Obama denies US had prior knowledge about Turkey’s coup

Erdogan survives...for now

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by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Note: We can hardly expect Obama to publicly admit that the US had advance knowledge of the coup. But then that requires us to believe that, with all the US intercept security within its operational base at Incirlik, our military did not pick up on the Turkish Air Force running a key part of the coup operation from there.

There is no chance in hell that could have happened without our Intel people picking up on it. Heads would have rolled if they did not. So both sides, as I concluded in the interview, are engaged in theatrics here purely for public consumptionJD ]



Published on July 22, 2016

US President Barack Obama has rejected allegations that Washington had prior knowledge about last Friday’s coup in Turkey.

Obama said that Turkey’s request for the extradition of Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen who’s blamed by Ankara for the coup would be handled in accordance with the US law. He also demanded Ankara provide Washington with evidence showing Gulen was behind the military revolt.

The US president reaffirmed his country’s strong support for the Turkish government and deplored the coup attempt that left nearly 300 people dead.


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  1. What they denounce by light of day, they embrace under cover of darkness. No excuse not to grasp this. The U.S. Doesn’t give two shits about Turkey. Saying that they do in public is just part of the dawg and pony show designed to calm the sheep. If the CIA was involved in any of the above action then it was a bush league attempt and a classic exercise in futility. Kind of like bowing to the police on re-supply efforts for the base…that’s BS..FORCE THEM TO SHOOT DOWN A CHOPPER….But surely i digress.


  2. I believe it, first the US’s CIA is to busy making up terrible things Russia has done, there military intelligence is to busy trying to take credit for what Russia has done in Syria while blaming Russia for their mistakes and last but not least the President gets all his info from main steam media and if they don’t say it he won’t know it, since they have to get permission from the NSA what can and can’t be put on air, well?

  3. Until it is not written on his teleprompter he knows nothing. Keeping him and other former preisdents uninformed is strategy of “compartmentalising”. Best example I´ve heard of was W. Wilson when he said that his minister will inform him on Monday about what those zionists had decided.

    • Now I know why Iran don´t need to build or hold any nukes if they can get it for free from several US bases.

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