Was there a human sacrifice at CERN?


What the hell is this video? Clearly it’s real in that it was shot at CERN and regardless of whether the woman was killed or not, someone did carry out some sort of ritual and filmed it.

This whole thing stinks of psyop to me, I think that the video was made in order to be released to the public, this is no leak.

Quite what is going on in the video I can’t say, it does look like an occult ritual but that leaves a whole boatload of unanswered questions, primarily – why did they put this video out?

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  1. Whether the person was actually sacrificed or it was a mock sacrifice still speaks volumes. It was done at the facility which cannot be accessed unless you are authorized. Purposely done and in your face!

  2. Has the behind the scenes VT video analysis team looked at this to determine what is real, and what (if any) is CGI?

  3. If you want to understand Lord Shiva, read the Veda, you will find much information in the Puranas.

    The demons running CERN may have chosen Lord Shiva for their mascot, problem for them is that Lord Shiva likely will kill them all. He is the deity of the most fallen and easily shows compassion to those fallen souls and grant them boons, but at one point he gets enough and finishes them off.

    Yes, he is the Lord of destruction when the time cycle for the Universe has come to that stage. But he is also infinitely more than that.

    There are blood sacrifices described in the Veda, for the most fallen and materialistic people in the mode of ignorance. They may offer some lesser animal, like a chicken, to Durga (or Kali, she has many names) I have not seen one reference in the Veda where Lord Shiva accepts blood sacrifices.

    My first impression is that the whole thing is a scam, a fake, no-one is killed. It looks like they are at CERN, if they are, it points to people with access. Motive? A bad joke?

    I have a hard time to believe that the security of that place is so bad that some external people were able to pull this off, unless they had some insiders in the security team. Motive for externals? I’d go for insanity.

  4. Zoinks! Time to call the Scooby Squad, the old guy wants his property back Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scoob soon realize that they can’t solve this mystery without help from each other. Is the island really haunted, or is there just a sinister individual behind all the ride malfunctions?

  5. The problem is, that this is a video from YouTube. I would like to ask some immediate questions:

    1. Has YouTube informed the Swiss police about this video?

    2. Are there any legal agreements between nation states and YouTube?

    3. Has any one of the video consumers contacted the Swiss or his own police?

    4. How can any not criminal video provider allow such video to be uploaded and shown?

    There are more questions of course, but this should suffice for the start.

    I won’t participate in any way in discussing this “video” for obvious reasons.

    • Those are all valid questions. As I said in the article, this is all very wierd and leaves us with nothing but questions.

  6. Pretty sick shit – but if you ever got stabbed in a knife fight – you move – quickly – that woman didn’t even flinch .

  7. Not even the worst interpretation would surprise me anyway. The fact the people (there’s more than one) taking the video are also decked out in strange garb takes the cake.

  8. The official story is that Shiva was chosen to signify the destruction of the atom inside the collider.

  9. It is just another form of religion because you must “believe” the BS the Highpriests of science tell you. If you doubt it you will be burned at a stake or simply trown out of university. See the whole Holo debate.

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