Russian newspaper revealed the practice of three Saudi princesses sex with Jewish officers


russiaCiting on Yemeni sites, the (RPG Piccadilly) Russian newspaper reported that Russia’s FSB has posted a video of the three Saudi princesses very closer to the King, and are, (the king’s daughter and the wife of his son and wife Intelligence Director Bandar) They have sex with the three officers of the Israeli army separately.

The paper said it had obtained a copy of that film, but was prevented from display for political reasons imposed by the government.

The newspaper pointed out that Saudi princesses were having sex and greedily and madly stunned who saw films. Especially since the Jews officers enjoy tinge of beauty and Bandar’s wife was greater princesses craziest sex followed by the king’s daughter.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to Saudi Arabia on offering Marriage movies of Saudi princesses with the Jewish people directed that threatening to the Kingdom.

Head of the German Green Party said that Saudi Arabia is the source of terrorism and the West should reconsider to deal with it.

Head of the German Green Party“CEM Azdemir” the chairman of the German Green party in an interview with “Bild” a German newspaper said that the basis calamities and terrorism in the world is Saudi Wahhabism and all of them linked to Saudi Wahhabism.

He added that if we had closer examination we see that the ideological source for all radical ensemble like Daesh, Al-Qaeda and Bookouharam represent Wahhabism conveyed by Saudi Arabia to the world.

He continued that 90 percent of religious instructions in Saudi Arabia coincide with the things acquired by Daesh terrorists.

Head of the German Green Party called his country and other Western countries to reconsider their relations with Saudi Arabia.

He explained that these governments should realize that the global spread of interpretational hardline of Islam is a danger to everyone including moderate Muslims living in the West, rather than considering Saudi Arabia as a partner and supporting by various kinds of weapons and equipments.

Ozdemir said that the West should feel this danger and should not close its eyes in opponent.

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  1. First I want to say I DON”T BELIEVE in what they believe, that is a non-believers or infidels is lower then an animals and Jews are below that, so that these women (use that term lightly) according to their beliefs had sex with with something lower then an animal. Maybe these women don’t believe it either but in the world they live most do and what kind of reaction will the people have finding about this and with men from one upon a time a sworn enemy, (Israel). They killed women that have been raped by men, what is going to happen to these women who wasn’t forced but freely gave away to the Jewish men and at least two of them are married? I’m just confused about the system that goes on in that part of the world, being raped is bad, kill the women, do nothing to the man but doing it freely is OK even with an infidel even if you are married is OK? What am I missing here?

  2. Actually this is not at all surprising based on past insider leaks (reports) of Saudi and Israeli IDF and Mossad sleaze and perversions which usually have much more kink involved.

    What is really surprising is the apparent end to all secrecy that is occurring and allowing so many deep secrets like this to be leaked publicly.

    This is likely just the tip of the iceberg as all secrecy is ending. Just imagine the possible leaks and disclosures before the actual Presidential election in November that will probably occur! Looks like dirty politicians are going to be exposed for every secret crime and breech of We The people’s trust.

    • All secrets have to be revealed. This condition must be met to enable people to make a proper informed choice of what they want for this world. Benevolent off world races have no desire to manipulate nor influence what humanity chooses. They are only here to see that the opportunity is made available to all.

      We have reached this stage before, when the human race was poised to take a huge evolutionary leap. Each time, they depopulated the planet and re-introduced another strain of genetically modified humans. This time, any ET races have come to see that there will be no re-setting of the clock.

    • Oops! typo
      I meant to say “many ET races have come to see that there will be no re-setting of the clock.”

  3. Yea, weren’t the the Saudis having an immoral lewd act with talmud indoctrinated thugs on 9/11? Bringing us this present evil world status?

  4. Yes, the information reveals that the Saudis are family members of Judaism, not Islam. In accordance with religious belief, male constituents of Judaism avoid contact with genuine Moslem females and vice-versa.

    Last week, a leader of the Green party, Renate Kuenast, verbally attacked the German police for killing the ISIS-affiliated youth who, with knife and hatchet, had attacked a Chinese-tourist family on a train near Wurzburg. She insisted that the police could have “subdued” him instead of shooting him. The young man was hiding in bushes near the river, when the German equivalent of SWAT appeared on a mission unrelated to the train terrorism. The youth jumped from the bushes with hatchet raised, and two police fired four rounds at the crazed, young terrorist. One fatal round entered his forehead. The Green Party also supports the LGBT movement, neither of which is a favorite of the German folk. So much for the Green Party of Germany.

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