Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on



This story has been completely ignored by the Western mainstream media, not surprising as it blows a huge gaping hole below the waterline of the official narrative of the Bosnian War, the one where the evil Serbs and their dastardly leaders Milosevic, Karadic and Mladic carried out systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing – a genocide against the poor Bosnians.

So what now? Now that the truth we have known for nearly 20 years has finally been officially recognised will the real culprits be brought to justice? Not hardly. The truly guilty are the US Neocons; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld; plus their stooges in NATO and the EU.

The lesson that we need to take away from this sad saga is that NATO is not a force for good in this world, rather it is the military arm of the Zionist cabal, the stick used to beat into line any nation who dares oppose their agenda for world hegemony.

The Bosnian War strategy is being repeated today in Ukraine, with the poor brainwashed Ukrainians playing the part of the Bosnians; the Russians are the evil Serbs and Putin is filling the tyrannical ‘Hitler’ role that was tragically fulfilled by Milosevic.

However, the stakes are much higher this time around, NATO is weaker with it’s members more divided, Russia is far stronger than Serbia and the potential battleground is the whole of Europe rather than just the Balkans. As much as NATO would love it to happen, I don’t see Putin ever occupying the dock at the Hague and Russia being beaten into submission as Serbia was.

Sadly I don’t see any greater chance of today’s guilty parties – McCain, Nuland, Yatsenyuk, Tyanhbok, Yarosh etc. being brought to justice than their predecessors who destroyed Yugoslavia.


Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) exoneration of the late Slobodan Milosevic, the former President of Yugoslavia, for war crimes committed in the Bosnia war, proves again we should take NATO claims regarding its ’official enemies’ not with a pinch of salt, but a huge lorry load.

For the past twenty odd years, neocon commentators and ‘liberal interventionist’ pundits have been telling us at every possible opportunity, that Milosevic (a democratically elected leader in a country where over 20 political parties freely operated) was an evil genocidal dictator who was to blame for ALL the deaths in the Balkans in the 1990s. Repeat after me in a robotic voice (while making robotic arm movements): ‘Milosevic’s genocidal aggression’ ‘Milosevic’s genocidal aggression’.

But the official narrative, just like the one that told us that in 2003, Iraq had WMDs which could be launched within 45 minutes, was a deceitful one, designed to justify a regime change-op which the Western elites had long desired.

The ICTY’s conclusion, that one of the most demonized figures of the modern era was innocent of the most heinous crimes he was accused of, really should have made headlines across the world. But it hasn‘t. Even the ICTY buried it, deep in its 2,590 page verdict in the trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who was convicted in March of genocide (at Srebrenica), war crimes and crimes against humanity.

There was no official announcement or press conference regarding Milosevic‘s exoneration. We’ve got journalist and researcher Andy Wilcoxson to thank for flagging it up for us. How very different it all was when the trial of the so-called ‘Butcher of the Balkans’, began in February 2002! Then, you‘d have to have been locked in a wardrobe not to be aware of what was going on.

CNN provided blanket coverage of what was described as “the most important trial since Nuremberg.” Of course, Milosevic’s guilt was taken as a given. “When the sentence comes and he disappears into that cell, no one is going to hear from him again,” declared US lawyer Judith Armatta from the Coalition for International Justice, an organization which had the former US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmerman, as an advisory board member.

Anyone who dared to challenge the NATO line was labeled a “Milosevic apologist”, or worse still, a “genocide denier”, by ‘Imperial Truth Enforcers’.

But amid all the blather and the hype surrounding the ’trial of the century’ it soon became apparent the prosecution was in deep, deep trouble. The Sunday Times quoted a legal expert who claimed that “Eighty percent of the prosecution’s opening statements would have been dismissed by a British court as hearsay.” That, I believe, was a generous assessment.

The problem was that this was a show trial, one in which geopolitics came before hard evidence. It’s important to remember that the original indictment against Milosevic in relation to alleged Kosovo war crimes/genocide was issued in May 1999, at the height of the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia and at a time when war was not going to plan for the US and its allies.

The indictment was clearly designed to exert pressure on Milosevic to cave into NATO’s demands.

The trouble for NATO was that by the time Milosevic’s trial was due to start, the Kosovo narrative had already unraveled. The lurid claims made by the US and its allies about genocide and hundreds of thousands being killed, catalogued by the great John Pilger here, had been shown to be false. In September 2001, a UN court officially held that there had been no genocide in Kosovo.

So in an attempt to beef up their weakening case against Milosevic the prosecutors at The Hague had to bring in new charges relating to the war in Bosnia, accusing ‘Slobo’ of being part of a ‘joint criminal conspiracy’ to kill/ethnically cleanse Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims in pursuance of a ’Greater Serbia’ project.

In normal criminal prosecutions evidence is collected and then, if it’s deemed sufficient, charges are brought. But the opposite happened in the case of Milosevic: he was charged for political reasons and the hunt for evidence then followed.

The irony is that the former Yugoslav President had already been praised by President Clinton for his role in brokering a peace deal in Bosnia in 1995, which was signed in Dayton, Ohio.

The truth is that Milosevic was no hardcore Serb nationalist but a lifelong socialist, whose commitment was always to a multi-racial, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia.

His aim throughout his time in power was not to build a ’Greater Serbia‘, but to try and keep Federal Yugoslavia together, as the ICTY now belatedly acknowledges.

Not only was Milosevic not responsible for ethnic cleansing which took place in Bosnia, he actually spoke out against it. The ICTY noted Milosevic’s “repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies made by the Accused (Karadzic) and the Bosnian Serb leadership.” Milosevic, a man for whom all forms of racism were anathema, insisted that all ethnicities must be protected.

But in order to punish Milosevic and to warn others of the consequences if they dared to oppose US power, history had to be re-written. The pro-Yugoslavia socialist who had opposed the policies of the Bosnian Serb leadership had to be turned, retrospectively, into the villain of the Bosnian War and indeed blamed for all the bloodshed which took place in the Balkans. Meanwhile, the aforementioned US Ambassador Warren Zimmerman, whose malign intervention to scupper a diplomatic solution helped trigger the Bosnian conflict got off scot-free.

The ‘Blame it All on Slobo’ campaign saw facts simply thrown out of the window. One article, written, I kid ye not, by an Oxford University Professor of European Studies even had Milosevic as leader of Yugoslavia in 1991 (the year that Slovenia broke away). In fact the Bosnian Croat, Ante Markovic, was the leader of the country at the time.

Inevitably, Milosevic was likened to Hitler. “It was just like watching the evil strutting Adolf Hitler in action,” wrote the News of the World’s political editor, when Milosevic had the temerity to defend himself in court. “There were chilling flashes of the World War Two Nazi monster as the deposed Serb tyrant harangued the court.”

To make sure readers did get the Milosevic=Hitler point, the News of the World illustrated their diatribe with a picture of Hitler ‘The Butcher of Berlin’, in front of a concentration camp, with a picture of Milosevic ‘The Butcher of Belgrade’ superimposed on a picture of a Bosnian concentration camp. Which in fact, he had nothing to do with.

Very conveniently for the prosecution, Milosevic died suddenly in his cell in March 2006.

Going by what we had seen at the trial up to that point, it’s inconceivable that a guilty sentence could have been passed. A whole succession of ’smoking gun’ witnesses had turned out to be dampest of damp squibs.

As I noted in an earlier piece:

Star witness Ratomir Tanic was exposed as being in the pay of Western security forces, whilst ex-Yugoslav secret police chief Rade Markovic, the man who was finally going to spill the beans on Milosevic and reveal how his former master had ordered the expulsion of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, in fact did the opposite and testified that he had been tortured to tell lies and that his written statement had been falsified by the prosecution.

In addition, as I noted here, the former head of security in the Yugoslav army, General Geza Farkas (an ethnic Hungarian), testified that all Yugoslav soldiers in Kosovo had been handed a document explaining international humanitarian law, and that they were ordered to disobey any orders which violated it. Farkas also said that Milosevic ordered no paramilitary groups should be permitted to operate anywhere in Kosovo.

When Milosevic died, his accusers claimed he had “cheated justice”. But in fact, as the ICTY has now confirmed, the injustice was done to Milosevic.

While he had to defend himself against politically-motivated charges at The Hague, the US and its allies launched their brutal, illegal assault on Iraq, a war which has led to the death of up to one million people. Last year a report from Body Count revealed that at least 1.3 million people had lost their lives as a result of the US-led ‘war on terror’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Those sorts of figures help us get Kosovo into some kind of perspective. Even if we do hold Milosevic and the Yugoslav government responsible for some of the deaths there in 1999, (in a war which the West had clearly desired and provoked) far, far, greater death and destruction has been caused by the countries who were the keenest to see the President of Yugoslavia in the dock. As John Pilger noted in 2008, the bombing of Yugoslavia was the “perfect precursor to the bloodbaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Since then we’ve also had the NATO destruction of Libya, the country which had the highest living standards in the whole of Africa and the backing of violent ‘rebels’ to try and achieve ‘regime change’ in Syria.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see a pattern here.

Before a US-led war or ‘humanitarian intervention’ against a targeted state, a number of lurid claims are made about the country‘s leader and its government. These claims receive maximum media coverage and are repeated ad nauseam on the basis that people will bound to think they’re true.

Later it transpires that the claims were either entirely false (like the Iraq WMD ones), unproven, or greatly exaggerated. But the news cycle has moved on focusing not on the exposure of the fraudulent claims made earlier but on the next aggressive/genocidal ‘New Hitler’ who needs to be dealt with. In 1999 it was Milosevic; now it’s Assad and Putin.

And guess what, dear reader? It’s the same people who defend the Iraq war and other blood-stained Western military interventions based on lies, unproven claims or great exaggerations, who are the ones doing the accusing.

As that very wise old saying goes: When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.

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  1. what an fascist/racist piece…you say that do not hate Serbs, yet you think that Serbs have always caused “spilling of blood” of, otherwise, brotherly South Slavs…that is a definition of fascist thought, all those laughable historical constructions that you have wrote are carbon copy of ustasha narrative…you are a joke…a bad one…

  2. I do not hate serbs, why would i? As i said dislike fabricators and nationalists who do the fabricating. Those who get caught in their net,i pity their poor souls.

    In my study of slavic culture i noticed that all southern slavs get along really well,as family. When you throw Serbia,modern and ancient raska or moravska serbia, into the mix blood gets spillt always. Even these modern times confirmed that sample.

  3. Slavic people knew only tribes and tribal structure. Upon arrival they met indigenous population and mixed in with them. The name Croat/ Hrvat belonged to a mythical chieftain who led a few tribes west, and as things go people took the name Croats/Hrvati, esentially his followers.
    Just as Luzicki Srbi in Germany there are Gradiscanski Hrvati in Austria..
    What about it….
    I just provided you with croatian nationalistic counter part for you allegations on romanncatholic serbs,who you say croats are. Esentially, I just gave you the taste of your medicine.

    Slavs were known under many names from the times of Roman Empire..they used names as sclaveni or venedians and many more…

    Now about ethnic croatian… First mention of Chorvat/Hrvat/Croatian is recorded in Ukraine, where they lived for a while. In polish or ukranian history that region in that time was recorded as White Chorvatia, after that they started moving again into modern day poland,where they remained for a while, that teritory was called Red Chorvatia. After that they moved south. There were records in museums i visited on 2006 in Kiev and in Poland both.
    You accuse me of hate,but i do not hate. Why would i hate Russians? I enjoyed my time in st. Peterburg very much so.

    The thing i hate the most are blinded nationalists or religious fanatics.

  4. so, were those slavs from slavonia ethnic Croats, members of Croat slavic tribe? Who was that croatian duke, and how do you know for a fact that he was of croatian ethnicity? I think that you write about “croats” in national terms, not ethnic, and nations formed much later in 18th and 19th century, and then you apply it to medieval period, and use for argumentation. For eg. english nation was made out of several ethnic groups, and I think that it is your approach to croat nation. mine is entirely different, and I do not know why did not you notice that, as a trained historian, surely you know the difference. BTW, about the name for Serbs, how do you explain existence of Luzicki Serbs in the middle of Germany, and what was genesis of their name? Did slav meant slave? What were ancient names for slavic peoples?
    I stand by my previous statement, regardless of sad destiny of your grandfather and his brother, you are an ustasha, since you posses main characteristic of ustasha – you hate Serbs, and yet you go around with nick “SlavicBlood”. I bet that you hate Russians as well, but do not expect you to admit it..

  5. FYI Sclavonia was a Greek name for the Roman region of Panonnia,esentially Slavia. Region inhabited by slavs who would later be known as Croatians in the province of Sclavonia/Panonnia/Slavonija. Those lands were given to a croatian duke, recorded by byzantine historians, 1300 years ago. Byzantine province of Dalmatia was given to govern,to act as an archont of the empire, to another croatian duke. Also duly recorded by both Rome and Constantinopole, who would later be known as roman catholics and orthodox catholics after the schism. Not one mention of serbia here, in those chronicles 1300 years ago.

    If you want nationalist rhetoric, i’ll write what croatian right hard liners say. After the great schism, croats along the Danube and Sava got separated by spheres of influence, those who stayed east croats called Servus,in latin; it means servant. That’s how the name Serbia came into being and that’s why Serbians desperately try to claim our heritage and history. They say you betrayed us.

    But im not writing about myths and imagination. I provide facts substantiated by written and video proof.

  6. by carved in stone i take it you mean Bulgarian and Bosnian stelae on which u falsely laid claim, which Bosnians and BUlgarian historians debunked decades ago? Whatever, who cares. Serbians laid claim to the entire universe, who can follow you imagination? I think all normal people gave up on that years,decades and centuries ago.

    You call me Ustasha,yet my grandfather lost his leg to Ustasha and his brother was blinded by the Ustasha…You are a joke.
    I know my nations real history and i do not suffer from nationalistic delusions, i accept the guilt and feel remorse for blood spilt, as it is in my nature as a human being.
    Once again, i challenge you to provide independent evidence for any argument you wrote, but i know you cannot and let’s leave it that. I do not wish to embarrass you further. I see the Hungarian wisely pulled out, truly you confirm every old saying in the book.

    I provided my credentials, you have mocked them. My knwoledge has weight and is anchored in truth, your myths end up in blind roads, and then u change topic and return to standard propaganda

  7. ok, it is not my manner to discuss with sick ustasha who were repetitively insulted me, but I have to say this:
    I was speaking about hard, direct evidence, carved in stone, not indirect stories from people who, by your own admission, disliked Serbs, to put it mildly (Franks and Porfirogenit), and disqualified themselves as reliable sources.
    Secondly, could you explain your own assertion about “Slavonians who will later became Croats”??? So, Slavonians were not Croats, and then they somehow became Croats? Wow. How much Serbs later became Croats?

    Do not bother to answer, as you did not bother with other “unpleasant” facts that I have wrote about…

  8. I wish to humiliate you more, you and your myths.
    Serbia and its history are a forgery, summoned from thin air by claming other peoples legacy and struggles. Serbian history started it’s rise thanks to the the domination of Europe by Habsurgs and their Austro-Hungarian Empire, of whom Croatia wasa vital part by providng military and trading ports. To counter A-H Empire, british and Russian monarchies summoned Serbia from thin air to act as their shaved knuckle in countering Habsburg domination of european political and economical scenery.Habsburgs ruled from Europe to Mexico, where Juarez casted down Maximilian Habsurg, a fact closer to NA audience, geographically.
    By fabricaing their history they have created Serbia to always be a threat on A-H borders.
    A parallel can be made with modern day Georgia and Russia, hard to look far when savages are knocking down your door.

  9. One more piece of news, from a few days ago.
    Momir M. Marković, admiral of the Yugoslav War Navy got decorated for refusing to shell Croatian coastal cities, one of which was Dubrovnik, a city with the sTatus of WORLD HERITAGE, given to it by UNESCO.
    He commited suicide, upon receiving the command from Milosevic to shell those cities.
    On 29th of september,1991 he killed himself,aged 52.
    Once again, he refused to shell civilians and world heritage and commited suicide, reminds me of Bushido.
    Any way, that admiral was a rare thing. He was a white Serbian, Montenegro Serbian who refused to participate in ethnic cleansings on order by Milosevic and his lackeys.
    For any war veteran that act speaks for itself.

  10. What ortodox christianity in the time of franks and early middle ages, you idiot? Do you even know when the shcism happened, hwen christendome divided itself? Your historical timeline is a swiss cheese. Here i write about Franks you talk about Vatican that came into existence 300-400 years later? Are you crazy or just an indoctrinated fool? Croats were known in the time of the Franks and Byzantine Empire,prior to schism, there is not one mention of Serbs in the time of Franks. I challenge you to back your words, but i know you cannot. On the other hand, i destroy your mythology as simple as taking a candy from a child and you still babble on.
    You,like your nation, are a joke. Stop telling people they got a thorn in their eyes when you,Serbian, have a seqoya tree blocking you entire field of vision.

  11. Fake nations created by western powers? You are a fool, non deserving of an educated debate.
    You have no disrespect towards other nations history, you deny it, you are a sick mind like those that programmed you into morbid stupidity of failed serbian nationalists.

    Croats existed long before Serbia came into being, and that’s a historic fact, be it provided by Franks or Byzantines, in written. On the other hand, both Franks and Byzantines considered Serbs barabrians, filthy brutes and non deserving of a civilized treatment. And you once againproved them here, with your nationalist rhetoric. Constantin Profirogenet, The Byantine wrote about Croatian REX Tomislav and his contribution to the defense of Byzant, not a word aout serbs is mentioned in his chronicles

  12. I provided evidence for everything i wrote, you on the other hand, proceed with myths…Myths debunked ages ago, u can put your stories and hang em on a cat’s tail. That’s how much they are worth. I gave documents proving Croatian claim to nationhood ages before Serbia even became Serbia. I have given music links to back my words and UTTERLY SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE of Slavic cultures,languages and history, you on the other hand provide myths and numbers witout basis in reality. I have argued people like you and there is no way for your kind to admit defeat. I defeated you with arguments and proof, you babble on about Vatican and Austria and conspiracies non-existing. The Hungarian Jozef defeated you utterly, again you proceed with myths against his hard facts.

  13. @SlavicBlood: oh, so many words and so little said…in so many words not an trace of evidence, just false accusations, misinformation, frustration, fascist rant and plain hatred. All of that followed by ode to yourself… As expected….

    @Ian Greenhalgh: It is easy – gravestone inscription almost always states that person which was buried was Serb aristocrat, his/hers position in hierarchy of Serbian Kingdom, title, or similar…in Churches, also basic info about donor (ktitor) who payed for building of particular Church, his/her titles, origin, also icons with aristocrats of the time, etc….all of that says – SERB, and none, not one – Croat. You have to know that there was strong interest from Vatican and Austrians to dominate Orthodox Christian Serbia, and expand Roman Catholic dominion on Orthodox Christian lands. It is a long story, but if you know, for eg., that Ustasha movement in Croatia during WW2 and today was kind of “clero-fascism”, inspired by Roman Catholic Church, led by RCC priests, and closely supported by RCC, you can see events in Balkans in different light. FYI there are evidence in Jewish Museum of Holocaust in USA, and in Serbian Archives about 1400 RC priests thath took active part in murdering Serbs in Croatia during WW2, and others were in positions of Concentration Death Camp Warden, etc..Some argue that official European history was distorted by Roman Catholic Church and German historic school, to accommodate existence of “Croats”,

  14. Serbs lived around Kosovo and Methoija, when the Turks came some of them fled north,into Croatian-Hungarian Kingdom and have absolutlely no claim to these lands. Of course most of them stayed under Turks, example of that is the Battle of Nicopolis…On one side we have Western alliance: France, Holy Roman Empire/Germany, Knight Hospitaler,Genoa,Venice,Wallachia/Romania,Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia. The western alliance fought a pitched battle against Turks and Serbian heavy cavalry and have lost to the barbarians. The yar was 1396. Can you now understand why Slovenians,Croatians,Bosnians,Herzegovinians, Montenegrians, Bulgars, Macedonians and Hungarians are disrespectful to Serbs and extremely cautious. There is 600 years of treachery and violence brewing across the Drina river, and every few decades they try again, and they fail again and again. We Croats move frowards, we are happy in our beautiful country and that disutrbs them, by them i mean their elite,serbian elite

  15. Confirmation for the things Popović speaks about you cannot find in this world, on this Earth. Only in the minds of creators of Greater Serbia and their inheritors Milosevic,Seselj,Karadzic etc because that was a good cause for invading a sovereign nation. There is an old saying, you know it : You reap what you sow. When u try to claim other peoples lands and cultures, it backfires. Instead of them taking a piece of Croatia, we defended it and they lost Kosovo, truly there is Karma in this universe. In a few years all their lies will come out, Vojvodina will be returned to Hungarians, Croatians and Slovaks, and Serbia will be an enclave of bigots in a small radius around Belgrade.

  16. Here is question for you Mr. Greenhalgh.
    Why are you writing something about Balkans when you have so less aknowledge about us?
    You do not even know about our languages and history and portray only the cetnik Propaganda without to Research the other side and the real truth.
    I give you a hint.
    If you want to know why Serbs started wars with Bosnia, Croatia and Albania and try to kill us again and again, check out our Genes.
    If you want to know why the Elite wanted this war, check out the Bosnian Pyramids.

  17. i must add my credentials, i am a magister mag. of southern and weststern slavic languages. I have studied Bulgarian,Slovenian and Macedonian language and literature, also i have listened to 3 years of serbian literature. Western slavic languages i speak are slovak and čeh,czech. I am alos a mag. in history, middle ages. I have an undergraduate degree in ethnology,also…so called bacc. i have traveled and laid my hands on the things he speaks about abstractly. I have seen the dark forest, walked on moss and slept next to the shallow,clean and fast creeks. I am,first and foremost, a Slav.

  18. So according to Mr. Ian Greenhalgh, the Bosnian, Croats, Albanien killed and raped themselves. There was no genocide and no mass rapes by Serbs on Bosnian civilians.
    It’s so funny that other people who are obviously miles away know more than we who survived and saw the ugly side of War.
    My cousin worked at the Hospital where all raped women, girls and children have been brought for threatment. We in Tuzla count 50.000 raped women by Serbs. One big ammounth of these women were threated in the Tuzla Hospital.
    My father was there when death bodies of small children have been found, stuffed in fountain.

    But hey we are all liars and we kill ourselves. Lol

    Mr Ian Greenhalgh here is your hero Ratko Mladic who is trying to spread some love for everyone in the Name of peace.

    • @ Ian Greenhalgh

      LOL Bigotry and hatred.

      So the simple truth is bigotry and hatred? Giving you facts, backed by proofs is bigotry and hatred?

      I guess the only thing which is left now for you Mr. Greenhalgh, is to call it bigotry and hatred. Check out the comment section and read carefully. People allready gave facts which prove that your article is nonsense. If you have any proofs that Serbs are so innocent, that Ratko Mladic didn’t want a great Serbia and was not responsible for genocide and mass rape in Bosnia and Croatia, that Serbia with JNA did not attack nearly all countries around Serbia, please give us proofs which underline your thoughts. If you know so much and have proofs for your thesis,why don’t you show them to us? I guess, you have none. I bet you was never on the Balkans. You do not even know our history Mr. Greenhalgh. Do you know your own history?

    • @ Ian Greenhalgh

      I am going to show your article to the guy whose mother was raped by 30 Serbian Soldiers who left her alive to bring a Serbian kid into the world. Want to hear what he have to say to your article. Maybe you can help him to find his dad.

      Or to my cousins husband who is othodox Bosnian (called- in Bosnia living Serb), who was nearly killed by his own people because he was engaged to a muslim girl and refused to kill muslims.

      Honestly I am laughing about you because you write an article without any aknowledge about the Balkans. For me who grew up in Bosnia and survived this war, who know what happened, your article is bigotry and hatred

    • Yes, Serbs committed crimes but so did the Croats and Bosnian Muslims. The western media however, showed a great bias when reporting on these crimes – every instance of Serb wrongdoing they could find (or fabricate) was headline news, while the crimes of the Croats and Bosnians were ignored. The Muslims, many of them from outside the Balkans murdered thousands of innocent Serb civilians but it was never mentioned by the western media. There are a large number of photographs of Muslims posing with the severed heads of their Serb victims but the western media has never shown us any of them. I have never tried to claim the Serbs were ‘innocent’ as you put it, I have simply reported honestly and clearly this is something that upsets you. The truth is that the Yugoslav wars of the 90s are far more complex than the ‘blame it all on the Serbs’ narrative that the western media presented and the exoneration of Milosevic proves this to be the case.

    • @Jozef V.

      I agree mostly with you and you shared a lot of truth with us.

      I understand you feelings very well but no matter what happened in the past let’s think on the future and our youth.
      Whatever Ottoman Empire did on the Balkans, today Turks have very less to do with it. The young people in Turkey want peace and friendship with their neighbours.

      Same is with young Serbs. Whatever their Gradfathers and Fathers did, most of the young Serbs want peace.

      The problem are nationalist and such articles like this here, who spread false history and create hate under the young people.

      Greetings from Bosnia

    • @ Ian Greenhalgh

      Nothing what you say Mr. Greenhalgh is upseting me really. I am laughing about you and your need to write about things you have so less aknowledge.

      The only thing that can nearly upset me is, that after reading articles like yours, some Srbs could fell back into self pity. AGAIN. To understand what I mean you need to be here and talk with people which you are obviously not. To undestand why your article is so dangerous, you need to hear what Serbs learn from the beginning of their life. Their history is full of self pity and lies whis are painting Serbs as innocent and honest people. The truth and the dark side of their leaders and people is rarely mentioned. The others, people around them (Bosniaks, Croats, Albanians, e.t.c.) are mostly portraied as the bad guys. This is hightly dangerous. And now that many Serbs finally learn to accept their mistakes such articles are giving them the feeling of beeing innocent. And everything can start from beginning.

    • @ Ian Greenhalgh

      When you say that the Yugoslawian war is much more complex, then you are right. And if you know that it’s complex you should at least share more than 5% of the truth. In the Bosnian war, there were Mujahedin who were brought inside the country to kill. They were brought inside the country and were not Bosnian Muslims themselves. I am amazed that you do not know this.

      Also there were Russians and Greeks who fought on the side of the Serbs. If you do not believe me, go to Sarajevo. There are hundreds Russians and Greeks buried.

      Also there were many Americans who came to rape young children. American soldiers have opened sex clubs where young girls and kids (mainly orphans) have been sold. Many of them killed after the use or sold all over the Europe. Bosnia became a place fot the human traficking.

      Fact is that Serbia started this war. Fact is that Serbia wanted a Great Serbia and attacked their neighbours to get their Great Serbia. Fact is that this genocide by Serbs, was not first on Bosnian soil. Fact is that Serbs hid and support their war criminals.

      I do not need to write more. You can read in comments enough about our history.

      My advice for you Mr. Greenhalgh is to do more research before you write such articles which can lead to more hate and more misunderstanding between my people. I do not want one more war and want my people to heal and forgive.

    • Your ‘facts’ reveal how biased you are. Until people like you and Joszef stop promulgating this racist rhetoric, the Balkans will never find lasting peace.

  19. Anyway, I wish to apologize for my grammar and spelling, but these bigots with their myths really frustrate me. I focus on the truth and I am objective in finding it, or just trying to find it. I have studied one semester in Novi Sad and 2 semesters in Belgrade, one semester in Sofija,Bulgaria. I do not consider myself a nationalist and have provided you with ample proof, be it keywords or plain old wiki links. My Magyar neighbor wrote a lot of facts, recorded facts from the archives in Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna / Graz and the serbian nationalist continues with his myths, trying to negate facts and replace them with myths of a nation defeated over and over again.
    I am well versed in all things Slavic, and I am at your service with credible,factual information.

  20. Serbians tried to be conquerors but they failed every war they started, preceding those wars were mythologies as in: Croatians are Serbs but roman catholic. Bulgars are also backwater serbs according to serbian historians and so on…This was one of the reasons of our Patriotic war, Serbians (misloevic,seselj) pubilcly negated the histories of nations surrounding serbia and they provided their interpretations of history, without facts to confirm it. People in Europe are laughing at their fabrications, for centuries now. Genetics negate them,linguistics, archeology etc. Check every croatian or bulgar or bosnian folklore vides, you will find a nationalist serb claiming it’s serbian, and we stole from them

  21. A bit on the formation of languages and differences; the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet has a long and interesting history of more than a thousand years. The Croats using the Glagolitic alphabet were the only nation in Europe who was given a special permission by Pope Innocent IV (in 1248) to use their own language and this script in liturgy. More precisely, this permission had formally been given to the bishop Philip of Senj. Serbs used greek while we Croats have in writing permission for the creation of language and alphabet by the supreme autthority in Europe, the pope,. Of course, Greater Serbia ideollogy cannot negate a document 1000 years old.

    First incarnation of serbia was called Raša, and modern serbs today cannot understand old Raša language. I,as a modern Croat, can understand old Croatian. Serbian is a language of older slavic dialects and bulgarian word heavily infulenced by the widely internationally recognized Croatian language.

  22. Now for you, mr Greenghalg, i commit examples for my words : a bulgarian folklore song, call Hubava si moia goro, translated as ; your are beautiful,my forest. ,check this link,there are english translation for the full song. Here i prove my superior knowledge of Slavic languages and dialects versus his shity serbocentric mythology. As you can see for his writing, Serbs were the matchbox for igniting flames on the balkans:) You can see how he claims Croatian coastal cities for serbs lthough serbs live 500km to the east. Population in those cities is Latin / Croat Slavic.

  23. Once again serbian mythology, Croatia is made out of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Croatia. We used a system of writing devised by the saint Cyrill and Metod, calloed glagolitic writing, in old slavic glagoliti means to speak. Serbs use cyrllic alphabet made by a student of the saint Cyril/Kiril. This is how we can distuingish laguages from approx 9th century so differences between older version of languages are quite obvious to anyone in linguistics.When i said Gora meant forest in slavic i have my degree to back me up.

  24. @SlavicBlood: your serbian is a bit rusty… “Gora” means hill, mountain, with forest, or not…what your “degrees” say about serbian lenguage in Smederevo, Niš, hundreds of km to the East from Vojna Krajina, which were part of entirely different Empires (Byzantine, Ottoman) and Kingdoms (Serbian!) for centuries? Why is possible to me to go to Serb Medieval Churches from 12th or 13th Century around Raska, Krusevac, in Šumadija (all parts of Serbia), Kosovo, Albania, and read inscriptions in serbian lenguage, or to read serbian lenguage written on grave stones from Middle ages? Can you do the same about Croats? you cannot, right!? because there are no historical evidence for your BS that you are unloading here…

    • Here’s a question for you guys – how is it possible to determine whether an ancient inscription or writing is by a Serb or Croat? I mean, the language is called Serbo-Croat in English and my understanding is that both Serb and Croat speak exactly the same language and any linguistic differences are modern developments, much as Ukrainian has been modified to have more Germanic Grammar since 1917 but remains very much a dialect of Russian.

  25. @SlavicBlood: you are being ridiculous…”Slavonians” became Croats? How? In fact, Slavonians were ethnic Serbs, who were Roman Catholics. It is common lie by Croats, to call Croats anyone who was of Slavic origin, and Roman Catholic religion, living in Bosnia, Slavonia, Dalmatia to call “Croats”…and yet, there are numerous proofs of Serbs of Roman Catholic religion, living in Dubrovnik area, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Herzegovina…In the middle of territory that was “controlled by Croats”, as you claim, you have town called “Srb”! Also, it is nothing new that Croats, who do not have own language (Croats use serbian lenguage, but decline to admit it), history, or anything that would help them create own identity, tend to steal Serb history claiming that it was their own. Please, spare me of Croat ridiculous “history”, a bunch of wishes and fairy tales without any historical evidence or proof.

  26. Some trivia and a movie…first the movie, ottoman wars in SE europe i recommend watching this masterpiece of bulgar cinema.

    Balkan is a mountain located in bulgaria, we call it Stara Planina or Old MOuntain
    Balkan peninsula is not even a peninsula but they labeled as balkanic savages although we saved Europe from Jihad and did that for hundreds of years.

    Montenegro is wrong tranlation of a name. It is called Crna Gora in slavic, gora means forest so the countires name should BlackFOrest or DarkForest.

    I have more if you want
    Serbian and Croatian languages developed in Vojna Krajina because we manned forts there and garrisons, both croat and serb, Linguistics and history are my 2 degrees

  27. yea divide et impera…our confilcts started when a man be him orthodox or roman shat in the stream while someone washed clothe downstream…honestly,tht is how it began more than one thousand years ago. Both croats and serbs,and their creation Bosnians how their share of crimes they are anserable for, it is for the indiviudal to decide will he act accroding to the rules of armed conflict and humane behaviour or he will rape and plundr east or west from Drina or north and south from Sava. Those wars brought forward the worst in people and they still do today. Show us a common enemy and you will se who we are and who our heroes were during the ottoman caliphate and slavery. Truly we argue about our conflicts and victims, but both me and mr Popovic and Jozef Hungarian know who our enemy was and what they did to us, balkan wars are a tavern brawl in comparison to ottoman slavery, where our children were taken into armies and women into harems. And today you can see that legacy in blonde,blue eyed turks. Our blood

  28. @Jozef V.: Nobody forced Hungarians who live in Serbia to fight, citizens of Yugoslavia had an obligation to be drafted in case of war, like in every other country. Do not distort the truth. Your rant about how Hungarians are victimized in Serbia is beyond belief. Hungarians have schools in hungarian (there were cases when Serb children have to learn hungarian to be able to attend schools in predominantly hungarian places!), tv programme, cultural rights, institutions. There are villages in Northern Serbia where local Hungarians do not know Serbian at all. I can witness it. I have met, on several occasions, Hungarians who do not know serbian at all, and yet they live in Serbia (!), so we had to speak in English! Nobody harass Hungarians there, it is Hungarians, or to be precise – members of hungarian fascist movements in Serbia, who harass Serbs and provoke them, and when someone reacts to provocation, they go and complain and cry to the Western funded NGOs and Western MSM, who are more than willing to have a chance to accuse Serbs of some wrongdoing (but, not other way around).

    • Gentleman, I think you are illustrating for us all to see the crux of the problem with the Balkans – generations upon generations of ill feeling on all sides which is open to outside manipulation. It’s so easy for outside forces to set the Balkans alight due to these centuries old emnities. The whole Serb-Croat dispute seems a bit mystifying to use outside the Balkans as Serb and Croat share an ethnicity and a language and really, are very closely related, like brothers but like many brothers, are always arguing and often fighting. Is it just the weight of centuries of historical emnity coupled with the Catholic-Orthodox split? Or is it also due to outside forces that have manipulated the situation? I think a lot of the latter, be it the Austrians in WW1, the Italians and Germans in WW2 or NATO in the 90s. I just hope that one day, Croat, Serb, Bosnian, Slovenian, Kosovan and all the other Balkan peoples can learn to live together in peace and put old emnities aside.

  29. Croatian coast was occupied by Italians, Germans had bases everywhere, dont talk rubbish.
    Your are posting old serbian fascist myths and lies,easily debunked. I dont whitewash the crimes of my people but Serbians really try hard to whitewash their past. Like those examples you gave, utter rubbish, i can spew hundreds of examples like that thaht will make a person believe you are a nation of butchers. Hell, your chetniks burnt my house,killed my family members, 3 of them-2 women one child, and all that 100km from the serbian border, and all that 24 years ago. Were croatian tanks inside Serbia? haha
    So, accroding to your narrative everyone was against pathetic,poor, oppressed Serbs…ustasa,german, muslim and communist? all of them lie about serbian history? is each of those narratives a lie? wake up man

  30. Vojna Krajina wasa region controlled by Croatians since the 7th century, either on behalf of Byzantine or the Franks. Those lands knew no Serbs,only Slavonians who would later become Croats. Lets move on, why do you call chetniks guerilla when they were collaborators of naci regimes,who provided weapons for them to fight against communists? German and Croatians of course…Let’s talkChetnik voivoda Momčilo Đujić and how he stayed alive with the help of his friend , fuhrer of ww2 Croatia…u casually forgot that,i see?! Ustaša were like german SS, regular armies were called Domobran( Defenders of home), i see you dont know that…. Those camps u describe are a bunch of serbian myths and lies. One of those camps u mention was on Croatian soil but was manned by Nedic’s Serbs, research it more before writing propganda and excuses for defeats.

  31. @Slavic Blood: what was my “lie”? you have confirmed that Vojna Krajina stretched from Karlovac to Vojvodina, but conveniently forgot to mention Lika and Kordun. What you also forgot to mention is that it was never part of “Croatia”, it was a region of Habsburg Monarchy, later Austro-Hungarian Empire, until becoming part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Would you be so kind not to lie about everything, it is easy now to check facts, it is not 1990ties when Croats had every support of Western MSM in any lie they spit out, similar to how MSM covers Ukraine-Russia situation, actually exactly like that – Nazi Regime in Ukraine (like Nazi Croat Tudjman regime) were being called “good guys”, and Russians in Donbas (like Serbs in Krajina) are accused of everything, including Russia (like Serbia back then). Carbon copy. Serbia surely did not start a war, Croat police action in Borovo Selo was attack on Serbs there, which ended in severe Croat police casualties. Not to mention murder of several prominent Serbs and their families, all over Croatia, well before any fighting began. Or forming of paramilitary ZNG forces, also before start of civil war. Or smuggling of weapons from Germany by Croats, which was filmed by Yugoslav Intelligence and presented on TV, also before anything started. Now, please explain how “Serbia started a war beyond its borders”? BS about refugees and Milosevic, and “1 million”(!) is beyond commenting.

  32. @SlavicBlood: yes, you are an apologetic for Ustasha Nazis…You cannot compare Croat Ustasha Nazi State, which had racist laws, racist/nazi ideology of genocide against Serbs, and quislings who were governing Serbia during German occupation. Main difference – no German occupying troops in Croatia, it was Independant (!) State of Croatia, while Serbia was under German military occupation, with troops all over Serbia, and no “independence” at all. Also, for eg., German military imposed a rule against Serbs in Serbia – for every wounded German soldier 50 civilians would have been executed, and for every murdered German soldier – 100 Serb civilians would have been executed (Kraljevo – 5000 executed, Kragujevac – 7000 executed in retaliation)! So, my point is that Serbia was German occupied territory, while NDH was not! Furthermore, Chetniks, Serb guerrilla, were royalists, they fought for King and Kingdom of Yugoslavia, while Ustasha were regular forces of Independent State of Croatia, carrying out official racial laws of Croatian Government at the time, which included genocide against Serb Orthodox Christians, Jews and Roma (considered lower race). You are posting old Croat Communist narrative, making equal apples and oranges, forcing equalisation of Ustasha and Chetniks, and those were very different…

  33. @Mr Popović,good sir do not lie. Military region strecthed from Karlovac to Vojvodina. Your so called SAO Krajina was injabited by serbs for a few hundred years,these serbs which came there were invited by Frankapan’s, croatian and hungar nobles. Who expelled 450 000 serbs? Stop ur pathetic myths. Serbia strted a war, beyond it’s borders and lost it, every war ever. Those 200 000 that fled croatia in 1995. you serbs sent to Kosovo to populate it more and make serbian claim stronger. They were your countrymen and Milosevic didnt even give them citizenship and they are still second rate citizens in serbia. What about 1 000 000 that fled their homes before the serbian invaders came?

  34. It didnt wanna show my link, i think. The keywords are “Nedic” “Serbia” WW2. Chetnik and ustasha, nedic serbia and pavelic croatia. Two sides of the same coin.

  35. He speaks true. A simple wiki search
    This is WW2 Serbia.
    I am not an aplogetic for the Ustaša regime, but this Jasenovac had victims killed on all sorts of fronts attributed to it,even people just living abroad. Upon excavating a mass grave containing thousands, only 3 bodies were found. There is too much research availible to casually ignore it. When you talk about victims in WW2 you must know that croat and serbian puppet regimes worked against communists,anarchists and unaligned joined in the multinational liberation front, so called partisans. When i say multinational i meant serb,croat,slovenian,montenegrian etc in a single antifa movement. I am speaking about those people you call serbian WW2 genocide victims. They were mostly multinational communists. Both Serbian official and Croatian official government were nazi regimes. It is wrong to attribute victims of a few nations to just one for it to cure its failed aspirations.

  36. You’re allowed to say things if you can reasonably back them up – it is not racist to quote a fact, facts cannot be racist.

  37. This is anti-Serb rhetoric and innaccurate. Maybe you have forgotten (or conveniently ignored) all the crimes committed against Serbia? During WW2 it was the Serbs who were the victims of genocide – perhaps you have heard of the Ustase and Jasenovac death camp? In the 90s Bosnian Muslims attacked innocent Serb civilians, hundreds if not thousands had their heads cut off and displayed as sick trophies, there were many massacres and much ethnic cleansing. The Serbs attacked Bosnia to protect Serbs living there, but the western media and governments lied about the situation, every time a Bosnian or two was killed it was reported as a massacre, a war crime, but every time Serbs were murdered it was completely ignored. The Donbass today is being used like Bosnia but Putin has learned from the mistakes of Milosevic and not allowed the Russian army to be drawn into the trap of moving into Donbass to protect the population as the Serb Army did in Bosnia, only to then find itself attacked from the air by NATO.

  38. It is incorrect to blame the Serbs for WW1, they did not start it, they just happened to be the patsies chosen by the bankers. Princip was working for the Judeo-Zionis banking cabal, he might not have known it but ultimately, that was who was behind the Black Hand and responsible for the war.

  39. Those here with knowledge of history will know tha battle of Nicopolis, check that out,maybe?

    Now,there are still fools here who think serbia is aligned with russia. Again,those with knowledge of history will know that serbian and british monarchy are family and serbia has served british interest,openly or covertly. Those aligned with russia are commoners and the serbian patriarchy. Not upper classes and elite. Pćease,do some research

    • Now this really is biased nonsense. Franz Ferdinand was killed because he was the sole peace dove in the A-H cabinet. Von Hotzendorf had tried to start a war with Serbia literally dozens of times over the preceding few years. With Franz Ferdinand gone, so was the peace faction and Von Hotzendorf got his war. Serbia was not the aggressor, she was the victim of A-H militarism and imperialist expansionist desires. The ultimatum sent to Serbia was deliberately so harsh that it was intended to be rejected, thus giving a cause for war. However, the Serbs accepted all the conditions in the ultimatum, much to A-H surprise and chagrin. A-H still declared war, a clear case of a larger imperial power trying to annex a smaller neighbour.

      oh, and when you say ludicrous things such as ‘there was no decency in either Russia, Britain, or France’ you sound incredibly hypocritical as A-H killed more civilians than any other party to ww1 in Europe and A-H bears direct responsibility for starting the war. Germany has to share some of the blame because it was her militarism and desire to have a war that lead her to back A-H if Russia tried to intervene to save Serbia.

      As for russia not being able to beat A-H, that is ludicrous. The entire A-H army that started the war was dead in a little over a year, all killed by Russians, there was no Italian front yet. By 1916, almost every fighting soldier in the A-H army was a wartime conscript. If it wasn’t for the Germans saving the day many, many times, the Russians would have beaten A-H. In 1915, after Russia had taken Galicia and driven the A-H armies back to the Carpathian passes, it was only German intervention that prevented the Russians breaking through onto the Hungarian plain and marching on Budapest. A year late in the late summer of 1916 Bruslov’s offensive crushed the A-H armies and came within a whisker of defeating A-H and knocking them out of the war. Again, it was German intervention that finally halted the Russians and saved the A-H bacon. If Gen. Evert commanding the Russian central army group had moved against the Germans in opposite him, as he was ordered, then he would have pinned down the German units that were switched south to save A-H and Brusilov would have won not just the battle but the war.

  40. @Edward: Croatia had 18% of Serbs prior to WW2, mainly in “Vojna Krajina” (“Military Frontier”) region, what was later known as SAO Krajina who tried to secede from Croatia (never was a part of Croatia, anyway, only during Croat Communist regime). They undertook a genocide project to murder a third of Serbs, to expel a third, and to convert to Catholicism a third (funny, a lot of “Croats” are Roman Catholic ethnic Serbs, phenomena). During last civil war, Croats have expelled 450k Serbs from Croatia, of course, nobody write of that in western MSM. Serbs did not start to expel Albanians, it was other way round, Serbs were expelled by Albanians who had all the power in Province (tv stations, university in albanian, independent police forces,etc.) for decades, it was why Milosevic was cheered in Gazimestan, Kosovo, in 1989 – he promised that no-one should “beat Serbs”. 700k Albanians left Kosovo two days AFTER NATO bombing campaign started, so another lie. After NATO arrival at Kosovo, 200k Serbs were expelled!

  41. The political elite in Yugoslavia were Croats and Slovenians. In last 20 years of existence, all prime ministers were ether Croats or Slovenians, apart of maybe one…Croats and Slovenians did not work for Serbs, Serbs in rest of Serbia, apart of Belgrade, were living in poor conditions, comparing to Croats or Slovenians. If they were working for someone, it was Albanians from Kosovo, Montenegrins and Macedonians. Those were “official underdeveloped areas” who were helped by others. Slovenians and Croats did not fought for Yugoslavia in great numbers. Especially that is the case for Croats, they were mostly deep into Ustasha and Nazism. Paradoxicly, majority of communist partisan fighters were Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia, and they had good reason for that – they were aimed to be eradicated, so they would have join any anti-ustasha movement, just to save bare life.

  42. ok, your post is full of misinformation. first of all, SFR Yugoslavia was created without representatives of Serbia, when internal borders of “Republics” were drawn. SFR Yugoslavia was created by Communists, and their leader was Croat Communist Tito. Furthermore, when communists invaded Serbia in 1944/45, they murdered 50.000 Serbs! Also, residents from Belgrade city center and elite parts of town were dislocated, many of them murdered to make place for communists from all over the Yugoslavia to settle there. So, Tito forced Serbs into SFR Yugoslavia. Do not forget the fact that what is today Croatia and Bosnia, during WW2 was Croat Nazi State – NDH (Independent state of Croatia).

  43. we have fine Democrats like Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright (the butcher of Serbia as well as Iraq “yes it was worth it”) to thank for all this. And now Trump is being compared to Hitler… you just can’t make this stuf up

  44. If you can find a judge or court which is not bribed, blackmailed or filled with pedophiles we could bring them to justice

    • Exactly Trakkath. Problem is, they are all members of the same union, and the union sets-up the stage for the show. Their BAR card is not a license (Schware v. Board of Examiners) it’s a union membership card. Question is… how is it that a NGO monopoly manages justice as if they had a right to do so? Answer: There is an agenda.

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