Israeli MP: Erdogan’s fake Turkish coup was ‘poor stage performance’

Alexander Tsinker
Alexander Tsinker
Alexander Tsinker

The western mainstream media has danced around this issue with almost no-one daring to blatantly state the obvious – that the ‘coup’ in Turkey was a setup from the start, that Erdogan ‘s people stage-managed events in order to create suitable conditions to carry out a huge purge of any and all opposition to Erdogan’s autocratic regime and allowing him to create a totalitarian dictatorship. One man who has spoken out is former Israeli MP Alexander Tsinker, albeit in an interview with Armenia state media. 



Military coup attempt in Turkey reminds poor stage performance – says Alexander Tsinker

In an interview with “Armenpress”, former MP of the Israeli Parliament, founder of the Israel-Armenia inter-parliamentary friendship group Alexander Tsinker said the military coup attempt in Turkey was more like a performance.

“If we analyze this failed coup attempt in Turkey, we can conclude that the only person who received the maximum benefit from these events was Erdogan. This dubious military rebellion attempt reminds a poor stage performance where the process and the content are not so important than the conclusions which followed the end of the process. 2839 rebels, generals, senior officials, soldiers are arrested, an order was given also to arrest additional 2745 judges and prosecutors, cleansing started against Gulen’s supporters. Erdogan demands the US the extradition of Gulen to Turkey without excluding the possibility of imposing a death penalty against the coup initiators”, the MP said.

He said Erdogan will definitely use this coup attempt.

“This is definitely a victory for Erdogan. He had a lot of interior political mistakes, the situation was already explosive in the country, but today not only his supporters, but also those who are against him went out to the streets. Erdogan dreamed of restoring the Ottoman Empire and he will definitely use this failed coup in order to strengthen pressures on Turkey’s opposition which is against the Islamization of Turkey. Today the country is turning into an authoritarian sultanate where the democratic freedoms will be gradually eliminated under the slogans of the fight against rebels, terrorists and traitors”, Alexander Tsinker said.

Nearly 290 people were killed in the failed military coup in Turkey on July 15. According to official data, the number of wounded reaches to 1440.



  1. Well, this little gem kinda makes up my mind for me. I’ve lately seen speculation that all was not well within the cabal in relation to Erdogan. Sibel Edmonds recently reported a possible NATO move against Erdogan, citing a possible coup. Erdodan claims this is more infiltration by Gulenists. Edmonds describes Gulen as a CIA front, with a world wide network worth $20+B. Now we see an ex-Israeli MP inferring that Erdogan staged the whole thing. I admit, that was exactly my first thought too, but after looking at other analysis, am no longer so sure…especially since I treat anything from an Israeli source as a psyop. Edmonds says it’s not over and Erdo has to go and will, to be replaced by someone worse. Maybe Erdogan has decided to play nice with Russia, since the EU deal sank, then talking to Assad…Hmmmm. Then there’s the question of who the 17 people on the downed chopper were.

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