Erdogan Wants to ‘Smash NATO Secret Army’ Allegedly Involved in Attempted Coup


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (File)

 According to Turkish media reports, there was a secret NATO structure involved in the attempted coup that took place in Turkey on July 15, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten wrote.

The media source, referring to reports of Turkish media, wrote that this structure has primarily been used by the British and Americans to influence political events in Turkey.The newspaper also noted that Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Muslim cleric, who was accused by the Turkish government of plotting the coup, could also be a part of this structure.

“If one wants to again create relationship of trust with the Western institutions, Gladio [clandestine NATO structure] in Turkey must be eliminated as it already was in several Western countries” Turkish journalist Ozcan Tikit wrote for newspaper Habertürk.

According to DWN, Erdogan and the Turkish government are determined to “completely smash this clandestine structure.”

“Erdogan is determined to smash Gladio in any case. Because the head of state has — albeit belatedly — realized that NATO seeks to harm Turkey’s territorial integrity,” the newspaper noted.

At the same time, former head of Turkish intelligence services Bülent Orakoglu argued that NATO’s secret structures are active not only in Turkey, but also in the whole Europe.

“There is a force that wants the EU to dissolve. This force is a new form of Gladio, which carries out its operations among the population. I am confident that there is a Gladio structure in Europe which is working towards the dissolution of the EU,” Orakoglu said.

During the Cold War, the United States created secret armies in Europe tasked to organize resistance in case of Soviet invasion. However, these secret armies that belonged to the so called Gladio network also reportedly organized terrorist attacks in the form of so called “false flag operations” to shape the political landscape in accordance with the interests of the United States.On July 15, an attempted coup took place in Turkey and was suppressed the following day. Over 240 people were killed during the coup attempt and an estimated 2,000 were wounded.

Since the failed coup, Turkey has jailed more than 10,000 people and suspended more than 50,000 judges, civil servants, and educators under a state of emergency in which expressing ideas similar to those of Gulen is considered a crime.



  1. The same, or related families, manipulates the German media. A propaganda article, with large photo of chancellor Merkel appeared on the German internet yesterday. Misusing a contrived poll to generalize to the overall German citizenry, a fraudulent claim was published, that a majority of German citizens do not blame chancellor Merkel for the terrorism murders and attempted murders conducted by immigrants in Germany. The thousands of Germans that have demonstrated against the Merkel-Maas, citizen-oppressive policies demonstrate the opposite. Police insiders report that the Merkel-Maas dictatorship requires police reports to disguise the identity of the immigrants engaged in terrorism. KOPP publishing is the only publisher in Germany that consistently publishes articles that are based on accurate information. Acquaintances tell me that major newspapers print information that shields the Merkel-Maas duo from responsibility for any of the terrorism that their immigration policy continues to cause.

    • Very good point. One I will gladly expand upon, for other readers:

      The Bonnier family (Bonnier AB) controls DWN. (Bonnier is a taken [deceptive] name; original [Jewish] name was Hirschel.) They own a disturbingly large portion of Sweden’s media outlets, publishing houses, production companies, etc.. But it doesn’t end in Scandinavia — the Bonnier criminal network also owns seemingly countless other propaganda organs, *worldwide*. And, with all these mouthpieces at their disposal, they are well-known to “play all sides” too, I will add… We’re clearly seeing some of that in this story.

      A simple Google search of “bonnier acquires” produces a disturbingly long list of recent buyouts of news and business media houses, book and magazine publishers, software houses, etc.. They have been on a MASSIVE buying spree particularly in just the last two or three years. This is a sign.

      A very BAD sign.

      This is why USURY MUST BE CRIMINALIZED. All the wealth they have plundered from the World’s nations via usury is now being employed to destroy those very nations. They want the World for themselves. (Guess what happens to everyone else? Yes — they are culled.)

      All nations must REMOVE these criminals immediately — from within all governments and bureaucracies. ELIMINATE their criminal media [propaganda] monopolies; then NATIONALIZE the major media outlets. All other similar constructs must also be dealt with.

      ACT NOW. Or be destroyed. Don’t your children deserve better?

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