WTF is going on between Turkey and Russia?



The million dollar question right now in intelligence circles is what exactly is going on between Russia and Turkey? Analysts and operators across the Middle East, Europe and America have been speculating for the last few months that there must be in existence some secret deal that remain unknown to everyone else. It all remains speculation however as sometimes, there are things that we just don’t know.

Some points to consider: 

  • Erdogan is currently screaming his head off about how bad the USA is, accusing the Obama administration of having full foreknowledge of the coup attempt against him but failing to issue any warning. At the same time Turkey is being most effusive in it’s praise for Putin and Russia, apparently because they did warn Erdogan about the coup, even going so far as to credit Russia with having saved the Erdogan regime.
  • in November 2015 Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 over Syrian airspace and the two countries seemed to be on the brink of war. Today however, all that has changed; Erdogan has not only apologised for the shootdown, he has offered lavish compensation to the families of the dead pilots (who were murdered on the ground by the Turkish MIT, following Erdogan’s orders). Erdogan has even gone so far as to arrest the Turkish pilots involved and incredulously, now claims that they acted alone, rather than on orders from Erdogan’s government.
  • The large scale infrastructure projects in Turkey that were dependent on Russian assistance and cancelled as a result of the deterioration in Russo-Turkish relations are now being talked about again with the hopes of soon restarting the work. The Turkish Stream pipeline and the Akkuyu nuclear reactor being the two most notable examples.

So why the change in Russo-Turkish relations? Why has Erdogan switched from hurling threats and insults to kissing upto Putin at every possible opportunity?

We just don’t know but we are certain that the answer will be most disturbing and have very great implications for world affairs.



Turkey Thanks Russia for “Unconditional Support” during Botched Coup

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu expressed gratitude on Monday to the Russian President for the “unconditional support” offered to Ankara during the botched coup in the country.

“Russia has offered unconditional support to us. First of all, I’d like to thank Mr. Putin and other Russian officials,” Cavusoglu said, TASS reported.

During his statement that was broadcast by Haberturk TV channel, Cavusoglu said that a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may be held in August before the G20 summit.

“This meeting will focus on removing the economic barriers and on other steps to restore bilateral relations,” the Turkish foreign minister said.

On the night to July 16, a group of insurgents took an abortive coup attempt in Turkey. The main confrontation took place in Ankara and Istanbul. The country’s leaders announced later that the coup attempt had been thwarted. According to the latest reports, 246 people, the putsch members excluded, died and 2,185 were injured in the clashes.

Many experts believe that the Turkish foreign minister’s remarks about Russia’s “unconditional support” could pertain to earlier reports that Moscow had informed the Ankara government of an impending coup hours before it happened over ten days ago.

Arab media outlets quoted diplomats in Ankara as disclosing that Turkey’s President Erdogan was alerted by Russia against an imminent army coup hours before it was initiated on Friday, while a western media outlet said Erdogan asked his supporters to remain in the streets after receiving advice from Tehran.

Several Arab media outlets, including Rai Alyoum, quoted diplomatic sources in Ankara as saying that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, known locally as the MIT, received intel from its Russian counterpart that warned of an impending coup in the Muslim state.

The unnamed diplomats said the Russian army in the region had intercepted highly sensitive army exchanges and encoded radio messages showing that the Turkish army was readying to stage a coup against the administration in Ankara.

The exchanges included dispatch of several army choppers to President Erdogan’s resort hotel to arrest or kill the president.

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  1. Meanwhile, the 7 countries in 5 years plan continues to be implemented by ISIS-ISIL, the 5 years extended somewhat, funded via Swiss accounts paid by the CIA/Saudi sheiks, yet, commanded by “israeli” officers. Enablement continues to be provided by madam Merkel and her Attorney General, Heiko Maas, with full media support.
    Even though the EU leadership has balked, while the citizenry has never supported the subterfuge, Merkel continues her hollow chant, “we can do it” with outstanding coverage by the media with full-color photos of Merkel and her smirking smile.
    A few honest intellectuals among Judaism have suggested for over two years that the terrorism is a continuation of the terrorism initiated in late 1947 by general Ben Gurion, that resulted in the 1948 land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”. Details called up by searching the internet on the phrase, ” prominent-jewish-leader-israel-intentionally-killed-civillians-1948-engaged-ethinic.cleansing-ever-since “. Of course, zionists behind the terrorism actively defame the honest, truth-seekers.

  2. ” – but all Putin really did was practice his Christian principles, nothing more. He was honest and forthright – – “.

    As though such is an everyday practice by world leaders. That has to be the understatement of the month, if not year.

  3. “They have always leaned more toward the former Soviet Union anyway.”

    Leaning more towards the godless Soviets doesn’t mean much for revived Christian Russia. Erdogan has been the Khazarian Mafia’s dog for about five years now; if he did a heel-face turn, it will take a lot more evidence. Keep in mind that at one point, it looked like the Soviet Union was on Germany’s side, too.

  4. Good article & questions, Ian. However, although I too am skeptical, I am not pessimistic.

    Putin & Russian leaders are also smart, savvy & skeptical — not easily duped. Iranian leaders too.

    Both Russian & Iranian leaders & media agree with Bill Engdahl on the probable CIA/GCC/NATO origins of the Erdogan coup (on which Erdogan had much more warning than just a few hours from Russia).

    Regardless of origins, Erdogan overreacted to the coup attempt. To see whether Erdogan/Turk policies toward Russia & Syria have truly shifted, we need only wait a few more days…

  5. Lots of differenjt sources say that we´ll soon see the end of EU and NATO. Maybe Erdogan thinks its better to have a close call to Russia… Its talked about Turkey joining the SCO. The US have a long earned reputation to exploit all their allies if useful. I understand that Erdogan is not as free in the way he acts than is publicly painted the picture for. No matter what, Russia is more dangerous for Turkey than the US. The US is declining – to damage Turkey in the long run isn´t possible for the US – it won´t stay powerful enough for that in the long run. Russia is stronger now than ever before after WWII.
    With the SCO and China in Russias back, NATO won´t stand a chance in open conflict. I think Erdogans pants are full now – and Russia is much nearer than the US.

  6. I posted here months ago that Turkey was being played, given enough rope to hang themselves…..Well hows it been going these past few months? Russia most likely gave Turkey an out and they took it… move….shot down our plane how about we…….come on. This is obvious….tit for tat…only I think everyone is missing the behind the scenes U.S Russia cooperation…..the one hidden from view. Erdagon won’t know what hit him.. Keep an eye on the Kingdom folks…..The house of saud just might be in play. Maybe Turkey was given a sneak peak, in real time, so to speak.


  7. Seymour Hersch, a few months ago, wrote that the whole ISIL/Syria thing was a plot to disengage the USA from the Middle East by pulling Russia into a quagmire, and then setting up a shooting gallery/killzone for all the serious jihadis of the world to bumble into–killing as many as possible before the US bugout. But he didn’t have the whole story.

    It was all supposed to end in the Turkey coup–and warcrimes trials for Erdogan and Netanyahu, the scapegoats–along with the Blackwater types and their active duty JSOC buddies who are supposed to end up dead in the desert.

    The Obama administration, Congressional Intelligence Committees, the University of Wisconsin (aka House of Rothschild), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Harvard Law School all tried piggybacking the larger plot with their own agendas–and messed it all up.

    It’s going to be like the Bay of Pigs once everything comes out, except with warcrimes trials–hopefully.

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