Is Egypt next? – Muslim Brotherhood hails Turkish defense of democracy

‘Turkish people have shaped a historic day’ says Muslim Brotherhood figure Abdullah El-Haddad

The Muslim Brotherhood is a front for Western intelligence, always has been; furthermore, Erdogan, totalitarian dictator of Turkey is closely tied to the Brotherhood which in effect, places Turkey firmly under the influence of Western intelligence, and by extension, the Zionist cabal that long ago infiltrated all Western intelligence agencies.

Therefore, when the Brotherhood praises Erdogan and his survival of the ‘coup’ then in the same breath almost, says how much they would like Egypt to follow suit with a similar coup against it’s current government alarm bells are set a-ringing here at VT.

Sources in the Middle East have been expressing concern that Egypt was going to be plunged into the same chaos, strife and civil war as Syria, Iraq and Libya for quite a while now, therefore we have been keeping an eye on Egypt and related events. If a ‘coup’ takes place in Egypt anytime soon, rest assured it will be every bit as fake as the Turkish one and will have the purpose of regime change to one more convivial to the US and compliant with it’s foreign policy objectives – A puppet state, castrated and broken by outside interference.

World Bulletin
Muslim Brotherhood hails Turkish defense of democracy

Abdullah El Haddad, son of jailed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Haddad and brother of Gehad el-Haddad, jailed senior adviser and media spokesman for the group, has spoken to Anadolu agency about the failed coup in Turkey.

“Turkish people have shaped a historic day” and “gave hope to millions of Egyptians”, Haddad said.

A group within the Turkish army associated with Fetullah extremist Organization (FETO) attempted a coup on July 15. Millions of Turkish people took to the streets and more than 240 lost their lives and 1,500 were injured while defending democracy.

“They showed significant courage and steadfastness. People from all ethnicities, beliefs and political backgrounds were united against the attempted coup,” Abdullah El-Haddad said, adding:

“They managed to resist the guns and tanks with bare chests. My heart goes with those who lost their loved ones. Turkish people shaped a new historic day in the country’s modern history.”

Haddad, who is former spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood in the U.K., has said he was “shocked” when he heard about the coup attempt.

“First, I was shocked, then when I saw the tanks, I started to go through a deja vu and I was worried because in Egypt it ended with bloodshed,” he said. “When people started to go on the streets to celebrate and army tanks started to withdraw, I felt proud of my Turkish brothers and sisters who fought hard for their country.”

The government’s response to the attempt was very crucial that night, Haddad stressed. He also emphasized the importance of the opposition parties’ response to the attempted coup.

“The president, along with the elected government officials, managed to counter the attempted coup by conducting smart decisions and mobilizing people on the streets. For us, as anti-coup activists, we learned much from their efforts,” he said.

“Unfortunately, in Egypt’s case, the Egyptian opposition welcomed the army’s coup, supported mass killings and helped the Egyptian junta in their extreme crackdown on the anti-coup movement.”

Haddad has said that both “Egyptian and Turkish junta have the same corrupted values”.

“They disregarded the people’s will, pointed their guns at their fellow citizens and carried out human rights violations,” he added.

A UN Security Council statement on Saturday condemned the coup attempt and called on all parties in Turkey to respect the country’s “democratically elected government”. However, it failed to be adopted after Egypt’s objection to the terminology. Regarding Egypt’s objection, Haddad said:

“It is no surprise that [President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi] would make such move. The successful counter-coup efforts and the pictures of the arrested generals would be a nightmare for Sisi and his junta.”

Haddad stated that the resistance of “the Turkish people gave hope to millions of Egyptians by countering this attempted coup”.

“As an Egyptian whose father and brother are imprisoned by Sisi’s junta, I feel more hopeful that that the Egyptian coup will come to an end and I will be able to see them again,” he stated.

After the coup attempt in Turkey, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has offered its “deepest congratulations to Turkey – the people, the president and the government – on defeating the traitorous military coup attempt”.

In a statement published on its official website on July 17, the group said:

“The Muslim Brotherhood takes this opportunity to express its appreciation for Turkey’s honorable stances in all important issues around the world in support of truth and justice, rejecting military coups, especially the treacherous military coup in Egypt.”



  1. Greetings Ian Greenhalgh…
    Kevin Barret’s work is quiet relevant for those with eyes to see. Granted sometimes his passion overflows, but that should never be a reason to be attacked by the new rookie.
    Since, Mr. Duff’s attack on Kevin’s religious belief from an atheist’s point of view during a Truth Jihaf show ( I blame Kevin for not realizing he was being set up as it appeared to me), I have noticed your constant personal attack on Kevin without much substance to speak of. A hack job I should say.
    He welcomed you on his show to a debate like the gentleman he is, so why don’t you take up the invitation and let us see if you are going to put up or maybe you should shut up. Your voice sounds weak and strained unlike Kevin’s. Maybe you have a case of voice envy or maybe you sense a divide between Mr. D and Kevin and you are trying to get brownie points.
    Additionally, I find your analysis on the ME shallow.
    What is happening at VT? And why is VT never under attack by anyone with one word? Help Mr. Dean? We are in need of a wee bit of assistance here.

  2. Greetings Perigrene…
    You want proof, do your homework and look up their leaders’ masonic history and photos. Here is one proof, they invented the suicide explosive vest. Do your homework.
    If you can read Arabic, google the book by their #3 man, explaining their two tier organizational chart. One outer and public and one inner and secret.
    True Muslims do not assassinate, period. There is an Arabic saying, that 60 yesrs under oppressive rule is better than a night without a ruler.
    The Law (Sharia) states: Do not allow those who seek rule to be leaders. Why? Could be to keep psychopaths from becoming leaders? Hint: 2016 elections. What did Morsi do? He declared he wants the leadership of Egypt.
    The Law (Sharia) states: that legislation should be by council of all qualified. What did the MBH do when they came to power, they began writing the constitution to the exclusion of all others.
    They say to know a man’s true character wait until he is in power.

  3. Well, I expect Kevin’s work on Egypt is much like his work on Turkey recently – irrelevant at best, at worst, deliberate obfuscation of the real issues.

  4. Really, Mr. Greenhalgh?

    Western governments also recognized the Al-Sisi coup that overthrew Egypt’s previous MB-dominated administration. I will concede that the MB is infiltrated, but I want proof that the entire MB organization is controlled by western intel agencies before I believe that yarn.

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