Bernie the Troll Killer

Bernie after Nevada win

….by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This election like all those before it has one issue, workers against the bosses and their gangster friends.  This is why Roy Cohn’s underling Donald Trump is the candidate and Gambling boss Sheldon Adelson is footing the bill, end of story.  Then again, for those who are averse to paying attention, Bernie Sanders is there to explain reality.  Sanders does one thing, he always tells the truth but nobody was ready for it, not until now maybe when it is too late.  The video is there, consider making use of it.

Bernie Sanders is the real deal as was Robert Kennedy and George McGovern.  There have been dozens, almost always Democrats, that spoke “relatively openly” about issues.  Was RFK killed over Israel, the same issue that took down Sanders and McGovern (Watergate/CIA)?

Maybe things are simpler than this.  For those who know nothing about economics, politics or law, and I mean “internet people” that “run to the right” is simple, always the smirking baboon to lead the way.

Want an easy definition of what this election is about:  Next time your phone rings and it is a robocall or another scamster who bought your mobile number from Verizon, remember the National No-Call List and the huge fines violators were once supposed to pay.  Why do the calls continue?  Ask the GOP, they took the payoff.

School loan interest rates through the roof and new bankruptcy laws prevent writing them off ever?  GOP

Lead in your water, kid can’t count to ten?  GOP

Minimum wage $7.45 an hour and current GOP contender wants to cut that even more?

The Department of Homeland Security, with TSA ad infinitum: GOP

Check your supermarket receipt, sign says one price and you were charged something else but told “buyer beware.” GOP

Monsanto: GOP

If you want to know what it is all about, you can read it here, if you really care:

2016 Democratic Party Platform Draft by Alex Seitz-Wald on Scribd

If you are a worker or parent or home owner or renter or eat food or drink water, you aren’t going to find anything positive in the GOP platform other than things to make you angry, if you are stupid enough to believe them.

To those of us of the Vietnam era, and by that I mean Democrats as few Republicans served in Vietnam, the “Trolls for Trump” phenomenon isn’t anything new.  It has always been simple, do anything to distract the mentally unstable and fearful, feed them anti-abortion rhetoric, Islamophobia, stage terror events, re-ignite the Cold War and use the money controlled right wing/Zionist press to spread filth.

We got our first television, a Muntz monstrosity, in time for the 1952 election.  My father was still driving trucks and working for the teamster union at the time, a job my mother would convince him to quit soon after.  Trucking had been a minimum wage job except for this; there was no minimum wage, no highway safety standards, no health insurance, no workmen’s comp., only 16 hours a day on the road, loaded with pep pills and caffeine.

Auto plants were worse.  Temperatures hit 130 degrees and the Hungarian immigrant assembly line workers had to hold their hands up for a bathroom break.  Often as not, a Ford “Service Department” employee, usually a recently paroled thug from Jackson Prison now a “foreman,” would tap him down with a blackjack.

The Democratic candidate was Adlai Stevenson, a man of compassion and stature.  Instead we got 8 years of “Ike.”  With that we got poverty, economic collapse, a deteriorated military, rotting cities, a failed education system, injustice and injustice and national paralysis.

This is what we got with Reagan also, that and bankruptcy, but with lots of clever quips.  I first worked on the 1956 election and quit the Robert Kennedy campaign with his murder and joined the Marine Corps soon thereafter (not a bright move).  I have worked most elections since, Kerry in 2004 was the first VT election.  They haven’t been fun, we often didn’t get the candidates we wanted and Democrats can be such asses.

Back to our story:

When the “industrialist” gang didn’t use their own thugs, they turned to the GOP and “Black Legion” or simply turned to organized crime.  From David Greenberg:

ScreenHunter_363 Jul. 26 11.07
And a mention of the darker side of my own family, “Leg’s Laman (Lehmann)” my grandmothers brother (best way to describe it.)

ScreenHunter_364 Jul. 26 11.09

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