Labeling Bill in US Congress Hides Genetic Tinkering With US Food Supply


An activist writes GMO danger after anti-GMO activists entered in a production site of US agro-chemicals giant Monsanto to protest against the use of GMO crops and ask for the extension of the moratory on MON810 corn, on January 17, 2014, in Trebes, southern France

Pending legislation in the US House of Representatives that ostensibly requires food companies to disclose the presence of genetically engineered ingredients will do exactly the opposite by masking the use of gene splicing at the point of sale, Food and Water Watch Assistant Director Patty Lovera told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Instead of a simple notice on the label of packaged food saying genetically altered ingredients are inside, the legislation would allow companies to adorn their labels a squiggly, black-lined QR code.

“Consumers shouldn’t have to have a smart phone, a data plan and a good signal, and have the app[lication] and know how to use it when they’re holding food to see if they want to buy it,” Lovera said. “That’s not going to give people the information they need to decide.”

The issue of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the US food supply is likely to come to a head later this week when the House of Representatives takes up legislation backed by giant US food processors and seed companies, who want the QR option.

The proposed law would also nullify a law in the US state of Vermont that requires require food companies to include four words on the label: “produced with genetic engineering.”

For those wary of GMO-laced food, the Vermont law is considered a model for other states because of its simplicity. The phrase neither constitutes a warning nor does it indicate one way or the other whether gene splicing is good or bad, Lovera explained.

Presumably a customer would have the option of saving a little money by choosing GMO food, or pay a little more for a product advertised as containing no GMOs.

To the extent the idea seems like a no-brainer, Lovera’s only explanation for the QR complication is that food and seed companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars by many estimates to lobby for the ugly little boxes instead of a simple label than even a child can understand.

When compared with other advanced industrial nations, especially inEurope, the legislation would make the United States an outlier of sorts, Lovera noted.

Food and seed companies comply with labeling laws all over the world, where many countries require GMO labeling, but the companies do not want to be told they have to do so in the United States.

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  1. I think people would be shocked to see the scale of the use of gm food ingredients. Virtually everything on offer has been tampered with.

  2. Monsanto is another very big reason for the US Gov Coup in Ukraine. Their farmlands are able to feed much of EU – and the corrupt AmeriKraine Gov with line their pockets. The Ukraine is a haven for bee keepers and Nazi’s – east Europe uses more honey than anyone else – keep your eye on the bee population there. Russia kicked Monsanto types out –a while back.

  3. Digging their heels in on this matter proves again we don’t amount to a hill of gmo soy beans, only what a sick population’s worth to big pharma-med is important.

    • yes! govt is in on it with big pharma-medical-insurance corporates, mostly foreign owned, to rake profits from deliberately trashing our health with the POISONS they have approved as “food”, “medicine”, even water (fluoride and worse). they own stock in these companies, get kickbacks bribes and other “incentives” to be doing this to us too! they have the kangaroo courts protecting them, is definitely in conflict of our interests, and criminal!

      no doubt you’ve seen me rant about “supermarket loyalty card” induvidualized data tracking for their shared information system silent technological WARFARE against us all.

  4. The GMO and labeling problem in the US functions as the barometer as to the sewer trash that influence policy. When you have individuals peddling products that have no benefit, only harm to the people. Harm in health and harm to the legislative process that protects these soulless companies. They poison our population and ecosystems and exercise a great deal of theft through patent infringement and ultimately being granted patents that no one with a soul would grant any entity. Legislative Zombies. True soulless individuals.

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