Breaking: Did World End Yesterday and Nobody Noticed?

PHOENIX, AZ., March 2, 2010--The The 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty demonstrates improved off-road capability. New available off-road features include electronic locking rear differential, new Hill Descent Control and all-new transfer case skid plate. Photo by: Sam VarnHagen/Ford Motor Co. (3/8/2010)

MESSAGE FROM GM:  “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.  This account does not belong to us so we don’t know what happened.”   John Allen, GM, VT

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The device you are seeing, done by one of five teams testing new Keshe technology to end all dependence on wind, solar and nuclear energy, oh yes, we mean oil and coal too, is, if we can believe our eyes, powering enough appliances to run an entire house.

Bari murder suspect photographed in Paris
Bari murder suspect photographed in Paris

There are issues here that tie to secret societies, police informants and “crisis actor” recruiters, the terror attacks in Paris and a “Boston brakes” murder in Italy only a few weeks ago, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The video above was requested by me after seeing the first one where everything was on a table. I am the kind of person who believes people will do anything for attention including drill holes and hide wires. I was raised “bad.”

There is a massive effort out there to discredit Keshe technology as “fantasy” even though DARPA and Boeing are confirmed to be getting excellent results using Keshe MagRav units they hope will power naval vessels. Rumor has it that Boeing has a Keshe powered drone circling the planet now running on “fantasy.”

This second video could be faked too so we have a well known Washington law firm aided by top scientists, doing their own. A little snip here, it seems “top scientists” are all to familiar with the technology being used. I then ask myself, if they knew about this all along, technology valued now (in a written offer I have seen from the government of China) at $1.5t, why didn’t they take the money?

VT Science Editor and particle physicist Jeff Smith says that this is the coverup of all time, that as far back as 1880, according to his research in the secret archives of the US Department of Energy, everyone knew electricity was free.

Then we go back to the real or imagined discussion between Tesla and financier (read criminal) J.P. Morgan. Tesla had, if the story is accurate and we believe it is, just told Morgan he was looking for financing in order to set up a worldwide grid for the delivery of wireless electrical power…through the air. Morgan’s answer:

“Can we put a meter on it?”

As history shows us, Tesla was crushed, his inventions claimed by Edison and hydrocarbon slavery has ruled the world. 

A century later 17% of the world has no electricity whatsoever and 38%, according to World Energy Outlook, and powerplant projects, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, are mysteriously crushed, IMF roadblocks or the “unseen hand.” Organizing and financing these is not only frustrating but it can be bad for your health as well, if you get what I am not saying, personal experience here in a dozen countries.

We are noting a ground wire being used and note that devices in the loop, the refrigerator compressor in particular, have capacitors in the circuit.

What you see in the video is now loaded into the back of a rusty pickup truck and heading across Kentucky, into Ohio, then Pennsylvania, down into Maryland and into the District of Columbia.

For those of you who don’t know of Keshe, I will keep this short. He was born in Iran, trained as a nuclear engineer in Britain and worked for their power company until recruited by the Ministry of Defense for some unknown reason.

Keshe left the MOD and went on his own, announcing astounding technology. Britain tried to bring him back into the fold, inviting him to a private “show and tell” at a “pre-day” for the Farnborough Air Show, a major defense exhibition. Oddly, I was in attendance that day as well, a curious coincidence.

Keshe then received an invitation through the Belgian Royal family. There, a group of human barnacles attached themselves to him, members of a pedophile ring working with Belgian police, all Freemasons. The head of the group runs an anti-Keshe website and, according to French intelligence sources, is directly tied to terror recruiting for the recent Paris attacks including the Bataclan holocaust.

Here he is "burned"
Here he is “burned”

Working with them is another “anti-Keshe blogger” out of Paris who claims to be a journalist. Our sources, highest level, say this is a police informant, a Tunisian, who “shops” activists to the police and helped recruit the Bataclan killers. The police are protecting him and may well have killed one of their own to protect his role in the Hebdo incident as well.

The entire group ties together with a network of bogus companies in Paris controlled by Freemasons, companies which all tie to a shady Brussels “investment bank.”

Quickly finishing up the Keshe background; when Keshe turned out to be uncooperative even after threats, local police, off duty of course, in Belgium tried to run Keshe and his wife off the road, mind you while firing their service weapons at him like something out of a TV show. Keshe then left for Italy where he remains.

However, a few weeks ago, 24 year old Fabio Alonzo and his fiance, Natalie, were run off the road by 3 semi-trailer trucks driven by Albanians who were allowed to flee Italy without questioning. When private forensic investigators were hired to review the scene, local police threatened Keshe. Fabio is dead, after what appears to be more of a beating with a tire wrench than car accident. Natalie is in a coma under police protection, for what that is worth.

Sources (highest) at a NATO counter-terrorism organization opened their files for us. Local police in Bari, Italy, where the accident occurred, run the smuggling port there, part of a Mafia organization, and are contracted with ISIS through the Tunisian consulate in Milan (and Israeli intelligence). Milan makes documents to move Tunisian “refugees,” read “terrorists” into Italy under special arrangement between the two countries, who are then given instant citizenship in the EU through the Milan document factory.

Then the terror cells, with perfect papers and weapons, travel this “ratline” to Paris and beyond, ready to bring down the EU. Who are the players here? Who do you think?

As this moves on and on, our young man is still in his truck, picking up a security detail now, heading into Eastern Ohio.

For those who saw the video, did he hide a power cable under his walkway or is this going to mean and end to it all? Please remember, nobody involved in this is an expert and certainly no one has the power to oppose the incredible forces arrayed to crush what we hope is the first pure “more than simple over-unity” power system.


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  1. The Keshe demos & meetings in Washington DC were successful — but nowhere near as successful as Keshe & Co. credibly expect to be in very near future — with U.S. military, U.S. industry, U.S. media & U.S. consumers (who are tired of paying big bucks for electricity that can be cheap if not free).

    Mehran T. Keshe himself spoke & answered questions at the National Press Club via video conferencing. The video of this event is or will be at Keshe Foundation website. Keshe staffers will soon return to Wash DC to do additional presentations & demonstrations of Keshe energy, medical & other tech — with smaller & more advanced stand-alone devices soon to be available.

    Veterans Today & other media will soon post additional articles, audio & video about these events and additional Keshe tech. Keshe staffers recently achieved major advances in Washington DC, Arizona, Iran, Syria, Russia, Italy, Ghana & China. More advances & tech coming soon — to a home near yours. For +/-$100, you too can build some Keshe tech. Simple blueprints/plans available at the Keshe site.

    • As per Sustainable Abundancy (last above), “Video of the National Press Club McClendon Group First Amendment Room event is at” Copy & paste into browser.

  2. Tesla was a genius, but not in politics. If Keshe Tech is really true, i think his doing the rigth regarding strategic/politics. He is using the Internet , another invention, but it mostly used protocol , the HTTP, created in early 90s. Using Internet to widespread his Tech , giving the blueprints freely to everyone who has access to the Internet, we will reach a point that everyone will know about Keshe, it´s the viral effect of Internet.
    This is the reason the elite tried and still try to control the Internet.

  3. Keshe staffers will do a Washington DC presentation & demonstration of the stand-alone Keshe generator on Wednesday 17 August at 6:00pmET in the Sara McClendon Room at the National Press Club.

  4. On a more serious note, if this is indeed the thing that brings power generation to the masses without the middlemen, then I can see no other choice for TPTB but to start a global war that knocks us back into the stone age technologically speaking. Control is their currency, and this may have just broken the bank!

  5. Another tidbit. There was a chap in NY who lived so close to a substation that he lit his apartment with flourescent bulbs that stayed on all the time due to all the stray RF. At night he simply bundled them into his closet and closed the door.

  6. Any boy scout who has built a home-made crystal set knows that you can get electricity (a small amount) over the air. The idea was to get electricity of sufficient current to do useful work. Tesla could do this, but since the earth was the returning conductor it tended to have side-effects, such as the grains of sand arcing under your feet as you walked as you got close to his tower. As for this stuff, I think most of your commenters do not realize this is an amplification device, not a source generator. I will still go with the Aussies design. It is clunky and doesn’t put out great gobs of power, but it is completely independent and it is as reliable as an electric motor. What’s more, it’s output is mechanical.

  7. You would think that a simple, well laid out diagram with decent instructions would be available. I would love to see a simple proof of concept schematic we could all use to build the mechanism. Years ago I saw a video of a green sprite bottle producing varying amounts of voltage as time passed. The device in the above video appears to be putting out 120 volts ac at an amperage necessary to power household appliances. That is quite a leap forward. By my estimation, you could put the above device in the trunk of a Tesla P85D and lock the steering wheel so it would make a decent size turning circle and switch the car on autopilot and watch it run until either the tires went flat or the suspension parts wore down to the point of failure. Somebody has to contact Elon and make it so!

  8. We know we will have to pay something towards free/low cost energy but at least we will not be ripped off on a yearly basis like the energy giants and their investors are doing now.

    • Theus: Yes, good find. The title of the video is “The First Magrav Unit — Completely Independent 5KW Generator!” Posted by a Romanian (thus, the title on YouTube is in Romanian).

      Mehran Keshe & Douglas do the presentation in English (with Romanian subtitles). Very good.

      Gordon asked Douglas to take the Keshe MagGrav unit outside onto a concrete block; so, he did. Thus, the above video. You will learn a lot from both videos.

  9. What a silly video! With the obvious questions everyone should have (what does the circuit look like; what is known about the principles involved), why all the nonsense of hanging all the loads on it. Why shooting the temperature of the wires (is that to prove the so-called “nano coating” is delivering zero resistance?).

    And my most obvious question: Why is this thing putting out 120VAC at 60 Hz?

    • Silly video and silly people who do not understand fundamental electrical principles, you are right Todd Marshall. The Facebook crowd is taking it hook, line and sinker. Keshe has some insight into plasma fields, and quantum physics is starting to explain gravity and superconductivity, like graphene (which will indeed change our lives) but the fact remains that the Keshe Foundation is recalling every generator they ever sold. Wish VT would recall every article they wrote about science, aliens and the metaphysical. Hard to believe that investigative minds can be so ignorant. Displaced envy again I guess.

    • Todd: Your questions are silly. For such a serious subject, the video is amateur — but certainly not silly.

      IF it works, who cares WHY it works? Although I am curious about the technologies, design & construction, my primary question is WHETHER it works. Conventional physics & EE does not explain it.

      James & Todd: Your question about 120VAC is interesting. We’ll probably find out the answer to the 120VAC question before or during the Keshe demos in Washington DC.

      Regardless, this is a Keshe generator (not the earlier Keshe device with which you might be familiar) — which does NOT require any electrical INPUT.

      Zero volts, zero amps & zero watts input — with 4,000 watts at 120VAC output. If true, that’s impressive.

    • Good question. In mode one it is a poly phase toroidal current transformer that stores excess magnetic energy by spinning the magnetic field. Only poly or more than one phase currents can do this. This is done by using a split phase capacitor to kick start it with single phase 110 volt ac systems. The original device was designed by Tesla and was use to balance peak loads in electrical street car systems. Circa 1900. In this mode very large units will store excess energy from the grid at night when load is at a minimum and return it during the day. Thereby allowing utilities to double there daytime output capacity with no new infrastructure costs.

      In mode two it draws linear wave radiated from high voltage power line and acts as a tuned Tesla radiant energy system. 30% of all power line energy is lost by linear wave radiation. The device just simply tunes into the wasted energy field and returns it to the customer wirelessly. All HV power lines are basically Tesla transmitters emiting linear electrostatic waves.

  10. There is one down side to this “area” which a friend outside of Palm Springs exposed me to. Some of the less expensive bedroom communities near there had jumped on board putting the investment into solar with the buyback guarantee and price from the city utility. But so much is being produced for buy back now that the city can no longer afford it and cut the pay rate by 60%, protected by a clause where they can’t be sued. With the Keshe technology being affordable and not dependent on recovering high start up cost where “buy back” is needed. So there appears to be a market to replace solar, or be used as a co-generating system so those who have solar and can sell back into the grid and and recoup their investment much faster. This leaves room for “installers” to make a living doing this for people, which could be a nice cottage industry for middle class workers.

  11. Toby: Good. Sorry to be so harsh. Your questions are good, and we’re attempting to answer them.

    Although I don’t have $$$$ to invest, I am investing my time. I’ll be there at the demos in Washingon.

  12. Anything like this, even ” close ” to this being real, let alone ” free ” will never see the light of day. The Global economic system is tied to all things energy related…..and the capped word ” FANTASY ” well I just stop right there.

    Oh yes……did you see the full body suited volleyball players at the Olympics? Not come nearly as far as some would want us to believe.


    • The ‘Powers That Were’ are now losing. We are now winning.

      The seeds of cheap/free energy are planted everywhere.

      Predictions of doom & gloom are counterproductive.

      We expect the best, and we’re getting it. No fantasy.

      Intention. Attention. Detachment. … No fantasy.

    • LC: Yes, Keshe stuff is a Tesla-type wet dream. However, every once in a while, such dreams come true. At the Washington Keshe demos, we’ll soon see.

      Keshe is open-sourcing his technologies — no patents & no restrictive development. This is the only way that Tesla-type energy tech can be introduced to the public, manufactured, marketed & widely used.

      P.S. Please send us a pic of your gold medal & you in Rio. OK? ;-).

  13. Hi folks! I;m new here.
    I have been waiting since my highschool days in the late sixties for the end of the “grid”. I thought it was going to go a few years ago when Mazda built prototype RX8’s that burned hydrogen in a a rotary engine. The “exhaust” is water! Mazda was “convinced” to abandon their plans but it worked just fine.
    I searched Keshe MagRav and found plenty of hits. One very interesting story reported an application of Keshe MagRav technology was from March 24, 2015. It is here:
    “How the New Iranian-Russian Technology “Magrav” Checkmates the US Navy”
    I’m not familiar with the site and the source of the story came from and they are kind of “out there” but if true then Mr Keshe’s work might have already saved humanity last year.
    Please keep the great work and thank you!

    • Lee: The sites you reference contain a lot of disinfo & B.S. A better article about the possible use of Keshe tech in Russian non-lethal defensive weapons is at Veterans Today: “AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald Duck”. Google the title or do a site search at VT, and you’ll have better info.

      The 2015 Before-It’s-News article (about an early 2014 event) that you reference is full of disinfo, B.S., deceptive hyperlinks & blatant falsehoods. I stopped reading that site a long time ago.

    • Lee: For example, please notice that the Before-It’s-News link that purports to take you to the Keshe Foundation (i.e., “” in the article) is actually hyperlinked to some other bogus site. This is the type of crap that I found to be unacceptable, therefore stopped visiting that site.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta
      Thanks for the heads-up!
      I did mention in my post that I thought that “I’m not familiar with the site and the source of the story came from and they are kind of “out there”.
      You have confirmed my apprehensions.

  14. “nobody involved in this is an expert ( great,then all work together for the good of all) and certainly no one has the power to oppose the incredible forces…” no “one” has the power, in unity we have way beyond sufficient…see a new vision of OUR new world emerging…the one we were forced into serving is now obsolete, disintegrating before us as we foresee the re-building of whole nations massively accelerated, and with that multitudes of unwanted refugees returning to homelands to take part in the planting and rebuilding…with no reason to go to war anymore …people simply need to catch sight of this….roll it out where needed most

  15. Toby, I’m with you on this one. Hate to be a naysayer, but unless proven otherwise, I say you’re right on the puzzling source of AC current. Also, the gauge of the power (source) wire seems awfully thin considering all the amperage gobbling appliances hooked up to it. In addition, I can’t see how the ground connection (and the earth ground itself) could absorb enough current to make all this run so smoothly as it appears. Also don’t understand the need for pliers on the outlet strip switch, since those type of breaker switches normally require someone to reset them manually.

    I’ll admit I don’t a degree in electrical engineering, but have worked and played with electricity enough to know when something doesn’t add up. I would love to see someone prove me wrong, but please, do it in a clear way that is both understandable and plainly evident. A maze of wires, a loud hairdryer running in the background and a shaky video don’t make for a clear presentation in my view. I want to learn like the rest of us but understand in doing so I have to weed out the “chaff” at the same time.

  16. PAG: “Free Energy” is not free. Just low cost. Buy or build the devices. Later: No Fuel. That’s enough.

  17. Toby: The Keshe device was designed & built to generate 120V AC (alternating current). Otherwise, the refrigerator & some of the other devices would not work.

    The Keshe device is straight from original Maxwell equations (NOT modified & truncated by Heaviside) — most of which no one can find, but the Russians have them (captured in Germany at WW2’s end).

    NO conventional scientist or EE will understand Keshe tech — including you. Education ‘dumbed down.’ Tesla understood some of this stuff (and more); however, even Tesla might have difficulty with this stuff.

  18. ED: In Washington DC, we will soon see the device work — or not work.

    If we waited for conventional scientists to understand & do things, then men & women would never fly; Earth would still be flat; and Earth would still be the center of the universe.

    If you heard the Kitty Hawk NC accents of the Wright Brothers, YOU might never get on a plane. Also especially if you saw how the first Wright Brothers plane was put together. With vise grips. ;-).

  19. Toby
    Suggest you read Ian and Jeff’s articles. You are unaware that we have been putting out overunity 120v with magravs for some time now.

    Learn about aether, minimally. I am not suggesting you not question….and wish you to continue but you have to broaden your knowledge base.

    Then keep questioning, never stop. Don’t believe until you have “hands on”

  20. Ever seen what happens if a farmer unknowingly strings an electric fence at right angles to transmission lines ?.

    It’s called induction, and it ain’t pretty.

  21. Thank you Mr. Duff on behalf of all of those who appreciate your brave efforts to bring this to an unappreciative public fixated on a television fat man playing the role of just the type talking Fecal matter, like JP Morgan, who buried them in this cesspool…

    • Some of us who no longer watch television need the reference explained.

      As for Keshe, did he invent the technology, or did he come across something much older, and possibly not of terrestrial origin?

    • I was referring to the Chump (Donald Trump)Worker. The other day reading the comments from VT readers criticizing Mr. Duff for having the audacity to criticize their drug of choice made me want to throw up. Maybe you should read Dr.Abu Bakr’s comments Worker, this time he’s done a great job! And if Emma hasn’t taken hers down read that one too, I will be explaining all that…

  22. There are tons of videos online of this technology being tested by average Joes and Janes by simply using plastic bottles and cables and whatnot. It’s crazy. I wonder if i setup my own grid in my apartment and go to the provider and say ‘no ty, dont need it anymore’ will I be safe and sound? heh..

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