Biden: Trump ‘totally, thoroughly unqualified’ for presidency

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, August 15, 2016, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, August 15, 2016, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, August 15, 2016, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Today’s award for stating the blindingly obvious goes to Joe Biden. When he said Trump ‘doesn’t have a clue’ he really hit the nail on the head.

Over here in Britain we are still chuckling about Trump, the mere fact such a buffoon with no qualifications or relevant abilities is actually running for the highest office in the land on the ticket of one of the two main parties is equal parts ludicrous and hilarious.

This is a man who’s main talent appears to be the ability to remain fatuous and arrogant regardless of circumstance and who’s sole skill is trotting out a handful of hackneyed old cliches to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Of course, should Trump actually win, our chuckles will immediately turn into cries of anguish – no-one with half a brain wants Trump in charge of anything, let alone a superpower with a huge nuclear arsenal.

What really bothers us over here on this side of the pond is that many Americans just don’t seem to get the joke and actually think Trump is capable of being President.

Oh you poor, deluded sheeple.


Times of Israel

Biden: Trump ‘totally, thoroughly unqualified’ for presidency

Vice President Joe Biden assailed Donald Trump’s ability to lead America at home and abroad on Monday, branding him as indifferent to the needs of Americans in his first campaign appearance with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Biden, who decided not to make a third presidential bid last year, said in his native city of Scranton that Trump was “totally, thoroughly unqualified” to be president, calling him a dangerous voice on national security and foreign policy.

On the economy, he said, Trump’s reveling in his TV reality show tag-line, “You’re fired,” showed his true colors.

“He’s trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? Give me a break. It’s such a bunch of malarkey,” Biden told a crowd of about 3,000 at Riverfront Sports, adding: “He doesn’t have a clue.”

Pennsylvania has not supported a Republican in a presidential election since 1988, but is among the most-contested battleground states between Clinton and Trump, who are both vying for white working-class voters here.

Even as polls show her leading Trump, Clinton has faced lingering questions about her trustworthiness in the fallout of her use of a private email server as secretary of state and over her family’s sprawling foundation. She has tried to make the case that working-class voters would fare better under her economic policies than Trump’s and that her opponent would inject danger into an already unstable world.

Offering himself as a powerful character witness for Clinton, Biden portrayed the former secretary of state as the most qualified person to lead the country, singling out her foreign policy experience and passion for improving people’s lives. He cited his long history with Clinton, saying he’s known her for three decades, since before she was first lady in the 1990s.

“Hillary has forgotten more about American foreign policy then Trump and his entire team will ever understand,” he said.

And he cited Clinton’s gender as a powerful asset for the job, saying electing the first female president would change the lives of American women and girls.

“Hillary Clinton is going to write the next chapter in American history,” he said.

Introducing the vice president, Clinton sought to sow doubts about Trump’s ability to bring jobs back to blue-collar communities like Scranton, where Biden lived for the first decade of his life before moving to Delaware.

She acknowledged that many people in the audience might have friends considering voting for the Republican, but offered this advice. “Friends should not let friends vote for Trump,” she said.

Clinton and Biden spoke ahead of Trump’s national security address in Ohio, taking turns to raise questions about the business mogul’s ability to represent the nation overseas.

Clinton said Trump had been “all over the place” on foreign policy and had suggested sending in ground troops to fight the Islamic State group. “That is off the table as far as I’m concerned,” she said.

Biden warned that Trump was unprepared to oversee the nation’s nuclear codes and cited Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

If Trump likes them, “He would have loved” Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union until his death in 1953. Scholars estimate that under Stalin, more than 1 million people were executed in political purges and millions more died as a result of harsh labor and cruel treatment in the vast gulag prison camp system.

Seeking a common bond, both Democrats pointed back to their family ties in northeastern Pennsylvania. Biden, a frequent visitor, recalled the street he grew up on and credited the city with helping to mold his values. Clinton noted her grandfather worked at a Scranton lace mill factory and that her father was raised here and later attended Penn State University. The family spent summers at a family cabin in nearby Lake Winola, she said.

Biden and Clinton had been planned to campaign together here before last month’s Democratic National Convention but their rally was postponed because of the deadly police shooting in Dallas. The vice president is expected to campaign on Clinton’s behalf in several battleground states where he remains popular, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Florida.


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  1. Biden, as a globalist & self-proclaimed zionist douche-bag who routinely puts Israel’s interests ahead of America’s, and who has repeatedly claimed that Russia invaded Ukarine… is not qualified to critize the only Patriotic American nationalist candidate to emerge in decades. Was Bidens son qualified to be a VP at a major Ukrainian gas company after Biden helped set up a bloody coup? He and Obama and the Soros crowd here can all go pound sand

  2. Oh Joe, say it ain’t so. You’ve got to get a grip there Joe, you continually say Donald Trump when you actually mean to say Hillary Clinton. And you’re such a loyal lap dog too. Oh Joe, say it ain’t so.

  3. Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy could well be considered criminal. Don’t you remember that video of Hillary sitting with a group of people and she referred to Libya and the murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi? Her exact words were, “We came, we saw… he died.” Then she laughed and all her lap dogs wagged their tails and laughed too. Remember Joe?

  4. A rough examination from outside of what the Democrats have achieved during the 8 years of Obama’s peace presidency shows me this:

    1. Heave disturbance, pressure on and failing relations with Egypt by staged revolution in parallel to massive economic hardship through IWF (look the actual pressure on public egypt services);

    2. Ongoing separative and terroristic involvement in Irak. no help in normalizing the living of the Iraki people, a total mess;

    3. Absolute and ongoing destruction of Libya (with France, Italy and UK), thereby also preparing the “migration” of millions to Europe hich was not only a side effect as we know now;

    4. Ongoing, relentless destruction of Syria, using all kinds of self made pretend to be “Islamic” international and long time terrorists;

    5. Killing Hugo Chaves from Venezuela, totally bringing that country to the brink now;

    6. Toppling the president of Honduras, no difference here to Kissingers time (read William Blum “Killing Hope” for details);

    7. In kohort with Israel, destabilizing Argentina for the second time for not beeing obedient enough;

    8. Toppling the former Brasilian President by a criminal smear campaigne and much more there;

    9. Forcing western Europe into a now 25 years period of austerity, starting a new cold war against Russia;

    • 10. Forcing western Europe into a totally destructive and dangerous antagonistic position against the russian Nation as a whole, not only Putin (as can be seen now in Brazil – a total shame and a moral hazard);

      11. Permanently using their money and financial banks (created from computer terminals with no relation to the real economy) to actively destroy – not build up or help – any competitions from those nation states which don’t totally subjugate to their “US exceptionalism”;

      12. Beeing absolutely unacountable for what they are doing behind the backs of the american nation/people by constantly laundering huge amounts of money/drugs in and out to offshore havens around the world, thereby reinforcing the systematic plundering of the american economy and the willfull destruction of the middle class – means majority of the people;

      13. Purposefully engage in every kind of social unrest between any thinkable parts of the population (divide and impera), stipulating a low to middle grade race war, degrade the school and university system to a new form of shutting down any form of souveraign intellectual skills, total subjugation is reinforced into the minds of young people every day in those institutions. Leaving generations of students and their parents robbed blind before starting to live, no jobs no hope;

      14. Doubling the state’s loans to now 19 trillions, now the Pentagon has to admid that 6.5 trillion are “lost”! Think of that, it’s absolutely mind boggling.

    • 15. Behaving during the election campaign like real capos do, pretending to work for the people but doing just the opposite (330000 jobs lost during Hillaries New York engagements while permanently stating the opposite);

      16. Using any form of fradulent and unconstitutional – selfmade laws with fabulous and pathetic names – only to hide how amrican presidents can be bought by the highest bidder, may it be from outside the USA or inside. Having established a criminal and totally disgusting system of bribary in kohort with the Israel lobby/mob that already killed any realisitc rest hope in the minds of the american people, the heaviest bribers are all criminal persons, doing criminal enterprises;

      17. Themselves (the democratic/republican Bush/Clinton mob cartel) establishing foundation for massive bribery which leads to situation that even the FBI and most parts of the high court is now under direct control of this never ending political mob.

      For me, this is the end time of politics as we knew it, like in most western countries now. I don’t add here
      the achievements of the Republicans because they are already included in all I mentioned earlier. The system is closed and rigged from top to bottom and it washes the most rutheless/criminal and morally totally bankrupt people to the top of the “Greatest Nation on the Earth”.

  5. Say what about Stalin being one of the worse Dictators in the Past Century? Americans has him beat – hands down. Notice Stalin chose to send the TaTar to other countries and to SE Russia for their hands in backing the Nazi’s in Crimea – but didn’t butcher them . Yes, the Americans are the most murderous country in history but it was a great cover-up by the Historians, Scientists, Educators, Publishers, Government Leaders and a Host of others. Before Stalin was even born the Americans had him beat with the slaughter of their own Native populations. Maybe this is where he got the Ideas from!

  6. Well Ian – looks like you have succeeded in getting people off the fence to vote for Trump. I wouldn’t care about anything Joe Biden said about this presidential race – at all. The political persecutions of Joseph Stalin pale in comparison to what Hillary Dillary Dick would end up being part of in the global population reduction plan. She already bragged about deposing and murdering Gaddafi (who prevented the Rothschilds setting up a central bank in Libya for some time). Hillary used and abused NATO to go through with this plan, leaving Benghazi bodies strewn about en route.

    Give ME a break – Joe Biden.

  7. However, on the other side of the pond from Britain, as well as on the European mainland, many are still chuckling about the complete lack of British leadership on Brexit. And Theresa May who explicitly stated she is quite willing to press the nuke button and who will probably lead you Brits right back into the EU. And still chuckling about your own Tony Blair who was exposed for lying to parliament about Iraq (treason). And for no valid reason made Britain complicit to mass murder and executed Neocon policies. And got away with it. He did not have to, but volunteered. A buffoon could be excused. But not those who purportedly have the qualifications or relevant abilities to know what they are doing like Blair, but especially Hillary. Oh you poor, deluded sheeple. Perhaps even people with less than half a brain (your implicit designation of half the US population) realize that Hillary wanted Gadhafi and Assad destroyed in service of Israel, and should not be in charge of anything, let alone a superpower with a huge nuclear arsenal. Brits apparently just don’t seem to get the joke and actually think Hillary is capable of being President

  8. more VT obligatory daily Trump-bashing, by the ‘photographer’, today giving VT readers another list of negative adjectives…. no logic, no facts, no examples, just a list of name-calling, ending with calling 70% of Americans ‘lowest common denominator’….his version of democracy is nothing but a litany of lies, lies about qualifications, lies about motives, lies about attendance [hillary never gets 100 to turn out, even when paid]…… and as a person with not ability to use logic, he quotes Biden’s non-sequiturs; by Hillary’s “foreign policy experience and passion for improving people’s lives” Biden and the ‘photographer’ must mean her murder of millions of muslims in libya, syria, iraq and afghanistan…… and why would trump push the nuclear button, if he’s made friends with [post cold war] russia? meanwhile hillary has stated her intent to nuke iran.

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