Duff on Rense: Nuclear Threat on America, the Hard Proof (updated graphics)


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By Jeff Smith, Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh, Editors at Veterans Today


Intelligence received by Veterans Today has led to making a startling and unpleasant announcement.  We have reason to believe that the US and/or any nation of Europe, including Russia, may well be attacked by ISIS using a nuclear weapon, not “dirty bomb,” at any time including today.

The documents below when viewed by someone with a background in chemical engineering outline the capability of a “non state player” to build a limited output nuclear device which could and we fear will be delivered somewhere.


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  1. Greetings Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta…
    Could such an attack by “Islam” on a US or Western Christian Symbol target justify a “Christian” “low yield” response in kind. Could that be the site of the Temple to be built? The plans have been drawn, the funds are no problem and the only thing left is clearing the site to break ground. Who benefits and who wishes to start WW3 because resistance is mounting, protocol VII? Who wishes to initiate the 3rd Kingdom?

  2. HM, JB & JH: Listen to Duff. Go play anti-Zionist “PC” somewhere else.

    No matter who initiated it, we need to catch the fuel rod boys before they strike.

    If you don’t have something to contribute to that objective, go play anti-Zionist “PC” somewhere else.

  3. JB: So, Jews killed JC (too)? Not necessarily a bad thing (if he lived). Sacred Cow & Bull Al-Gored?

    The Cabal is multifaceted, multireligious & multiethnic, not necessarily Khazarian, as Preston says.

    If ‘The Cabal’ gets its intent, then WASPs too are dead – not needed. Only 500M needed? Is that OK?

    Electromagnetism is not the only misunderstood game in town (gravity too — plus strong & weak forces).

    As per conventional science & VT politics, much of what you say is ‘right,’ but not necessarily true.

  4. You can thank the peanut farmer from Georgia for signing an EO in ’77 which banned reverse processing of nuclear fuel to make it ultimately inert. All of our nuclear facilities, and storage facilities, are sitting on a time bomb. If an EMP is ever deployed, these sites will ultimately self-destruct, covering the USA in a nuclear fog.

  5. the issue here is proving that 18 percent reactor waste, medium enriched, can make bombs. This is what is proven given that it is established and admitted that ISIS has sought and received tons of this crap. There is no real role for comments here, this is only published for limited audience who may be able to react if such is allowed, which it probably isn’t.

  6. And based on current behaviors perhaps Australia should think twice about whom they allow in to their waters.

  7. Maybe get out of Cleveland just to be safe, Mr. Duff. Also watch out for fireworks in the South China Sea and the Pacific. Any diversionary tactic at any cost to keep status quo. This is no longer, nor was it ever acceptable. We, and especially our young people everywhere on the planet, deserve much better.

    • Cleveland is safe enough. PRC will win on SCS issues — regardless of the Cabal-controlled UN decision. ‘Fireworks’ not needed. PRC issue on SCS is primarily navigability — without blockages, not even abundant SCS resources (thus maintaining status-quo scarcity), which should be & would be shared by all concerned. The Cabal disputes result in shutdown of abundancy development. As intended.

  8. FAS stands for «Federation of american Scientists». I doubt it details the latest developments, though. But the basic physics is always the same.

    • Kaho: “Basic Physics” is changing — moving closer to truth, which U.S. schools do NOT teach. Einstein was full of shit and VERY incomplete. Russian & other physics is better (e.g., Kozyrev, Tesla etc.). Jeff Smith & VT are beginning to tell us the truth.

  9. That was a quote from “fas”, the site where extensive open source information is available.
    I am not sure why the first part did not get through. Maybe I used some word or expression
    that causes stuff to be filtered out?

  10. The atoms do not release the energy as kinetic energy but release it in the form of large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. In an atmospheric detonation, this electromagnetic radiation, consisting chiefly of soft x-ray, is absorbed within a few meters of the point of detonation by the surrounding atmosphere, heating it to extremely high temperatures and forming a brilliantly hot sphere of air and gaseous weapon residues, the so-called fireball. Immediately upon formation, the fireball begins to grow rapidly and rise like a hot air balloon. Within a millisecond after detonation, the diameter of the fireball from a 1 megaton (Mt) air burst is 150 m. This increases to a maximum of 2200 m within 10 seconds, at which time the fireball is also rising at the rate of 100 m/sec. The initial rapid expansion of the fireball severely compresses the surrounding atmosphere, producing a powerful blast wave, discussed below.

    • Otherwise, scarey but important stuff — but stuff about which others & we can do something. The Rense audio/video was riveting — well worth a listen.

  11. Well, they already actively cover-up at least two nukes going off in America. The idea of it happening again probably wouldn’t bother them too much. Then they get their dream of total surveillance, and a brain-dead — victims of Stockholm Syndrome I guess is the nice way to say it — populace begging for tyranny.

  12. Those nuclear power plants were neven intended to boil water and create energy, their only purpose were weapons creation. All other things are just a kind of waste like for medical purposes for diagnosis or cancer treatment.

  13. (Written by moronic conspiracy freak with no name) I think that maybe the DIA is duping Gordon and VT, getting set for a false-flag (unless VT is actually just a DIA front, which I have begun to suspect). ISIL is the DIA, which is a pawn of the House of Rothschild / University of Wisconsin.

    They have been blackmailing DIA into helping them set-up JSOC, whom they really fear badly, by using evidence of civilian aircraft shootdowns–including Iran Air 655 and TWA 800.

    When the dirt gets released, no American anywhere on Earth will be safe–and all those JSOC troops in the Mid-East will be the first to die.

    • Let’s see… DIA ~= Duff & VT ~= DIA ~= ISIL ~= DIA ~= Rothschild. So, let’s call JSOC… Yawn…

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