US intel head calls for end to ‘hyperventilation’ over Russia’s alleged role in DNC hack


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Obama had to have backed Clapper on this, a slap down to the Democrat crazies
Obama had to have backed Clapper on this, a slap down to the Democrat crazies

[ Editor’s Note: Finally a grown up steps up to spank the idiot parade that has emerge from the Democrats’ desperate and brain dead decision to deflect some of Hillary Clinton’s convention PR disaster by using Russia as the whipping boy for the DNC email release.

We saw instantly the pundits hit the airwaves on this farce, with the thin veil cover of “reports in the media have suggested that Russia was to blame for the hacking”… lame, lame, lame.

Of course, corporate media just rolled over on that flimsy cover and pushed the story non-stop for two days, and running the Democratic leadership’s credibility down even lower, which is hard to do.

Trump once again pulled one of his masterful PR strokes, by joking that maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails from her personal email server — a classic case of his inserting himself into the controversy to redirect the media attention, which worked. This is called a “sucker ploy” in the PR world.

The email instructions went out to all the Democratic media pundits to “pile on Trump” for his asking a foreign power to engage in espionage against the US. This was so stupid, it was beyond the pale. Trump was just thrilled with the overreaction as the Dems, and the media made laughing stocks of themselves with their pitiful manipulation display.

The bottom line for all the voters is the irrefutable evidence of what a worthless political class has emerged from our political system. To even call it second rate would not be fair. It is far below that. We should all join in the fight now by contacting them all, to let them know what an embarrassment they are to the country — not only to the public — but to whatever reputation our country still has.

Don’t let them get by with this without some major public blowback. James Clapper, and by derivation, the president, have distanced themselves from this  “Russia did it” circus and cleared the way for us to go on the attack. It is “fix bayonets” time, so let’s have some fun and take full advantage of this silver-plated opportunityJim W. Dean ]


The Democrats take a dive on their pitiful attempt to blame the big bad Russia bear once again
The Democrats take a dive on their pitiful attempt to blame the big bad Russian bear once again

– First published  …  July 29,  2016

The Director of National Intelligence says Washington is still unsure of who might be behind the latest WikiLeaks release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails, while urging that an end be put to the “reactionary mode” blaming it all on Russia.

“We don’t know enough to ascribe motivation regardless of who it might have been,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said speaking at Aspen’s Security Forum in Colorado, when asked if the media was getting ahead of themselves in fingering the perpetrator of the hack.

The ghost of Wikileaks is still with us
The ghost of Wikileaks is still with us

Some 30,000 Democratic National Committee emails were released by WikiLeaks last Friday, exposing the Democratic National Committee’s bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.

After the release, Clinton’s campaign accused Russia of meddling in the 2016 election campaign. Despite lacking any proof to substantiate their claims, a number of US media outlets picked up the ball and repeated the accusations, claiming Russians had hacked into the DNC’s computer servers and leaked emails to WikiLeaks in order to help the Donald Trump campaign.

Speaking on Thursday, Clapper said that Americans need to stop blaming Russia for the hack, telling the crowd that the US has been running in “reactionary mode” when it comes to the numerous cyber-attacks the nation is continuously facing.

“I’m somewhat taken aback by the hyperventilation on this,” Clapper said, as cited by the Washington Examiner. “I’m shocked someone did some hacking,” he added sarcastically, “[as if] that’s never happened before.”

Clapper said that the US is facing a “different era,” when Americans needs to become “more resilient” to the modern challenges of extremism.

“I think we’re going to be in a state of suppression of extremism in whatever manifestation or form it takes, whether it’s al Qaeda or ISIS or some other group that’s spawned,” Clapper said. “This is going to be a long-haul proposition, and I think the same is true in the whole realm of cybersecurity.”

Clapper added that there is a growing awareness that all levels of cyber terrorism are a “profound challenge” for the US.

“I think we just need to accept that, and not be quite so excitable at yet another instance of it,” he said about the recent media speculations.

Moscow dismissed the allegations of Russia’s involvement. “It is so absurd it borders on total stupidity,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.


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  1. Now a Campaign regarding a mole in the DemoncRats Party started by subversive elements could create even more mayhem, a Commission is to be set up to X-Ray the Party. Who knows what other dirty stuff could surface in a few weeks/months from now if the hole(s) are not plugged ? Only ‘Hysteria’ can be the appropriate term to describe in what atmosphere the election phase will run through.

  2. The Deceivacrats get hysterical when it comes to exposing their corruption and always blame everyone but themselves. This party should be shut down for election rigging and fraud and along with their leader – Hilldabeast, and the fake news outlets that support her and are part of the fraud, should all go to jail where they belong!

    This is unbelievable that they are continuing to get away with fraud, murder, coersion, on and on. Shame on Bernie, who is an Independent, for selling out to the Hilldabeast. His supporters will NEVER vote for the beast. He should return ALL the donations to the people that supported him, since he obviously got paid off or threatened by the crooks.

    WHO in this country has the balls to stand up to the pantsuit crook?

    She will attempt to rig the national. ALL ballots should be paper ballots to prevent this. Actually, the election should be cancelled for the Democrats as all are in collusion. Hilldabeast wants to take away the peoples rights of 2nd amendment yet she is selling weapons to Saudis and ISIS.
    FACT. Evil must be stopped- citizens arrest for Hilldabeast-today! Take HER guns away.

  3. Actually the staffs tally the counts on the issue, and whether they see a pattern that it is an organized campaign, like with a copy and paste letter, or real individual responses. Pols are very good at arithmetic. Sure, if they are in a “safe” district they are insulated to a degree, but still they are geared toward avoiding voter flack when they can. The gold standard for this working was stopping the US bombing campaign over the hoaxed Syrian Sarin gas false flag, but then the voters went back to sleep after showing the power they had, if only they used it.

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