NEO – George Soros: “Let’s Call the Terrorists a Taxi!”



by  Phil Butler,   … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler has what I call an ice cold bucket of water piece for you below, the down and dirty on one of the most dangerous public “fixers” of our time: the man who refuses to die and join his victims, George Soros.

Phil Butler - a sharp mind and a sharper pen
Phil Butler – a sharp mind and a sharper pen

Georgie made a name for himself by taking the age-old pump-and-dump stock manipulation scam to new levels… doing it with whole countries, and with their people. And he had a brilliant cover for it all. “I am with the George Soros Foundation, and I am here to help you.”

The last Soros scam I had time to follow was the billion-dollar investment carrot that he was dangling in front of a Ukrainian coup government that was not only broke but insisting on having a fratricidal civil war so they could become destitute. I was curious as to why Georgie was at the front of the line with his cash, when the situation was clearly totally unstable and unpredictable.

Then his play emerged. He was holding back his billion dollars, while lobbying for a $50-billion investment fund being committed to come in behind him, to run up the prices of his cherry-picked acquisitions, so he could flip them for a nice profit. But he also wanted to reduce his risk to zero.

So he lobbied the EU to “guarantee” the $50-billion loan portfolio, which would leave EU citizens holding the bag when the doo doo hit the fan after Ukrainian corruption got through trimming that $50 billion from the first loan. Georgie knew that with loan guarantees, prices would get bid up, and he could cash out big time and leave his beloved unwashed masses with the tab.

The EU financiers had sold their watermelon wagon long ago, and saw through Soros’ scam in two seconds. That folks, is your modern-day man of the people. You just can’t make this stuff up. I will let brother Phil fill you in (no pun intended) on the rest of the storyJim W. Dean ]


The old pump and dump scam
The old pump and dump scam

– First published  …  August 7,  2016

Billionaire hedge fund mechanic George Soros has a finger in every political pie there is. If there is a crisis on our world, it’s a safe bet he’s had a hand in it.

How to use other people's money for all kinds of things
How to use other people’s money for all kinds of things

This is not news to most readers, but the intricacies of Soros’s operations surely are. Here is a first in a series of articles to illuminate a real arch villain. Today we will focus on Soros and the American presidency.

In America a surreal presidential race is winding toward its ultimate crescendo. In a symphony of unbelief, a people of a once great nation are serenaded by two bitterly sour notes droning in the air. “Hillary for president” leaves people of any real moral fortitude screaming inside their heads, as if they’ve been blasted with a shrieking air raid siren.

As for Donald Trump’s bid for America’s highest office, jittery liberals and conservatives alike shudder at the thought of “The Donald’s” first state of the union address. Neither major candidate is what anyone would call “presidential”. Election 2016 is going exactly as manipulators like George Soros planned. Another presidency is set to be owned, lock-stock-and-barrel, by the biggest thieves in the world.

Donald Trump is the ideal fall guy to set up Hillary Clinton. Boisterous, controversial, and very scary, the notorious billionaire developer is like Ronald Reagan with a penchant for acting like the cartoon character Yosemite Sam. If Trump brought two six shooters to his next speech, and lifted himself off the ground by unloading both at his feet, scarcely anyone would be surprised.

The reason he was chosen to run is transparent, no one else on Earth possesses the same divergent qualities. Trump is at once a credible celebrity power figurine, and at the same time totally unacceptable as a realistic choice. Stay tuned, there is method to the madness.

You gotta love her honesty
You gotta love her “honesty”

News George Soros has committed more than $25 million to Hillary and the now defunct Democratic Party is no surprise. It was Soros who helped ram Barack Obama down America’s throat. The New York billionaire has a history with Hillary and husband, dating back to Bill’s administration.

It is in this relationship we see a rather diabolical pattern, if we look closely enough. No American schoolteacher will ever recount how an American president helped topple a legitimate and thriving nation like Yugoslavia, but a George Soros may certainly be implicated.

When Soros created “Soros Yugoslavia”, it was not to elevate the people of that nation. Read the recap at Open Society Foundations today, if you believe I am dreaming up conspiracies.

Soros is so proud of his efforts to destroy Yugoslavia, he’s commissioned a booklet enumerating his efforts entitled; “Building Open Society in the Western Balkans, 1991-2011”. Soros is, if anything a captain of the banking elite, a nation state destroyer, and a builder of a world of indebted peoples. His mission requires control of the US presidency, and a free hand in building revised nations in need of cash to rebuild.

The mission is twofold. First create a credit vacuum with upheaval and civil war, then fill the void with selected investor capital, creating armies of Open Society collaborators. It’s safe to say that a large percentage of academics, media, and governmental players you see at work today, were “recruited” by Soros and others in the game. But let’s not venture too far afield, it’s the presidency-Soros connection we aim to illuminate.

A few years before George Soros and the Yugoslavian puppet ruler Ante Marković signed the deal for establishing the Soros Yugoslavia efforts, Soros and the westerners were instrumental in helping break apart the government of Branko Mikulić, the $21 billion in debt to western bankers being insufficient to the Soros types. In his stead, Ante Marković was put in place as the last leader of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Then the country began to melt down, Clinton played his role, and a war shattered lives and infrastructure, and credit would need to be extended. Instead of the $21 billion Yugoslavia owed, 7 weaker states would be formed up to become satraps.

This is the irrefutable ends, to which Soros’s and Bill Clinton’s strategies were aimed. Yugoslavia, a stable buffer in between rampant capitalism and new eastern ideas, it was destroyed. The legacy of Prime Minister Tito died a horrible death, one revisionist historians were paid to whitewash.

And make no mistake, George Soros is chief among the revisionists. Key opposition players like Slobodan Milošević (“Sloba”) were the predecessors of Libya’s Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein, you see. Useful for the Americans and Brits for a time, these authoritarians were backstabbed and betrayed, once their usefulness was at an end.

Milošević was more or less murdered, left to get sicker and die in a Hague prison, and without any substantial proof of the crimes he was charged with. Clinton led NATO to bomb the hell out of Yugoslavia, and then trumped up allegations just as Bush did in Iraq.

Soros’ inside man, Ante Marković is dead now, along with most of the other bigger players in the Balkans conversion. All anyone really knows about Soros’ Yugoslavia is that, a week after approval was granted by Marković, Yugoslavia disintegrated, leaving behind what author and European expert Bat Ye’or called “Eurabia”, or a Muslim state in the heart of Europe. The BBC back then was a lot more on the level, as it wrote:

“President Clinton has authorized an all-out campaign to topple Slobodan Milosevic, according to sources close to the US Government. Earlier this spring, Mr. Clinton signed a secret presidential ‘finding’ giving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the green light to try to bring down the Yugoslav president, said sources quoted in the US news-magazine Time.”

This report on the New English Reviews by Ares Demertzis, is detailed in revealing what the author called “Bill Clinton’s Bastard Army”. Open Society Foundations dogma today puts forward “Soros history” on the 1989 – 1991 situations, at least loosely. However, the real story behind Yugoslavia’s internal pressures is not just overlooked, but hidden. This quote via Global Research, from former NATO supreme commander, General Wesley Clark, it tells us just how the Balkans became so fragmented after Tito’s death.

“From 1979, he (Soros) distributed $3 million a year to dissidents including Poland’s solidarity movement, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union. In 1984, he founded his first Open Society Institute in Hungary and pumped millions of dollars into opposition movements and independent media.

Ostensibly aimed at building up a ‘civil society”, these initiatives were designed to weaken the existing political structures and pave the way for eastern Europe’s eventual exploitation by global capital. Soros now claims with characteristic immodesty, that he was responsible for the “Americanization” of Eastern Europe.”

As you can glean from all this, the Soros types of the world are not geniuses, but practitioners. Templates for success, templates for profit, this is all these people know. The purposes may be seen in a manifest diversity of money streams and policy motifs here, but it all boils down to the narrow-minded focus of limited intellect. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and their Soros minions win on the margins, they win on the wars, and they win on building back civilizations.

This is not rocket science; it is not even innovative economic theorem. Tearing countries down to scarf up their resources, the Robber Baron strategies of old, neo-colonialism, whatever we call it – it is mediocre and lazy. But this is simply my opinion of these so-called “banksters”. I am really sorry for them, for their legacies could be cemented in the finest marble, carved into our highest peaks, and into the hearts of generations. Instead, they plod like pitiful predators, too greedy to even fear death.

fight-corporate-fascism11-500x375Look at the world today. News that a taxpayer-funded pressure group called Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is demanding the media promote only positive views of minorities in Europe may seem just a liberal footnote for more. Learning that MDI is funded by the European Commission, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and the United Nations shows how deeply entrenched Soros interests and his methods have become.

In 2014, Open Society Foundations funded an MDI project to counter so called “xenophobic attitudes” in order to paint migration more positively in the midst of the European Union election campaign. While Russophobia and other forms of discrimination are promoted, Soros and his allies continually point the finger at the victims, calling concerned European citizens names, chastising any effort contrary to “the goal”, which is certainly to finalize global conquest by the banking elite.

Soros’ funding of the Clinton campaigns, the Obama campaign, and his feigned dislike for the likes of the Bush presidents is a deadly game. Soros is the ultimate henchman of the men behind. And believe me, they are mostly men. Right now the United States of America is undergoing dramatic change too, though few can see this. Truth be told, most people in the region formerly known as Yugoslavia fail to grasp what was taken from them.

What Soros and his handlers always count on, is the local and personal focus human beings are possessed of. An American factory worker is happy just to have a job. Little does he know that without these mediocre leaders, he might have retired by now. In Croatia or Montenegro, a laborer is incapable of seeing his or her role in a massively successful Yugoslavian society. Lost potential is the most fleeting realities. Soros types continually manipulate and fool all of us into being satisfied with less, while promising much more.

Soros destroys, then professes good, does evil, and has the people pay for their own misery. Then he loans them hope, sells them the illusion of a new society, a better world, as the Rothschilds take a cut.

They get governments to tax us, then fund their indebtedness plans, and blame any problems on all adversaries.

It’s a nice game for them, even if unimaginative, but its effectiveness is running out. Maybe this is why today’s crisis seems so desperate, why a Trump must run against a second Clinton, and why Europe has to call the terrorists a taxi to their next killing.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. What is most striking is the juxtaposition of an extreme capitalist (essentially fascist) money changer like Soros on the one hand who finances left wing organizations on the other hand (and supports Pussy Riot just for fun). No different than when Lenin left by train from Switzerland. Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co and one of the principal backers of the Bolshevik revolution, personally financed Trotsky’s (on a US passport) trip from New York to Russia. He was a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act. In the February 3, 1949 issue of the New York Journal American Schiff’s grandson, John, was quoted by columnist Cholly Knickerbocker as saying that his grandfather had given about $20 million for the triumph of Communism in Russia. But the Brits and US were into it as well. All conspiring with the money changers against Rossiya. Putin knows his history.

  2. Okay Jozsef, enough is enough. You have been continually spouting racist, biggotted and dishonest rhetoric about your beloved Hungary and the Serbs you despise and demonise for long enough. If you wish to issue polemics demonising the Serbs or anyone else, I suggest you start your own site and do it there as it will no longer be tolerated here. Consider this your warning, if you continue to post hateful nonsense, you will be banned.

  3. so, you have lost ground, all your assertions were debunked, now you are crying “thieves and criminals” without any, even distance, argument. out of nothing you accuse entire nation of criminal and theft, yet you do not present evidence for that. I think that you are desperate, clinging on you hatred only, and some bogus accusations….Yes, Novi Sad was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, so what? It was Empire, not national country, empires tend to conquer lands, to act imperialistically…Also, Belgrade was a part of Ottoman Empire, but that fact cannot be used as basis for Turkish claim on Belgrade…I told you already, you are arrogant nazi moron, and in your head there is nothing but a single wire, to keep your ears from falling off…

  4. I have proven to you on the contrary, Hungarians were Nazi murderers who killed 4000 Serbs in a few days, during Hungarian occupation of Serbian Vojvodina, which is its historically accurate name given by Austro-Hungarian Empire. Prior to that it was known as Rascia, (Rac, Ratz – ancient name for Serbs). Serbs were living in those territories for centuries, up north to and including St Andrea near Budapest. Serbs did not stole nothing, but you for sure would, since now in Vojvodina there is a handful of Hungarians, and Hungarian bid for it would fail, because it is now 70% Serb.
    I must add that I pitty you, you live in somewhat similar delusion like Croats do, who think that wherever a single Croat lived – it is Croatia. Ridiculous.

  5. In that position, Croats needed a “war” against local Serbs, JNA had to intervene, by its Constitutional obligation, and then Croats, attacking JNA barracks and soldiers in buffer zones, created false impression, of course with a lot of help of Western MSM propaganda, that they were being “victims” of Serb aggression. Croats needed “international community” to override Constitutional barriers, and Germany stepped in, recognising “Independent Croatia” although basic requirements for that were not met. For eg. Croatia did not controlled whole territory that they declared as theirs. Serbs living in “Vojna Krajina”, area that was never part of Croatia until Communist Dictatorship, refused to separate from SFRY, and they had Constitutional RIGHT to do so. But, unseen propaganda from Western MSM for 25 years now, created false impressions, illusions.

  6. Albanians were national minority, so they have not had a right to secede at all, they have immigrated to Serbia after WW2, in hundreds of thousands, and were given land, houses for free, by Croat Dictator Tito, quite similar to actual “immigration” from ME to Europe, and Merkel’s stance about it. So, Croats illegally seceded, without local Serbs supporting it, quite a contrary, they had oppose it.

  7. Some Croats, Bosnian muslims, Albanians committed treason, but there were others who did not. Belgrade is full of Croats, Bosnian muslims, there are even Albanians, who did not want to commit treason, so they were prohibited to live in Croatia.
    Yes, Serbia opposed secession of Croatia, while did not oppose secession of Slovenia, and there was a reason for such behaviour. Reason for that was Constitutional right of Serbs living in Croatia (Constitution of Soc. Republic of Croatia) about secession – for that decision to be valid, Serbs living in Croatia had to agree to it. That right was security for Serbs living there, that genocide from WW2 committed by Ustasha Nazis would have never repeat. Furthermore, Constitute of SFRY recognised right for secession to Nations (Croats, Serbs, Slovenians, Macedonians, Bosnian muslims, Montenegrins), not to Republics, since they were perceived as a kind of administrative regions. Moreover, if any Nation decides to secede, there was an requirement that other Republics had to agree.

  8. I can only commend Hungarians living in Serbia, for their participation in JNA as drafted soldiers, many of them died from Croat nazis, and many of them showed true commitment to their country Yugoslavia/Serbia. I really do not know why do you lie so much, it is common knowledge in Serbia, and I have witnessed it in Budapest where I have worked for a while, that Hungarians from Hungary do not like at all Hungarians from Serbia. They treat them as lower race…that was confirmed to me by numerous Hungarian minority from Serbia who were living in Budapest, they actually prefered to speak Serbian. So, you can lie here people who do not know anything about Balkans, but your filthy lies cannot stand when I am around…Tell them about “Novosadska racija” (“Novi Sad Raid” or “Újvidéki vérengzés”) when hungarian Nazis murdered some 4000 Serbs, Roma, Jews in 1942….

  9. @steve k, yep, they are all in bed with his son Alex now. He will be running for some government job soon.

  10. Abbas and medicis – apparently they get “anti -aging” injections in the neck which prevent them from being able to turn their heads making them easy to sneak up on.

  11. khalid – they are sociopaths that have compromised frontal lobes. That part of the brain allows a person to feel empathy, compassion towards others and remorse for hurting fellow humans or animals.

    They actually thrive on the pain and agony of others. We can’t relate to them because of their “inhuman” qualities.

  12. There isn’t one theme at VT. The writers have different perspectives on some things, others seem to migrate towards certain consensus’.

    Even though there may be some that I don’t agree with and others I am aligned with… I do read with an open mind and find there is no angst between writers, each speaks from their own expertise and at least it is a place where free thinkers speak their minds and comments are allowed which add to the discussion.

    I think it is actually a good thing that the website isn’t promoting one side.
    It helps if you are strong in what you know and believe yourself.

  13. This piece is EXACTLY why I’ve continued to hang around all these years. Every once in a while a great, well written article gets posted. Thanks so much … much appreciated.


  14. Furthermore, in Croatia also, it was JNA, whose Constitutional obligation was to guard integrity of SFR Yugoslavia, and that JNA was consisted of all nations left in SFRY, without Slovenia. That was, also, a reason of high percent of treason among JNA members, and chaos in command, since Croats who were still in commanding structure, Albanians, Bosnian muslims too, who gave up intelligence info to Croat paramilitaries. Moreover, JNA tried to stop civil war in Croatia, between local Serbs living in Croatia and Croat paramilitaries, by creating a buffer zone with JNA soldiers in the middle, but only to be shot at and murdered by Croats, which was later used for propaganda on CNN & other MSM, described as JNA attacking Croats. Croat filth. There would have be no Croatia if Serb army have had not liberate them in WW1 and included them in Yugoslavia, and that recognition came from Croat Historian Tvrtko Jakovina, can be found in Youtube.

  15. Sweet intro Mr. Dean. You have a clear, and concise understanding of who this Soros charactor is. Thank you.
    Georgie “boy” Soros Americanized E. Europe just before he and the gang got around to Americanizing America. This man must (But will not) be charged with a felony for each dollar he has murdered to aquire. I really don’t have the patience for creeps like this. His money is well spent, and on stage in Milwaulkie, and I’m certain people are the same across this earth, and push will come to shove. The hands he dies at while whimpering will be known. Hung from a street lamp or cowering under a bed. Boils come to a head then drie up or burst. Facts was a boil, all puss and ahit. he will not write his legacy, J. Q. will.

  16. Gordon Duff recently wrote in “Dot Connecting and “Over-Interneting” is a Trap”:

    “We at VT are at open war with the Black Nobility, not just over Keshe, but Syria and Ukraine as well. We are digging into their closet and we don’t find Hillary or Brzezinski or Putin or Soros there.”

    so what is it..?

  17. Jim, thanks for keeping the story alive about this psycho. I’m hoping his minions and protege’s will just run away when he keels.

  18. @Medicis
    The problem is for someone to get close enough to the old demon wrapped in a man’s skin with a jug of Holy water and a wooden stake.

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