Security experts accuse Daesh, Iran and Houthis of targeting Kingdom



When the awful bomb attack in Media took place, a direct attack on the second holiest site in Islam, we knew that whatever had actually happened and regardless of who was responsible, he Wahhabist dictatorship that is the House of Saud would not tell us the truth, that they would spin events to their benefit. Years of studying and reporting on ‘terrorist’ attacks has deeply imbued me with both cynicism and skpticism; rarely are these events what they appear to be or are purported to be by the authorities.

In this case I immediately suspected that the Medina attack was the Saudi version of the Istanbul airport bombing – a false flag event intended to create some justification to subsequent plaintiff cries from the government of the attacked country that they too, are victims of this most evil and murderous ‘Islamic State’.

Well, I’m not buying it, not for one fraction of one second; in both the Istanbul and Media attacks, IS has been blamed which proves to me that they are nothing more than false flag attacks carried out by the governments of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. I say this because as we at VT have documented many times now, IS is the creation of the Turks and Saudis (in conjunction with their Israeli, US and NATO collaborators); therefore, IS attacking Turkey or Saudi is clearly a case of using your own terrorists to attack your own people – a most cruel, ruthless and downright evil method of manipulating public opinion.

The Saudis have had so much bad press recently, with even mainstream media acknowledging their role in supporting IS and other ‘opposition’ groups in Syria and Iraq that an attack against them by ‘IS’ would allow them to crow to the media that they are also victims of IS and hopefully deflect some of the criticism they have been on the receiving end of. However, they are also pointing the finger of blame at Iran, their sworn enemies, the nation they despise above all others and are engaged in proxy wars against in both Yemen and Syria.

The mere fact that Iran is being blamed is proof positive that this attack in Medina is yet another false flag intended to further a political agenda, in this case, the agenda of the House of Saud.

Arab News
Security experts accuse Daesh, Iran and Houthis of targeting Kingdom

CAIRO: Condemnation by experts and politicians in Egypt continued against the terrorist attack near the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and in Qatif.

Analysts and experts said no sane Muslim would think or dare target the Prophet’s Mosque and its visitors. They stressed that this operation revealed the ugly face of terrorism and its false claims of defending Islam. They held the Iranian militia responsible for these acts, and their Houthi followers, as well as Daesh.

Experts confirmed the ability of security forces in the Kingdom to reveal the dimensions of this incident and those who stand behind it. Experts said this attempt was made to disturb the stability of the Kingdom and threaten guests of the Prophet’s Mosque, in order to take revenge after the Kingdom thwarted their chances of disturbing the Haj season by standing firm against schemes which they wanted to implement in the Kingdom.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali, an expert in fighting international terrorism, said Iran, the Houthi and Daesh should be held responsible for the terrorist attacks near the Prophet’s Mosque, which points to their moral bankruptcy since they have reverted to individual operations which targeted small victims and a big media coverage.

He said their desire for media coverage was the secret behind choosing the Prophet’s Mosque because of its status in the Muslim world. He said this attack comes after the security successes of the Kingdom’s police, which were represented in clever preemptive and effective operations that directed heavy blows to Daesh and rocked the ground under the feet of their Iranian allies. He added that Saudi Arabia has high-level intelligence apparatuses which enabled them to reveal the dimensions of the conspiracy and its perpetrators.

He revealed that the Kingdom’s contribution enabled the United States and some European countries to expect dangerous terrorist acts and frustrate them. He stressed that Saudi security apparatuses are among the best in the world in facing terrorism, which was another reason behind these acts to embarrass Saudi police. However, their scheme backfired and Saudi Arabia received global sympathy.

Maj. Gen. Rifaat Abdulhamid, a former assistant to the minister of interior, said the revealing the Iranian conspiracy, which was being planned for the coming Haj season, is the main reason behind the latest attack near the Prophet’s Mosque.

Abdulhamid downplayed the importance of the Iranian condemnation of the incident, saying it is a formal act that doesn’t relieve them from the responsibility, especially since it revealed their true intentions because of the Kingdom’s strict stance toward their intervention in the region.

He said terrorism should be defined in the Arab World, and extremist elements should be isolated, in addition to drying up the sources of funding and putting strict global punishments in place anyone who finances terrorism.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bilal, a strategic expert and commander of the Egyptian forces in Decisive Storm, said Saudi police and intelligence are among the most successful in facing terrorism, saying the terrorist lone wolf operations are hard to face 100 percent because it is difficult to monitor information and decrease the chances of eliminating them fully.

Bilal stressed that security forces in the Kingdom have a good reputation in facing terrorism, especially after the successful strikes it directed against the structure of terrorist groups, forcing them to adopt the lone wolf strategy.

He added some of these operations could achieve their goals, but they won’t have huge losses and the Saudi police are capable of facing these situations and decreasing their risks to the minimum.

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  1. There is no issue in Israel with the military/ability of KSA. My dad was there (KSA) in the early 80s with Peace Sun II in Taif. The Saudis have never had any intentions towards Israel. On the other hand they were absolutely terrified of Iran. Then there is the subject of Saudi military and their actual ability, which was a joke within the western techs who worked there(you can lead a Saudi to a plane, but you can’t teach him to fly it). The Saudi military is a complete joke, witness their inability to deal with Yemen. Israel and the House of Saud have been in bed together since at least 1975, when the Shah started to make expansion noises in the Gulf…which was the reason the CIA returned Khomeini to Iran to get rid of the Shah. Oh, and another bit of info…The Shah claimed to have nukes (from France) that he said was to deter the Russians(and US too)…which explains why the US had a cow and recently instituted more sanctions against Iran for developing new ICBMs.

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