Political corruption rife in US, Trump’s idiocy is par for the course

Trump may be an idiot, but that's the least of it
Trump may be an idiot, but that's the least of it
Trump may be an idiot, but that’s the least of it
Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

Political corruption is rampant in the United States as the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties are corrupt, says a political commentator.

“Here in the United States, we are living under a very very sick and corrupt system, all of our leadership of both major parities is corrupt,” Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, told Press TV on Monday.

He made the remarks when asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who made disparaging comments about the mother of a slain US soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Trump belittled the parents of Captain Humayun Khan, whose father addressed the Democratic National Convention last Thursday night, denouncing the business mogul as unpatriotic and selfish over his divisive rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims.

Trump responded, in part, by suggesting that Ghazala Khan, the mother of the soldier, was silent during her husband’s speech at the DNC because she was not “allowed” to speak.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post published on Sunday, Ghazala Khan said that she did not intend to speak during the convention because she would get emotional.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for US president, accused Trump of scapegoating Humayun’s parents.

Clinton said Sunday that Trump had been insulting a family who had sacrificed so much for their country.

Barrett said “this brouhaha over the scandalous, bigoted remarks of Trump on both sides seem to take for granted this notion that anyone who fought in Iraq is a hero,” while, he noted, the Iraq War like the Vietnam War was “a criminal war of aggression,” in which the American soldiers “were generally aware that they were on the wrong side of that war and that their only intelligent move was to do everything they could to stay alive and get home and not kill the innocent Vietnamese who were defending themselves courageously and the same is true in Iraq.”

So “we have both major parties essentially agreeing that people who participate in criminal wars of aggression… are heroes,” he said, adding that “fifty years from now if humanity is still around, they will look back at the period and they will shake their heads and wonder what kind of human beings were alive in a time of such unbelievable levels of lying and corruption.”

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  1. Well. “Dr.” Barrett, are you a Jew? Because you certainly sound like all the Jews in MSM and their unrelenting and ridiculous sniping at Donald Trump (that has gone on since he first announced his candidacy). I shouldn’t have to point out that this “Khan” character isn’t exactly the saint you make him out to be. Just his presence on the DNC platform should have told you everything you’d need to know about this guy. You have yet to suggest a viable alternative to Donald Trump. At this stage of the game, the only alternative is Killery and if she’s elected, America as you and I know it will cease to exist.

  2. Barrett said “this brouhaha over the scandalous, bigoted remarks of Trump on both sides seem to take for granted this notion that anyone who fought in Iraq is a hero…” -Amen.

    Drumpf, a.k.a. Trump, is only there as opposition control to ensure that Hitlary gets voted into office. It’s quite easy to figure out, given that only half of the white population would vote for him and almost no black or Hispanic people would vote for him.

    • …even though it all comes down to who the “super-delegates” conspire to elect, regardless of public opinion.

  3. The corruption in this country is not the doings of the people but the corporations what are allowed to pretend to be people while supporting political candidates that support their profit margins. Corporations have no place in American politics any more than religion. Originally in America, a corporation was only allowed to exist as long as its original owner was alive. Once the owner was dead, the corporation was dissolved. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  4. Don’t worry Kevin, in 50 years we won’t matter. “It is written… that there shall come a time when the living will envy the dead”….

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