Turkey: ‘Coup attempt’ is highly dubious and suspicious

Hitler had the Reichstag burned down to consolidate the Nazi grip on power; did Edogan have Turkey's parliament nuked to achieve the same result?
Hitler had the Reichstag burned down to consolidate the Nazi grip on power; did Edogan have Turkey's parliament nuked to achieve the same result?
Hitler had the Reichstag burned down to consolidate the Nazi grip on power; did Erdogan have Turkey’s parliament nuked to achieve the same result?

Just what did and did not happen in Turkey yesterday is going to take some time to establish; however, the key thing to takeaway from the whole sorry debacle is that the dictator Erdogan is still in power and his grip on power was  not weakened by the ‘coup’ attempt but rather, strengthened, especially in terms of popular support among the masses.

Media organisations such as Dogan, Hurriyet and others were still operating and putting out pro-Erdogan information, including updating their websites, long after they were supposedly seized by the coup plotters.

Gordon and I were monitoring the Turkish news websites while all this drama was being played out; they continued to operate and the tone of their coverage did not alter one iota – it remained steadfastly pro-Erdogan. At the same time, Gordon was on Skype with the Kurdish security in Erbil and it is our impression that Kurdish leader Barzani had been warned in advance.

This was a very strange coup, there were no apparent leaders, no-one came forward to make statements to the public or to try to garner support; quite clearly, even during a coup, Erdogan’s ego would not allow any criticism of himself or his regime. Who lead this coup? We have no idea as no-one came forward. This is clear proof that the whole deal was a pantomime, a set-up designed to bolster Erdogan’s regime after it had suffered a series of foreign policy failures.

pro-Erdogan civilians standing on a Turkish army tank in Istanbul
pro-Erdogan civilians standing on a Turkish army tank in Istanbul

A real coup would have accused him of rigging elections, cosying up to Israel, accepting bribes from Saudi monarchists, peddling ISIS’s stolen oil in partnership with his son and Barzani, the Kurdish strongman and, most insidious of all; killing the ‘golden goose’ by losing the EU Visa deal due to Brexit.

We have noted Erdogan’s role in:

  • aiding in the terror attacks in France along with his partners Israel and Saudi Arabia, perhaps even the Nice attack itself, we aren’t sure yet, but ALL of the others.
  • his refugee game and his partnership with Merkel, not only brought about Brexit but will likely gut Turkey’s greatest market, the European Union, leaving it a broken and empty shell
  • what’s with the apology to Russia, oh please, we weren’t buying that one

If we know Erdogan is behind these things, then rest assured any real coup plotters inside Turkey would know all this and more besides; they would have had the TV stations they supposedly seized to make these accusations and charges against Erdogan but instead, all we got was a short and obtuse statement read out by a newscaster.

Israel modified 13 F-16s in 2013 to enable them to carry nukes, we expect that it was one of these f-16s that flew low over Ankara and dropped some type of low yield nuke on the parliament building; in effect that explosion was a flash bang designed to gather people’s attention; no doubt it will be spun by the Erdogan regime for it’s own propaganda benefit in the coming days. Five Israeli-trained Saudi specialists were brought into Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey last year, ostensibly in order to oversee Saudi air missions; however, no such missions took place, no Saudi aircraft joined them at Incirlik. We now strongly suspect that we saw some of their handiwork in play last night.

The plasma ball of the nuke that exploded outside Ankara’s parliament building last night

VT’s resident expert on all things nuclear, US Dept of Energy Physicist and former UN/IAEA nuclear inspector Jeff Smith was able to immediately identify the explosion at Ankara’s parliament building as that of a small, low yield 4th or 5th generation nuclear device, a lithium-deuterium bomb using very little uranium and producing no EMP or dangerous fallout but making a big bang and bright flash.

Do not be surprised if Erdogan and his media people spin this attack on the parliament to their own benefit; they will doubtlessly propagandise the event – a ‘burning of the Reichstag’ in order to further secure Erdogan’s death grip on power inside Turkey. We are very curious to see if he acknowledge the use of a nuclear weapon, which would be the first time since Nagasaki in 1945 that any government has done so.

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  1. I watched this unfold on MSM and alternative media. What struck me was the fact that the attack on the Parliament building was played up on MSM, while mentioned in alternative media. I asked myself a simple question: What would be the reason behind an attack on the Parliament Building? The only thing I could come up with is that it would enrage the public…something that would be quite counter-productive to the success of a coup, so why do it? It would only serve to strengthen the position of the ‘protector’ (savior) of the nation, Erdogan. That alone told me that there was a smell in the air. Also the taking of ‘hostages’ at media offices, with no one in charge acting as spokesman. Doesn’t come across as a very organized operation bent on succeeding, does it? All followed by massive arrests of ‘conspirators’, who are the very people that would have to be circumvented to quickly consolidate power to a Pasha. Designed to fail, with maximum propaganda effect.

  2. See Obama. Take a clue. No punk little ‘Day of Rage’. Stage a coup. THEN you can remain POTUS. Got to be careful, though, could go ‘live’.

  3. Perhaps we also should analyse this man-going-down-in-front-of-the-bridge-video. it reminded me of this blank shooting at (was it ) Paris? where the Nike sportshoe was placed near the car. He goes down before the flash of lightning of the shot in front of him.

    • This has nothing to do with Hilary. As for the RKM, they are undoubtedly involved in this as they are behind the entire war on terror and the mess in the middle east.

    • Hillary Clinton’s virtually immediate statement after faux coup initiation: “We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions and basic human rights and freedoms – and support for the democratically elected civilian government.” As if Hillary knew that the fake coup was coming and had her statement prepared. Even John Kerry was initially more noncommittal.

      A 4th/5th gen. micro-nuke is NOT something that Erdo-Gone’s MIT could have done on their own. Reichstag Fire deja vu all over again (updated). With a little help from Bush-Clinton/NeoCon CIA boys & girls (and maybe Bibi/Rotten-Child).

      Although Erdogan’s faux coup may initially shore up his flank in Turkey, Erdogan is probably still Erdo-Gone. Erdogan can’t afford to do much more stupid stuff vis-a-vis Russia & Syria. Bibi’s & Obama’s ideas to team up with Putin are good for all concerned. To save his ass, Erdogan may follow — soon.

    • They try to focus us on another events every minute of the day now so we forget about the things before. You know that most people only have a short span of attention. This is what I wanted to say.

    • Very true, I hope we are countering that to some degree by reminding people of the key bits of the ongoing agenda that underpin these events.

  4. Erdo-Gone, a bad Crisis Actor (image — copy & paste to browser): 4.bp.blogspot.com/-KtcUB5Z_y8c/V4nAG_VK9HI/AAAAAAAAYYU/InyRtqEvKgAAI_P3y48dK3JeoEKmdvPBQCLcB/s640/Coup%2BFake.PNG.

    Erdogan’s MIT mounts a fake coup, sees which military join the fake coup, then arrests/executes them.

    In “The Sham Saddam Scam,” we had a “Spider Hole” and a Sham Saddam. For Erdo-Gone’s Fake Coup, we have the Rabbit Hole, the Reichstag Hole or the Turkey Hole. Gobble, Gobble. Turk You, and Merci Faux Coup!

    • Erdo staged this so he could (then) grab additionale power…and it was also perhaps an attempt at intimidating future (legit) Turkey coup ambitions

  5. Some of the arrested soldiers reported that they thought it was nothing but a exercise, reported RT. All that this served was Erdogan consolidating his position even more and this time dealing with what posed the biggest danger to him, the military. With this move he discredited it entirely in the eyes of the people, whoever wanted to actually toppled him either jumped on the coup-train and got duped, or didnt , but they got nothing now. Now Erdogan claims this was a ‘gift from God’ and now he can cleanse the military….false-flag coup!

  6. What happens now vis a vie Turkey and Syria, Erdogan’s support for ISIS? Is Erdogan’s apology to Russia still good? Will Erdogan send his tanks into Syria?

  7. See this and laugh

    Black Lives Matter Protests Flop, Main Stream Media Lies
    ht tps://youtu. be/e7Y17JgqKok

  8. Attempting a coup against himself is the oldest tactic of the world to see who is for him or against him. It splits the population into fractions who must now let see the color of his/her underwear and slips the mask away.
    Another Reichstagsbrand, nothing more than that.
    If they love to be lead by a criminal more than to be lead by law and order it´s a sign how sick a society is.

  9. False is the new truth. Death is life. Dull is the new genius. wrong is right, and down is up. Pay attention to Hollywood productions for they are the seers. The future is the past. History is in a constant loop. Old is new. How many times must we watch the same movie?

  10. Cheers John. Jeff is only 90-something % certain until he sees the photos of the damage, but he’s being cautious, we simply don’t know of anything other than a nuke that produces a plasma ball like we see in the Anakra incident. What next is a tricky question but rest assured, we are working on it!

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