German protesters: Merkel should be politically hanged and discarded


"Please do not shoot! I was just following orders."
“Please, do not shoot! I was just following orders.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Angela Merkel is in a hot water again. Over five thousand protesters have recently roamed the streets of Berlin and asked for her resignation. Why? Those protesters complained that her open-door policy is still creating chaos all across Germany. We are told that at least thirteen people lost their lives last month due to alleged terrorism.[1]

Protesters have the right to be angry, but those people need to start asking fundamental questions and start looking for answers to those questions. They must know that Merkel is just a pawn and political whore. She has been cooperating with the Powers That Be since the beginning of time. In fact, she supported both the United States and Israel when they decided to initiate covert activities in Syria. So-called Syrian refugees are now all over Germany.

The questions that protesters need to ask is this: who put Angela Merkel to power? Who is her boss? More importantly, who created the so-called Syrian refugee crisis in the first place? If protesters want real answers, then they will inexorably have to find answers elsewhere: they will have to confront the terrorist state of Israel. Once again, we need to bring in Israeli ambassador Michael Oren, who said back in 2013 that:

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”[2]

In other words, as long as terrorist groups like ISIS or Al-Nusra support Israel’s covert operation in Syria, then it is all right. In fact, we have enough evidence to say that Israel and ISIS are basically two sides of the same coin. The UN itself made this very point in 2014.[3] The Times of Israel reported similar things in the same year.[4]

So, how did Oren respond to the fact that Israel is working with terrorists? Well, you know the drill:

“We understand that they are pretty bad guys. Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.”[5]

Iran and Syria are fighting against ISIS, but Oren prefers ISIS over Iran and Syria because those countries do not want to follow the Israeli narrative. If that is not diabolical, then nothing is.

Daniel Pipes
Daniel Pipes

German protesters certainly need to start attacking the real culprits, and political whores like Merkel will eventually fall by implication. Both the state of Israel and the Neoconservative machine in America created the Syrian crisis. In fact, it was Daniel Pipes who postulated back in 2012 that “the West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’”[6]

Did you catch that? If Assad is winning, then the West needs to support the Syrian terrorists; if the Syrian terrorists are winning, then the West needs to support Assad. Why? Well, that’s how you can kill two birds with one stone; that’s how you can “prolong their conflict.”

Pipes obviously realized that this is irrational and admitted: “This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic.”[7]

Here’s my translation:

“This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds Talmudic and therefore diabolical, I admit, but that is the only option I have. As Elizabeth Wurtzel said, we are all ‘hopeless Talmudists.’[8] Hence, we have to force an essentially diabolical ideology upon much of the West. If you resist that, then you are an anti-Semite. Period.”

Whether Pipes likes it or not, he is an enemy of much of the West and is arguably pursuing the same ideology that his intellectual and Masonic antecedents were propounding during the French Revolution. What was that Masonic ideology about?

The overthrow of the moral and political order. Let us remember that nearly all the French encyclopidsts, including Voltaire, were Freemasons. And by the time that the French Revolution came into full bloom, Freemasonry became a Jewish movement. As E. Michael Jones puts it, Freemasonry

“is ultimately Judaizing. Its purpose is ‘recovery of the Lost Name of Jehovah.’ It proposes a return to the vomit of Judaism to create heaven on earth, the goal of all revolutionaries. As the adept proceeds up the Masonic ladder, to higher and higher degrees, he learns first who is responsible for the assassination of Adoniram and what he is expected to do about it. Christ is the ‘real assassin of Adoniram.’ Barruel continues, ‘Christ himself in their eyes is the destroyer of the unit of God, he is the great enemy of Jehovah and to infuse that hatred of the Sect into the mind of the new adepts, constitutes the grand mystery of the new degree which they have called Rosicrusian…

“The deeper the adept penetrates, the more Talmudic are the mysteries revealed to him. The Rosicrucian, for example, is taught the inscription INRI which was nailed to the Cross means not Iesus Nazarensis Rex Iudeorum, but rather the ‘Iew of Nazareth Led into Iudea,’ a reading which deprives Christ of his divinity and reasserts the Talmudic calumny that Christ was a common criminal who deserved to be executed.

“To be initiated into the higher degrees of Freemasonry, the adept must agree to become an assassin of the assassin of Adoniram. He must be willing to assassinate Christ and his representatives on earth…Mystical Masonry is synonymous with Revolution.”[9]

The fact that Daniel Pipes is attempting to destabilize or overthrow the moral and political order in places like Syria is sufficient enough to accuse him of resurrecting the same old revolutionary ideology which got its start in the first century.

If German protesters are looking for answers to their questions, then they need to keep an eye on people like Pipes and much of the Neoconservative movement. If they are dodging the real issues by attacking puppets like Merkel and giving the real culprits a license to kill, then they are not solving the real problems at all. They are just internalizing the commands of their oppressors.

If political scumbag John McCain can say that terrorist groups in Libya were “my heroes,” it is because he got that idea from the Neoconservative machine. If McCain can say that Assad must go, it is because Bill Kristol told him to say things like that.[10]

If Hillary Clinton is willing declare that Assad ought to be removed from power because of his “murderous” activity,[11] it is because she has been prostrated before what Preston James now calls the Khazarian Mafia.[12]

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  1. Order followers are just as complicit.

    If they say no, it does not happen.

    I take your point though, but I am in agreement with those who say order followers are equally if not MORE guilty and from a technical viewpoint this is true.

    Then again are the Merkel handlers also following orders ?

    I say aye.

  2. Who is Merkels boss?
    You should know it – it´s the US president. What everybody calls the German Government is just the administration for the US occupying power. Germany is an occupied country and has no souvereignity at all. Sad, that so many writers don´t do their homework.
    We have no true elections here in Germany – same as in the US – all deception, lies and rigged elections.

  3. since the wolrd exists the most hidden thing on earth is THE TRUTH.

    The pure evil ( or not so far ) is never stopping his “great job” , as he acting like a predator, why then should good and normal people stop tracking the truth even if it’s one of the most difficult thing to do in life ?

    “the only thing so that the Evil progresses is that good people made nothing ” Ed. Burke

    so we haven’t we let so many seeds of ryegrass growing that it is now time to clean up the place one for all as we now can see His face every day more and more precisely ?

  4. nah. not buying it this time round: your conversation seems obsessive repeatedly so. on reboot reboot with the same old culprits who no doubt exist. but merkel was from the East and thus not interested in your conspiracies singular or plural. sometimes people do amazing things like letting in people who are fed up with all the BS that can kill you and make a new beginning outside the very sphere of influence under the impress of being subjugated by the very forces you accuse merkel of serving!

  5. Merkel, if I’m not mistaken, proudly announced before the Knesset a few years ago that Germany’s raison d’etre was serving Israel’s security interests, which, as the facts bear out, entails destroying Germany itself as an obstacle to the JWO overseen from Tel Aviv. Nearly every stooge we call Congress would agree that the raison d’etre of the United States of America is just the same.

    Joe Sobran wrote an essay, “For Fear of the Jews,” which exposes the despicable cowardice masquerading as moral principle when it comes to the criminal state of Israel, that even anonymous, blogging losers feel compelled to ape because, when you come right down to it, they’re more afraid of the Jews than death itself. To paraphrase Russell, they’d as soon die as accept the truth, and so they shall by the millions, right here in America.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jonas!

    For pointing out the congruence between the freemasons and the Talmudic jews, whose purpose is to desecrate all that Christ is and represents.

    The number 33 was selected by the freemasons as the number for their “elite” upper satanic cult because Christ was crucified at that age.
    They believe this puts them above Jesus Christ.

    The synagogue of satan has infiltrated everywhere. The loathing they have for Christianity knows no bounds and they have no moral code when it comes to the perversion they demonstrate against all that is Holy!

  7. Merkel is employed by the US as a post WWII puppet. Why wouldn’t she serve the interests of those who would seek to undermine the position of public servant and bend it to the will of the Bolshevik Zionist? The ruling class of the USSR was the victor of WWII and they never left the US since they operated from both countries. Clever little vixens aren’t they? When Germany is free from the shackles of fascism…..

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