Presidential election: Psychopathic narcissists want to run the asylum



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Press TV interviewer: What are we going to see in this election?

We are going to see more bread and circuses, more corruption on display…and we’re going to see a presidential election dominated by two psychopaths. We’ve never seen so much pathology from two major party presidential candidates in any previous presidential election. Donald Trump is clearly a psychopathic narcissist, an egomaniac, whereas Hillary Clinton is pretty much the same thing, though it may be that Trump is a little bit more psychotic than Hillary, if that’s possible. They’re both way off the charts. We’re living in a pathocracy. The asylum has been taken over by the inmates, and the craziest inmates are in line to become the heads of the asylum. I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

And what’s really sad about it is that while Trump is clearly the worse candidate, utterly unprepared – the man can’t put together two coherent sentences, he makes Ronald Reagan look like Albert Einstein by comparison – Hillary Clinton is a complete fraud, a shyster and criminal who stole her party’s nomination through blatant, massive election fraud that has been thoroughly documented by a Stanford University study.



In primary after primary, huge "result" vs. exit poll discrepancies favored Hillary
In primary after primary, huge “result” vs. exit poll discrepancies favored Hillary – see Richard Charnin for details

Trump at least was the people’s choice…a hideously bad choice, but at least there was a genuine popular movement supporting him. Whereas Hillary is the product of a criminal machine. They used voting machine fraud; they had the AP and the big news organizations call Hillary the winner (of the Democratic nomination) before the California (primary) election to discourage Bernie Sanders voters; Google has changed its algorithms to massively favor Hillary: If you type in Hillary Clinton c-r-i, looking for Hillary Clinton crime cabal etcetera, which millions of people are looking for, instead you get “Hillary Clinton crime policy” which nobody has ever looked for.

What we’re seeing is a completely rigged election. This has nothing to do with democracy. We are living in a criminal oligarchy in the United States.

(interview continues leading to a call to arrest Hillary Clinton for treason – watch it above)

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  1. Makes you wonder when a professed Muslim denounces a Trump who opposes further genocide in the ME but says he prefers a Hillary who orchestrated the wholesale massacre of Muslims in Libya, backed it to the hilt in Iraq and Afghanistan, and vows to send Syria to the dark ages and annihilate Iran with nuclear weapons. Apparently the hoped for Cloward-Piven annihilation of this country by Hillary is a higher priority on the far left than the loss of a few million Arabs and Iranians.

  2. Last week, Duff made mention that alternative media (VT too) is merely echoing the main stream. I had replied the alt right, as a new paradigm, was something other than the two because they consistently do not believe a larger portion of what is presented than others (red-blue-black pill). Rethinking my reply, I now find that I agree with Gordon. The majority of alternative news as well as the alt right proper, does indeed pee out much of corporates frothy braid. But I have another point that has bubbled up regarding my interest in the alt rights worldview that should be considered. Seems the public has an all time low opinion of main stream news, and upon closer scrutiny, I would say that it is all media. Having a platform like the web to whizz off of onto passers by has now developed into the writers perfect storm and blow back from the slightest breeze of distrust by the awakened pedestrian is common place. Take heed all ye self righteous font thugs.

  3. “Donald Trump is clearly a psychopathic narcissist, an egomaniac…”

    On what basis are you doing such claims? Psychiatric expertise?

    With Clinton, it’s a different story. “Elect me President and I’ll go to war against Iran”, Benghazi, her claims against Putin, her claims when Kadhafi was assassinated, about Lybia, etc. etc. etc.

    But Trump ! Because he said he wants to forbid the muslim to come to the US ? Look, they come here in Europe and look what’s happening. And I can tell you that it’s just the beginning. That’s just an appetizer of what we can expect. It will become a daily concern and it will take decades to get rid of it if we ever get rid of it because once they are here… Europe is done, finished, dead. Is it what you want for the US ?

    Did Obama look clearly a psychopathic narcissist, an egomaniac? No! And he destroyed half of the Middle East and is destroying Europe at this right moment…

  4. Has been this way for over 100 years. However, as long as the average American has a full ‘fridge, and a house to put it in it just don’t matter. If passed TTIP may just be the TTIPing point. As more good paying jobs will be lost, out sourced, shipped to India, etc. Well maybe, and it’s a huge maybe, then more educated people with money and skills will join the cause. As it is now, we remain under powers which can only be defined as “demonic”. Sweet dreams.

  5. Trump is denounced by the usual jewish lobby liberal democrats: silicon valley and Hollywood etc. The ones who would happily look the other way when Gaza is nuked as a painful though unavoidable solution. This is where Hillary fits in nicely as the willing executioner she has proven herself to be. Perhaps together with Theresa May. Jewish Madeleine will come for tea and offer some free advice. Vixen in heat ready to mate with the goat of Mendes. Hillary will go for the Iranian jugular given half a chance. And will most certainly maintain massive military at Russia’s border ready for the first opportunity to take out a straying Sukhoi. Which would be the cheapest and easiest way to divert and halt any Russian success in the Middle East. Of course Trump is mentored by Jew mafia and has somewhat narcissistic personality, but so do most people at the top. But he is no classic neocon and has said (for what it is worth) that he will move towards Russia. The jury may still be out. Hillary gives the impression of someone with no real sense of shame or conscience. And she has proven useful for the grand plan. The neocons probably had a hand in rigging the vote away from Sanders. And may have a hand in rigging them in November away from Trump.

  6. Is the tax payer funded trip with Obama on Air Force 1 to N.C. with Hill giving a speech at a podium with the presidential seal displayed in front a little bit wrong?

  7. Clinton and Trump is not at the top of the pyramid…. They are mirrors of their leader and the leaders are then also psychopaths…


  8. We are already in hell Mr.Barrett, so no need to damn anything to hell. Maybe some may see the heaven as a kind of hell if they ever enter it because they lost their abilities to commit crimes like here on earth.

    • btw it is complete equal who is selected because both are only the faces of the evil power behind the curtain.

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