SAS chief in Iraq angry at UK running ‘Latin American-style death squads’

Details have emerged of how US and UK Special Forces clashed and drifted apart over the conduct of the Iraq occupation, with one British officer complaining about the use of tactics more akin to “Latin American-style” death squads than a modern military.

The details of the Balad special forces base and its operations, which came to shape the war, are not recounted in last week’s long-awaited report by Sir John Chilcot.

However, kill or capture operations in and around Baghdad, launched from the Balad base 50 miles (80km) north of the city, were a key if little known chapter in Britain’s shadow war, the Independent reports.

Despite killing or taking as prisoner up to 3,500 insurgents, the mission against the Sunni insurgency caused deep rifts to the point where a senior commander, himself ex-SAS, demanded to know why the UK Special Forces were “helping to run Latin American-style death squads?

The mission, under now-famed US General Stanley McChrystal, involved a shift from searching for apparently non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to man-hunting.

Antagonism over the tactics led to UK troops being banned from some operations and a UK SAS commander lodging a complaint with US authorities for talking about British involvement in operations. Another SAS colonel was also ostracized from his regiment after serving under McCrystal.

Chilcot does sketch out some of the details of the growing rift, though his report appears to leave out direct references to Special Forces operations.

US and UK strategies had, in effect, been on different courses since the UK decision to focus its attention on MND (SE) [Multi-National Division South East, the British run zone] in 2003.

As result of this decision, the UK had acquired distinctly different priorities from the US,” the 2.6-million-word report argues.

It says the UK was then only “marginally involved in the central tasks of stabilizing the Iraqi government in Baghdad and managing sectarian divisions, while it had come to see its main task in Basra as one of keeping the situation calm while building the case for withdrawal.

From that point on, it appears, the US became increasingly concerned that a wavering UK was chiefly focused on getting out of the unpopular war in the best order it could and as soon as possible.

In 2006, a former SAS soldier blew the whistle on some of the tactics used in and around Baghdad. Ben Griffin was later gagged by the UK courts for talking about his experiences, but before he was silenced told the Telegraph, “The Americans had this catch-all approach to lifting suspects. The tactics were draconian and completely ineffective.”

The Americans were doing things like chucking farmers into Abu Ghraib [the notorious prison in Baghdad where US troops abused and tortured Iraqi detainees] or handing them over to the Iraqi authorities, knowing full well they were going to be tortured,” he said at the time.

It may be of note that the SAS commander’s reference to “Latin American-style deaths squads” appears to ignore the fact that at time of the Iraq war, in July 2003, the UK was itself stepping up training of Colombian paramilitary forces.

Commenting on the revelations at the time, human rights NGO Amnesty International warned “the Colombian government has not implemented the UN human rights recommendations and military assistance only gives a green light to the army to carry on as before.

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7 Responses to "SAS chief in Iraq angry at UK running ‘Latin American-style death squads’"

  1. mike orin  July 13, 2016 at 9:22 am

    The American pigs are blameless, being only action puppets for zion’s bankers and Is.Ra.El. Makes life afterwards hard to bear, though, hence the unending suicides.

  2. volker-dee  July 13, 2016 at 12:06 am

    Is is so very much refreshing to read HOW heroic the figjht of the US and UK forces is for bringing democracy and freedom to foreign people. I still wonder why all these superheroes do still declare they would be patriots and fighting for the protection of the American / UK citizens – or for humanity for GODs sake.
    What a hypocrisy. What did they tell us about the terrible SS and the “Wehrmacht” and their atrocities in WWII. Why do you still believe these weaponized crazies are one bit better than all the guys running “Dachau”?? It is sickening to the Nth degree to watch your “heroes” behave like monsters and not quit their job! How deep does a human being have to fall to accept just ONE of these inhumane orders??
    If they would have balls, they would NEVER take part in something like this!
    FORGET this hero crap – they are butcherers at best!

    • SweetLove  July 13, 2016 at 12:39 am

      You are making a very good point volker-dee.

  3. kdk  July 12, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Ron Chandler: “No Nuremburgs for these mass murderers?”

    The masses will be fed a totally ineffectual forgiveness party, eat it up, and imagine it was they who were responsible for ending the carnage delivered onto the world. They will learn nothing and continue to be easily duped around every corner. Implants and mind interfaces will lead all our favorite people right back into business where they will learn the art of harvesting minds. The aliens will intervene and show us why they left their home planet to come here. All according to plan to inherit a sheepified populace that will accept any and all behavior.

    • Simpsons Donkey  July 12, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      Mine is a different world, wherein the human race is temple of the infinite love that created the universe. No aliens will help. The aliens whose conversations I’ve read are powerful, but they do not have the potential of we, the free elements of divinity.
      The most amazing truth is, that amongst us walks the master of perfection, who has come to us in every age, who has suffered for Syria long ago (1974) and who will never allow us to be destroyed.
      The powers of the minions of evil cannot prevail against truth and those whose minds are clarified by the true knowledge of the self. I do not name this truth or its teacher. You are free to search, to ask for this gift and to identify its giver. It is the path that is so bright, you cannot look upon it. You cannot analyse it. But the most glorious experience is to immerse yourself in it. Peace.

  4. paul becke  July 12, 2016 at 10:07 am

    It reminds me of the effort by the admiral of the German kriegsmarine, Donitz, to persuade Hitler that he ‘couldn’t’ expect first-rate fighting men (the U-boat crews) to gun down women and children. Hitler had told him that they were not to continue picking up survivors of their U-boat attacks, but machine gun them as they floated in the sea.

    Unfortunately, while engaged in a rescue operation, a U-boat crew themselves were strafed by two American planes, and that sealed it for Hitler.

    In fact, (if my memory serves me, and I’m an old geezer now), according to Rick Atkinson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian of WWII, and author of that work of genius, his Liberation Trilogy, all the ships in the Mediterranean of the Allies fired at any planes that appeared, as they had been so indiscriminately bombed by planes of all nationalities. There must have been a lot of fear on the part of all concerned. But strange-seeming to a non-combatant, even so.

  5. Simpsons Donkey  July 12, 2016 at 7:40 am

    This is a monster story which the Brit SAS is still trying desperately to cover up. InfoWars’ Steve Watson has documented, Robert Fisk of the UK’s Independent has chronicled, and cover-ups have extended to the writing, publishing and promotion of a whole book — complete bunkum — based on a fake Australian-Arab woman who joined the occupation Brit force in Basra.
    The famous Basra Incident where 2 SAS killers in Arab drag tried to bomb a Shiite mosque, killed 2 Iraqi cops and were busted (literally) out of a jail by a Brit tank, while 50 Iraqis died fighting the Poms who turned up to retrieve them. The ”’Joint Support Group”’was also used in these evil games against the IRA in Belfast.
    No surprise the evil Petraeus’ name turns up in this ‘black swan’ event, because the whole horrible thing is a testament to how the Yids’ collaborators — Petraeus, the ”ass-kissing little chickenshit” ( Admiral Fallon, to his face) have gone to great lengths to turn Shiites against Sunni.

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