VIDEO: Crimea Terror Acts / Saboteur Groups Summary, Putin’s Reaction and Ukrainian Stuation


The above video offers a clear summation of events with video footage from Russan television showing the explosives recovered, how they were hidden and who was caught with them.

August 7th and 8th, 2016, a total of 3 terror attempts were stopped from alleged Ukrainian Saboteurs crossing the border numbering in the dozens with Ukrainian Special Forces Explosive Equipment, multiple clashes ignited between alleged saboteurs and soldiers. 1 Russian Soldier and 1 FSB Unit were KIA and 5 Saboteurs Captured. Both Ukraine and Russia and now amassing Convoys of Armor and Troops on the Peninsula’s Border.

The Ukrainian military announced details about the leader of the Ukrainian saboteurs, who was detained by the FSB on suspicion of “preparing a terrorist attack.”

Yevhen Panov is an Energodar citizen (Zaporizhia region). He served in a separate motorized infantry 37th battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and performed tasks in the conflict zone in the Donbas. This was confirmed in a comment for Hromadske by battalion commander Olexander Lobas. Yevhen had the call sign “Eugene.”

“Official Yevhen Panov served in this battalion. During the year. We don’t have the right to name his rank and position. But he was a serviceman. He was in the ATO zone. He served near Avdiivka and Mariupol, as a part of the unit. Directly in Shyrokyne, Hnutove, Talakovka area. He is very experienced, a very serious man. With his civic-mindedness. And when he resigned, he was even asked to stay on a contract, but given the complexity of the moment in the Energodar, he decided to work in the public area”, – said Lobas.

According to the battalion commander, Yevhen Panov was demobilized in August 2015, he declined a new contract and decided to stay as a volunteer.

Yevhen Panov in FSB custondy

Here is Putin’s speech (with English subtitles) addressing the matter; as noted in the lead video, he does genuinely seem p’d off about the incident:

“This is very alarming news,” Putin said on August 10. “In fact, our security services prevented an incursion into the territory by a sabotage-reconnaissance group from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.”a reference to proposals for a meeting between Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and France on the sidelines of a Group of 20 summit on September 4-5 in China.

I reported on the attempt on the life of LPR leader Plotnisky, as mentioned by Putin:

Ukraine: Plotnitsky failed hit means All-Out War

Kiev’s reaction to the events in Crimea was to order it’s troops to full combat readiness:

Poroshenko puts all units on border with Crimea, in Donbass on combat alert

This reaction has left the people of Donbass expecting a renewed offensive against them at any time:

Donetsk republic leader expects Kiev’s offensive in Donbass

These are very worrying times as a renewed conflict in Ukraine looks not only inevitable but appears to be about to explode at any moment. We will continue to report on events as they happen, not least because this is a situation that could easily provide the spark that ignites a European-wide conflict.


  1. What else should they tell us ? Did your ever hear any tru´th out of the mouth of those criminals ? I in every case have an alibi, and what is your excuse ?

  2. For a controller to ask someone who planted devices to actually call them in and then hang around to photo the cops response tactics is so stupid it’s beyond belief. They got his cel phone location when he called it in, so a number two man should have been doing that, and then dumped the phone after the call, better yet, left it on something like a bus or in a cab to send them on a wild goose chase. This shows the level of incompetence by the handlers, who seem to be doing this for the first time. That is also an indication of a rogue operation. The bomb planter was probably picked up on he security camera, probably without disguise, and the cops started looking for him as soon as he put the call in. Airports now have bio-metric level HD cameras, as we had on 911 in the US, but you notice they never showed us a shot of the alleged perps. You just can’t make this stuff up, someone once said. 🙂

  3. all hands on deck to assist Russia stop this dead in its tracks…its not the men on the ground or innocent civilians that should be dying here….turn the attention to the absolute filth of the planet, directing death, stoking the fires of human suffering, hedging its bets … turn all attention on them…away from the three ringed circus called the Presidential campaign

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