypt.  It was a typical mountain village. There is no magnificent finding, no gates of Nebuchadnezzar, no Assyrian reliefs, no Egyptian temples – nothing. Even the (Solomon) temple couldn’t compete with the temples of Egypt and their splendor … Contrary to what is usually thought, the Israelites did not go to pray in Jerusalem.  They had a temple in Samaria (today’s Sabastia) and at Beit El (Bethel).

Many archaeologist and historians have known these fact for years. All the archaeological excavations in Palestine revealed only the history of indigenous Palestinians and other invaders of the country such as ancient Egyptians, Persians and Romans. Israelites’ history in Palestine, if ever existed, would have been just a minuscular period in the vast Palestinian history and not the other way around. Not all western archaeologists were trained theologians with religious biases. Many of them had used the logical thinking and the analytical methods they have learned in their secular class rooms and came to the same conclusions many years before the Israeli revisionists. Unfortunately their findings were not widely published due to the Zionist/Talmudic control over many printing and publishing houses.

Joseph Callaway; Professor of Old Testament and Biblical archaeology, had conducted excavations in Palestine between 1964 and 1972 looking for the city of Ai that was destroyed by Joshua in 1400 B. C. according to the Old Testament. His excavated archaeological evidence indicated that the city was burnt and deserted 750 years before Joshua’s time contradiction the Old Testament’s narrative.

Kathleen Kenyon was a British leading archaeologist of Neolithic culture in the Fertile Crescent and the director of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem. Her books included “Digging up Jericho”, “Archaeology in the Holy Land”, “Amorites and Canaanites”, “Royal Cities of the Old Testament” suggest that the archaeological evidence she had excavated seemed to be inconsistent with the biblical accounts of a glorious united Israelite monarchy. The findings of her excavations of Jericho sites were also inconsistent with narrative of the book of Joshua.

After more than 70 years of archaeological excavations in Palestine, and particularly 49 years of digging under and around Al-Aqsa Mosque (their alleged Temple Mount) not one real tangible evidence was found to substantiate the existence of alleged Solomon Temple or the existence of Jewish roots in Palestine. Have they found any, they would have touted it into the face of the whole world.

The majority of the archaeologists, historians, and biblical scholars had made the grave error of considering the Bible as a historical document rather than what it really is; a sum of spiritual allegorical parables similar to the Hindu Bhagavad Gita text. Bible is not a historical document (ten minutes video) although it might have used some historical events as a background. The characters and places mentioned in the Biblical stories are nothing more than symbols for human characteristics and cosmic laws rather than actual persons and physical places.

Elias Akleh is an Arab American from a Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa by the Israeli occupation during the 1948 “Nakba”, then evicted again from Beit Jala after the 1967 “Nakseh”. He lives now in the US and write about the conflicts in the Arab World.


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