You’re Fired!


by Katherine Frisk

MM-CIA_Michael_MorellMichael Morrell, in the eyes of anyone who is not deceived by the constant barrage of propaganda coming out of Washington D.C., has by his own admission confessed to being complicit in three of the biggest lies in the last sixteen years.

The title of his Op-Ed in the New York Times is enough to lock him away in jail for life. He ran the CIA. These days anyone who is associated with the CIA or has been associated with the CIA is guilty of being part of a criminal organization whose crimes over the last 70 years read like a bad script from a Quinton Tarantino movie.

He says:

“My training as an intelligence officer taught me to call it as I see it. This is what I did for the C.I.A. This is what I am doing now.”

As he sees it? This must be code for: “As I scripted it in true “Wag The Dog” Hollywood style.”

False Flag
False Flag

For starters he opens with the following sentences:

“During a 33-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency, I served presidents of both parties — three Republicans and three Democrats. I was at President George W. Bush’s side when we were attacked on Sept. 11..”

He does not care which political party or which puppet stooge gets into power. He follows the mindset of Council On Foreign Relations, all those who attend the Bohemian Grove insane and debauched ceremonies, the Bilderberg group, and the last call, the Vatican. The CIA is, after all, an arm of this world-controlling body, who believes itself to own the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls. In other words, the Holy Roman Empire, the Lord Of the Rings.

For those into Illuminati symbolism, the number 33 jumps out of the page at you. Not surprisingly, Morrell attended Georgetown University. A cesspit for Opus Dei, Jesuits and P2 lodge members. Also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina under Videla, where the current pope Francis has been implicated in the detention without trial, torture and disappearance of many people during that country’s fascist dictatorship. Francis’ address to congress, where Joe Biden wept (and until Reagan, the Vatican was refused an Embassy in D.C.), does not augur well for the American people.

“The Godfather” has got nothing on this lot! 33 is the highest degree in the Illuminati. An initiation process that was copied by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit, from the Freemasons, who have no allegiance to the pope whatsoever. Weishaupt was also Jewish, which would go a long way to explain how the Protocols of Zion where plagiarised, copied and adapted from the Jesuit Oath. They have the same agenda. A One World Fascist Government, and the complete destruction of Democracy, freedom of speech and the self determination of nations.

By Morrell admitting that he ran the CIA for 33 years, he is also admitting to full knowledge of every Operation Gladio exercise and false flag that has been engineered in the closing years of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st. He has been part of an organization that John Kennedy wanted to smash to pieces, which resulted in that President being assassinated under the watch of George Bush senior.

He then goes on to boast of being at George Bush junior’s side during 9/11, when the Twin Towers were demolished by nukes and a fake story was concocted that Osama Bin Laden had been behind the so-called terrorist attack, but which was one of the biggest Gladio false flag events ever engineered on American soil. Morrel has obviously never heard of Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth, or Kevin Barrett, who has dedicated his life to exposing 9/11 lies.

bin_laden_fake_video292Michael then follows it up with yet another humdinger of a lie.

Here is a news flash, Mr. Morrell. The whole world knows by now that Bin Laden died from kidney failure before the Twin Towers came down. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated for admitting as much in an interview. Were your finger prints on that one as well?

If Morrell’s statement was not so pathetic, it would be laughable. Except that, ever since 9/11, the body count that has resulted in Afghanistan and Iraq is way beyond anything that Tarantino could imagine, and certainly does not fit in with Laurel and Hardy either. He is obviously in the camp of all those who think that the on going genocide in the Middle East is “worth it.” He says:

“I was with President Obama when we killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.”

Michael Morrell was also complicit in Benghazi. The truth of which still has not been fully investigated. According to Zero Hedge:

“He was an active participant in painting the Benghazi attacks as caused by YouTube video. When Hillary Clinton says ‘best information provided by the intelligence community” she is referring to her man in the CIA: Michael Morel Morell was the CIA official who crafted the “talking points” on Benghazi with the Obama White House, according to his own testimony in 2014 to Congress. In emails later uncovered by Congress, CIA Director David Petraeus called the resulting talking-point language ‘useless.’”

The West pretend-a-leaders continue to make fools of themselves by calling Putin a dictator
The West pretend-a-leaders continue to make fools of themselves by calling Putin a dictator

Then we get to his diatribe on President Putin.

The latest spin being that Donald Trump is “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” Anyone who does not support WW3 and a nuclear bombing spree against Russia and Iran is automatically categorized as Putin’s “useful idiot.” He says:

“Mr Putin is a great leader, Mr. Trump says, ignoring that he has killed and jailed journalists and political opponents, has invaded two of his neighbors and is driving his economy to ruin. Mr. Trump has also taken policy positions consistent with Russian, not American, interests — endorsing Russian espionage against the United States, supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea and giving a green light to a possible Russian invasion of the Baltic States.”

Dag HammarskjoldLies upon lies upon lies. Consider these names before accusing Putin of killing and jailing journalists and political opponents: Breitbart, Manning, Hastings, Swartz, Victor Thorn, Vince Foster, Shawn Lucas, John Ashe, Mike Flynn, Snowden.

The only reason Edward Snowden is still alive is because he is living in Russia. If he had fled to any other country in the world, other than possibly China, he would also be dead by now.

And then there is a long list of international personalities who have found themselves on the CIA death list. Dag Hammarskjold for one. Remember him? The UN Secretary General who was assassinated in a plot that combined the CIA, a Belgian Mining Company, a South African paramilitary unit, and British intelligence because he supported Congo’s independence.

Morrell is also remarkably silent on the assassination of Serena Shim and the journalists who were either killed or abducted in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, journalists who were on the ground and reporting the facts, one of whom was Andrei Stenin. None of them were killed or abducted by Putin.


Putin has not invaded two of his neighbours. The rest of the world, other than the Washington D.C. it would seem, is fully aware that the people of Crimea who are predominantly Russian, voted in an internationally observed referendum to return to Russia in 2014. Many European countries are now openly speaking out against the sanctions, and through their own investigations, have come to the conclusion that the Crimean referendum was legal and above board:

A delegation of 11 French lawmakers and senators arrived in Crimea on July 28 to take part in celebrating Russian Navy Day in Sevastopol.

There are no grounds to keep anti-Russian sanctions in place, said the head of the delegation Thierry Mariani, addressing the Crimean Parliament in Simferopol. Republican MP Jacques Myard also emphasized the importance of lifting the sanctions.

In July 2015, a group of 10 French deputies visited Crimea for the first time despite domestic and European criticism. Back then the lawmakers said that what they saw was completely different from the picture painted by Western media. They say the same thing now after having seen the situation with their own eyes.

The recent visit of French MPs is part of a trend taking place in Europe.”

The people of Eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region consider the government in Kiev to be illegal and installed by a US-engineered coup under the direction of Victoria Nuland. They are currently fighting and dying to ensure their independence from a US puppet regime run by a bunch of gangsters under Poroshenko, who have a nasty habit of harvesting organs from their own dead and wounded soldiers for the black market. But I guess the CIA has absolutely no knowledge of that either. Or the black helicopters that arrived in the middle of the night and relieved the Ukraine of its gold reserves.

Phil Wilayto, editor of The Virginia Defender newspaper and a member of the Administrative Committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), recently gave an interview summing up the current situation in Ukraine as he found it on the ground. As with the French visit to Crimea, what he saw is completely different from the picture painted by Western media.


Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
Seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

As for Russia’s “failing economy,” consider the following:

The international community no longer wants to deal in dollars and the dollar is no longer the international reserve currency. Russia is not trading oil with China in dollars, or gas with Europe in dollars. For the last 3 years Russia and many other countries around the world are trading either in their own currencies or in commodities exchange. Oil for wheat, coal for motorcars etc.

Analysis: Russia grabs top supplier’s crown with record crude oil sales to China May 2016

“China’s crude oil purchases from Russia jumped 52.4% year on year to a record high in April, propelling it to the top spot for the second time in 2016 and displacing Saudi Arabia.”

Top 10 Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves May 2016

“Russia has steadily been rebuilding its gold reserves in the last several years. In 2015, it was the top buyer, adding a record 206 tonnes in its effort to diversify away from the U.S. dollar, as its relationship with the West has grown chilly since the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in mid-2014. To raise the cash for these purchases, Russia sold a huge percentage of its U.S. Treasuries.”

In the last two years, Russia has changed its economic landscape from being a food importer to a food exporter. GMO, unlike in the USA, is considered to be a terrorist threat. Instead, Russia has heavily invested in organic food production.

Moscow farmers market
Moscow farmers market

Russian Food, Agricultural Exports Hit Record High Over Last Few Months June 2016

“”Agricultural production shows fantastic results: over last four months, we have a five percent growth in exports of agricultural products […] and an increase of 30.5% in physical volumes of agricultural products’ supplies abroad,” Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexei Likhachev said cited by the newspaper.”

As Jill Stein, who is turning out to be the only qualified presidential candidate recently told RT, the people are ready to revolt. Americans and people all over the world are revolted by op-eds like Michael Morrell’s, that are blatant in your face lies, and are obvious for the whole international community to see. Michael Morrell has no morals.

And in the words of Donald Trump, “You’re fired!”


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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. What would you do if you are threatend by death at gunpoint ? Would you pay or fight with naked fists ?

  2. Speaking of “modern dating methods” a Romanian/Spanish DNA study published in numerous peer-reviewed journals last year showed that Middle Neolithic (4000 BC or earlier) DNA from several archeological sites in the heart of TRANSYLVANIA (Iclod), and DNA of “modern populations from ROMANIA are very close, in contrast with Middle Neolithic and modern populations from Central Europe.” That’s at the exact same time and place those old cultures (using the runes) were dated to, so it’s a FACT that the ancestors of present-day Romanians were living in Transylvania (and many other places) at the time and they were using those runes, like I’m sure other people around the world were, much the same way we’re using the Latin alphabet today. That has nothing to do with Hungarians, who only formed as a people relatively recently.

  3. DNA study (Semino) showed that “the influence of Magyars on the Hungarian gene pool has been very low through both females and males and the Hungarian language could be an example of cultural dominance.” Hungarian may very well be closely related to the old Sumerian (probably is) but that doesn’t mean that present-day Hungarians are the descendants of the old Sumerians. They are not, they just inherited the language. As for the alleged “Hungarian/Szekely runes” here’s something interesting: the runic script was first mentioned in the 13th century Chronicle of Simon of Kéza, where he stated that the Székelys used the script of the Vlachs (Romanian Cyrillic alphabet was used to write the Romanian language till 1860–1862 and remained in occasional use until ca. 1920): “… non tamen in plano Panonie, sed cum Blackis in montibus confinii sortem habuerunt, unde Blakis commixti litteris ipsorum uti perhibentur” (=”…although not on the Pannonian Plain but among the borderland mountains along with the Vlachs [where] they mixed up with them and used their letters“).

  4. Would seem to me that the term”keep the Russians out, the Germans down and the Americans in,” is missing a last line Edward. It should read, “Keep the Russians out, the Germans down, the Americans in and the taxes paid to the Vatican.”

  5. Sent an email to you Katherine, and I do hope you read and discuss with your audience one day. Nothing personal, just news stories you may be interested in, or coincidences you may be interested in.

  6. Besides deicides, Jews persecuted early Christians, by flogging and stoning and forbidding the mentioning of Jesus. If that was not enough, Tertullian writings relate that Rome synagogues, being Jews very close to Emperor, were a hotbed of Christian persecutions and the cause of Coliseum martyrdom under the claws and fangs of tigers and lions for thousands of Jesus followers.
    The first reason of Spain Catholic kings expelling the Jews, was that the they were the great advisers to Moors, against the Christians. As they try to keep their Spanish residence by conversion became “New
    Christians”, but in many cases following their Judaism in secrecy, Inquisition had to determine if the conversion was sincere. Also, Jews conditioned loans to Christians if they relinquished their Faith, or worst, practiced ritual sacrifices with Christian toddlers or infants.
    Jews have been evicted more than a 100 times from different nations so, how could it be that they always feature the “innocent” rol and the others presented as victimizers, how could it be that so many people could be wrong, and Jews never asking themselves the cause that sooner or later people cannot tolerate their actions.

    • roger and Jozef I do not dispute your comments. But the Roman Catholic Church is no angel either. And yes Jozef they did persecute other Christians, there is the schism between Constantinople and Rome for one. And Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists have also been persecuted by them. To say that they have not is ignorant.

  7. Mrs. Frisk. On the Pope: Following your former articles, there it seems that, its very convenient going askew and resort to NYT difamatory editorials when the Catholic Church comes into play. Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, an association of mothers of leftist “disappeared” ones, has already been received by Pope Francis, more than once. Nearly 15 Catholics were “disappeared” or executed by Videla´s regime, and not a single rabbi was ever or slightly hurt considering that most Guerrilla commanders and financiers were Jews.
    There was not a single clue indicating that the Military regime was fascist or nationalist but certainly, very liberal as the nation was indebt to Foreign Banks in amounts imposible to return., money grown to over 4 times from the original loans. P-1 and P-2 were the lodges providing the MASONS, be it military or civilians, in charge of the regime, Masonry supported the Dictatorship, as well as Rockefeller and Kissinger, close acquaintances to the Economy minister at the time.

  8. Tell us when you are ready for a tete a tete with Jonas Alexis on you virulent anti-Catholicism. Your book is the Talmud and your friends the Zionists and the deluded Rabbinate – all significant by their absence and all smugly elated by your anti-Catholic rantings.

    • For all your rantings against the Jews who are not innocent and I never said that they were, they have got a long way to go before they equal the score on all the people who the Roman Catholic Church arrested and detained without trail, tortured and burnt at the stake in the last 1,000 years. Today the Inquisition goes under another name an another covert operation. It is commonly is known as the CIA and Operation Gladio, new boss same as the old boss, with their Black Sites all over the world and the murders continue. One day maybe you and Jonas will wake up to this fact. But by then you both might be in FEMA camps.

    • Check out or Google: “Fallacies of the Jesuit Conspiracy Theory.” It is a good place to start.

    • Check out the Inquisition. An even better place to start. The smell of burning flesh in the morning is a particularly Roman Catholic addiction. Along with a misogynist ideology which I personally find distasteful.

    • Facts like the ongoing attempts at expulsion of jews from Spain and the rest of Europe demonstrate that there are no “good”(Thora) jews as opposed to “fake jew” Khazarians. All that emanate from YHWH and his racist ideology, whether ethnically connected to the Babylonian / Roman jews or not, share the same poisonous energies. It is not primarily an ethnic / genetic trait but has to do more with energies from above. Islam and Christianity (Vatican / NWO Jesuits etc.) are no better, but the Judaic energies are based on a perceived form of racism (despite the fact that “jewish” supremacist energies obviously are not primarily connected to genetics). Though there seems to be truth in the story of Jesus / Christ for his exposure of Judaism as the son of Satan, the original liar.

  9. Otto v. Bismarck throw the pope and his church minions out of germany in the 1871 created a secular state. And guess why germany is in war since then…

  10. This might interest you Katherine. Hillary the war queen @ the Saker

    Check the comments, some interesting stuff. The pic is beautiful as well.

  11. Plz jozsef V.
    open your eyes as a catholic to see what is going on in reality. Read the Canonic laws to know who is boss in this world and why. There are 3 important papal bulls. I was catholic myself and it was a souldeep shock to see what they have done to my religion and my believe. Since then I turned my back at them. This is now 36 years ago and it was the right way. satan sits in the middle of GOD´s house.And research what Katherine told you. I doubt that Franciscus is even catholic, because he is a jesuit.

  12. House of Orange (Bilderberg) now connected to Videla / Pope via queen Maxima and connected as well to George Soros (Gordon’s buddy) via princess of Orange: Mabel Wisse Smit. No coincidence…

    • Videla consulted the Vatican immediately after his coup. The compromise is that they got permission to kill young students (dump them into the ocean), provided they would not kill the pregnant girls untill they gave birth. So that the babies were adopted by the military. The Vatican (and the present Argentinian pope) looked the other way while in Europe Gladio did the dirty work mainly in Italy. The kippah wearing pope is no different from another arm of the octopus: Zionism. Sometimes they cooperate and sometimes they infight. This one of the multiple reasons for some of the false flags because they are the means by which they give each other symbolic sacrificing signals only to be fully understood by insiders. Notice how there are never any attacks in UK and Netherlands.

    • I have a theory. That the House of Orange can trace their ancestry back to one or all three of these people. Caiaphas, Herod Antipas and Pontius Pilate. After the massacre of the Samaritans in 36 A.D., all three were deposed. Herod and Pilate were banished to Lundugnum in Gaul. It would not be surprising if Caiaphas went with them. This is the same area where the House of Orange originated. The DuPont family is also apparently descended from Pilate. Today we see the same co-operation between the Black Nobility and the Houses of Europe, Rome and the bankers, where Goldman Sachs is an advisor to the Vatican. So the fact that Mabel Wisse Smit works with the Soros Foundation, Soros being Jewish, this unholy trinity as I call them, has played and is playing out like a fractal through time. The Fed and the Too Big to jail banks are merely another version of the money lenders in the temple. The CIA an arm of the Roman Legion and the Bilderberg group the Herodian kings. The pattern and the playbook remains the same.

    • Notice how Maxima (Deutsche Bank / Brussels) and Friso (City) were into banking. Mabel Wisse Smit married prince Friso. This was a marriage of convenience as Friso was closet gay. Friso died in a skiing accident (Mabel’s real dad died in a skating accident). The jury is still out as to the ritualistic nature of death. Friso’s dad (husband of Beatrix) was prince Claus (ex Wehrmacht) who was also gay and into a paedophile network from his days as a German diplomat in Ivory Coast (also research: Joris Demmink / Rolodex). Both Claus and Maxima were handpicked by Bernhard (ex Nazi card carrying member as well as SS, turned allied hero) who was Beatrix’ dad and founder of Bilderberg. Elephant hunting Bernhard who filled his coffers from Lockheed was a lifelong friend of South American fascist community and Maxima’s dad who was in the Videla government. But: I would suggest you further research Mabel Wisse Smit as she is most interesting; a truly deep operative and covert agent of secret intelligence service. Interesting connection to Mohammed Sacirbey (Sarajevo) and Nelson Mandela.

    • Didn´t they go back to the Egyptian Cult of Ormus (Hormuz) ? Have read anything about that relations anywhere. Must look for that link.

    • gogh and Edward, thank you for your support. But keep in mind that it is these “old warhorses,” who have allowed me to post my articles here and have given me a forum as they do for many people, even if they personally do disagree with them. Which says a lot taking the western media into account 🙂

    • Now I remembered whre I read about the link to society of Ormus (Hormu). It was in one part of Greg Halletts books about “The Hidden King of England” ht tp://www.hallettreport. com/

    • Greg Hallett is crazy. People who have tried to work with him all report the same thing – the guy is nuts.

  13. Go and do your research. Google: Francis Videla missing people. The questions raised during that period have not been conclusively answered and documents that the church could release have been withheld.

  14. One may wonder how such stupid people came into a position of power in the first place. Intelligence seems not have been the qualification.

    There more they panic, the more blatant they get and the more obvious their crookedness. The USG have become the emperor without clothes to the whole world, except for the US-ziomedia.

    As stated below, what these idiots do is endorsing Trump by way of their criminal actions.

  15. LOL I just read in MSM how this guy is just the greatest most respected guy in the Gov. and yes I post against these guys every time I get a chance to on their liar MSM . But as far as Russia goes, yep, they are growing food in large amounts from Crimea to all of southern Russia. Here’s the kicker tho – they still have massive amounts of lands that can be planted for even more food or crop rotations. The Crimean markets have tons of produce and farm animals that are being sold and the lands under cultivation is only 50 to 60 % of what I see and I took a long road trip 2 weeks ago. I’m sure Morell the rat is trying to figure out how to Chem trail us but that would be a Turkey shoot for boys in Sevastopol. Does “Anyone” with half a brain in the US gov understand that waging Peace in the World is much more easier and enjoyable than War – day after Day after Year ?

    • Well they have three major areas well covered. Oil, gold and food. Russia also uses the taxes of the Russian people for a high standard of affordable education, a high standard of affordable health care and to the best of my knowledge they do not have toll roads. Once any country has all those systems in place, people are free to become truly capitalist and not corporate fascist as in the west, and run their own companies. You can correct me if I am wrong, but they have a set tax base at approximately 14% as I recall. Again this frees up the population to run successful companies without being drained with a 50% personal and company income tax along with Value added tax on all things sold. It also helps to keep the cost of living within a reasonable range. Putin is getting that wheel turning and once it turns as it looks like it already is, the Russian economy is going to run like a high speed train.

  16. You write, “and the last call, the Vatican. The CIA is, after all, an arm of this world-controlling body, who believes itself to own the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls.” Soon after, you add “Weishaupt was also Jewish, which would go a long way to explain how the Protocols of Zion where plagiarised, copied and adapted from the Jesuit Oath. They have the same agenda. A One World Fascist Government, and the complete destruction of Democracy, freedom of speech and the self determination of nations.”

    I was brought up Catholic and attended Catholic grade school, high school and college. The college was part of Fordham University, one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in the U.S. Jesuit priests teach there. and after all the repression of the grade school nuns and two Orders of brothers at the two high schools I attended, most Jesuits were like hippies–love, freedom of expression, find your own way to the vision of Christ, don’t rely so much on the Church, even though at that time we had liberal Pope John XXIII. One Jesuit in my freshman year helped me to stop going to Mass without remorse. Catholicism, like all religions, has caused more harm than good, but if the Vatican believes they own everyone, I never read or heard it, and to say that the Jesuits in general are fascist and against freedom of speech is preposterous.

    • I suggest you read the Jesuit Oath which is freely available on the internet and is recoded in the US congress. I also suggest that you do some research on the Inquisition which has still not been dismantled and where the Jesuits played a major role. Another very telling episode in history is the role that the Jesuit priests played in Croatia during WW2. The Jesuits support a communist ideology for a good reason. Property taken out of the hands of private ownership. When the communist system totally crumbles, that land is then bought up and put into Vatican trust funds. Or in the case of the USA, a major financial crash as was the mortgage crisis of 2008 as one example. This property is then bought out by the banks at very low prices. Not surprisingly they have major shareholding in these banks. The Vatican is a corporation using the church as a front. It is also a law unto itself and not subject to the laws of any nation.

    • 10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
      ht tps://truthernews.wordpress. com/2015/03/31/10-reasons-why-switzerland-is-home-to-the-cia-central-intelligence-agency/

  17. Another excellent article. Morell is another CIA for life drug dealing narco-terrorist, inhuman, soulless scum. What a grotesque liar. He has been running the terror networks and much of the drug trafficking, who is kidding who. The man should be indicted under RICO and Treason laws and tried, convicted and given capital punishment.

    • Thanks PJ. I am not familiar with all of his history as you are. But over and above that his op-ed pretty much speaks for itself. I still look on with jaw dropping amazement at the blatant lies that come out of the mouths of these people and I still find it incomprehensible that these people, who are sitting in highly responsible positions, are so utterly and completely irresponsible. Russia will defend itself, and if the US is intent on a fully blown war, they will get it. I strongly suspect that Putin will not attack Europe, and that this time, unlike WW1 and WW2, the Pacific and the Atlantic will be no deterrent against retaliation. Rumour has it that at around about the Brexit vote, Queen Elizabeth was said to be overheard saying that a terrible war, the likes of which we have never seen, is coming and that she needs to warn her people. Whatever you may or may not think of her personally, daily I see headlines that support that view, rumour or not.

    • Notice how Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Democratic Soros (and Brzezinski) is one of the main opponents of Russia together with Victoria Nuland. Hillary Clinton is one of the main operatives of this hidden Democratic / CIA danger that is more insidious than the overt neocon agenda. Nuland’s (Nudelman, a pupil of democrat Brzezinski) spiritual predecessor was mass murderer Orthodox Serb hating Madeleine Albright (Korbel) and these Democrats will be the main Zionist backdoor when some will have their gaze fixed on neocons and the so called progressive domestic policies of Hillary (who has filled her coffers from the banks with her speeches). Influential Russia-hating Democrat assets like Soros and Brzezinski are the main financial and intellectual hidden progenitors of anti-Russian sentiments and thus furthering the plan for the destruction of Syria, where Trump is being criticized by GOP as well as Democrats in spite of the fact that Trump says he wants détente with Russia. Morell stated that Donald Trump was not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security. So no one can ever say afterwards they did not know Hillary was going to carry out Bush CIA policies

  18. “The whole world knows by now that Bin Laden died from kidney failure before the Twin Towers came down.”

    News to me. Sources have put his death in the range of December 13 to 15, 2001, possibly from Marfan’s Syndrome, or Marfan’s in combination with kidney disease.

  19. “These days anyone who is associated with the CIA or has been associated with the CIA is guilty of being part of a criminal organization whose crimes over the last 70 years read like a bad script from a Quinton Tarantino movie.”

    There are two CIAs in one organization – “operations” which carries out all the evil and destructive black ops, and “analysis” which performs a legitimate function (per Ray McGovern, founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity).

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