UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt


Update with initial analysis from VT’s nuclear expert, Jeff Smith, written after he saw the above video:

That’s a plasma blast all right. It’s a low level air burst. Most likely a small nuclear trigger. The lights didn’t go out so no major EMP field. Need to know what was the target and is there a crater. Check for melted car air conditioner radiators and on buildings too. Heat damage. etc.

Jeff then did a second-by-second analysis of that video and had this to say:

Not good. This is serious stuff….Not TNT or napalm. Not fuel air mixture. Fuel air leaves an oily residue. White phosphorus leaves a gray smoke trail. If nuke less than 0.5kt, based on fireball size and duration. Need blast damage photos to verify 100%… Looks just like the one we reported on in Syria last week on VT. These are 4th, 5th generation nuclear triggers using lithium and deuterium with a minimal amount of Uranium….. 500ft fire ball for 3 seconds max. Above ground detonation meaning air dropped. A 750lb bomb from an F-16 can’t do that. Single burst not multiple burst. – Jeff


As we have been reporting for the last several hours, there is some form of coup attempt going on in Turkey, Erdogan fled to Marmaris and was reduced to making a public statement over Facetime on his iphone, tanks and troops were all over Istanbul and Ankara.

The situation is still far from clear, we do not know if the coup will be a success or not.

However, we have discovered, thanks to vigilant VT reader Rob Sharp who spotted these videos and made the screenshots, that a tactical nuclear weapon was detonated at the Turkish parliament building in Ankara.

The above screen capture shows the typical pattern seen when a nuclear explosion is captured by a digital sensor; the second image below of the same explosion at an different stage shows an incredibly bright fireball, far too bright to be a conventional explosion of any sort.

Screenshot - 160716 - 11 07 45

Who is responsible for this nuclear explosion is unknown, whether it will be acknowledged by Erdogan or anyone else in the mainstream is unknown, where the nuke came from is uknown too, but we are on the case and will report on any further developments or info as we get them.


  1. End product, end line… “Never, ever put your trust in a JEW”! But in this case, who then are the Saudis..acestrally!!!

  2. Since an F-16 micro-nuked the Turkish parliament building (with +/-150 members in session), we know that there MUST have been non-Turk involvement in the Faux Coup. Erdogan/MIT don’t have 4th/5th gen. +/-0.5-kiloton micro-nukes (also not at Incirlik). Confirmed by VT’s resident nuke experts, but awaiting on-ground inspection & pics for bomb damage assessment (BDA).

    4th/5th gen. micro-nukes also used on 9/11 by RKM as per VT (with Russian & U.S. DoE sources). Other “exotic weaponry” also a possibility/probability on 9/11 as per Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, others & me. Farrell shows the likely involvement of a “Third Level,” still-existing, Fascist/Nazi mafia on 9/11. Thus, RKM and/or Fascist/Nazi mafia involvement in the Turk Faux Coup is likely. Definitely NOT Erdogan/Turk-only.

    Erdogan has now cut electric & water to Incirlik Air Base — home of 84 B61 nukes — due to alleged but implausible coup complicity from Incirlik. Erdogan also mandated a “No-Fly Zone” around Incirlik (thus shutting down U.S.-led coalition anti-Daesh/ISIS bombing in Syria). Saudi F-16s modified by RKM to carry B61s also at Incirlik; so, the B61 nukes may be in play. Of course, the Faux Coup may distract some from another WW3 attempt by The Cabal. VT is on this — ‘like white on rice.’

  3. VT you guys should add this update: Apparently incirlik air base has been sealed due to links with the coup. This is the same base where many foreign forces, especially AAmerican are present. It is also the base that houses nuclear weapons. Coincidence? Most likely not.

    • Yes, we are working on this now, Incirlik and those B-61 nukes are never far from our minds these days.

  4. Looks like they are been deniably more open with tactical nukes, this is obviously a highly volatile scenario. They need to thrash out a deal regarding Turkey, Syria and Iraq..

  5. Use of nukes has been more common than even we suspected until fairly recently, this is a subject we will be writing more on in the near future, which was already in the works before Ankara.

  6. Too early to have answers to your questions I’m afraid, but subsequent events will make things clearer. We are on the case of course and as we know more, so will the VT readers.

  7. Looking at the photo, we can see, very roughly, that the fireball diameter is around
    four times the height of the building seen in the photo on the left side of the explosion.
    Wikimedia has a photo titled «Grande assemblée nationale de Turquie», and shows
    a building of three floors, perhaps 15 m tall. This gives a fireball diameter of order of
    magnitude 60 meters. Of course normal chemical explosives also produce heat as
    well as flames. But of a much lower core temperature. We are the left to consider
    a weight of 1 kiloton TNT ? Are there any flying machines that can lift that many tons?

    • A big conventional bomb is of the order of 3-5000kg. The hard points on most fighter bombers are rated for a max of 2,000-2,500kg if memory serves me correctly.
      So no, nothing is going to carry a thousand tons of TNT, nothing that can fly anyways.

    • It’s not the weight, that is just a matter of lift and thrust – put enough wings on it and enough shove behind it and it will fly. The Antonov An-225 weighs 285 metric tons and flies on 6 jet engines, so to fly 1000 tons, roughly four times the lift and thrust of the Antonov would be in the ball park.

    • I’m not sure where the thousand tonne theory comes from — the building is still standing and even has some of its paint, so it would have been a very much smaller blast.

      If the damage is actually consistent with a thousand tonnes, it is certainly not a conventional explosion. It is not feasible to set off fifty truckloads of explosive sufficiently concurrently to prevent the initial milliseconds of blast from scattering the rest of the fuel before it detonates. It would all have to be wired to go off at the same time with a huge number of detonators to prevent even a few milliseconds of delay in essence it would have to be detonated like a thousand one tonne explosions that happened to be very close to each other.

      Lifting a thousand tonnes is N/A. At some point the structure of the plane gets too heavy to lift itself — each additional tonne of structure eventually does not increase the payload by at least as much as the weight it contributes. Everything can’t be scaled up indefinitely. More wing will need more engine and more airframe and more landing gear and etc. The curve eventually tops out and starts heading back down. So just as there is a maximum size for an elephant before it can’t lift its own feet, and a maximum tonnage that a truck can be designed to carry, and a maximum length for a steel cable, there is a maximum payload to the conventional aircraft technology.

    • It’s clearly a single blast, and very hot and very big, but I’m not sure where the thousand tonnes comes from. Maybe someone can explain how the fireball size relates to yield.

  8. If the formula is applied to a charge of 1 kiloton, we obtain a maximum fireball
    diameter of 55 meters. Inserting W = 10 kilotons then gives a significantly
    larger diameter of 138 meters. ( R = 226 ft )

    • Jeff will have to answer this, but I think that the formula you used is for the old types of nukes and doesn’t work with the 4th and 5th gen exotic designs. We don’t see the emp (lights stayed on) and hard radiation (no scintillation) of the older types of nuke either, and both of those are indicators that it was a low yield device.

  9. According to Glasstone abd Dolan (p70) the relationship between the average radius
    and yield is given approximately by R ( at thermal equilibrium ) = ca. 90 W^0.4, where
    R is the fireball radius in feet and W is the explosion yield in kilotons TNT equivalent.
    I think an estimate for R may be found by comparing with the outlines of the buildings

  10. Will be interesting to see this play out. What is the big picture? I’d love an analysis of the global perspective by Gordon, including the important strategical and tactical factions.

    Are we seeing a situation where groups at the highest level start panicking? To what level can design be maintained? The Global play field has become increasingly complex and thus unpredictable on high levels.

    Externally it has either been made seen for deception purposes or is real, the fight for power between the RKM and an other, more obscure group (equally demonic). It seems it’s connected to the Jesuits but so far it has been difficult for me to understand what interests that group carry.

    Since major events take place in many different places at the same time it’s only natural to assume they are interlinked.

    I offer that what we see play out on a global macro level is the result, or manifestation, of the sum total of the level of consciousness of humanity. I.e. consciousness graded from the lower levels of egotism, greed, lack of empathy, materialism, ignorance etc, to the higher levels of selfless love, integrity, empathy, knowledge, goodness etc.

    Humans need help to go back being humans again.

  11. Incorrect, no mention was made of scintillation. The identification of this as a nuke was based on the plasma ball – the white hot area, nothing conventional can do that. The small size and short duration indicate an above ground explosion of a 4th or 5th gen nuke around 0.5kt.We will be able to fully verify this once we get to see the blast damage.

  12. Another “Reichstag Fire”? The Cabal nukes itself — just to ensure that The Cabal retains power?

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